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God has been really gracious to us for the past quarter of this year 2012. Events such as Pastors and Workers’ Conference, Anniversary, Revival meetings, Medical Mission and even our regular services shout out how God is working in our church and through our church. I praise the Lord for His faithfulness in saving souls and in adding members to the church. Yet, our responsibilities must still continue. Various scheduled activities such as Couples’ Revival, Youth Conference, Vacation Bible School, weekly Soulwinning, and our personal daily task to live for God truly call for every member to involve. Let our theme this year, “Resolved to Involve,” motivate us to serve God more. As your pastor, I challenge you to keep on being faithful. If you are now involved, praise the Lord! Keep on! If you are not yet involved, be resolved to do it now. May I also congratulate every graduate. God has been good to supply your need and to grant you wisdom in completing your course and academic requirements. As you step on another level of life, be sensitive to God’s will. Make sure that you are letting Him direct you in your pursuit. Psalms 37:23 says, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.” Let us rejoice as God speaks to us today through His Word!

Sunday School Outline People in Involvement must be Teachable Nehemiah 4:1-9 I. God uses ordinary people with willing heads to be corrected. A. Believers who are playing smart are hard to train. B. Believers who are playing smart have a hard time thinking. C. Believers who are playing smart have a hard time thanking. II. God uses ordinary people with waiting hearts to be commanded. A. God’s people must not be self-willed or else they will have a hard time in receiving the teaching. B. God’s people must not be self-willed or else they will have a hard time in regarding (being concerned of) the tutoring. C. God’s people must not be self-willed or else they will have a hard time in reflecting (showing) the training. III. God uses ordinary people with working hands to be commended. A. Self-centeredness is an enemy of hard work. B. Self-centeredness endangers hard work. C. Self-centeredness may eliminate the enormous blessings coming from hard work.

Gospel tracts, preaching/music CDs & Sunday School/Discipleship lessons are available @ the ushers' table after the service.

Church Bulletin School for the Deaf Graduation

Praise God for the success of the 11th Commencement Exercise of our School for the Deaf. It was held last Friday, March 30, 2012, with the theme “Unto Him is Due our Best, our All.� Teachers, parents of the deaf, and students from preparatory to college were challenged and blessed with the word of God preached by Pastor Rey Baugan of CBBC, Tanza Cavite. Glory to God for the 14 students who graduated this year. Indeed, it was a great blessing to witness the achievements of our deaf brethren for the school year 2011-2012. Let us continue to pray for their spiritual growth and for the deaf interpreters/teachers that they will keep serving the Lord by being the bridge between the deaf and the hearing. All glory to God for the victory of the event!

Graduation Schedule

Christian Bible Baptist Academy - April 13 Baptist Heritage Bible College - April 24 "But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;" 2 Timothy 3:14


"But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;" 2 Timothy 3:14 A New Beginning As you make a new beginning in your life, graduate, Be aware of important things you didn’t learn in school: As you pursue your dreams, Remember to take time to help and serve others Even if doing so slows you down a little. As you explore and develop your unique talents, Remain humble, realizing that your special abilities are gifts from God. As life hands you challenges, welcome them as ways to become smarter and stronger. As you acquire material things, Know that your most important possessions are honesty, integrity, And the desire to make a difference. Congratulations, graduate. -copied-

1st Quarter (January-March) ATTENDANCE REPORT Average Atte n

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Start praying for our most-awaited

youth event! "Never tell a young person that something cannot be done. God may have been waiting for countless centuries for somebody ignorant enough of the impossibility to do that thing."


WE ARE GOD’S INVOLVED PEOPLE Beata Agustin We are God’s people receiving His eternal salvation-treasures Being blessed in our heavenly journey midst earthly pressures As we trust Him, along His prayer-altar which assures While involving in His church work of divine pleasures. We are God’s people experiencing His purifying sanctification Being cleansed from sins in our repentance and submission As we call on Him, along His bountiful forgiveness-provision While involving in His discipleship of faith-fortification. We are God’s people leaning on His strengthening might Being led toward victory in our righteousness-fight As we follow Him, along His commandments so right While involving in His ministry of service-delight. We are God’s people enjoying His daily goodness Being upheld in our pursuit for holiness As we obey Him, along His loving kindness While involving in His Word-sharing of life-changing business. We are God’s people praising His precious name Being inspired in our thanksgiving frame As we exalt Him, along His majestic fame While involving in His kingdom-advancement of revival flame. We are God’s people seeking His faithful presence Being driven to fulfill our vows with willingness’ essence As we sacrifice for Him, along His covenant’s license While involving in His worship of spiritual earnestness. We are God’s people living by His tender mercies Being cared for despite our impotencies As we surrender to Him, along His meaningful policies While involving in His fellowship of great bliss devoid of fallacies.


testimonies of Victorious Involvement

We praise God for encouraging, enabling and empowering us to involve in His work through our church. We thank Him likewise for our brethren who are resolved to involve by His grace, through His leading, and for His glory. May their testimonies inspire us to do our part in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.


