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The General Ledger January 2018

Membership A University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Shidler College of Business

Accounting Club 2404 Maile Way, Shidler College of Business E-402, Honolulu HI 96822 E-mail: Website: A. (7) Mandatory Events – Mandatory Events cannot be waived with the exception of Intro Picnic (for new members only). Active status cannot be achieved without attending all mandatory events. *Exceptions will be at the discretion of the executive board. **Number in parenthesis () indicates event amounts required to achieve active status.

Intro Picnic January 20, 2018 Team Bonding February 4, 2018 HAPA Night February 9, 2018 Car Wash March 4, 2018 Election Meeting April 12, 2018 Next Best Accountant (NBA) April 15, 2018 Super Clubs Day April 22, 2018 Aloha Banquet April 29, 2018 $40 Fundraising Quota B. Socials (4) 1. Sports Day (Jan. 27) 2. IBC Bowling (Feb. 2) 3. Camp (Feb. 10) 4. Movie Night (Feb. 15) 5. Pick-up Basketball (Feb. 17) 6. Foot Golf (Mar. 3) 7. Game Night (Mar. 15) 8. Pool/Beach (Apr. 7) 9. Dave & Buster’s with BAP (TBD)

D. Community Service Events (2) 1. Jersey Fun Run (Feb. 3) 2. Great Aloha Run (Feb. 17) 3. Annual Koi Show (Feb. 18) 4. Honolulu Parade (Mar. 11) 5. Heroes Breakfast (Mar. 17) 6. Great Chefs Fight Hunger (Mar. 24) 7. Spring Fling (Mar. 31) 8. March of Dimes w/KPMG (Apr. 21) 9. Beach Clean Up (TBD) 10. Blood Drive Donations

C. General Meetings (3) 1. General Meeting #1 (Jan. 25) 2. General Meeting #2 (Feb. 15) 3. General Meeting #3 (Mar. 1) 4. General Meeting #4 (Mar. 15)

E. Fundraising Opportunities 1. RGK Brownies 2. Krispy Kreme 3. Sugar Hut Macarons 4. Car Wash 5. Jamba Juice

F. Professional Development Events (3) – At least (1) workshop must be attended to count towards the (3) required. 1. Patrick Stuart Resume Workshop (Feb. 6) 11. Deloitte Office Tour (Apr. 2) 2. Becker’s CPA Workshop (Feb. 8) 12. IIA/ISACA Workshop (Apr. 3) 3. KMH Casino Night (Feb. 12) 13. Bank of Hawaii Office Tour (Apr. 6) 4. Mock Mock Interview (Feb. 16) 14. Central Pacific Bank Office Tour (Apr. 9) 5. N&K Office Tour (Feb. 21) 15. Enterprise Office Tour (Apr. 11) 6. Hilton Hawaiian Village Office Tour (Feb. 23) 16. KPMG Professional Interaction (Apr. 14) 7. Mock Interview (Feb. 24) 17. Deloitte Workshop (Apr. 17) 8. N&K Professional Interaction (Mar. 10) 18. CW Office Tour (Apr. 18) 9. Ernst & Young PI (TBD) 19. AGA Workshop (Apr. 19) 10. KMH Resume Workshop (Mar. 22)

Active Status Sheet

Membership Form

If you have any questions contact Joe or any other EB! Don’t forget to pay your dues ($40) in the ARC.

2018 Fall Audit Associate Full Time - KPMG - Honolulu • Effective communication, leadership and time management skills • Strong technical ability and critical thinking skills to meet our business objectives • Demonstrated innovation ability and adaptability to change • Bachelor of Accountancy, Master of Accountancy, or equivalent program from an accredited college/university • Prior to starting employment, complete educational requirements needed to be eligible for a CPA license as required by the specific state of employment • Targeted graduation dates from December 2017 through Summer 2018

Accounting Assistant Part-Time - Hawaii Foodbank • Pay is competitive and hours are flexible • If interested please contact Connie Bennett 2018 Tax Internship Internship - WT Matsuno CPA • Individual tax prep and administrative tasks • At least 20 hours a week; must have a flexible schedule and able to work some weekends • Email resume to Amanda Tse

Student Auditor I On Campus - Lower Campus • financial, compliance and operational audits, • examinations and evaluations in the design and effectiveness of • • • • • •

internal controls, compliance testing with respect to University policies, plans, procedures, laws, regulations, and contracts, gathering and analyzing audit evidence, preparing audit work papers and files, recommending corrective actions and improvements to operations, administrative duties, including the preparation of purchase orders, photocopying, filing, payment processing, backing up computer files, etc., and other functions and duties as assigned.

Simplicity Don’t wait until you’re out of school to get started on your career! Get started now! Shidler’s Career development office is a link for Shidler College students to the business world. They have hundreds of internships local, regional, and multinational companies. They also have full time and part time career opportunities on their website!

As career support for future graduates they provide the following services:

“Internships – looking for some experience? Ask about our local, regional, and multinational companies internships!

