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Acupuncture Tips for A Healthy and Happy You – Be Spring Ready Healthy and happy spring acupuncture tips imply harmonizing your wood element and taking proper care of your liver. Give a try to the many spring acupuncture recommendations as they will keep your wood balanced and your liver in a good condition. Spring indicates the advent of happy times and you expect beautiful scenery created by colorful flowers and fresh green leaves all around your garden. The birds come back and start to sing in the morning. All these make you feel so relaxed and fill you with happiness and fresh energy. The spring season is so lively that you can’t just expect your chronic pains to take over and don’t let you enjoy the beautiful season. Being angry in such a nice weather indicates that you have various imbalances within your body.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), spring is usually symbolized by the element wood. As wood personifies birth, the time for novel ideas and new starts; spring is a season associated with a lot of green color.

Significance of Wood in TCM and Acupuncture Wood is regarded as to control your joints, spine, ligaments and tendons, and muscles. A wood imbalance can result in spinal problems, poor flexibility or arthritis and even affect your eyes. Wood also governs your liver thus maintaining your mood. Your liver is accountable for the steady flow of Qi that ensures health and vitality.

A Look at Healthy Spring Practices Linked with Acupuncture in San Marcos, CA Healthy and happy spring acupuncture tips imply harmonizing your wood element and taking proper care of your liver. Give a try to the mentioned spring acupuncture recommendations; this will keep your wood element balanced and your liver in a good condition.

Cleansing: It is an essential step to start with cleaning your colon which releases accrued toxins, undigested food, fungi and parasites. A cleaner colon improves your digestion and makes you healthy.

Stretching: Diligently start a consistent stretching routine. You can start practicing yoga or other exercises that help in moving, loosening and flexing your joints.

Detox your liver: Decrease the consumption of alcohol or drugs that are toxic to your liver. Exercise your eyes: For strengthening your eyes and improving your eye sight follow activities like massaging your face around your eyes.

Control your anger: Try to create and maintain a healthy anger managing plan by including meditation or getting counseling. Explore activities that use your anger in healthy ways.

5 Healthy Spring Acupuncture Dietary Tips for your Liver 

Eat light as overeating is dangerous for your liver.

Eat a lot of greens like sprouts, wheat grass, kale, spinach, and dandelions – these are chiefly good foods in the spring.

Season your food with spices like fennel, basil, caraway, marjoram, rosemary, and bay leaf as they are excellent for spring cooking and taste good, as well.

Sour is the essence associated with spring, so, instead of drenching your greens with vinegar or lemon juice dressings, find out what other flavors are best for you.

Include milk thistle tea in your diet for detoxifying your liver.

By maintaining your wood element balance and keeping your liver healthy with acupuncture, you will surely be happy and ready to enjoy the beautiful and much awaited spring season. Consult with your acupuncturists for more such tips related to acupuncture.

Acupuncture tips for a healthy and happy you