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Steve Oh

Engagement Marketing (Hyundai始s Veloster) Treasure-Hunt Game Target consumers: Men and Women (18 ~ 29) who are able to use App on their cell phones Description: 1. Download Veloster App on the phone 2. Putting personal information and starting Treasure-Hung Game 3. The winner gets a free Veloster vehicle 1. Download Veloster App People can download Veloster App through their electronic devices (Android, iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad) 2. Each person needs to put personal information before starting Treasure-Hunt Game on this App. There are lots of treasure chests that have a hint to take people to a next step. To open the treasure chest, they need to go to a certain place where the GPS points out on the map. Once they solve the problem and open the treasure chest, it shows up a direction where the next treasure chest is located. There are a lot of different problems to open each treasure chest. Here are some examples of problems: some quizzes related to Hyundai or Veloster, taking a picture with a certain dealer at a Hyundai dealership, taking a picture of a certain color of Veloster on the street, uploading a picture of an item that embodies Veloster始s design, uploading a video of test driving of Veloster, and so forth. 3. When the person solves the last problem with the last treasure chest, he/she becomes a winner. The winner gets a free Veloster vehicle from Hyundai. There will be 10 available free Veloster vehicles for 10 winners in this Treasure-Hunt Game.


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Steve Oh-Hyundai's Veloster  
Steve Oh-Hyundai's Veloster  

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