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For more than 35 years, Central Maine Orthopaedics, Falmouth Orthopaedic Center, MaineOrtho, and OA Centers for Orthopaedics have delivered quality orthopaedic care to people across our region. Together, we will help you get back to doing the things you enjoy, sooner.

SEE YOU OUT THERE. Learn more: spectrumhcp.com/ortho Spectrum Orthopaedics is a division of Spectrum Healthcare Partners that includes Central Maine Orthopaedics, Falmouth Orthopaedic Center, OA Centers for Orthopaedics, and Maine Orthopaedics Center.


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Five HealthBoosting MaineGrown Products Check out these local medicinal products


2020 Gear Guide


Optimize your run, rehab, and safety


Pro Tips

How to get the most miles out of your footwear investments


Four Ways to Infuse Mindful Moments into Your Day


Meditation and Healthy Weight

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Cure Challenge photo by Nancy O’Connor





2020 RACE EVENTS 7 greater portland 19 central maine 20 m idcoast & downeast

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Our mission is to help you attain your marketing and fund raising goals and stand out in front of this compet­itive crowd. Increase your event registra­tions, reach your funding goals faster, and achieve awareness for the cause you are supporting. RaceME is your solution to stay prominent in the hearts and minds of any level athlete, community volunteers and participants.












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Boost your health + wellbeing




aine is lucky to host a unique and abundant assortment of delicious, nutritious plants and herbs. From season to season, it brings forth a variety of native vegetation that, in

many cases, only requires a step outside into your own backyard or a trip to your local store to procure. Here is a list of five Maine-grown plants, herbs and vegetables that are easy to get or grow, and offer proven benefits to your health and wellbeing.

1. Wild Blueberries Maine’s official state fruit had to make the list! Research shows that wild blueberries (also called low-bush blueberries) are jam-packed (see what we did there?) with antioxidants and phytochemicals, particularly one called anthocyanin, which helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, death, and Type 2 diabetes. They also help maintain a healthy weight and reduce inflammation in the body. It’s widely agreed PHOTO Mike Leonard

4 spring 2020

that the regular consumption of these

freshly collected seeds. Learn more

“super fruits” is great for your health.

about how from the Wild Seed Project

Where can you find wild blueberries?

in Portland.

You guessed it. In the wild. These hardy, tiny blueberries thrive in challenging

4. Shagbark hickory

seasons and in glacier-churned

Shagbark hickory, a member of the

soil. Most of Maine’s wild-blueberry

walnut family, is found across southern

harvesting is done by commercial

Maine. It’s a shaggy looking tree with

operations, such as Wyman’s in

a dark charcoal bark that lives for

Milbridge, but many farms, such as

upwards of 200-to-300 years, producing

Alexander’s Wild Maine Blueberries in

nuts with health benefits that include

Greenfield or Beddington Ridge Farm

3. Sassafras

in Beddington let you rake in your own

Sassafras is a native woodland tree

a boost in metabolism, lowered

during the peak season of July through

that grows year-round and makes a

cholesterol, improved digestion, and


fragrant and potent addition to your

increased circulation, heart protection,

home garden. It smells a bit like root beer, cinnamon and citrus, so steep it in a killer cup of tea. Its reported health benefits include improved urinary tract health, circulation, digestion and immune health. It even reduces the symptoms of arthritis and gout. Where can you find this powerful and pungent herb? Sassafrass is

2. Potatoes

indigenous primarily to southern Maine, but you can grow your own from

The potato is northern Maine’s primary agricultural product. According to Maine Potatoes, one medium-sized potato has only 100 calories and is made up of about 80 percent water. It also contains 45 percent of your daily recommended vitamin C and 21 percent of daily potassium. Potatoes are packed with antioxidants linked to reducing the risk of cancer, as well as vitamin B6 and fiber, which are found mainly in the potato’s skin.

