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you will find me in a place filled with clouds and cold weather




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e. m d n i f e

The Where’s Waldo Challenge

@ whereiswaldo GoUhual

its raining cats and dogs #clue81 #findme

@ whereiswaldo GoUhual

Target Audience: Families and young adults, (18-

35), urban living and socially updated Goal: Engage our audience to explore and interact with our company via social media platforms and company website. How to Register: by using the QR codes that are provided on every billboard. Type in the code on your mobile device and it will link you to the UHAUL website. Then you can register to win your dream vacation.

Figure 01: All uhaul moving trucks will

have multiple clues to help you find waldo. Other important information will be on the back side of the trucks and have twitter account info and how to register.

I like the burgers here. #clue83 #findme

Figure 04

@ whereiswaldo GoUhual

I am somewhere between the pacific and atlantic. #clue84 #findme

Figure 02-03 : Random bilboards across the us will have waldo images and a qr code to register for the challange.

Figure 04 : Utalizing social media plat-

forms for spreading the word and interacting with target audience. Includes posting pictures, retweets, and a link to the Uhaul website where you can register to win your dream vacation.

@ whereiswaldo GoUhual

I just met dorthy. #clue99 #findme

@ whereiswaldo GoUhual

I’ll give you a hint, I’m wearing a red. #fakeclue #findme

@ whereiswaldo GoUhual

It’s been 45 days, come on people. #getmotivated #findme

@ whereiswaldo GoUhual

Uhaul is family. #thelittlethings #playtowin #orjustwin

Where's Waldo?  
Where's Waldo?  

An advertising/creative marketing campaign I created for Uhaul.