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The “Connoisseurs Only� Pure Leaf Bar For True Lovers of Tea

The Pure Leaf Bar will be a promotional booth that will run during the Texas State Fair. The State Fair is attended by over 2.5 million people in 2012 and will be a good launching pad for introducing the tea to the biggest state in the largest tea drinking region of the United States. The Bar will be a huge tent pitched with a completely air-conditioned and functioning tea bar serving up tea cocktail blends and tea mixes. Guests will be invited at a variety of tea tasting booths set up around the fair. However, to enter the door, guests must taste two small cups of tea and guess which tea cup is made from powder and from real tea. This is more of a gimmick. Each cup will be clearly marked so people will be able to gain excess to the tent. Once inside, all guests will be given full access to our tasting bar and coupons to buy PureLeaf Tea.

The Pure Leaf Bar  

Idea for Pure Leaf Campaign

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