Shagbark Hickory

If you’re looking for farm fresh potatoes, the Maine Potato Board has a long list of growers across Maine, including Davis Egg Farm in Newport, Green Thumb Farms in Fryeburg and Northeast Potato Distributors in Littleton . Trying to grow your own? You can pick up seeds and gardening tips at Johnny’s Select Seeds in Winslow, ME.

raceme.us 5

even bone growth from its dense supply of

CBD oil include pain relief, anxiety and


depression reduction, nausea alleviation,

While locating shagbark hickory in the wild might require a trip to southern Maine, you can find their ripe nuts ready

acne treatment, a boost in heart health and even diabetes prevention.

We’re Wild About Maine’s Bounty Whether it’s those tiny little blueberries

Wondering where to get your hands on

packed with health-boosting nutrients

to pick in September, at a local farmer’s

Maine-grown hemp or CBD oil? According

or the shagbark hickory trees that stand

market, (a list of which can be found at

to Best CBD oils in Maine.org., some of the

to outlive us all, you don’t have to look


top places to buy CBD oil in Maine include

very far to find foods and remedies to

your own and watching a new tree grow.

or by planting

Not Another Glass Shop in Brunswick,

help you stay healthy and happy. With a

Learn more about how from the Wild Seed

Remedy Compassion Center in Auburn,

little bit of research and the right grower,


Empire Vape Shop in Waterville and

Maine makes it easy for you to experience

East Coast CBD in Unity.

nature’s bounty at its finest.

5. Locally Grown Hemp and CBD Oil

LeeMarie Kennedy is a multi-niche copywriter, editor and content marketing creator in Boston, Massachusetts. When she’s not meticulously wordsmithing or brainstorming a trending topic, she can be found teaching yoga, wandering the world, drinking fair trade coffee or eating too much cheese.

Maine is home to more than 2,000 acres of farmed hemp and 170 hemp growers. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD oil, is a chemical that’s extracted from the cannabis plant and used in a wide variety of ways, both topically (in creams) and through ingestion (edibles). CBD products

sold in Maine must be made with locally grown hemp. Some of the benefits of


Whether you run it, bike it, hike it or ski it, there’s more than one way to express how you #LiveMaine. Shop our entire collection of Maine-inspired apparel & accessories at livememaine.com and use code ACTIVITYMAINE to get 20% off your first order.


6 spring 2020


portland events

NOTE: Contact the event organizer or check their website or facebook page for most up to date race status and info.


Peak’s Island Five-Miler Photo: Christine Cassidy


July 25: This race features amenities for an amazing Maine experience! First, ferry service to a coastal Maine island, then a course surrounded by beautiful water views. A post race Lobster Bake with the following options; lobster, steak, chicken, vegetarian and children’s meals. Plus Maine’s finest craft beer! There is a kids’ race where all finishers receive a medal at finish line. For the adults, awards given to the top three male and female finishers. FMI and to register visit: mainetrackclub.com and click on Race Info.

Photo Courtesy of Trail to Ale

Photo: Polar Bear Dip & Dash


September 19 Firebird Trail Race is a grassroots, tough trail event, fueled by donations, positive vibes, and run on a 5K / 13M / 50K crushing course. It's technical and challenging, with lots of rocks and roots on mostly single track trail. The course is largely on the CrossFalmouth Trail from Windham, Maine to Falmouth, Maine. Unlike other races, to get in runners must donate to a nonprofit of their choice within a year before the race. This race is truly a community effort, volunteer run, with the goal of helping each and every runner accomplish a grueling task, whether for the first time or the hundredth time. We've added a 5K for those who just want a taste of the trails. 13M and 50K runners will receive a Firebird Trail Races shirt.


October 4: Info and registration: WWW.MAINEMARATHON.COM.

