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fully believe that God has wondrous blessings for our church this 2013 as we emphasize that this year is a “Year of Continuing.” We have no new

message but the Gospel and no new purpose but to glorify God. All we have to do is continue preaching the message and continue fulfilling our purpose. I am excited as your pastor while we gear up for our 34th Anniversary for these upcoming two Sundays. Revival Nights are lined up these two Wednesdays. We should allow these services to revive us as we work for our Anniversary Sundays. Let us get involved in our Motorcade this Saturday through our 5 division routes. Also, I challenge you to participate in praying, inviting and assisting in whatever capacity you can, especially in your respective areas. The anniversary is one of our highlighted events every year, so grab this opportunity to invite someone to our church. As we depend on God’s power, let us work together in bringing visitors to church and witness how God will save souls and revive our hearts. May God’s Word speak to us as we worship Him today. Have a blessed Sunday!

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Sunday School Outline Loving the Word of God

I must continue loving and meditating God's Word. Loving the Doctrine of Revelation Deut. 29:29/ Gal. 1:12 / 2 Tim. 3:14

I. The KJB is the perfect English copy of the original tongue. A. God’s dear people must love the doctrine of revelation for He gave us His perfect word. B. God’s dear people must love the doctrine of revelation for He makes us all grow through His perfect word. II. The KJB is God’s pure revelation to man. A. We must all be glad for we hold in our hands God’s pure word. B. We must all be glad for we could hand over to others’ hearts God’s pure word. III. The KJB is God’s perfecting revelation for man. A. God’s people’s hope must be on God’s perfecting word. B. God’s people’s help must be in God’s perfecting word. C. God’s people’s happiness must be in God’s perfecting word.

Church Attendance

January 27 & 30 Sunday School


Bible Reading Mon

Lev 3-6


Lev 7-10

Sunday AM



Lev 11-14

Sunday PM



Lev 15-18


Lev 19-22



Lev 23-27



Num 1-3

Wednesday First Time Visitors Baptisms


Church Bulletin

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Gospel tracts, preaching/music CDs & Sunday School/Discipleship lessons are available @ the ushers' table after the service.

Baptist Youth Fundamentalist @ 1:30 PM

Visitor Breakdown

God Victoriously Worked in our

34th Anniversary Celebration


HE Lord Jesus Christ has promised perpetuity in the Church He established that continually endeavors to give Him honor and glory. It is definitely God’s abiding presence that CBBC continues to be an emblem of God’s great glory. For thirty-four years, the CBBC as a church family has experienced the product of fulfilled vision many times. We have seen the hand of the Lord in every area of its ministries, mission’s expansion, and continuance in its fervor for the proclamation of the Holy Word of God and changing lives. Last January 20 and 27, the Church has celebrated its 34 glorious years of existence. Faithful members and workers from “36 Designated Areas” and “18 Gospel Teams” have joined hands and hearts to bring in almost 7,000 visitors to a profession of faith in the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s people were inspired to be a part of something great for the souls of men, and for the cause of Christ. We ushered the throng of visitors from all walks of life and all sectors of society. We praise the Lord at the attendance of our beloved Mayor Calixto Cataquiz, other public servants, and the electoral candidates who will potentially be leaders of the municipality. We thank the Lord for the Private and Public School students and the Philippine National Police Academy Cadets who celebrated with us. We honor God for what He had marvelously wrought on these two Anniversary Sundays. It never ceases to amaze us that every year, God uses CBBC Anniversaries as a vehicle to bring visitors and get them saved. It was indeed a victory won for compassion on the dying souls of men, for the cause of Christ, for claiming the promises of the Bible to be true and eternal, for the cooperation of members in fulfilling God-given purpose of the Church, and for cleaving to God in overcoming complacency and complaining. The event was a manifestation that Christ not only has prominence in this blessed place but the Pre-Eminence. It is prayed that the souls we brought to the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ will have far-reaching impact throughout eternity, as we emphasize that the goal is not merely reaching a specific number of converts and first time visitors but essentially winning the souls of men. There has been great rejoicing in heaven over souls that got saved and were ministered to. Members have been challenged to keep the fire burning and to serve faithfully in the year ahead! “Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.” – Ephesians 3:21. May the Lord be magnified and glorified in all we do. Praise God for the power to Continue on…to the next level of involvement.

