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Recent Social Networking Web Startup Trends Presentation by Claude Penland

Social Networking Startups That We’ll Cover • • • • •

Traditional Student-specific Unique situations/business Hobbyists Sites that use already existing info

• • • • •

Career networking Goal-oriented Add-ons For the kiddies Wrap-up

Traditional Networking • • • • • •

1stFriday for African-Americans Doximity for Medicine Splore looks at location and interest for more intimate networking Fabulis is a gay social network CompanionTree for platonic friendships

Traditional, continued • • • • •

MeetYourFriends EpicMix for skiing Ping (Apple) - music Diaspora Commuters

Student Networking • Sites that blend hanging out with studying • Talk about your grades at CampusBuddy • Share notes at NoteUtopia • • Students Circle Network

Networking for Unique Businesses or Situations • • • • • • • • •

Protect inventions/ideas myHeureka When tweet? SocialFlow knows Blurts is a Twitter for sound FlightCrowd networking in the air Brag about stuff on Create mobile communities at Motribe Group buying at TeamSave Game aggregation at Heyzap Yammer & Jive, business networking

Networking for hobbyists • • • • • •

Dig guns? GunUp Punt Club for betting Betable to share your bets Political junkie? Jolitics SocialPicks for stocks Cyclists

Hobbyists, continued • • • •

Nintendo Wii Television music Burstn iPhone photos

Networking that Uses Existing Info • Creating profiles of users based on social data: Gravity • CafeBots works on your behalf • Connexity ad server • Like/Dislike stuff at SocialSmack • Manage multiple networks with Seesmic • Kontagent social analytics

Use Existing Info, continued • SearchRidge social data mining • Five by Bueda data mining • Flipboard online magazines • Memolane records your social networking data stream for playback later

Career Networking BraveNewTalent is a Facebook app RockYourBlock, Facebook app Identified ConnectedInsiders finds the influencers inside companies • Jibe • • • • •

Networks to help you perform tasks better • • • • • • • •

HeyStaks browser add-on MyLifeList Shizzlr social planning social planning Traxier social planning Poig social planning Roadify helps you drive better myBantu personal assistant

Bolt-ons • Ning application • DeusM creates communities • MedNetworks creates networks for doctors and patients • ShopIgniter creates stores in social networks

Networking for the kiddies • Mixels • Scuttlepad • Togetherville

Wrap-up • Social networking could grow 1000% to 2500% by 2016 • …or it could be a bubble • Next big thing a few months ago was searching what your friends like • Gamification is intersecting with social networking to affect how we’ll use the web • Read more at and • Thank you!

social_networking_web_ startups  
social_networking_web_ startups  

Recent Social Networking Web Startup Trends Presentation by Claude Penland • Career networking • Goal-oriented • Add-o...