THE FARM TO FARM ULTRA RUN Fall 2020: Information and registration: FARMTOFARM.WEEBLY.COM


Photo: Polar Bear Dip & Dash

December 31: 5k begins and ends at Southern Maine Community College. Kicks off at 11 a.m. with a dip at Willard Beach at noon. Benefits Natural Resources Council of Maine’s work curbing climate change. 5K, polar dip, or both is $30 before November 15, regular $35. WWW.NRCM.ORG

raceme.us 7


GEAR HIGHLIGHT: Brooks Hyperion Elite is the fastest racing shoe from Brooks that’s built around a unique carbon-fiber plate, and like the other carbon-fiber-plated shoes, this plate provides a more propulsive feel and quicker transition.




aceME sat down with John Rogers, owner of Fleet Feet

Air ZoomX Alphafly NEXT%

Sports Maine Running and Erin Flatley, Marketing and

Social Media Manager, to learn about trends we can expect to see in running gear this year. Starting with shoe trends, companies

HOKA CARBON X’s shoe is an

are leaning toward lighter weight and

everyday trainer disguised as a racing

more cushioning in their designs.

flat. Built with a carbon-fiber plate

Here are a few of the latest shoes that

smooshed between layers of foam, the

help runners conserve every precious

showcase this new technology:

Carbon X delivers an ultra-smooth and

ounce of effort.

THE HYPERION ELITE is the fastest racing shoe from Brooks that’s built

fast-feeling ride. Retail $180 If you’re looking for a versatile

A single, full-length carbon-fiber plate provides stability on top of a big

around a unique carbon-fiber plate,

running shoe to take you from training

stack of foam, while also increasing

and like the other carbon-fiber-plated

to race day, the HOKA Carbon X is

the shoe's stiffness, creating a smooth

shoes, this plate provides a more

a good choice. The Profly X foam is

transition and adding a sensation of

propulsive feel and quicker transition.

HOKA’s lightest and most resilient yet,


Brooks engineered their plate with

and the wide base makes it stable for

a specialized spine that runs down

many miles.

Fleet Feet and Karhu Collaboration

the middle to help resist bending and improve support. Packed around the plate, Brooks

“Personalized shoes and orthotics are becoming more available,” Rogers


said. “We will see personalized

better than ever. Shaped by scans and

used an ultra-lightweight foam called

orthotics turned around for customers

built to run, the Karhu Fusion produces

DNA Zero. The feathery new DNA

in about a week. As shoe innovations

a comfortable, reliable ride. Built with

Zero foam is lighter and softer than

continue to be aided by the latest

the help of more than 100,000 3D foot

Brooks’ standard BioMoGo DNA, which

technology in 3D imaging and

scans taken through Fleet Feet’s Fit

reduces the strain on your muscles

scanning tools, we will see more

Id outfitting process, the scans help

and, in turn, holds off fatigue as long

‘real-time’ details for measuring gait

ensure the best possible fit and to be

as possible. Retail $250

characteristics from ‘heel strike’ to ‘toe

able to run in comfort.

off.’ ”

Redesigned with a sublimated

Nike's latest marathon running shoe, the AIR ZOOM ALPHAFLY

engineered upper, the Fusion provides a seamless feel and secure fit without

NEXT%, has a carbon-fiber plate, and gets a boost from Air as well. Nestled into the bulbous ZoomX foam midsole is a pair of Zoom Air Pods. Working with extremely responsive foam, Nike's Air Pods add another level of cushioning HOKA Carbon X

8 spring 2020

and energy return to

Karhu Fusion Ortix

Triggerpoint Impact Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

Compression Socks

losing the stable landing and forward momentum of the previous model. Underneath, the Fusion uses Karhu’s

Embedded into the midsole is Karhu’s signature fulcrum technology. The Fusion has a three-fourths-length


proprietary Aero Foam cushioning. The

fulcrum that increases support in the

foam offers a lighter, cushier feeling

middle and promotes a forward rolling

According to Flatley, the

than typical EVA, and it’s more resistant


to temperature changes.

Retail $140

TRIGGERPOINT IMPACT HANDHELD PERCUSSION MASSAGE GUN is becoming more popular in the area of runner recovery. “Almost everyone says they need one after trying it,” she said. This four-speed muscle massage gun delivers targeted pressure to help increase blood flow, hydrate muscle tissue, and improve range of motion pre- and post-workout. It features an angled handle with a top-weighted design that provides comfort and ease of use, and allows for better control and dexterity. Other features include: ■ A universal massage head optimized for use on multiple muscle groups ■ A quiet, brushless four-speed motor that runs efficiently with

raceme.us 9




Natan Saferrun Ripcord Siren Personal Alarm

a rechargeable battery that supplies more than two

PHOTO by Kevin Morris

hours of continuous massage. ■ A lightweight and travel-friendly size measuring 10.3 x 7.5 x 2 inches and a weight of 2.4 pounds for $199.00

RUNNERS REHAB As for the most common ailment they see in the store?

