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growing together

Criticizing moms who work – or those who don’t – makes no sense of both worlds, or the worst, depending on which day you ask me. When I worked full-time outside the home, I sincerely felt that I could not give my best to anyone. I was spread too thin The Mommy to be the best lawyer or the best mom, Wars are back with or even a shoddy facsimile of either. full, lethal combat, When I came home to stay, I felt in case you have marginalized and angry with each missed the news of late. person who asked how I felt about With Sarah Palin’s emergence into presidential politics – like her or not – wasting those years in law school. moms are turning on each other again That question came up more times than I care to remember. as the rest of the world watches us I found that I needed to be at home pick each other apart. Politics are with my children, or I knew I would irrelevant to the battle that rages beregret it when they were teenagers. tween working moms and stay-atThat time has come, at least for my home moms. Even those terms cause oldest, and I find that the only days I division, don’t they? We all work, regret were the ones that took me whether we are paid for it or not. I confess that my situation is proba- away all day to a job while someone else cared for my child. And that isn’t bly unusual, and I feel fortunate to be an attack on moms who work outside able to work at home, having the best By Chris Worthy WNC Parent Columnist

the home. It is the truth for my family. Now that my children are old enough to tell me that they appreciate having a parent at home, which is a nice reward many years in the making, I am quick to tell them that Dad’s job makes it all possible. You won’t hear that in Feminism 101. I still struggle to find balance between work and home and now, homeschooling, but it is easier given the flexibility my schedule allows. I also know there are moms at home who are desperate to get out of the house and moms at work who are equally desperate to come home – and those who are thrilled with their jobs outside or within the home. No matter where we are, it is silly and divisive to turn on each other. Let’s call a cease-fire and lend one another a hand. By doing so, we mod-


Former vice presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin walks with her daughter Piper onto the ice at a hockey game this fall. el gratitude, respect and the value of motherhood. And maybe we can find our own best place in the process. Chris Worthy is an attorney who took down her single to be a stay-athome mom. Write to her at growing

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WNC Parent December 2008  

The Holiday Gifts & Activities issue of WNCParent.

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