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Transportation Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Business Operations: Stephen Thublin Director of Transportation: Tom Walmer Children transported Bus routes Total # Buses Route Buses / Used for spares Special Needs Buses School Bus Stops Daily Bus Drivers Monitors Miles Driven Daily Area Covered Extracurricular trips

2012-2013 14,448 students transported twice daily 180 236 180 / 56 54 (including 12 spares)

7,598 193 60 10,776 Houston County, 379.8 square miles 3,490 trips in 2012-2013

On average, each bus driver completes two routes twice a day, with most driving a middle school and high school route and then an elementary school route. Safety Record / Driver Training Our system has an outstanding safety record. All firsttime school bus drivers in Houston County successfully complete a minimum of 44 hours of training, to include 12 hours in a classroom, 8 hours of bus inspection and 24 hours of behind-the-wheel training. The behind-thewheel training consists of 12 hours of driving without students and 12 hours of driving with students. In addition all drivers must pass the Commercial Driver’s License test and receive current, nationally recognized instruction in student management. Bus Inspections In accordance with state law and the local Board of Education policy, all school buses are inspected annually by the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety prior to the beginning of each school year. Additionally, all school buses must be inspected every 30 days by the transportation department. Fuel Since August 4, 2006, our buses have run on ultra-low-sulfer biofuel. This new fuel burns cleaner and cuts down on air pollution. Buses are fueled offsite using local fuel suppliers.


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