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ACUM On the Move… Editor // Cheryl R. Rolle, Ed. D

Proclaiming Jesus Christ to The Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands

From the Desk of the President Although just over a year old, the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ACUM) continues to fulfill its objectives as outlined in its strategic document, Compass 2016, accepted at its year-end executive committee meeting in November 2011. Receiving support from each fellow administrator, director, and field officer, ACUM has realized some rare goals and accomplishments: from exceeding its evangelistic and tithe goals to completing its new union office complex to hosting the Inter-American Division’s year-end committee meetings and winning the Division-wide Bible Boom. Unity and cohesiveness are so vital for the ongoing development of ACUM if it is to achieve and realize its full potential in carrying out the mandate of communicating the good news of Christ to all people within the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Accordingly, ACUM has embraced the Adventist World Church’s emphasis on Revival and Reformation because these two avenues of spiritual growth are important to maintaining ACUM’s unity and its focus on Christ’s mandate to disciple all souls within its region. As such, ACUM has been constant in prayer, promoting its Prayer Initiative which invites every member and leader to pray daily for each field office, school, and pastoral district of ACUM. Not only is ACUM “constant in prayer,” but committed to “heeding the word” so “that the world may know” more about God. It is important that the ACUM region knows about the hope to be discovered in God, as the meltdown in the world’s economy has had its effect upon the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands, which are all underpinned by tourism and banking. It is no less than a miracle that the church has maintained its worker force complement. Therefore, during the first quarter of 2012, the strong spiritual focus on evangelism, service, and training was designed to strengthen, mobilize, and fill our people with a great sense of God’s presence and mighty power. This issue of Voices presents ACUM, emboldened by God’s grace and on the move, proclaiming Christ to the Atlantic Caribbean region.

ACUM’s Directory Officers President – Pastor Leonard Johnson [left] Executive Secretary – Pastor Peter Kerr [centre] Treasurer – Elder Roderick Sands [right]

Departmental Directors

Education, Children’s Ministries, and Communication Director — Dr Cheryl Rolle Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and Health Ministries Director — Mrs Shirline Henriques Women’s Ministries Director — Mrs Denise Johnson Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Director — Elder Isaac Collie Ministerial Director — Pastor Leonard Johnson Publishing and Family Life Director — Pastor Peter Kerr Stewardship and Trust Director — Elder Roderick Sands

Contents // From the Desk of the President 2 // ACUM’s Directory 2 //

Prime Minister of The Bahamas Speaks at Office Dedication 3 // On the Move in Evangelism 5 // On the Move in Service 7 // On the Move in Training 8 // News in Brief 9 // Looking Ahead (Calendar of Events) 11 //


ACUM’s Directory cont. Executive Committee Members

Chairman - Dr Leonard Johnson (President); Pastor Peter Kerr (Executive Secretary); Mr Roderick Sands (Treasurer); Dr Cheryl Rolle; Mrs Shirline Henriques; Mrs Denise Johnson; Elder Isaac Collie; Pastor Paul A. Scavella; Pastor Peter Joseph; Mr Melvin Lewis; Pastor Errol B.Tinker; Pastor Henry Moncur; Mrs Tonia Palmer; Pastor Shian O’Connor; Pastor Al Powell; Elder John Wesley; Pastor Michael Smith; Brother Hopeton Bansie; Dr Trevor Gardner; Pastor Ricardo Bain; Mrs Mary Knott; Pastor Wesley Nyack; Mr Renford Trail; Dr Robert Wright; Mrs Sonia McLaughlin; Mr Keith Major; Mrs Judith Robinson; and Mr Louis Thurston.

Elder Israel Leito, president of the Inter-American Division (seated centre) along with executive committee members and guests present at inaugural committee meeting of ACUM held January 14, 2011.