Pinasasalamatan at pinupuri ko ang Diyos sa kadakilaan at kabutihan Niya sa akin. Tunay ngang karapat-dapat sa Kanya ang lahat ng kaluwalhatian sa maraming bagay na ginawa Niya sa aking buhay. Una sa lahat ay sa kaligtasang ipinagkaloob Niya; tinanggap ko ang Panginoong Hesus bilang Tagapagligtas noong Setyembre, 1991. Pangalawa ay sa paglagay Niya sa akin sa tamang simbahan; nabawtismuhan ako noong Pebrero, 1993. Pangatlo ay sa pagtataguyod Niya sa akin sa pananampalataya sa pangunguna ng ating Pastor na nagtuturo ng tamang doktrina; Si Pastor Ed at ang kanyang pamilya ay tunay ngang pagpapala sa akin. Pang-apat ay sa pagbibigay Niya sa akin ng Kristyanong pamilya; ginamit Niya si Rev. Rey Calma para makakilala ako at ng aking ina at mga kapatid sa Panginoon. Patuloy ang pasasalamat ko sa Panginoon sa paggamit Niya sa akin sa Area 12. Sa Kanyang biyaya, lagi akong nakakasama sa soulwinning at ako ay excited at masaya para ibahagi ang Salita ng Diyos. Sa tulong ng Panginoon, ako ay nag-didisciple sa mga bagong myembro sa aming Area at nakapagdadala ng bisita. Muli, nagpapasalamat ako sa Diyos sa Kanyang katapatan at mga pagpapala, ganundin sa kalakasan ng pangangatawan at pag-iingat Niya sa akin araw-araw.


"And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry;" 1Timothy 1:12 Praise be unto God that I was elected through His foreknowledge, sanctified by the Holy Spirit, and cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ. I consider myself as a Sunday school kid who got saved and have grown-up in a Baptist church. I am the fruit of my mom, Carol Panlilio, who has been doing all her best, by God’s grace, to raise us, her children to be godly. I thank God for working in my life so I can serve Him. Right now, I am involved in our music ministry, as well as in our area soulwinning-visitation and Bible study pursuits. I am also thankful for those preachings that allow me to see the need for laborers in the ministry. I am privileged to be in the ministry since my high school years. When I was in college, I strove to serve the Lord while managing my schedule for choir practices, church services, and my studies. It was a struggle and at the same time challenging, but I wanted then to use my life for God’s glory. However, after my college graduation, I had backslidden and I attended church irregularly. As I started working, earning and spending money on my own, I opened myself so much to the liberality of the world. I thank God for letting me realize that such, as Solomon said, was all vain. I praise God for pulling me toward His will. No matter how hard I tried to escape from His calling, He still had His own way of carrying me to His plan for service so He can use me to be a channel of blessing. It is really a joy for me now that God brought our family back here at CBBC where we worship God together with His people, as we are led by our Pastor and his family, and are exhorted by our area leader and his wife, and some counselors. Please continue to pray for me while I fulfill my tasks as a CBE student of our Bible College, as a help in our choir ministry, and as a co-laborer in Area 6. It is really my desire that even though I have my secular job, I can still serve the Lord through His strength and the chances He is giving me. By this, I can be an encouragement to my single working colleagues and young people, knowing that there are many avenues where we can serve Him; and bearing in mind what the Bible says, “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth…” Ecclesiastes 12:1. I bring back all the praises and glory to God!

"I will declare thy name unto my brethren: in the midst of the congregation will I praise thee." PSALM 22:22


Baptist Youth Fundamentalist @ 1:30 PM Maaari Mong Matiyak ang Langit Ang sabi ni Hesus, “Ako ang daan, ang katotohanan, at ang buhay: walang makapupunta sa Ama kundi sa pamamagitan ko.” Juan 14:6 Wala nang iba pang makapagliligtas sa iyo mula sa impiyerno. Magtiwala ka kay Hesus ngayon! Roma 6:23 “Kung ipahahayag ng iyong bibig na si Hesus ay Panginoon at mananampalataya ka nang buong puso na Siya’y muling binuhay ng Diyos, ikaw ay maliligtas”. Roma 10:9



1. Aminin mo na ikaw ay isang makasalanan. Roma 3:10 2. Magsisi ka sa iyong kasalanan. Gawa 17:30 3. Manampalataya ka na si Kristo Hesus ay namatay para sa iyo, nalibing at nabuhay namagmuli. Roma 10:9-10 4. Sa pamamagitan ng panalangin, tanggapin mo si Hesus sa iyong puso bilang iyong Tagapagligtas. Roma 10:13 Manalangin ka ng ganito: Panginoon, ako po ay isang makasalanan at nangangailangan ng kapatawaran. Nanampalataya po ako na nadanak ng dugo ni Hesus at Siya ay namatay sa krus para sa akin. Nagsisisi po ako sa aking mga kasalanan. Tinatanggap ko po si Kristo Hesus sa aking puso bilang aking Tagapagligtas. Amen.

Attendance March 25 & 28 Sunday School Sunday AM Sunday PM Wednesday First Time Visitors Baptisms

2,529 2,571 1,015 568 126 31

MORNING 2 Sam 13-15 2 Sam 16-18 2 Sam 19-21 2 Sam 22-24 1 Kings 1-3 1 Kings 4-6 1 Kings 7-9

Ngayon: 1. Basahin mo ang iyong Biblia araw-araw upang makilala pa ng lubusan si Kristo Hesus. 2. Makipag-usap ka sa Diyos sa panalangin araw-araw. 3. Manambahan ka sa isang simbahan na pinapangaral si Kristo at ang Biblia ang tanging pamantayan. 4. Ibahagi sa iba si Kristo Hesus.


Reading Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

"Kung tinanggap mo si Hesus bilang iyong Tagapagligtas, ito na ang simula ng iyong bagong buhay kay Kristo." Roma 8:1

EVENING Ps 86 Ps 87 Ps 88 Ps 89:1-26 Ps 89:27-52 Ps 90 Ps 91


HESU KRISTO -KAYAMANAN -RELIHIYON -MABUTING GAWA (hindi makakapagligtas ang mga ito)



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