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CBBC Updates

2nd Quarter / 2010


od is indeed true to His promise of upholding His people who are sincerely seeking for His revival. All throughout the second quarter of the Year 2010, we in the CBBC have witnessed the Lord’s reviving power working in our midst as evidenced by the fruits of our endeavors which have been done by His grace. The warm month of April unfolded with rewarding celebrations through graduation ceremonies in our Christian School, Bible College and School for the Deaf and Mute. Our Baptist Heritage Bible College has added to its list of alumni 21 graduates who have committed themselves to live by the truth and training that they have been equipped with. Kindling the fires of revival embers was the one-day soulwinning clinic that the Church conducted on April 9, 2010, a national holiday. Such culminated with a church-wide soulwinning pursuit that brought members to the nearby subdivisions and communities to share the Gospel of the Lord. Everyone came back with souls won, and hearts burning with passion for the lost. The National Baptist Youth Conference (NBYC) hosted by our Church annually had reached its 11th year. This summer, the theme reverberated with the question, “Is your spirituality dead or alive?” Through group devotions, session teachings, and daily preachings that charged and challenged the delegates, 156 young people surrendered their lives to the Lord.

- BHBC Graduates

- NBYC 2010

Last May, we held our yearly Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) in two batches. All those who involved from our 34 areas could attest that they experienced God’s power, which the theme, “Discovering the Awesome Power of God” highlighted. For two weeks, the participants learned godly songs, Bible stories, memory verses, and accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord. A total of 1,184 children received their DVBS graduation certificates; and 2, 564 souls got saved. - 156 young people surrendered their lives to the Lord.

- Daily Vacation Bible School 2010

“ Many, O LORD my God, are thy wonderful works which thou hast done,…” - Psalm 40:5a -

CBBC Updates

- Baptist heritage Bible College

2nd Quarter / 2010

- Christian Bible Baptist Academy

The month of June ushered our educational ministries to School Year 2010-2011 training opportunities and challenges. In our Baptist Heritage Bible College and School for the Deaf and Mute, with 46 faculty members, 181 students enrolled. In our Christian Bible Baptist Academy, 34 school staff are ready to assist 99 students. With regard to our Orphanage, we are given another privilege to minister to a child that is added to our custody. Likewise, Juniel, the baby with infantile spasm and global developmental delay is responding well to his medications and therapy. According to his cranial CT scan, he has cerebral atrophy. Please help us pray for God’s intervention so that his condition will not worsen, because the doctor told us that his disease can progress toward retardation. As for Mark Vincent, we are still praying for provisions for his CT angiogram.

Baby Juniel (Orphan)

The Lord is truly gracious, not only to our Church family, but also to my family. We praise and thank God for my daughter Mishael’s safe delivery of a healthy baby boy, Jeremiah Ed L. Sibug. I am so delighted to be a grandfather, and so grateful for being a part of rearing children biblically. By God’s grace, we started two new mission works in Jongli and Taichung, Taiwan. Also, please pray for our first worship service in Singapore on July 11. Pray for a victorious start, as well as its fruitfulness in terms of attendance, salvation of souls, baptism of converts, spiritual growth of believers, and members’ cooperation and dedication to support the work.

For the lost souls,

Dr. Ed M. Laurena PS: By the way, please send your support to B.E.M.A. 4744 Winchester Pike Columbus, Ohio 43232, USA Tel.#: (614) 833-0488 which was started by Dr. Roy Thompson in helping nationals in different countries w/o charges. Again, thank you very much for your love and support for missions.

Rev. Jess, Mishael & Jeremiah Ed Sibug

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Baptist Report