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VOLUME 21 ISSUE 29 | JULY 17, 2011

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Victorious Christian Living in our FELLOWSHIP "Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him; Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins."

James 5:19-20

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outline Victorious Christian Living


OD did not save us just to enjoy Christianity all by our own selves. He rightfully placed us in the right church with people of different backgrounds, and different attitudes. That was done by God with a great purpose. That is, so we may learn from them and that we may be a help to them. God uses people we meet and fellowship with to strengthen us and to be an encouragement to them. No Christian life will be victorious apart from the church and the brethren. Let us be grateful to God for He knows what is best for us! This past week, we were privileged to attend the Spiritual Leadership Conference here in Lancaster Baptist Church in California. Indeed, it was an encouraging and challenging gathering and preaching. Dr. Paul Chappell was kind enough to host this for 25 years now. I pray that I will be able to share the ideas and blessings with our church, so that we can maximize more of our efforts in reaching more souls for the Lord. We may be a big church already, but we are actually small compared to the people outside that still need the Gospel! Let us not be satisfied of what we have already done; but seek more of what we can do for the glory of God! I am praying for you all.


I. An erring brother needs a healthy concern. A. An erring brother needs spiritual restoration from a spiritual believer. B. An erring brother needs spiritual restoration with a spirit of meekness. C. An erring brother needs spiritual restoration that expresses the fulfillment of the law of Christ. II. An erring brother needs a heart-felt correction. A. A heart-felt correction is always in accord with God’s word. B. A heart-felt correction is always in agreement with God’s way. C. A heart-felt correction will always advance toward God’s will. III. An erring brother needs a heavenly compassion. A. Believers must display heavenly compassion because they, too, received it from God. B. Believers must demonstrate heavenly compassion to prove the love of God in them. C. Believers must be determined to show heavenly compassion not only through words, but in deed and in truth.

What happens when God grants the gift of genuine Christian fellowship? Deep, joyful sharing replaces the polite prattle typically exchanged by Christians on Sunday morning. Sisters and brothers begin to discuss the things that really matter to them. They disclose their inner fears, their areas of peculiar temptation, their deepest joys.


(Fellowshipping w/ the Erring Brethren) Gal. 6:1-2 / Jam. 5:19-20 / 1J.n 3:16-18

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by Sis. Beata Agustin Because of God’s adoption, you’ve become His child And protected against enemies’ snares, furiously wild Verily guarded by His grace that’s undefiled. Thus, enjoy your fellowship with the Father to Whom you’re freely exiled; Never get besieged by worldly relationships and be vainly beguiled!!! Because of God’s salvation, you’ve been assured of life everlasting And rescued from condemning hell-fire’s eternal setting Verily secured to dwell in heaven’s final resting. Thus, enjoy Your fellowship with the Savior in your worship’s meeting; Never get occupied by earthly business and be tired with its besetting!!! Because of God’s regeneration, you’ve become His new creation And promised with growth for faith-fortification Verily strengthened by His might toward progress in action. Thus, enjoy your fellowship with the Spirit that brings satisfaction; Never get overwhelmed by humanistic challenges and be lost in your direction!!! Because of God’s sanctification, you’ve been purified And declared holy in your position as the Bible has certified Verily cleansed to shine in His light, walking scripturally dignified. Thus, enjoy your fellowship with Christ, the wisdom personified; Never get defiled by evil thoughts and be guilt-horrified!!! Because of God’s redemption, you’ve become His heir of divine riches And provided midst nothingness and neediness-punches Verily blessed by His generosity of great depth and breadth’s stretches. Thus, enjoy your fellowship with the Giver as to your soul He reaches; Never get pulled down by economic crises and be drowned into poverty’s trenches!!! Because of God’s justification, you’ve been forgiven And accounted righteous because of His blood that’s virtuously proven Verily pardoned to invite others to His love and concern-haven. Thus, enjoy your fellowship with the brethren who are faithfulness-driven; Never get held by personal ambitions and be poisoned with selfish motives’ leaven!!! Because of God’s glorification, you’ve become His saint And transformed toward Christ-likeness devoid of sin’s taint Verily renewed by His power whenever you faint. Thus, enjoy your fellowship with the Lord’s conversion, perfectly divinely quaint Never get bored by spiritual tasks and be tickled with carnality-complaint!!! PAGE 04 | JULY 17 | ACTS 29