Adventists Do Good in Bahamas, Prime Minister Says By Cheryl Rolle/ANN Staff

The national leader of the Bahamas applauded the SeventhThe Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham, day Prime Minister, The Commonwealth Adventist of The Bahamas church recently for its contributions to society and ongoing work in the community. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham called the church a “beacon of faithful service and Christian stewardship in our country,” citing Adventist work among young people and in support of strong families and healthy lifestyles. “You’ve also made an important contribution to education in the Bahamas, molding the lives of young

men and women who have, in turn, contributed to the community and national development,” Ingraham said. The prime minister’s comments came during the October 30, 2011, dedication ceremony for the new headquarters of the church’s Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission. The administrative region oversees Adventist Church work in the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Previously, the union mission served a constituency of nearly 30,000 Adventists from temporary headquarters in the Summer Winds Plaza, also in Nassau. Ingraham previously commended the Adventist Church when the Bahamas parliament voted in May 2011 to recognize the church’s then

newly established Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission as the legal entity of the church in the Bahamas. Church leaders first created the union mission when they split the former West Indies Union Conference into two administrative regions to recognize church growth and financial autonomy in the Caribbean. Israel Leito, president for the Adventist Church in Inter-America, told Ingraham that Adventists in the Bahamas appreciate the high level of religious freedom the country’s government grants. In his keynote address, Leito also reminded the audience why they had gathered — to dedicate not the building itself, but the people who work there “to serve God’s people and the community.” 3

On the move IN

EVANGELISM Pastor Peter Kerr, executive secretary of ACUM, in Abaco

Pastor Cesario Acevedo, president of Dominican Union Mission, in Cayman Islands Conference

Pastor Wilson Isnord of Turks and Caicos Islands Mission


while Pastor Johnson preached in the Dominican Republic, Pastor Cesario Acevedo, president of the Dominican Union Mission, evangelized in the Cayman Islands, one of the territories of ACUM.

Closing the year 2011 with a total of 1600 souls inspired ACUM to continue to pursue all avenues of sharing Christ throughout the region and more. With a goal for the quinquennium of 8000 souls, the leadership of the union sought to set the pace in evangelism. Pastor Leonard Johnson, president of ACUM, preached for 10 nights at the Ozama church district in the Dominican Republic. These meetings resulted in 20 souls. Pastor Peter Kerr allowed God to use him at the Marsh Harbour Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Abaco District of the North Bahamas Conference, and his nightly preaching of the word yielded 8 baptisms. Additionally, as a part of the exchange arrangement of the 10-day Vision Impact program,

Commencing March 25, 2012, most of the pastoral districts across the breadth and length of ACUM engaged in various forms of evangelism ranging from tent meetings to church and seminar efforts, with the prayer that there would be a rich harvest of souls on Sabbath, March 31, 2012, marking the end of the first quarter for 2012.

ACUM’s Baptisms 2011 Fields Cayman Islands Conference North Bahamas Conference South Bahamas Conference Turks and Caicos Islands Mission Total


On March 31, known as Vision One Million Celebration Sabbath throughout the Inter-American Division, not only did baptisms

2010 Evangelistic Goals 275 165 1000 120 1,560

2010 Actuals 459 288 821 194 1,762

Pastor Leonard Johnson, president of ACUM, with translator in Dominican Republic

take place, but churches throughout ACUM welcomed approximately 2,000 visitors who participated in exciting activities on that day. Dr Efraín Velázquez, vice president for academic affairs for the Inter-American Adventist Theological Seminary, represented the division at the union’s celebration service at the Hillview Seventhday Adventist Church in Nassau, Bahamas where Pastor Leonard Johnson, ACUM president, delivered the sermon.

2011 Evangelistic Goals 300 190 850 130 1,470

2011 Actuals 332 270 837 167 1,606

2012 Evangelistic Goals 340 200 900 140 1,580

The Great Controversy is Distributed The Great Controversy project, involving the mass distribution of the book, The Great Controversy by Ellen G. White, to the reading public by members of the Adventist World Church, was launched on March 3, 2012, at the Centreville Church in Nassau, Bahamas at a special service attended by union officers and local conference president,

Pastor Paul Scavella. Pastor Leonard Johnson, upon receipt of an initial copy of the Great Controversy from union secretary, Pastor Peter Kerr, presented a copy of the book to Pastor Paul Scavella, who accepted symbolically on behalf of all ACUM field leaders who would, in turn, pass the books on to their respective members to share with their friends

Renford Trail, principal of Maranatha Academy in Turks and Caicos Islands, giving copies of the Great Controversy to students.