1. Only wear the running shoes when

running. “Mileage is mileage, and even just standing, due to the compression, will take its toll,” said Joey Michaud, Fleet Feet Maine Running stores’ Retail Experience Manager, who then provided a great analogy “It’s similar to how carbonated beverages lose fizz over time and go flat. It’s the same with the composites that make up the encapsulated air inside the shoe material. With every step, you are compressing that material down further and further.”

2. Alternate with another shoe around

halfway through the life of your main running shoe and and slowly incorporate it in. This allows your main shoes longer time to recover between runs, which allow them to maintain their structural integrity for longer.

3. Do not wash your shoes in a

washing machine. Instead, use a sponge and a toothbrush with soap and water. If you do get your shoes soaking wet on a run, take the laces and inserts out and let all parts dry completely.

10 spring 2020

That would be Plantar Fasciitis, which is an inflammation of a thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. There are several ways to help relieve this common foot pain. 1. Orthotics, either custom-made or manufactured. Fleet Feet Maine Running stores carry SUPERfeet insoles that offer arch support for various arches. This support, plus the fresh cushion in shoes definitely helps ease the pain. 2. Wheel rollers for the bottom of foot and various self massagers and foam rollers to massage out calves, shins and the lower leg. 3. Specialty compression socks that have more compression in the arch that are found to help in many cases. Speaking of compression, compression sleeves for legs are becoming popular amongst runners to alleviate calf and lower leg pain by bringing more blood flow to the area. “Some people really like the compression sleeve and they are becoming more recommended for active exercise across many sports,” said Flatley. There are also full compression socks to prevent blood pooling while you are not exercising. A full compression sock can be worn most anytime. Marathon runners are at an increased risk of a blood clot when traveling long distances.

Here at Fleet Feet Maine Running, we offer a wide variety of training programs catering to many different fitness levels as a part of our “Running Club.”

We like to keep things fun and unique, so many of our programs include course preview runs, demo runs with vendors, clinics, fun runs, and more!

The training programs that we offer are so much more than just working out. By joining us for your training experience, you will be taking part in programs with experienced coaches helping to guide you, numerous running friends who will keep you going, and structured workouts designed to help you achieve your race-day goals!

Our training programs are very social, but still maintain a strong focus on running and motivation to help you reach your fitness goals. Many of our participants have gained meaningful and fun friendships with other group members during their fitness journeys.

Visit our website today for a list of current and upcoming training programs. www.fleetfeetmainerunning.com

TRENDS IN RUNNER SAFETY There are several products out now designed just for the runner market. The NATHAN SAFERRUN RIPCORD SIREN

PERSONAL ALARM was named Time Magazine’s Best Invention in 2019. This tiny device blasts sound at 120 dB and can be heard up to 600 feet away. The alarm system acts as

PHOTOS Courtesy of Fleet Feet Sports Maine Running.



facebook. 309 Marginal Way • Portland, ME (207) 773-6601 Hours: Mon-Fri 10-7 Sat 10-5 I Sun 12-5

a deterrent and can also alert others in case of an incident. Additionally, the Ripcord Siren can be used multiple times. Cost: $20 Pair this mighty alarm with the latest in reflective gear, light up vest and bright clothing along with other deterrents (like pepper spray) you can run confidently and with peace of mind.