Area 1 Area 2 Area 3 Area 4 Area 5 Area 6 Area 7 Area 8 Area 9 Area 10 Area 11 Area 12 Area 13 Area 14 Area 15 Area 16 Area 17 Area 18 Area 19

154 94 89 301 381 536 220 200 65 28 82 100 90 63 92 175 40 94 33

Area 20 Area 21 Area 22 Area 23 Area 24 Area 25 Area 26 Area 27 Area 28 Area 29 Area 30 Area 31 Area 32 Area 33 Area 34 Area 35 Area 36

250 95 367 202 94 152 210 295 135 75 299 50 51 76 66 82 101

GT 1 GT 2 GT 3 GT 4 GT 5 GT 6 GT 7 GT 8 GT 9 GT 10

111 58 75 44 93 76 41 52 59 67

GT 11 83 GT 12 118 GT 13 67 GT 14 35 GT 15 49 GT 16 64 GT 17 100 GT 18 58

Visitors from Areas 5,437

Visitors from Gospel Teams 1,220 Grand Total


10th CIW-Outreach Anniversary Successfully Held


HE 10th Anniversary of the Outreach in the Correctional Institution for Women (CIW) in Mandaluyong City was successfully held last January 22. The Lord has blessed the event with 110 attendees. Everyone has experienced revival after Rev. Duke Lumictin preached on “Even unto bonds” of II Tim. 2:8-10. Our sisters there were so glad as they expressed their gratitude to God, and extended their thankfulness to our Pastor and to our church for sending them food and groceries. They also testified that even though they are in prison, they are joyful to have freedom spiritually. Indeed, it is a joy to see our sisters growing in the Baptist faith, as well as increasing in their steadfastness in their biblical conviction. We praise God that they are able to show their firm stand as Baptist ladies in the midst of varied religious denominations, and despite the invitations and persuasions of several groups surrounding them. Our CIW-Outreach started in February 2003 with a group of ladies having daily devotions in a little space in the inner court of the said correctional institution. Then the group had a regular monthly fellowship that was led by a visiting preacher from our church. On December 22, 2003, Dr. Ed officiated the first baptism in the CIW with ten ladies submitting themselves to follow the Lord. As of now, there have been five sets of baptisms done. Those baptized ladies who have been freed after serving their sentence are still continuing in the Lord. Currently, our CIWOutreach is being led by Preacher Rodel Pagkatipunan.

When God Speaks

"So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it." Isaiah 55:11

When God speaks, nothing remains the same. At the beginning of time, God spoke, and a universe was created out of nothing. God followed a pattern when He created the earth: He spoke; it was so; it was good (Ge 1:3–4). This pattern continued throughout the Bible. Whenever God revealed His plans, things happened just as He said, and God considered the result “good” (Php 2:13). God doesn’t make suggestions. He speaks with the full determination to see that what He has said will come to fruition. Whenever Jesus spoke, what He said came to pass. Lepers found that a word from Jesus meant healing (Lu 5:13; 17:14). The blind man discovered that a word from Jesus meant sight (Lu 18:42). Through a barren fig tree the disciples saw that a curse from Jesus meant destruction (Mk 11:20). The sinner experienced forgiveness through a word from Jesus (John 8:11). How many attempts did it take Jesus to raise Lazarus from the dead? Only one (John 11:43). There was never a time that Jesus spoke that what He said did not happen. What happens when Jesus speaks to you? Have you been reading the words of Jesus in your Bible without experiencing His word that transforms everything around you? Jesus condemned the Pharisees because they assumed that knowledge of the written Scriptures would give them life. They were satisfied with having the words instead of experiencing the person who spoke the words (John 5:39). How powerful a word from God is to your life! As you read your Bible and pray, listen to what God has to say to you about His will for your life.