Pastor Paul Scavella, president of South Bahamas Conference (SBC), receiving a copy of the Great Controversy book from Pastor Leonard Johnson.

and neighbors. The purpose of the community outreach project is to acquaint readers with the events described in the book and to assure them that one day the conflict between good and evil will end, with Christ defeating satan and evil. Similar services were conducted in all fields of ACUM.

Pastor Shian O’Connor, president of Cayman Islands Conference (fifth from right) along with pastors, directors, and Bible workers ready to distribute copies of The Great Controversy.


On the move IN


New Leadership in Cayman

New officers of Cayman Islands Conference. From left is Elder John Wesley -Treasurer & Mrs Wesley; Pastor Al Powell, Executive Secretary and Mrs Powell; Pastor Shian O’Connor, president, and Mrs O’Connor.

The Cayman Islands Conference third quadrennial session came to an end on January 28, 2012, at the George Town Seventh-day Adventist Church in George Town, Grand Cayman with Pastor Shian O’Connor being elected to serve as conference president.

Other personnel elected include Pastor Al Powell – Executive Secretary; Elder John Wesley – Treasurer/ Stewardship & Trust Director; Pastor Reinaldo Dracket – Sabbath School & Personal Ministries Director; Pastor Wilton McDonald – Ministerial/Publishing Director; Dr Ivor Harry – Youth Ministries/Education Director; Pastor Caple Thompson – Health Ministries Director; Sis. Cereta McDonald – Children’s Ministries Director; Bro. Dennis Brady – Public Affairs & Religious Liberty Director; Sis. Theresa Chin – Communication

Cecil Cartwright, vice president, VBA; Winston Ash, president, VBA; Pastor Peter Joseph, executive secretary of SBC; Pastor Paul Scavella, president of SBC; Pastor Leonard Johnson, president, ACUM; Elder Dudley Lightbourne at dedication of Millerton Church

Director; and Sis. Sheila Woods – Women’s Ministries Director. Conference Executive Committee members elected to serve include: John Wesley, Caple Thompson, Ivor Harry, Reinaldo Dracket, Sheila Woods, Wilton McDonald, Cereta McDonald, Theresa Chin, Dennis Brady, Nelda Rose Dracket, David Campbell, Vaughn Henry, Wesley Nyack, Emerson Piercy, Carol Robinson, Angela Campbell, William Ebanks, Bentley Vaughn, Neila Jones, Dayra Monroe, Denton McKogg, and Sade Wood.

Millerton SDA Church

Millerton Church is Dedicated The Millerton Seventh-day Adventist Church in North Long Island, one of the districts in the South Bahamas Conference in the Bahamas, was finally dedicated on March 4, 2012, after numerous years of construction. Giving the dedication sermon was ACUM president, Pastor Leonard Johnson, and presiding was Pastor Paul Scavella, president of the South Bahamas Conference.


On the move IN

TRAINING Children’s Ministries Leadership Certification

Treasurers, Accountants, and Cashiers of ACUM’s Fields at SunPlus Implementation Training

SunPlus Implementation Training Also fundamental to the development of a young union is the attention given to training. Apart from the departmental training provided at the various conventions in the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands, the union’s treasury department, under the leadership of Elder Roderick Sands, ACUM treasurer, sponsored a SunPlus training for all treasury personnel of the four fields of ACUM during January 23 – 26, 2012.

SunPlus, an accounting software used by a large number of administrative offices of the Adventist World

Pastor Leon Wellington, Vice President of IAD

Church, has capabilities that facilitate financial analysis and real time accounting. It will be used in harmony with the Seventh-day Adventist Accounting Manual. Its implementation in the treasury departments of the four fields will standardize accounting practices within the union. Since the training, the North and South Bahamas Conferences are SunPlus compliant. The Cayman Islands Conference will follow next with the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission implementing shortly after.