89 Maine St. • Brunswick, ME (207) 721-9299 Hours: Mon-Fri 10-7 Sat 10-5 I Sun 12-5

www.fleetfeet.com/s/maine We hope to see you there! Happy Running! raceme.us 11

ays to wINFUSE


MOMENTS into your workday I


n the age of instant access to technological tools and

According to Nancy Hathaway, Maine

communication channels, some of today’s employers are

native, founder of the Center for

finding it even easier to heap on the expectations. Working

Studying Mindfulness, , “The key is to experience feelings as body sensations;

longer hours, being online at odd times and a list of to-dos

rather than going to the gerbil cage

can make it tough to slow down. The good news? You can

of over-thinking. When you are at

still accomplish plenty at work without letting stress get the best of you with small, simple moments of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on the present moment while calmly assessing your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations.

work, take a mindful walking break to the water cooler or bathroom, or get yourself outside.” Your job is likely a crucial part of your life. It might be your lifelong passion, your primary source of income, a way to help your community, and the place where you spend the most time.

12 spring 2020

To help you use that time wisely, here’s a list of four ways to break up your workday with mindful moments:

1. Create a Mindful Eating Experience According to Harvard Health, mindful eating “includes noticing the colors, smells, flavors, and textures of your food; chewing slowly; getting rid of distractions like TV or reading; and learning to cope with guilt and anxiety about food.” Basically, it’s taking a real break and allowing you to focus on the act of eating without distraction. Why is this helpful in combating stress and cultivating ease? Research shows that focusing on your food,

can boost your circulation and counter

feeling its weight, examining its

the results of all the sitting that occurs

surface, smelling it, noticing how it

in day-to-day office life.

makes you feel and closing your eyes

of taking in nature’s beauty, even if it’s a budding tree right outside your office, according to the same research,

3. Sprinkle in Some Meditation

help distract the mind from negative

essential for kickstarting feel-good

Just 10 to 20 minutes of meditation per

one of the most majestic places to

hormones such as dopamine and

day has been proven to increase focus,

experience nature at its finest, take that

positivity and productivity, decrease

break and take advantage! You might

cortisol. So next time you need a time-

stress, streamline communication skills

enjoy a quick bike ride, see the scenic

out, grab a piece of fruit and take those

and even build stronger relationships.

coast, strike an outdoor yoga pose

measured steps to ensure eating it is a

These are all essential components of a

or even take a half- or full-day rock

full mind- body experience.

happy, productive work life.

climbing tour.

to savor it fully can help you practice non-judgment, patience, non-striving,

reducing stress hormones such as

2. Practice Mindful Movement

PHOTO Nielsen Ramon on Unsplash

acceptance and trust. All of these are

Meditation doesn’t have to be

thinking. Since Maine has the luxury of being

There’s no reason for your workday

complex or intimidating. It can be the

to ever be a drag. By engaging in

simple act of taking a comfortable seat,

mindful activities that work for you,

closing your eyes, and taking deep,

whether it’s being outside, in your

Mindful movement is a way to take a

measured breaths. You can even adopt

office, at a local cafe or on a journey

break, listen to your body and engage

a mantra, or phrase you repeat in your

inward, carving out the time to put

in physical activity that feels fluid,

mind, such as: “I breathe in. I breathe

yourself first and live in the now can

unforced and natural. Focus on noticing

out.” Use technological tools to your

help every day feel like the weekend.

your body in movement and controlling

advantage by downloading one of the

the pace of breath. Some of the most

many meditation apps available online.

common types of mindful movement include yoga, pilates and tai chi, but

4. Get Outside

the simple act of going for a walk or

Spending 15-to-30 minutes outdoors

stretching in your office can give you

is proven to improve relaxation and

the same stress-relieving benefits.

enthusiasm as well as eliminate

One easy tactic: find a private space

nervousness. Research from Harvard

to practice an inversion, also known

Medical School suggests mood

as “Legs Up the Wall Pose” in yoga. By

disorders can be lifted by spending

getting your feet above your heart, you

more time outdoors. The visual aspects

LeeMarie Kennedy is a multi-niche copywriter, editor and content marketing creator in Boston, Massachusetts. When she’s not meticulously wordsmithing or brainstorming a trending topic, she can be found teaching yoga, wandering the world, drinking fair trade coffee or eating too much cheese.

raceme.us 13

Your races are all canceled, now what?



t all started with Boston. On March 13, the B.A.A. announced

a full year. However, it is something we

that the Boston Marathon would be postponed from its original

are all going through together. It is more

date of April 16 until the fall. Just two weeks later, Western States

important than ever to take a deep breath and relax. This is all new and we are all

Endurance Run canceled the 2020 event originally slated for

figuring it out together. Take this time to

late June. With those iconic races making adjustments, it was

run for yourself.

expected that other races would follow suit, and they did.

