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“ ” Revive us through our Hard Work

"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest." Ecclesiastes 9:10

From the Pastor’s Desk


OD always blesses a hard working person. This principle also applies in our spiritual lives. The blessing of spiritual revival is given to those who seek a way to be revived. Such is a truth reminding us of our monthly theme, “Revive Us through our Hard Work.” Revival will never come to a person or to a church that just desires it but never makes an effort to get it. What our church presently experiencing is a great example of that. The people, the power, the revival and even the properties that God has entrusted to us are simply because God saw the diligent effort of many members to get those blessings. I then wonder how much more can God give us if all of the members would have such diligence. I pray that you would be part of it. Our various ministries and specifically our participation in our building project and our upcoming Missions conference are great avenues to prove to God that we want to grow. Even our personal spiritual growth would only then be attained if God sees our intense effort for it. I pray that today’s services would benefit our spiritual life a lot. Let us all have a great Sunday!

Sunday School Outlined

Church In Action

In these last 3 weeks of preparation, let us be more fervent in our prayers through our 24-hour round d’ clock prayer. Let us set aside the said dates and attend the evening services and the morning sessions. Let us support this event and be a blessing to the pastors and missionaries who are coming.

The Church Engages to Watch Over One Another in Brotherly Love Romans 12:10 / Galatians 6:10 / 1 Thessalonians 4:9 / Hebrews 13:1 I. To watch over one another in brotherly love is to take care of each other. A. Believers in Christ have only one heavenly Father to look up to. B. Believers in Christ have only one heavenly fold to lay rest into. C. Believers in Christ have only one heavenly function to live for. II. To watch over one another in brotherly love is to treat compassionately each other. A. Treating compassionately the brethren is the instruction of the Lord.


B. Treating compassionately the brethren is the inward position of the heart. C. Treating compassionately the brethren is the imputation of God’s grace. III. To watch over one another in brotherly love is to tread continuously on the path of God’s love. A. To tread continuously on the path of God’s love is a tremendous work to accomplish. B. To tread continuously on the path of God’s love is a transforming walk to achieve. C. To tread continuously on the path of God’s love is a triumphing willpower to attain.

Please pray for the realization of a prospective campsite in Batangas City. This is a 6-hectare property which will be very useful for our camps and other outdoor activities.

ANNOUNCEMENT !!! DON'T MISS tonight’s service. Come and enjoy the presentation of Division D and Cradle Roll Department.



Thank You, Lord, for working hard for my salvation’s assurance Along Your grace with Your mercy’s appearance When You sacrificed Yourself for my eternal deliverance And rescued me from struggling in sinful endurance. Thank You, Lord, for working hard work for my faith’s stability Along Your justification with Your blood’s cleansing purity When You gave Yourself for my redemptive security And ransomed me midst being lost in religious sincerity. Thank You, Lord, for working hard for my Scriptures’ treasures Along Your truths with Your promises’ pleasures When You laid Yourself as my way to a life that assures And led me from allurements of worldliness’ leisures. Thank You, Lord, for working hard for my biblical principles’ wisdom Along Your knowledge with understanding of Your divine kingdom When You manifested Yourself as my light toward real freedom And acquitted me from imprisonment in humanism’s boredom. Thank You, Lord, for working hard for my Christian victory Along Your resurrection with Your majestic glory When You raised Yourself to ensure my part in Your great history And adopted me to be Your child to share Your Gospel story. Thank You, Lord, for working hard for my prayer’s delight Along Your answers and grants for my plight When You offered Yourself for my supplication-might And called me to enjoy Your fellowship of blissfulness-height. Thank You, Lord, for working hard for my heritage-distinction Along Your prophets’ steadfastness and martyrs’ dedication When You showed Yourself as the example of character-perfection And chose me to serve You thru Your church’s work-foundation.


Area 16/Division B4 Rev. Jun Garapan

Serving God is surely a blessed privilege. It is not a right. As such, I truly thank the Lord for giving me a great privilege to serve Him as He chose me as one of the 36 area leaders in our church. I also want to thank the Lord for our Pastor who has entrusted me to lead Area 16, which comprises two barangays in Muntinlupa City, namely, Brgy. Alabang and Brgy. Cupang. Through God’s grace, Area 16 is having an average of 5 first time visitors and 65 regular attendance every Sunday. This is made possible by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with the help of my family, the Area workers and members, who win souls and invite visitors every Sunday. God has also given us a Day Care Center in Alabang as our Bible Study Center, where we are able to meet every Thursday after our soulwinning for our Bible Study. We are thankful that God is using our area gathering to challenge members to involve themselves in winning souls. Indeed, I praise God for the great privilege bestowed upon me through our Pastor to minister to families and individuals in our Area and be an instrument of the Lord so He can save souls and change lives for His name to be glorified.

