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Adventure is out there with The jeep cherokee

2014 model is just what the modern explorer ordered. This off-road vehicle has the traction for mountain climbing, maneuverability for winding trails and the storage space to carry all of your gear.

video campaign:

Highlights the outdoor capabilities of the new model. Video starts with two children similar to the opening scene from Disney Pixar’s “Up”, where they yell “adventure is out there!” Then a “time warp”, showing the two grow up, going through different life adventures together. Eventually, they get married and purchase a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, and the video ends with the two driving down a trail. Fade to black,“Go on your next great adventure. #myJeepadventure”

Outdoor marketing:

We place balloons, in large quantities, around the nation. Some are tied to around national parks, some on busy streets and some in campgrounds. Every group of balloons will have a “message in a bottle”, which has an activity for the reader to do at that location and encourages them to use the hashtag, #myJeepadventure and post to instagram.

Tanaka- Jeep 9-24-13  
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