At first, I was pretty bummed out that both my 100-mile races were postponed until next year. I had spent hours over

That rockin’ 2020 race schedule you

have imagined. They ran alone, for

the winter in harsh conditions romping

planned out to keep you motivated

some, a distance much farther than

around trails by myself to prepare for

during the winter is now completely

they had ever attempted, for no medal

these events. When I received the news

shattered. Now what?

or official stats. Astounding grit and

that these events were not going to be


held this year, it felt like all my training



was for naught. I eventually pulled

Just because there won’t be hundreds of

races that were canceled are offering

myself out of that rut and refocused that

people around, doesn’t mean you didn’t

refunds or free deferrals to their 2021

energy and effort into a few running

train hard and can’t still cross your own

events. This definitely softens the blow of

projects involving the Eastern Trail. The

finish line. Map out that 13.1 mile loop

the canceled event, knowing you’ll be at

purpose of these projects is to give me

around your part of town and have those

the starting line next year and allowing

the motivation and opportunity to push

two free beers waiting for you on your

you to rebuild your race schedule.

myself on those now canceled race dates.

front porch when you finish. (That is why

“The Grind Run Company is likely to

So while I may not be seeing any of you

people sign up for those half marathons,

cancel our two premier 2020 events, but

at a starting line anytime soon, give me a

right? Free beer?)

we are offering deferments to registered

wave on the trail.

Some events are still on, just virtual

runners. Our goal is to come back even

this year. Mari Balow, from Grind Run

stronger in 2021.” says Balow.

Company reports “We put up a virtual

3.RELAX. Yes, you put in a ton of work

challenge and had more runners

leading up to your event. Yes, it is

complete a 55k in April than we could

frustrating to see your “A” race get delayed

14 spring 2020

Todd Reutlinger is a local ultra and trail runner. When he isn’t running, you can find him shipping shoes and fitting feet at Fleet Feet Maine Running.





Jewelry for men and women made from precious metals, in the USA, by Pauline Warg. A portion of the profits are donated to cancer research and charities related to helping those with catastrophic illnesses. Using the patterns created by GPS maps a unique keepsake can be made. Pictured: Beach To Beacon Cuff; Triathlon Earrings; NYC Marathon Pendant


Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Rowers & Home Gyms

$200 RACEME DISCOUNT on Cardio Equipment!

200 Gorham Rd. South Portland (next to Olive Garden) Monday – Saturday 10 – 5:30

www.workoutfitnessme.com 772-7110


Maine-Based, Not-For-Profit | MARTINSPOINT.ORG

raceme.us 15


& healthy weight by ANTHONY RUBBO


s summer approaches most people want to improve themselves, starting with achieving and maintaining a

healthy weight. In my ‘Weight Loss Journey’ workshop, the two ‘A’s that form the foundation of the program are: awareness and accountability.

paper, tablet, journal, or a section of your planner or calendar to record everything you eat. Notice that I did not say to restrict yourself or deny yourself anything that you would normally eat. You can eat anything you want, as long as you write it down. The skill you are developing


in this practice, producing a state of

here is the accurate recording of your

meditative awareness, you are ready

food intake.

Let’s begin with awareness and the

to achieve your healthy weight and

practice that is specifically designed

maintain it in a new way.

to produce it. Meditation is the key

To bring your “here and now”

ACCOUNTABILITY The second ‘A’ is accountability, and

that brings you into a “here-and-now”

awareness out of your meditative

refers to counting calories. When

state of awareness, expressed in

practice and into your daily routine,

people tell me they have a hard time

terms such as “mindfulness,” “being

start with your food intake. Begin

losing weight, but don’t want to

in the moment,” “in the flow or in

by staying aware of your intake for

count calories, it’s understandable.