3 WAYS to Edify One Another

hristians ought to care for and about one another very deeply. The early church had an incredible spirit of unity as they shared meals and worshipped together, joined with a single heart in praise to God. It is easy to become so absorbed in day to day living that we forget the foundational principles of the Christian life. Paul gives us a reminder in the first six verses of Romans 15. Reading those few verses forces us to ask, “How do we learn to please our neighbor and, therefore, edify one another?” Here are three ways we learn to edify one another: Through the Person of Jesus Christ The amazing thing about the Bible is that it is timelessly relevant. People have not changed in the 2000 years since Paul penned Romans under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and neither has God’s Word. Jesus Christ is selfless. Paul wrote a letter to the Philippians in which he admonished them to develop the selfless mind of Christ—a mind set on serving. What’s the standard of selfless service? The Son of God humbled Himself, took the form of a man, and submitted to the cruelty of the Cross. While the standard for humble service seems unobtainable in our own strength, we can obtain much through the power of God. If you’re not familiar with all that Paul suffered, read his testimony in 2 Corinthians 11:24–29. Despite the fact that Paul experienced as much or more hardship for the Gospel as anyone else, he always edified believers. The only way we can learn to be what Christ wants us to be is by spending time every day in His Word. Through the Practice of Prayer It is completely incongruous to think of bringing another person before God in prayer while harboring ill-feelings toward that person. Praying for one another brings about unity of attitude and actions. We cannot edify others if we have feigned love or ulterior motives. Our spirit must be to edify others with no thought of receiving like treatment.

Through the Biblical Use of Our Spiritual Gifts 1 Corinthians 14:12 says, “Even so ye, forasmuch as ye are zealous of spiritual gifts, seek that ye may excel to the edifying of the church.” Why should we be concerned about identifying and using our spiritual gifts? So we can edify the body of Christ through service in the local church. If our churches are going to have the unity that God wants, then we must deliberately look for opportunities to edify one another. Let’s praise God for His work in our midst and ask Him to do an even greater work of edifying—building up one another.

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Ayon sa Biblia, Iisa Lamang ang Daan Patungong Langit!


NG sabi ni Hesus, “Ako ang daan, ang katotohanan, at ang buhay: walang makapupunta sa Ama kundi sa pamamagitan ko.” Juan 14:6 Wala nang iba pang makapagliligtas sa iyo mula sa impierno. Magtiwala ka kay Hesus ngayon! Roma 6:23 “Kung ipahahayag ng iyong bibig na si Hesus ay Panginoon at mananam-palataya ka nang buong puso na Siya’y muling binuhay ng Diyos, ikaw ay maliligtas”. Roma 10:9 1. Aminin mo na ikaw ay isang makasalanan. Roma 3:10 2. Talikuran mo ang iyong kasalanan (magsisi). Gawa 17:30 3. Manampalataya ka na si Kristo Hesus ay namatay para sa iyo, nalibing at nabuhay namagmuli. Roma 10:9-10 4. Sa pamamagitan ng panalangin, tanggapin mo si Hesus sa iyong puso bilang iyong Tagapagligtas. Roma 10:13

MANALANGIN KA NG GANITO Panginoon, ako po ay isang makasalanan at nangangailangan ng kapatawaran. Nanampalataya po ako na nadanak ang dugo ni Hesus at Siya ay namatay sa krus para sa akin. Tinatalikuran ko na po ang aking mga kasalanan. Tinatanggap ko po si Kristo Hesus sa aking puso bilang aking Tagapagligtas. Amen. "Kung tinanggap mo si Hesus bilang iyong Tagapagligtas, ito na ang simula ng iyong bagong buhay kay Kristo." Roma 8:1 Ngayon: 1. Basahin mo ang iyong Biblia araw-araw upang makilala pa ng lubusan si Kristo Hesus. 2. Makipag-usap ka sa Diyos sa panalangin araw-araw. 3. Manambahan ka sa isang simbahan na pinapangaral si Kristo at ang Biblia ang tanging pamantayan. 4. Ibahagi sa iba si Kristo Hesus.

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Victorious Christian Living in our Fellowship(Fellowship with the Erring brethren) - July 17, 2011  

Volume 21 - ISSUE 29

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