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So Why Do Job Seekers Use Executive Recruiters Anyway? A Presentation by Claude Penland

Why Use Recruiters? ď Ź

ď Ź

So I have been thinking and researching lately on why, in this era of high technology, anyone would bother to use a third-party recruiter anymore. I think I have some answers.

Recruiters do more than just find jobs 

You can already simply job hunt on social networking and job search websites and, of course, offline, too. However, recruiters can help job candidates prepare for interviews so that they have a fighting chance. Many times they will already know the inside scoop. They’ll design a targeted resume. They can listen to job hunters’ concerns about particular jobs, unique situations and backgrounds, all while keeping the job search on track. Furthermore, they coordinate your interviews and solicit feedback from employers.

What else do they do? 

At higher compensation and experience levels, they can act as job hunters’ representatives and juggle their offers and negotiate compensation. As well as help to compare offers. Good executive recruiters do not cost job hunters anything. You can use recruiters to screen out roles that you might not be interested in after they are described to you. You might not want to do the research or some aspect of the research, or have the knowledge or contacts to do that research. Recruiters can do that for you. They’ll track news and look into markets, finding companies and jobs that you couldn’t find out about on your own. They might even get a company to create a job for you.

Additional Services  

They can advise you on your career path. In many cases, boutique firms may be better than large recruiters, and will be able to give you the appropriate time and effort and work diligently on your behalf. They understand and have seen situations before that you might not have seen.

Wrap-Up , an employment networking site, says there are several hundred thousand people in staffing and recruiting in North America. There are many good reasons for that. This presentation may be freely downloaded and shared. Thank you!


A Presentation by Claude Penland So Why Do Job Seekers Use Executive Recruiters Anyway? So I have been thinking and re...

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