the zone,” and so on. If you engage

one day. Use an index card, sheet of

But, the fact is, that whether or not

16 spring 2020

you are counting, that number of

escape your present moment or to

calories translates to fat and weight

escape how you feel in the moment.

gain, maintenance or loss. The ultimate

Realize that this is the power that

goal here is to determine the number

the item has over you. Think of an

of calorie intake that is ideal for your

alternative to the food/drink that you

age, weight and activity level, then

consume. Your goal is to feel satisfied,

go through an entire day without

to feel good, to feel safe or secure, to

surpassing that number.

feel engaged, without that particular

After your “Day One,” research

item. Have your alternatives ready.

an online calorie tracker or by

For example, sometimes your stomach

the nutrition label what you have

simply wants that full feeling, and you

consumed. Then total the calories for

can drink a glass of cold water with

your one-day count. That’s it. You’re

a lemon wedge to fulfill that craving,

on your way! Now do it again the next

rather than eating that sandwich

day, and the next. After seven days,

at night. Or you can choose a filling

you’ll have a sense of the kinds of

low-calorie snack instead of one that

food you usually eat, and the amount

you now know is high-calorie. Choose

and most importantly, the calories

whatever alternatives work for you.

that come with each food choice. With

Test your ability to stay aware (in

your knowledge of your own personal

the moment, etc.) when the urges

eating patterns and which foods are the

occur, and your power to choose your

better choices, you will start making

alternative items will increase. When

choices with fewer calories, yet are still

you succeed and an impulse finally

satisfying. The more items you record,

passes, you will feel that you have

the easier the process becomes. This

developed a new kind of power in your

is the most effective method, since it

life. And if you do succumb to a certain

works from your own personal food

food, admit the power that the item


had over you. Acknowledge how great

Not every day will feel like a success. If you do succumb to an impulse,

the challenge actually is; and start again!

consider why. It might be a way to

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TREK ACROSS MAINE SHIFTS GEARS, GOES VIRTUAL IN 2020 REGISTRATION DEADLINE JUNE 30, 2020 To register or volunteer for the event visit trekacrossmaine.org For the first time in history, THE TREK ACROSS MAINE will be a 100 percent virtual event! The announcement was made recently by the American Lung Association out of an abundance of caution and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While the decision was made to protect the safety of participants, volunteers and staff, organizers are also hoping the new virtual experience will encourage more participation from new and past Trekkers from around the country! There has already been a bike spike in registrations and many more are anticipated to register since this year a portion of the funds raised by the Trek Across Maine will support COVID-19 research.

HERE’S HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN THE VIRTUAL TREK: The virtual Trek Across Maine encourages Trekkers to stay active and enjoy time on their bike (practicing safe social distancing) while supporting the work of the American Lung Association. Register at trekacrossmaine.org before June 30, as a virtual participant for just $15. Participants can ask family or friends to donate to the fundraiser to raise $250 (the fundraising minimum

has been adjusted this year to be sensitive to these challenging times). By meeting the fundraising minimum, the participant will receive a commemorative 2020 Trek t-shirt, accomplishment medal, and rider bib. Completing mileage is not a requirement to participate, but we encourage you to stay active and enjoy some time on your bike while practicing safe social distancing. Share your photos and videos of your progress on social media using the hashtags #TrekMe and #Cyclingtogether You can also use activity tracking devices (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin devices, etc.) or join our Trek Across Maine Strava Club to see where you rank on the leaderboard each week with other participants as you ride! For more detailed information on the virtual event, including additional incentive levels (including the prestigious Winner’s Circle jersey), ways to stay connected and how to communicate with your donors, please check out: trekacrossmaine.org

EVERY MILE COUNTS Since 1985, the Trek has raised more than $29 million for the American Lung Association. Funds from the event will go to support programs like research to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and help save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease. Recently, American Lung Association researcher, Dr. John Schoggins, Ph.D., was credited with identifying a naturally occurring protein that has been shown to inhibit coronavirus infection. It was announced in April that the American Lung Association is launching a $25M initiative to end COVID-19 and defend against future respiratory virus pandemics.

