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Hi I’m Anna A second year product design student at Nottingham Trent University. When starting a new project, I see it as a problem that needs to be solved. Retrospectively I've noticed that all my designs relate back to my own experiences. I always start the process optimistically knowing that through the right research I will be able to find a solution. I have fun with my ideas and turn things on their head knowing that one idea always leads onto another. My passion for design is fuelled by seeing my ideas go from rough sketches right through to physical products. I am constantly experimenting with models of different materials and playing with my ideas in virtual space through CAD. I most enjoy designing in a team. This allows me to bounce ideas off other people taking on their feedback so I can constantly improve I hope you enjoy my designs


Contents of projects


Matter Design Consultancy Phones designed for explorers in the year 2025


Vinyasa Yoga mat storage



Wilko anisational Storage

John Lewis Wooden Monkey Toys

6 4

Deadgood Pendant lighting


Matter Design Consultancy Design a phone for an explorer in the year 2025


“69% of people feel trapped in their same old routine and over 40% are unhappy with their lives�

"350,000 phones a everyday"

are disposed of

“96% of seniors age 67 and over own a mobile phone, but under half own a smartphone�

Brief Breakdown Initially just thinking about physical explorers but continuing to think deeper into the catagories of phsycial/ mental - escapism -Stimulation - Motivation

Anyone can be an explorer....

Existing Product Research

Finding products that assist with each gave inspiration for the designs

h of these catagories

Persona / Journey Mapping Narrowing down from three broad personas to focus on the elderly then journey mapping a day in their life allowed pain points to be drawn out creating the base for 3 refined personas.

Detailed Persona's/ Refined Briefs 1.

The Robo bot is designed for someone who feels young at heart, always wanting to be out and about with the grandkids and venture to new places!

Physically stimulating


The Disk phone is designed for so always wants to be fully submerg leaving time to relax. This phone more confidence in technology a

Physically motivating/ com exploration

omeone environmentally aware who ged in everything they do as well as e doesn’t cost the world and it’ll give you as well as never feeling lonely

mbats mental


The activity phone is designed for someone who wants to change their daily routine and reminisce over the old days whilst not worrying about the technology being hard to use.

Physically stimulating

Key Features The Robo bot has a touchscreen on one side and a speaker on the other. It is able to lead you to your destination with added Safety features including its ability to change its head colour showing the grandchildren they should stop if the grandparent is too far behind. The camera in the head captures memories that you can easily download.

The ring Phone is made up of multiple disks. Each option to only take out the function you want eac as there is no need to keep replacing your phone features. The charging doc acts as a night light w best night sleep ready to explore the next day. Th of accessories you can purchase.

After putting in your interests and location, every morning the 5 buttons on the activity phone pop up. Press down a button to choose your activity. The main screen only displays the instructions meaning you don't get distracted while

the rest of the features are hidden in a screen that slides out. Although simple, this phone changes your whole daily routine.



h disk is a differnt feature giving you the ch day. It promotes helping the environment e instead you only have to replace specific with multiple colour options giving you the here is a hologram facetime feature and lots







Visit... The london eye 1 train 1 tube 10 min walk START ARI SAF

Homeware Brief Design a single or range of homeware products using sheet material



Vinyasa flow

A yoga mat holder that changes the whole atmosphere of the room Helping you get closer with your loved ones in the relaxation of your own home


Initial Research

Designed for someone active who takes time to relax. Suitable for small living spaces with the idea of bringing people together at the heart of the design

During the initial stages of the project, the focus was placed on designing products that could store multiple items. After exploration the focus soon switched to storing yoga mats.



Simple designed made from folding one sheet of aluminium

Encourporating bending sheet aluminium

Initial Problem Solving

Development Sketches


opment Models

Final Model


Brief Design an organisational product suitable for wilko customers

This product was shortlisted


The Wilko appliance holder is made fully of fire resistant fabric. It has a folding front to allow the storage to be out of sight when not in use. This sheet also acts as a heat protector when it folds over onto the table above. The wire holders keep everything organised and remind you to always unplug your device using the red material. The wires runs at the back out of sight and the whole storage rolls up so you can take it wherever you please.

Persona Designed for someone who loves to get ready and party but is always rushing to get ready to fit around their busy scedule

Identified Problems

An Estimated 650,0001 house fires in the one in 12 women leaving beauty applianc questionaires from girls aged 16-21 out o

Market research

e UK have been caused by straighteners as well as ce switched on at some point. After carrying out of 50 none of them had proper place to store their appliances.

Researching Wilko’s competitors showed that there are no hairdryer and hairstraightener storage being sold anywhere in the market

Problems -Fire safety -Tangled wires - No storage space - forgetting to unplug the device

Product Placement The product can clip onto your desk, in your wardrobe or on some shelves to adapt to be where you get ready

Unique Selling Point

The material choice means the whole stora resistant and able to fold up. Even if you fo off your appliances this storage will preve

age is fire orget to turn ent a fire.

Final Model


Deadgood Brief Design a pendant light to fit with Deadgood's Design


Designed for an environmentally aware modern, colourful, sushi restaurant

Mood Board John Procario designed steam bent lamps which look elegant and beautiful. The initial designs encourporated steam bent wood with the bamboo theme from sushi restaurants

Initial Sketches

Further Research Sushi restaurants such as Yo Sushi showed that the trend in colours is actually modern and bright. Going forward the new designs encourporate the coral reef while keeping the original steam bent shape.

Developed Sketches


Creatin how th restaur

ing through modelling

Final Design

ng differnt holes showed he light would reflect in the rant

"In 2016, bleaching of coral on the Great Barrier Reef killed between 29 and 50 percent of the reef's coral." The white outside of the design raises awareness for coral bleaching showing that if we continue how we are, all colour in the reef will be lost. After testing, the orihinal shapes made the most intersting, coral like, shapes on the wall which is why they are used in the final design.


John Lewis Design wooden toys suitable for John Lewis


Yang Ripol Design inspired me to make monkey toys with a meaning behind them and remembering to keep it simple.


John Lewis Wo These monkey both the paren threatened wit cost goes to W


ooden Toy's last a lifetime often having a message behind them. y toys raise awareness on animal extinction and deforestation for nt and the child. Half the 262 species of monkeys in the world are th extinctio. By buying this monkey toy a small percentage of the WWF as well as you getting to keep your little monkey friend.




Awaitin g


roval fr om


Thank you for reading 07894090163

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Second Year Product Design Portfolio  

Second Year Product Design Portfolio  

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