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MAKE IT REALITY with R.E.I. Part 1: Experience everyone loves a good photo opportunity with real fake snow.

[target: anyone with access to the internet and facebook]

Hey look! It’s me in a real life snow globe at the mall in Dallas! I can’t wait to go skiing in my new R.E.I. winter wear. Thanks, R.E.I.

Part 2: Branding

R.E.I will be branded not only in the globe itself, but it will also be in every picture!

Part 3: Social Media allow photo takers to share both their snow globe and real ski experiences on R.E.I ski facebook page.

Part 4: Viral Marketing the creation of a ski R.E.I web site will allow marketing to further in the ski department. by taking the photos submitted on facebook and placing them on the “ski R.E.I” web site. friends tell friends, who tell friends. soon enough - viral. to top it off, you’ve drawn them in to a site they can view and purchase all ski gear.

Coppedge- Ski R.E.I  

This is an engagement advertisement for R.E.I.'s ski equiptment and outerwear.

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