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Bill Coffin National Underwriter Life & Health 33-41 Newark St., Second Flr. Hoboken, NJ 07030 May 31, 2011 To the editor: As the chairperson of the American Academy of Actuaries Life Settlements Investment Work Group, I am responding to the article published online about the document published by Life Expectancy Providers Group (“LEPr Develops Life Expectancy Estimation Standards” May 4, 2011). The American Academy of Actuaries Life Settlements Investment Work Group would like to inform your readers that actuaries practicing in the United States must abide by Actuarial Standards of Practice set forth by the Actuarial Standards Board (ASB). They would not follow the practices set forth in the LEPr document when preparing actuarial reports. Instead, an actuary working in the life expectancy field would review current actuarial practices and follow the guidance and precepts of any Actuarial Standards of Practice that may apply. When the ASB establishes standards of practice, it does so through a careful research and documentation process, followed by rigorous peer review and public comment period. We are proud to follow such practices. Sincerely, Linda M. Lankowski, FSA, MAAA Chairperson, Life Settlements Investment Work Group American Academy of Actuaries

Work Group Members Roger K. Annin, D. Steven Boger, Peter J. Bondy, Peter A. Brot, Tim A. DeMars, David L. DiMartino, Winston T. Hall, Scott E. Morrow, Steven C. Newman, Gina Collopy O’Connell, Cande Olsen, Richard A. Plano, Kevin M. Reopel, Larry H. Rubin, Gabe R. Schiminovich, Josh Windsor, and Daniel A. Zollars

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