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parenting in a nutshell

Tips for turning each day into Earth Day By Doreen Nagle Gannett News Service

shower rule. ◆ Keep a small bucket in the shower to catch the water run off; use it to water the flowerbed and houseplants. While, as a ◆ Put a ceramic container, bowl or nation, we celeplanter in the kitchen for compost brated Earth Day material and teach your children some this year, isn’t it rules for making compost: no dairy, good to know that meat or grains. our families can Dead plant material, fruits, veggies adopt some simple and even shredded newspaper are fine changes into their routine every day additions. — making Earth Day an everyday ◆ If your children are old enough event. Perhaps we will be the generato go it alone, let them walk or ride tion of parents that changes how futheir bikes to school, a neighborhood ture generations go about their daily friend’s house or the local library habits and how those affect the world rather than driving them everywhere. and environment around them. Let’s If they are not old enough to go it start with some simple suggestions alone, bike or walk alongside them. compiled from a variety of sources, ◆ Unplug or at least turn off comincluding common sense: puters, video and other games, power ◆ It’s easy to help save trees if you strips and other electronics when not don’t waste paper. Don’t throw out in use. paper printed on just one side; use the ◆ Use a cloth bag when shopping back side to print out a draft if in the supermarket. You can also bring needed. Don’t print e-mails unless your own containers to the restaurant necessary. Buy a chalkboard and leave to use for leftovers. notes on it versus using paper. Use ◆ Spend a morning with your chilcloth napkins versus paper ones. dren hanging a clothesline in the ◆ Re-imagine what you can do with backyard (try along the fence on the a magazine or newspaper (make a side of the house) to use in lieu of the booklet of words for your toddler?) dryer. before you toss it out. ◆ Purchase a standing dryer to use ◆ It’s great that your children love inside during inclement weather. to brush their teeth, but they do not Teach your children to only put truly need to leave the water running while dirty items in the wash. If there is a brushing. When it comes to hand slight stain on a T-shirt, take a wet washing, wet hands, turn off the water, cloth and remove it instead of adding soap up, massage soap into dirty digits it to the hamper. and then turn the water back on to do a quick rinse. Tip from the parenting trenches ◆ Send lunch to school (buying locally grown fruits and veggies helps Before tossing a toy or article of save fuel) and pack it in reusable con- clothing, think who might benefit if tainers. you pass it on to them. Host a swap ◆ Challenge yourselves to make with your play, church, class or other your own toys and musical instrugroup. If you need a one-time outfit ments. Older children can learn to for a special event, borrow one from a sew or use hand tools. This not only friend or buy one from a gently used cuts down on consumption, but has clothing store. the added value of giving one a sense of accomplishment. Doreen Nagle is author of “But I ◆ Anyone raising a newly interest- Don’t Feel Too Old to Be a Mommy” ed-in-grooming tween or teen might (HCI, $12.95). She welcomes your parroll their eyes at this suggestion, but enting tips and concerns at try to maintain a five minutes or less

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