One of the goals of ACUM’s Children’s Ministries Department for the quinquennium is to have its leaders complete the three-level leadership certification program designed to further equip children’s leaders and teachers with the knowledge and skills to nurture children into a loving relationship with Christ. The first of the four fields within ACUM to hold its graduation was the North Bahamas Conference. Dr Cheryl Rolle, ACUM children’s ministries director, was the guest speaker at the service held on Sabbath, February 25, 2012, at the Freeport Seventh-day Adventist Church in Freeport, Grand Bahama. In addition to congratulating the fourteen graduates on successfully completing the first level, Dr Rolle applauded the conference children’s ministries director, Mrs Linda Patrick, for being the first director within ACUM to accept the challenge of implementing the Children’s Ministries Leadership Certification program.

Field Officers with Pastor Leonard Johnson (centre), president of ACUM

Officers and Departmental Advisory Officers and departmental directors of the four fields met for the union’s first Officers and Departmental Advisory from January 31 to February 1, 2012, at ACUM’s headquarters on Gladstone Road. Pastor Leon Wellington, one of the vice presidents of the Inter-American Division,

gave the devotional messages and presented at the plenary sessions. During the two-day session, officers and directors of the union shared with their field counterparts plans and programs designed to fulfill the objectives of Compass 2016, the union’s strategic plan.

(From left) Pastor Errol Tinker, president of North Bahamas Conference, Tameka Bain, Cheryl Rolle, Children’s Ministries Director, ACUM.


Shepherdess Leaders Meet for Enrichment The four field shepherdess coordinators of ACUM, along with local shepherdesses from the South Bahamas Conference, assembled at the union’s headquarters in Nassau, Bahamas on Friday, March 9 and Sabbath, March 10, 2012, to participate in the Shepherdess Continuing Education Seminar.

Shepherdesses in seminar at ACUM’s Headquarters


With the goals of enhancing service and rekindling commitment, Mrs Denise Johnson, shepherdess coordinator for ACUM, along with Mrs Leticia De Los Santos, shepherdess coordinator of the InterAmerican Division of Seventh-day Adventists (IAD) addressed the shepherdesses.


Meeting under the theme “Mists of God’s Grace,” shepherdesses engaged in interactive group sessions and much prayer during the two-day event, which focused on the first of the fourlevel enhancement and enrichment training.

Shepherdess Leaders. (From left) Jennifer Kerr, ACUM; Juliette Sands, ACUM; Lynn Smith, Shepherdess Coordinator, TCIM; Alice Tinker, Shepherdess Coordinator, NBC; Leticia De Los Santos, Shepherdess Coordinator, IAD; Denise Johnson, Shepherdess Coordinator, ACUM; Donnett O’Connor, Shepherdess Coordinator, CIC; Joan Scavella, Shepherdess Coordinator, SBC.

NEWS In Brief

ACUM Bids Farewell to Pastor Powell and Family

Local Elders Certified in North Bahamas Conference During the annual North Bahamas Conference convention, scores of local elders were certified on Sabbath, January 21, 2012, at the Shiloh Seventh-day Adventist Church in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Pastor Al Powell & Zoraida Powell

The staff at ACUM headquarters gathered on Wednesday, February 22, 2012, at the Bimini Market Restaurant, Sheraton Hotel, Cable Beach to bid farewell to Pastor Al Powell and his family who returned to the Cayman Islands after Pastor Powell was elected to serve as the executive secretary of the Cayman Islands Conference.

Persons attending farewell for the Powells

Pastor Powell, a native of the Cayman Islands, had been serving the Adventist Church in the Atlantic Caribbean region as the youth, personal ministries, and Sabbath School director since being elected to those positions on November 29, 2010, at the formation of the Atlantic Caribbean Union. Before that, he served the Adventist Church in the Cayman Islands as the personal ministries director.

Maranatha Academy and Bahamas Academy Undergo Interim Visits Dr Cheryl Rolle, ACUM education director, headed two interim visiting teams who spent January 13, 2012, at Maranatha Academy in the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission and March 13, 2012, at Bahamas Academy in the South Bahamas Conference, assessing the progress the schools had made in

Students of Bahamas Academy

implementing the recommendations made by the previous accreditation teams. Working along with her on the teams were Mrs Lynn Smith, education director of the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission and Mrs Joan Scavella, education director of the South Bahamas Conference.

