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Ask the Acupuncturist: What are the best foods for kids? This article explains why too many uncooked foods can make your child sick. Learn what foods Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends for children.

Acupuncturists are trained in nutritional therapy, so when you get acupuncture in Del Mar or acupuncture in Encinitas, CA, take the time to ask your acupuncturist any questions you have about nutrition for your unique body type or constitution. Why a Raw Foods Diet Makes Children Sick Children are not simply tiny adults, and Chinese Medicine recognizes this. In Chinese Medicine, there are a known set of common illnesses that are unique to children. Therefore, the therapy prescribed for a sick child is not just a smaller dose of the therapy that would be given to an adult with similar symptoms. Children require a special diet that is different than that of adults (not just smaller quantities of the same foods), as well as unique herbal and acupuncture prescriptions. The way in which children get sick differs greatly from the way in which adults get sick, which is why they suffer from ailments such as colic, earache, insomnia and night terrors, asthma, lack of appetite, asthma, and bedwetting. By emphasizing most, cooked, nutrient-dense foods in your child’s diet, you can prevent some of these ailments. If you feed your child an abundance of cold and raw foods, your child will get sick more often. How does Chinese Medicine explain the way in which children get sick? How are they different from adults? What foods should be avoided and included for optimal pediatric health?

Weak Digestion and Immature Immune System A few decades ago, Western Medicine began to discover that most of our immune system is actually contained in the digestive tract. This was a huge revelation to doctors and scientists alike. However, Chinese Medicine has acknowledged this fact for centuries. Infants and children have weak digestive systems, and according to Chinese Medicine this is why their immune systems are also weaker than that of adults. (Indeed, they are lacking the highly diversified gut microbiota that healthy adults have living in their guts.)

According to acupuncture in Del Mar, certain foods are “cold� in their energetic quality, regardless of how they have been cooked. These foods include tofu and soyderived products like veggie burgers, fruit and fruit juice, cow’s milk, and uncooked vegetables. These foods can

damage a weak digestive tract, and then cause a weakened immune system. This raises the potential for the development of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, asthma, and thyroiditis. In the short term, these “cold” foods can cause a lack of appetite, nausea, frequent colds, runny nose, ear infections, and viral or bacterial infections. Such foods should never be fed to infants, and they should be minimized in a toddler’s diet. It’s extremely unfortunate that many infants are fed on soy-based formula. This can set them up for a variety of chronic diseases later on in life.

Condition May Change Quickly Anyone with children knows that a child can be perfectly healthy one minute, and sick with a fever and sore throat the next. They can be running around full of energy, only to crash out and fall asleep as soon as they get in bed. This phenomenon is explained in Oriental Medicine. Children lack “Yin” (slow) energy and have a lot of “Yang” (fast) energy. They are also full of the energy of “Wind.” You can nourish their Yin by feeding them egg yolks, organ meats (especially liver), yams, lotus root, American ginseng, and bone broth. You can

reduce their tendency to contract Wind by avoiding raw veggies, dry foods such as crackers and toast, dry cereals, and any fat-free foods.

Ask the acupuncturist  
Ask the acupuncturist  

This article explains why too many uncooked foods can make your child sick. Learn what foods Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends for chi...