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Step 1: Gather the whole family to collect the non-perishables and canned goods in your home. Step 2: Fill up your car with all your donations. Step 3: Bring them over to U-Haul’s dozens of nationwide facilities. Here you will vote on your community’s local options for the recipient of the food drive collection. Step 4: Drop them off with your local representative and add to your community’s collection. U-Haul promises to match every filled U-Haul truck, truck for truck. Step 5: Track your community’s collection numbers online at and compete across the country to fill as many trucks as possible.

Step 6: Be sure to Tweet @U-Haul #lovewhereUlive whenever you make your donations and encourage your friends to be apart of the fun. Feel free to also post TwitPics holding up your donation with you friends and family, and give your hometown a shout-out my identifying your location. @U-Haul #lovewhereUlive

Hailey Thompson  

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