Career Advising – Interested in a company? Networking? Negotiating Salaries? We offer professional workshops on a variety of career related topics. We’ll answer any question you have about how to get the best career for you.

Resume Writing – What’s the difference between a CV, a resume, a work history? Useful tips for getting and keeping in touch with references? What are referees? If you’ve got questions we’ve got answers.

Interview Preparation – Concrete examples? Anecdotes? Explaining away weaknesses and focusing on your strengths! We’ll help you answer those tough interview questions.

Career Fair – All jobs, all professional, all about careers! Dress for success and meet employers who want to hire Shidler students. Stop by our office and ask about our career fair and career week to find out more.”

Click the Simplicity link above to sign up for your account. You do not have to be admitted to Shidler to be eligible for an account.

Job/Internship Opportunities


o B e v i t u c xe

s o r t n I d r a

Michael Jitchaku Hi, Everyone!

My name is Michael Jitchaku and I am serving my last semester as President for you all. My job is to help provide you with opportunities in many different forms. While I do not have any events that I plan, I help to make sure the Directors create successful events that you as a member can take advantage of. We do put in a lot of work to plan events, so it’s great when we see our members making the most of it!

Fun fact the ARC is almost always open (barring some certain hours), if you need somewhere to hang out, stop by! It can be intimidating especially if you’re new to the club, but you get to know people in the club a lot faster this way. If you have any questions regarding the club, be sure to ask myself or any of the EB. One thing that I’m personally excited for is all the socials as there is quite a diverse variety.

Erin Wong Hey AC! If you don't already know, my name is Erin Wong and I'm going to be your Vice President for Spring Fall 2018. My position mainly involves applying for ASUH funding for our events and planning two major mandatory events (one per semester) for you all. I'm also here to support my fellow board members with anything I can help with, which mainly ends up being artsy stuff because of my love of doodling and art. By the way - fun fact! One of my duties that I'm putting on myself that's not in my job description is to be there for YOU as well! Not just as a AC board member, but as a friend too :) If you ever need help with something, AC related or not, don't hesitate to let me know!

There are so many things I'm looking forward to this semester, it's hard to name them all. From going to our events to playing cards in the ARC to bonding with all of our members, I'm pretty much excited for the entire semester. But, and this may seem a little biased, the thing I'm looking forward to the most is my very own event called the Next Best Accountant!!!

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE THE NEXT BEST ACCOUNTANT!?!? Well you're going to find out this semester! This will be the Accounting Club's first ever NBA, and I'm proud to say I'll be at the head of organizing it. Stay tuned for more details on this mandatory event that I'll be sending out in the coming weeks.

Well, that's all for now! I hope to see you all very soon and I looking forward to spending an amazing semester with everyone!

Yihua Cheng Hi guys, my name is Yihua Cheng and I am the current secretary for AC. So far, I've been in the club for five semesters and joining AC has allowed me to develop myself and meet a lot of new friends. I hope you will get to experience the wonderful things that AC has to offer such as the numerous events and of course, friendship! 

As secretary, I am in charge of the typical secretary duties such as taking EB meeting minutes. But I am also the student liaison between our student chapter and our parent chapter, IMA. I apply for awards and scholarships through IMA and the prize money goes towards the events we have to offer to you!

I’m excited to kickoff this semester because we have a lot of fun events planned for you guys! One event that I want to highlight is AC Camp where we play games and bond with one another. So, come out and have a good time! If we have met already, I’m glad you’re in AC again. If we haven’t met, I look forward to meeting you! Stop by the ARC to meet new people. Don’t be afraid, we don’t bite! (ps we play a lot of trumps)

Reid Otaguro Hi AC!

My name is Reid Otaguro and I am your current treasurer. I am currently 21 years old and a Junior double majoring in MIS and Accounting. I was born and raised on Oahu and have lived here for most of my life. I spent my first year of college at Seattle University from the Fall of 2014 to Spring of 2015, previously studying electrical engineering. I have been at UH ever since. This is my second semester in AC, and it will be a blast!

As the treasurer, I am in charge of filing the quarterly tax returns, applying for funding major events such as Aloha Banquet and Mock Interview, and setting budgets for the other EB members. I hope that you all have a great time at our upcoming events, and I look forward to meeting you all!

Riku Uemura My name is Riku Uemura and I will be the Director of Professional Development for AC this semester. My job is to plan and execute the various professional events – office tours, workshops and professional interactions – so that you guys can make lasting impressions and beneficial connections with firms and currently working accountants in Hawaii. I make it sound very formal and not fun, but it actually is quite the opposite; the CPAs are very entertaining and very caring, and they are often very friendly and frank towards students. I hope that through the events of this semester, I can assist you guys in to make a successful start toward your career.

One of the most important events coming up in February is the Mock Interview. This is where you guys get to do a practice interview with professionals and get a live feedback on your interviewing skills! But don’t think that this is just a practice: people have been offered internships and positions through this event in the past! I will be sending out sign-up emails for this event soon, so keep an eye on your email – and don’t put me in your spam folder!