We thank God for revealing to us Himself and His sovereignty Thru the Bible that exposes His perfect will’s authority Along His divine purpose of immutable certainty With His supreme leadership transcending eternity Thereby conquering our pride’s frailty. We thank God for revealing to us Himself and His salvation Thru the Bible that declares His persistent love’s compassion Along His gracious mercy of full justification With His great pardon blotting every transgression Thereby sealing our redemption’s completion. We thank God for revealing to us Himself and His story Thru the Bible that asserts His prevailing ways’ victory Along His wondrous miracles of majestic glory With His good news, the Gospel, highlighting world history Thereby strengthening our conviction’s territory. We thank God for revealing to us Himself and His sustenance Thru the Bible that expresses His providing bounty’s abundance Along His satisfying wellness of healthy performance With His constant care showing timely deliverance Thereby beautifying our contentment’s countenance. We thank God for revealing to us Himself and His Scripture Thru the Bible that proclaims His pure word’s stature Along His instructing precepts of holy posture With His precious statutes teaching Christ-like gesture Thereby directing our faith’s venture. We thank God for revealing to us Himself and His steadfastness Thru the Bible that affirms His proven works’ effectiveness Along His mighty power of unfailing goodness With His heavenly standard reaching human weakness Thereby uplifting our spirits’ prayerfulness. We thank God for revealing to us Himself and His security-settlement Thru the Bible that expounds His righteous plan’s fulfillment Along His wise guidance of prosperous advancement With His ready help flowing with generous bestowment Thereby blessing our services’ involvement.

PREACHING THE GOSPEL THAT ONLY JESUS SAVES! St. Francis Homes 2, Landayan, San Pedro, Laguna 4023



HESU KRISTO -KAYAMANAN -RELIHIYON -MABUTING GAWA (hindi makakapagligtas ang mga ito)


IMPIYERNO tel - (02)869.0433 cel - 0905.3004422 or 0926.7247837 or 0917.8870954 Dr. Ed M. Laurena Pastor ___________________________________ SCHEDULE OF SERVICES SUNDAY Sunday School, 8:30 am AM Worship Service, 9:30 am Youth Fellowship, 1:30 pm Discipleship, 3:00 pm PM Worship Service, 4:00 pm WEDNESDAY Doctrine Class, 5:45 pm Prayer Meeting, 7:00 pm with Soulwinning & Visitation on Thursdays and Saturdays

Ang sabi ni Hesus, “Ako ang daan, ang katotohanan, at ang buhay: walang makapupunta sa Ama kundi sa pamamagitan ko.” Juan 14:6 Wala nang iba pang makapagliligtas sa iyo mula sa impiyerno. Magtiwala ka kay Hesus ngayon! Roma 6:23 “Kung ipahahayag ng iyong bibig na si Hesus ay Panginoon at mananampalataya ka nang buong puso na Siya’y muling binuhay ng Diyos, ikaw ay maliligtas”. Roma 10:9 1. Aminin mo na ikaw ay isang makasalanan. Roma 3:10 2. Magsisi ka sa iyong kasalanan. Gawa 17:30 3. Manampalataya ka na si Kristo Hesus ay namatay para sa iyo, nalibing at nabuhay namagmuli. Roma 10:9-10 4. Sa pamamagitan ng panalangin, tanggapin mo si Hesus sa iyong puso bilang iyong Tagapagligtas. Roma 10:13 Manalangin ka ng ganito: Panginoon, ako po ay isang makasalanan at nangangailangan ng kapatawaran. Nanampalataya po ako na nadanak ng dugo ni Hesus at Siya ay namatay sa krus para sa akin. Nagsisisi po ako sa aking mga kasalanan. Tinatanggap ko po si Kristo Hesus sa aking puso bilang aking Tagapagligtas. Amen. "Kung tinanggap mo si Hesus bilang iyong Tagapagligtas, ito na ang simula ng iyong bagong buhay kay Kristo." Roma 8:1 Ngayon: 1. Basahin mo ang iyong Biblia araw-araw upang makilala pa ng lubusan si Kristo Hesus. 2. Makipag-usap ka sa Diyos sa panalangin araw-araw. 3. Manambahan ka sa isang simbahan na pinapangaral si Kristo at ang Biblia ang tanging pamantayan. 4. Ibahagi sa iba si Kristo Hesus.

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