Elders of NBC

French AntillesGuiana Union Conference Donates to Church Building ACUM passed on to the Bethel Church, a local Haitian church in the South Bahamas Conference, ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) from the French Antilles-Guiana Union Conference to assist with the Bethel Church construction.

Students of Maranatha Academy


Courtesy Call on the Premier of Cayman

Kings Church is Consecrated The officers of the Atlantic Caribbean Union presided over the consecration of the Kings Seventh-day Adventist Church in George Town, Grand Cayman on Sunday, January 8, 2012. Kings, possibly the largest Adventist church structurally in the ACUM region, was born out of the “King is Coming Evangelistic Campaign” conducted by Evangelist Fitz Henry in 1997. The church was organized with approximately 150 members and now boasts a membership of 590 persons. The pastor is Pastor Shian O’Connor. The speaker for the service, Dr Leonard Johnson, Atlantic Caribbean Union president, employing Daniel 1:1-8, spoke on the topic “When the Church Makes up Its Mind,” stating that the Church is called upon to stand up for God notwithstanding that it lives and operates in a sinful world.


Officers of the Inter-American Division (IAD), headed by Pastor Israel Leito, IAD president, along with the officers of the Atlantic Caribbean Union and the Cayman

Islands Conference, paid a courtesy call on the premier of the Cayman Islands, the Honourable Mr W. McKeeva Bush. The church officials also made a courtesy call on the Honourable Mrs Mary Lawrence, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. Both government officials commended the Adventist Church for the positive role it is playing in nation building. During the visits, the church leaders presented a copy of the book The Great Controversy to both of the country’s leaders.

Pastor Samuel Telemaque, IAD, Cheryl Rolle, ACUM and students of Bahamas Academy

Pastor Telemaque Observes Day of Prayer with ACUM On Wednesday, March 7, 2012, students and teachers at the Adventist schools in the Atlantic Caribbean region joined their sister schools in the Inter-American Division in observing a Day of Prayer for the second consecutive year. Students and teachers spent time praying and engaging in activities that highlighted the power of prayer and the importance of studying the Bible. A special prayer assembly was held at Bahamas Academy, in the South Bahamas Conference, Nassau, Bahamas, one of the territories of ACUM. Pastor Samuel Telemaque, associate personal ministries and Sabbath School director for the

Adventist Church in Inter-America, spoke to teachers, staff, church leaders, and over 800 elementary and high school students on prayer and academic success. Accompanying Pastor Telemaque were Dr Cheryl R. Rolle, education director of the Atlantic Caribbean Union, and Mrs Joan Scavella, education director of the South Bahamas Conference.

Students of Bahamas Academy praying

New NCU President to Be Inaugurated in June By Nigel Coke/JAMU

Dr Trevor Gardner, who assumed the presidency of Northern Caribbean University (NCU) on January 1, 2012, will be inaugurated in June. The inauguration and related activities will take place over five days from June 21-25, 2012. It kicks off with a community involvement and outreach day, which will also include a heritage concert and exhibition of various art forms. On Friday, the 22nd, there will be a Consecration Service for the president and his family, which precedes an Adventist Education Day on Sabbath, the 23rd. Then, a grand fundraising banquet will seek to raise funds for the NCU Endowment Fund on Sunday, June

24 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston. The Inauguration Service will climax the activities on Monday, the 25th at the NCU Gymnatorium. The University will use the activities of these five days to recognize and celebrate Jamaica’s 50th year of independence. Dr Gardner’s appointment as president was made on August 21, 2011, during a meeting of the University’s Board of Governors. He served as Vice President for Academic Affairs at NCU during the Institution’s transition from college to university in 1999 before moving on in 2003. In December 2011, Dr Gardner was among fourteen distinguished graduates who were awarded the 175th Anniversary Medal in Praise of the Quintessential Miconian from the Mico University College for significant contributions in the areas of education, leadership, and

community development. Gardner who holds a Ph.D in Educational Administration has more than forty years of experience in academia having served as lecturer, principal, and administrator in several secondary and tertiary institutions in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. His last ten years has been in Seventh-day Adventist tertiary institutions in the Caribbean. The position of president of NCU became vacant on June 13, 2011, when Dr Herbert Thompson retired to pursue personal interests. Dr Gardner is married to Dr Patricia Gardner, a medical doctor. They are proud parents of four adult children. He is the author of three books and several manuals and manuscripts. During his leisure time he enjoys playing football and lawn tennis.

