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Veloster: Experience it yourself. Target: Men and Woman ages 20-35, typicaly first-time car buyers. There will be QR code on billboards and a few Hyundai Veloster’s in urban areas that can be scanned to bring customers to a informational and interactional website featuring the Veloster. On this site, customers can set up a username and custom design their Veloster (inside and out) to serve as their 3D profile photo. This can be altered at any time as they continue to use the site. They can then use the car to participate in an online racing game with other Veloster fans (featuring only the Veloster of course.) The more they play the more custom features they will unlock for their car. They can also take part in a experience and photo sharing section that allows Veloster fans and owners to share their stories. There would also be a chat room like forum for discussion about the Veloster and a place for Hyundai to reveal the latest news to users. 1. Scan QR code which takes you to website. 2. Create a username and custom design your Veloster for your account. 3. Participate in the interactive site through a racing game, photo/experience sharing, chat room, find the latest news about the Veloster

Brittany W. Veloster Ad 2-20  

This is an engagement ad for the Hyundai Veloster

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