Best of luck to you all,

Riku Uemura

Fun fact about me – I live in Waianae and own five dogs. The commute is about 2 hours one way.

Michelle Ngo My name is Michelle Ngo, and I am the Director of Internal Affairs. This my first semester on board, so I am super excited to meet everyone! I know you'll enjoy the events we have this semester. The ones I'm looking forward to the most are AC Camp and Super Club's Day, so I hope to see all of you there. To help you get to know me better, here's a little bit about me. I love cats (I own four), I studied abroad last spring in London, and I used to be in the UH Manoa marching band.
 As for my role in the club, I am in charge of coordinating your fundraisers and the car wash. Some of our most popular fundraisers revolve around food, such as Krispy Kreme and Macarons. We'll also debut a new fundraiser for Kettle Corn Popcorn, so be on the lookout for those emails!

You'll probably see me around the arc either studying or playing trumps. Feel free to come and talk to me! Let's all be friends. :)

Marlon Cudiamat What's good AC?

For those of you who don't know me, I am Marlon Cudiamat your Director of Student Relations for this semester. A littler fun fact about myself is that I am semi ambidextrous. I write with my right hand but throw a ball, bat and catch with my left. What my position does is that I manage all the socials for the spring semester. I am also in charge of Intro Picnic and Team Bonding. Intro Picnic was a great turnout for those who went, I hope everyone enjoyed the games and food. If you missed out on Intro Picnic please come to Team Bonding. It will be an eventful day of fun team activities that'll help you folks get to know each other better! AC Camp is coming up, and I promise you guys don't want to miss it! Be sure to sign up to experience one of the biggest socials of the semester. Till then, See ya AC!

Shoot your shot,


Joyce Pang Welcome (back) to AC! Hope y'all had a good start to the semester so far and are ready for the great event we have in store for you! My name is Joyce and I am your Director of Public Relations this semester. My job is to plan and coordinate community service events, in which you will have the opportunities to give back while networking with our members and professionals. I am excited about all the events we have planned and I can't wait to attend them with you guys. Out of all the community service events for this semester, I would like to highlight "March of Dimes" since we will be having this joint event with BAP and KPMG. This will be a great chance for you to meet some of their professionals and get a better idea of what they do at KPMG.

Although you are required to attend a certain number of events to achieve active status, I still highly recommend you to make the most out of AC by attending as many events as you want/can. Keep in mind that AC will always be your resource and a place for you to grow personally and professionally, so we really hope to see you utilizing all we have to offer.

Fun Fact: The Twitter bird actually has a name -- Larry. So follow us on Twitter: XXX (<-- if you want them to)

Joseph Kaai Aloha AC!

My name is Joe Kaai and I am your Director of Human Resources. I am a super senior and I am finally graduating this semester! Something you all might not know about me is that I love to

hunt, fish and hike. There are many events that I am excited about, a few being camp, super clubs day and Next Best Accountant (NBA). These events bring the club together and allows members, old and new, to meet one another and to have a good time together.

As Director of Human Resources, a focus of mine is recruitment week. Recruitment week during the spring semester is tougher than the fall semester since there aren’t a lot of new people enrolling during spring. However, a lot of students showed interest in joining the club. Another focus of mine is maintaining and tracking the active status of our members. Being active not only looks good on your resume, but it also puts yourself in situations where you can grow personally and professionally. I highly encourage everyone to be active if possible.

AC for LIFE!



John Nick Beronilla Hello!

I’m John Nick. I’m this semester’s Director of IS. You’ll see me taking photos and sending out this monthly newsletter. If I come by you with my camera just be candid— unless of course, you prefer the staged looked.

If you have any photos or videos from any events send them my way and I’ll gladly post them. Speaking of which follow us on IG. @ac_uhm


Adam Buote Howdy Y'all,

My name is Adam Buote and I am a senior graduating this semester. As the IBC Senator I am responsible for coordinating events between the IBC Council and the Accounting Club. I am also responsible for HAPA Student's Night in the Spring and HSCPA Meet the Pros in the Fall. HAPA and HSCPA are both local CPA organizations. My cat has diabetes. Something I am looking forward to is Back-2-Business bowling that is coming up on February 2nd. This event is a fun way to meet members of other clubs. It goes from 10pm - 2am or until you get kicked out for being too drunk, no refunds! Please see me or any other board member to reserve your ticket!

Yours Truly,


Adam gets his own page bc he’s Adam

February C Sun.




Patrick Stuart Resume Workshop

Team Bonding





KMH Casino Night






Pick Up Basketball




Fri. IBC: B2 Bowling

1 Becker’s CPA Workshop



15 Shidler Career Fair



22 GM #3


Jersey Fun Run

2 HAPA Student’s Night

8 GM #2 Movie Night



9 Mock Mock Interview

Great Aloha Run

16 Hilton Hawaiian Village OT


Mock Interview


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