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IBM •000-567 IBM Tivoli Provisioning Mgr V7.2.0.2 Implementation

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Question: 1 The Run as Administrator option is used to bypass user account control specifically on which operating system? A. Windows XP B. Windows 2008 C. Windows 2003 R2 D. Windows 2003 DataCenter Edition

Answer: B

Question: 2 Which service access point is created on the target computer during the Tivoli Common Agent installation? A. Agent-Server (IPv4 / CommonAgent) B. TCA-Server (IPv4 / HTTP Secure Access ) C. SSH-Server (IPv4 / Remote Shell Execution) D. RXA-BootStrap-Server (IPv4 / Unknown Protocol)

Answer: A

Question: 3 Which statement is true about static groups?

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A. Members to the static group cannot be other groups. B. Members can be added anytime after group creation. C. New members cannot be added after creation of the static group. D. The Member Type can be changed after creation of the static group.

Answer: B

Question: 4 Click the Exhibit button.

A company which is headquartered in New York also has three additional sites in Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Mateo. All four locations are connected by a wide area network. The customer

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wants to implement IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.2.0.2 (TPM) for compliance and remediation of software and patches. The central Tivoli environment (TPM server and IBM DB2 for RDBMS) will be placed in New York where all central IT operations are located. All critical business applications run off hosts located in San Francisco, but there are also local servers at each location. In New York and San Francisco there are 500 workstations, in San Mateo there are 25 workstations, and in Sacramento there are 10 workstations (all Windows).What is the recommended location for a preferred upload server based on this scenario? A. New York B. San Mateo C. Sacramento D. San Francisco

Answer: A

Question: 5 Which supported database can be used by IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.2 on a Windows server? A. Informix B. IBM DB2 C. Oracle 11g D. Microsoft SQL Server

Answer: B

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Question: 6 What are the two main catalogs managed by the image library? (Choose two.) A. Saved Images B. Master Images C. Image Discovery D. Instances Backup E. Versioning Controller

Answer: A, B

Question: 7 What should be checked in the IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.2.0.2 user interface if a Tivoli Common Agent installation fails? A. standard out B. TEMP/TCAfiles C. Deployment Manager D. workflow execution logs

Answer: D

Question: 8 What is the documented notification mail server for IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager V7.2?

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A. IMAP B. SMTP C. Lotus Notes D. Microsoft Exchange

Answer: B

Question: 9 What does the VMware Virtual Center Discovery configuration create for each host platform? A. saved image B. virtual image C. virtual server template D. versioned master image

Answer: C

Question: 10 What is the purpose of a DCD Region? A. to improve the runtime performance of the deployment engine B. to group depot servers to optimize upload, replication, and download times C. to group IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager computers based on logically related attributes D. to group Tivoli Common Agents which subscribe to software packages created in each region

Answer: B

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IBM •000-567 IBM Tivoli Provisioning Mgr V7.2.0.2 Implementation

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