Family Testimony “...As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15 I am blessed to grow up and be raised in a Baptist family. That is why when I have my own family, I have persevered, by God’s grace, to rear my children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. God has blessed me with a wife and 6 children (2 boys and 4 girls), and a daughter-in-law who received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Though I was a soldier by profession, I always wanted my family to be with me wherever I was assigned in order for me to guide their spiritual life. We praise God for the hard and strong preachings of God’s Words and the Sunday School lessons that we have received and learned from the Baptist churches we have attended. These include the PMA Baptist Church and CSIT Baptist Church, until God brought us to CBBC, with a beloved pastor, Dr. Ed Laurena, whose earnest dedication and love toward God have influenced us to serve the Lord and get involved in the church ministry. By the grace of God, my wife and I are one of the frontliners of our church. I am an usher, and a BAPSECOM officer, while my wife is a cradle-roll attendant. We praise the Lord that He called our daughter, Wendy, in the full-time ministry. She is now on her 4th year in BHBC. We are praying that her sister, Donnalee, will also study in the Bible College next year when she graduates in high school. It is an answered prayer for us that our two youngest daughters, Divine and Daeclyn Mae have become students of our Church Academy with true Christian teachers who prayerfully help us in training in guiding our children to be totally equipped in the Word of God for the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. Furthermore, we praise God for our Pastor’s consistent encouragement for us to get involved in the church’s main thing which is soulwinning. It is a great blessing for us to be able to win souls and to lead them to Christ. We continually pray that God will use us more in His vineyard. With all these, we give all the glory and praise to our Lord Jesus.


Church Attendance November 7 & 10 1st AM Service 2nd AM Service Sunday Afternoon Wednesday First Time Visitors Baptisms

Bible Reading Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

1,785 1,034 1,251 557 233 54

MORNING EVENING I Cor. 11-12 Ps. 109 I Cor. 13-14 Ps. 110 I Cor. 15-16 Ps. 111 II Cor. 1-3 Ps. 112 II Cor. 4-5 Ps. 113 II Cor. 6-8 Ps. 114 II Cor. 9-10 Ps. 115

Young People’s Fellowship @ 1:30 PM

Quotation Marks

“No one ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of him; it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required that determines the greatness of ultimate distinction.” -Charles Kendall Adams

Ayon sa Biblia, Iisa Lamang ang Daan Patungong Langit!


ng sabi ni Hesus, “Ako ang daan, ang katotohanan, at ang buhay: walang makapupunta sa Ama kundi sa pamamagitan ko.” Juan 14:6 Wala nang iba pang makapagliligtas sa iyo mula sa impierno. Magtiwala ka kay Hesus ngayon! (Roma 6:23) “Kung ipahahayag ng iyong bibig na si Hesus ay Panginoon at mananam-palataya ka nang buong puso na Siya’y muling binuhay ng Diyos, ikaw ay maliligtas”. Roma 10:9 1. Aminin mo na ikaw ay isang makasalanan. Roma 3:10 2. Talikuran mo ang iyong mga kasalanan (magsisi). Gawa 17:30 3. Manampalataya ka na si Kristo Hesus ay namatay para sa iyo, nalibing at nabuhay namagmuli. Roma 10:9-10 4. Sa pamamagitan ng panalangin, tanggapin mo si Hesus sa iyong puso bilang iyong Tagapagligtas. Roma 10:13

MANALANGIN KA NG GANITO Panginoon, ako po ay isang makasalanan at nangangailangan ng kapatawaran. Nanampalataya po ako na nadanak ang dugo ni Hesus at Siya ay namatay sa krus para sa akin. Tinatalikuran ko na po ang aking mga kasalanan. Tinatanggap ko po si Kristo Hesus sa aking puso bilang aking Tagapagligtas. Amen. Kung tinanggap mo si Hesus bilang iyong Tagapagligtas, ito na ang simula ng iyong bagong buhay kay Kristo (Roma 8:1). Ngayon: 1. Basahin mo ang iyong Biblia araw-araw upang makilala pa ng lubusan si Kristo Hesus. 2. Makipag-usap ka sa Diyos sa panalangin araw-araw. 3. Manambahan ka sa isang simbahan na pinapangaral si Kristo at ang Biblia ang tanging pamantayan. 4. Ibahagi sa iba si Kristo Hesus.

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Revive us through our Hard Work - November 14, 2010  

Acts 29 - Volume 20 - ISSUE 46

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