Looking Ahead Calendar of EventS SECOND QUARTER APRIL 7-28 Education Evangelism 7 Missionary Magazine Emphasis 7 Day of Prayer and Fasting 8 North Bahamas Conference Executive Committee Meeting 14 Adventist Mission Emphasis (Offering) 17-21 GC Spring Meetings (Silver Spring, MD) 21 Literature Evangelism Rally 24-28 GC Religious Liberty Congress - Dominican

Republic 28 Adventist Education Day 28 Spiritual Revival Emphasis 28 Spiritual Emphasis – Educational Institutions

MAY Drug Awareness Month 1 Revival and Reformation – Miami 1 – 3 Union Administrators Interviews – Miami 1 – 4 Ministerial Secretaries Summit - Mexico 3 – 5 Union Administrators

Retreat - Florida 5 Community Services Evangelism 5 Day of SDA Books 5 Disaster and Famine Relief Emphasis 6 – 7 Institutional Board Meetings - IAD 8-10 IAD Mid - Year Meetings (Miami) 12 Tell the World: Big Cities 13 North Bahamas Conference Executive Committee Meeting 15 IAD Leaders to visit ACUM re: Publishing Policies (All Field Leaders)


Looking Ahead

Calendar of Events continued 19 Sabbath of Hope 21 – 24 ACUM Mid – Year Committee Meetings 23 ACUM Annual Symposium 26 Schools of Prayer in IAD Territory


1 Emphasis on the Family 2 Bible Correspondence Schools Emphasis 3 North Bahamas Conference Executive Committee Meeting 9 Women’s Ministries Emphasis 9 Grand Bahama Academy Baccalaureate Service (Freeport) 10 Grand Bahama Academy Commencement (grade 12 Freeport) 11 Bahamas Academy ELC Graduation (Nassau, Bahamas) 11 – 21 Third International Bible Conference 12 Bahamas Academy Elementary Graduation (Nassau, Bahamas) 14 Bahamas Academy Secondary Graduation (Nassau, Bahamas) 16 Adventist Laypersons Service & Industries (ASI) Day 21 – 25 New NCU President Inauguration 24 Cayman Academy High School Graduation (George Town, Grand Cayman)

26 – 29 Union Leadership and Professional Development Seminar 28 Maranatha High School Graduation (Providenciales) 30 13th Sabbath Offering (Southern Asia-Pacific Division) 30 Vision One Million (8000) Baptismal Day


3 – 4 Union Leadership and Professional Development Seminar 7 Adventist Elementary/ Academy Promotion Day 7 Day of Prayer and Fasting 10 – 11 Union Leadership and Professional Development Seminar 10 – 15 Children’s Ministries Congress – Camp Kulaqua 11 – 12 Human Resource Conference –Training of Leaders - Miami 14 Tell the World: Media Ministry 16 North Bahamas Conference Executive Committee Meeting 21-28 Consolidation Emphasis: Church History Week 28 Spiritual Revival Emphasis 28 – 30 Seminar for Directors and Principals - Trinidad

4 6

Global Mission Evangelism North Bahamas Conference Executive Committee Meeting 10 – 12 NCU Graduation 11 Adventist Youth Day 11 Adventist University Education Promotion Day 15 – 18 ASI Convention Guatemala 18 Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day


1 – 30 Lay Recruitment Month 1 Lay Evangelism 8 – 15 Adventist Review (Annual Subscription Promotion) 8 Family Togetherness 8 Adventist Mission Emphasis (offering) 10 North Bahamas Conference Executive Committee Meeting 14 – 16 Women’s Ministries Weekend 15 Youth Spiritual Commitment 22 Pathfinder Day 22 – 29 Health and Healthcare Emphasis Week 29 13th Sabbath Offering (Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division) 29 Vision One Million Baptismal Day


4 Children’s Ministries Emphasis Day | Nassau, The Bahamas | T. (242) 341-5155 | F. (242) 341-7368

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