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Acupuncture in California: A Crash Course Education, PART 1 This two-part article series presents some of the essential facts people should be educated in when signing up for acupuncture treatment. While not essential, this information serves as interesting, enlightening and even entertaining. We’ve all heard of acupuncture in California and, to a degree, we all have an understanding of what it is. Something to do with needles, right? Well… yes, but before you say, “no thanks, the doctor has a hard enough time getting me to take my flu vaccination!” take the time to read the following. In this two-part series, professionals in acupuncture in California will walk you through some very interesting background information on acupuncture treatment so that you can better appreciate the capabilities of this very ancient medical therapy.

Acupuncture Treatment: Treating Pain with Needles? At first glance, nothing could make LESS sense than treating pain with needles. The only way this could seemingly work is by distracting a patient from the pain in their - for example - back by inducing pain in their – for example – foot! Well, you’d be wrong, of course. If this were the case, acupuncture in California wouldn’t be recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an effective medical treatment for hundreds of different conditions, maladies and symptoms and it wouldn’t be practiced by thousands of medical doctors and acupuncture specialists in countless countries across the globe. Acupuncture in California is not some esoteric approach to pain, high blood pressure and cholesterol management. It is a recognized and scientifically supported treatment.

Now that we’ve established this, here are some important terms and facts you may come across or wish to know more about before you embark upon acupuncture in California.

Acupuncture Treatment: Achieving a Balance of “Qi” There are two different kinds of acupuncture in California: medical acupuncture and traditional acupuncture. Having been conceived in China thousands of years ago, the philosophy of this medical therapy evolved from the following concept: Just like the world is divided into lines of latitude and longitude, so too is your body divided into energy lines or ‘meridians’. Your life energy, or “Qi” flows along these lines and a balance in this flow achieves perfect health, explain professionals in acupuncture in California. When a meridian becomes blocked, your “Qi” dams up causing an imbalance, which manifests as illness or pain. By inserting ultra-fine needles into very specific locations along the body’s energy lines (acupuncture points), specialists in traditional acupuncture treatment can restore balance and in doing so, health. Medical acupuncture in California operates in accordance with more scientific principles, but it is interesting to note that both achieve immense success!

Acupuncture in California: Ancient Eastern Therapy Migrates Westwards Acupuncture treatment has been used by traditional Chinese doctors for thousands of years; as many as 5000 years according to some sources. If you think about it, few other medical treatments have survived this long. Imagine if we were still treating common headaches with trepanning (drilling a hole in the skull)? Or treating a toothache with a pair of pliers and a decent slug of brandy? They weren’t called the “Dark Ages” for nothing! Acupuncture in California originated in China and over the millennia, it made its way to other parts of Asia, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and Cambodia. So, how did the West come to adopt acupuncture treatment? Well, explain specialists in acupuncture in California, during the Vietnam War, American troops noticed Vietnamese doctors treating the wounded with needles. At first, this was something we probably laughed and even sneered at. But when a well-known journalist accompanying American President Richard Nixon on a trip to China fell ill with appendicitis, his post-operative pain management was… you guessed it! Acupuncture treatment! Completely taken aback at the efficacy of acupuncture in alleviating his pain, this journalist returned to the United States singing its praises. Acupuncture in California was soon thereafter adopted by the military as a means of helping troops cope with pain and with the psychological strain of being in war zones. It has since gone on to be recognized by the WHO as an effective treatment for hundreds of different diagnoses.

Stay Tuned for More on Acupuncture in California To read more information about acupuncture in California and how it has become a highly popular and successful method for treating a whole suit of maladies and symptoms, stay tuned for the second half of this two-part article series.

Acupuncture in California: A Crash Course Education, PART 1  

This two-part article series presents some of the essential facts people should be educated in when signing up for acupuncture treatment. Wh...

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