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What happens when you cross the world's favorite pepper sauce and favorite jelly bean?

TABASCO JELLY BELLYS! This new flavor is definitely not intended for the weak, but for the adventurous and piquant. We are looking for those who enjoy and seek out new and unique challenges to take on this daring combination of a treat.

We want to entice audiences new and current, lovers of candy and all things zesty!

The Ultimate Spice Warrior Challenge: TABASCO and Jelly Belly will come together and host an all-day competition to see who can eat the most OF THIS NEW FLAVOR in 15 minute heats.These competitions will be held at locations nation-wide on Saturday, June 7th, 2014. Go to for locations and registration. REMember: this is only for the Mighttiest of candy and spice lovers! Can you handle it?


The overall winner of the ultimate spice warrior challenge will not only win the title, respect and fame that comes with being fearless, but he or she will also win: a lifetime supply of Jelly Bellys, $2,500 from TABASCO aND an all-expense paid trip to Avery Island, Lousiana, the home of TABASCO . The second place winner will be awarded a 6 month supply of Jelly Bellys and $1,000, and the third place winner will be given a 2month supply of Jelly Bellys and $500. All contestants will receive a complementary bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans and a TABASCO T-Shirt.

TABASCO meets Jelly Belly/ Gutknecht 2/17/14  
TABASCO meets Jelly Belly/ Gutknecht 2/17/14