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AC Scare Tactics Numerous news reports these days have depicted your neighborhood air conditioning business as being dishonest crooks. As this really is true for a particular percentage of companies, not all of us are out to getting over you! The A/C Today team has made it our mission to let consumers recognize that not all A/C companies are dishonest. We now have compiled a few statements that we've heard other companies use to try and scare clients right into a buying goods and services they don’t even need. “I've found a quantity of mold inside your air handler, this could kill you and really the only way to remove it would be to replace you’re a/c system.” While mold/mildew is well known to grow in cold moist environments, like the inside cabinet of the air conditioning system; you do not have to replace the complete system to remove it. All the components within the air handling unit may be cleaned and sanitized. There are many antimicrobial solutions available to remove mold and mildew from the inside areas of an air conditioning system. This statement is frequently presented whenever a technician is out for routine maintenance. “Your system remains to be running but I don’t see it lasting for just several weeks, it’s on its last leg” There are several indications a system is getting tired, High amp draw, low refrigerant charge, low temperature differential, but there is no such thing as a time clock telling the technician when it's going to quit. Request specifics from your Tech, have them demonstrate firsthand what the issues are that made him/her come to the current conclusion. If they can not demonstrate and explain the issue in laymen’s terms, odds are they're just attempting to sell you a bill of goods. The following is a reasonably common scare tactic; this is frequently done whenever a technician is out for just a tune-up. We now have discovered this when out on several 2nd opinions for clients. What happens is that the technician will come inside and obtain the homeowner to point out to them a “problem”. The tech will have the blower door off on the air handling device and demonstrate to the homeowner of the fact that copper refrigerant pipes are frosting/freezing up. Usually after doing this they are going to say how the unit is low on Freon and try to clarify that the unit has a Freon leak and will need to be replaced. This trick is pretty believable, especially because they physically showed you the frozen pipes. How it really works, is that when the blower door is off of the unit there is certainly not enough air going through the coil, dropping the coil temperature below the freezing point therefore

freezing up the refrigerant pipes. The Refrigerant level will register low and show frost on the refrigerant piping while any door or panel is removed from the system. Remember to verify that every one the doors are securely attached on the air handling unit when the technician is testing it. Unfortunately, many companies are sending out crooked salesmen instead of technicians to complete the routine maintenance and upkeep on your air conditioning system. This is a disservice to you and you’re A/C system as a result of insufficient experience the salesperson has verses a real technician. A salesman is merely concerned about your wallet, a technicians concern is to make your A/C system run and function efficiently. A/C Today sends technicians to your property, not salesmen! Submitted On October 4, 2012. Word count: 599 This information provided by Author: Daniel Kinnetz president of AC Today located at: AC Today 6620 19th Street East Suite 113 Sarasota, Florida 34243 United States

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AC Scare Tactics  
AC Scare Tactics  

Article By: Daniel Kinnetz Owner of AC Today. Numerous news reports these days have depicted your neighborhood air conditioning business as...