2020 VIRTUAL TREK ACROSS MAINE Now through June 30, 2020

Choose your mileage goal, ride at your own pace, and support lung disease research as we work to defeat COVID-19! LOCALLY PRESENTED BY:



Save Your Breath 5K Run/Walk

You can also make a general donation to support the event or someone you know who is participating by visiting TREKACROSSMAINE.ORG.

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NOTE: Contact the event organizer or check their website or facebook page for most up to date race status and info.

Photo: Champion the Cure Challenge

RUN 11TH ANNUAL EMMC CHAMPION THE CURE CHALLENGE August 15: YOU Make The Challenge. Take The Challenge in your

own creative way and continue to help cancer patients and families. Champion the Cure Challenge is happening this year, but it’s virtual! Learn more and register for this year’s Challenge at ctcchallenge.org, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.FMI: WWW.CTCCHALLENGE.ORG.

how The Challenge is helping patients and families, and kick off the 2021 Champion the Cure Challenge. atients and families affected by cancer need our support now P more than ever, but that support can come in many ways. For 2020, participants can choose to pay the regular registration fee, or register at no cost. What’s most important is that we’re coming together to make a difference.

Here’s how you can participate: ■ F ind your own way to take The Challenge! Hike, bike, paddle, or a ride your favorite four-legged friend around the stable. ■ Take photos or a brief video of your journey between May 1 and August 1 and share it on Facebook with the hashtag #YouMakeTheChallenge (Contact us at CTCCHALLENGE@ NORTHERNLIGHT.ORG if you don’t use Facebook). We’ll share some of our favorites. (See additional guidelines and suggestions at CTCCHALLENGE.ORG). ■ Join us for a special virtual celebration on Saturday, August 15! We’ll share stories and videos from the virtual Challenge, see

SAVE YOUR BREATH 5K RUN/WALK November 7 Doors open at 9 a.m. race at 10 a.m. Timed run along

scenic Kennebec Rail Trail starting in Gardiner and return. Race packet pickup at Johnson Hall. Childcare is provided for those participating in the walk/run. $100 for over all top male/female and $25.00 for top overall male/female age group and gift card to Lamey-Wellehan for third and second place age group. Award Ceremony at Bateau Brewing. WWW.FREEMEFROMLUNGCANCER.ORG

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NOTE: Contact the event organizer or check their website or facebook page for most up to date race status and info.

NOTE: Contact the event organizer or check their website or facebook page for most up to date race status and info.


RUN 40TH ANNUAL ROCKY COAST ROAD RACE June 27: 7:30 a.m. In its 40th year, the Rocky Coast Road Race is a run/walk for all ages and abilities. Considered one of the most beautiful runs in all of Maine, the Rocky Coast Road Race takes you through beautiful Boothbay Harbor, along wooded roads, and in areas with breathtaking views of the ocean. We offer a 10k run, 5k run or a 5k walk. Aligned with the Windjammer Days Festival in the Boothbay Region, this event helps to raise money to support the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA cancer survivorship program. Register online at Racewire: RACEWIRE.COM/REGISTER.PHP?ID=11217

BOOTHBAY HARBOR FEST 1/2 MARATHON & 5K September 6: Challenging and scenic, this course offers miles of water views from inner harbor, to open ocean, to lakes and tidal rivers. It crosses over two islands and a historic footbridge. It passes by three waterfront parks, (perfect for spectators) and through our waterfront harbor village. A picturesque and iconic coast of Maine experience that will inspire you to crest the hills. An ideal training course, and the perfect race to plan a family vacation. To Register and FMI: BOOTHBAYHARBORFEST.COM

Photo: East Grand Adventure Race

Bay of Fundy International Marathon Photo: John Rule

20 spring 2020

BAY OF FUNDY INTERNATIONAL MARATHON + HALF + 52 ULTRA + 10K + FUN RUN June 27, 2021: Canada and the USA: Two countries four events – Marathon, Half Marathon, Ultramarathon, 10K. Plus a Fun Run, running tour of Lubec, lobster bake, street fair, and more. Run from the most easterly point in the USA through the border into Canada (without stopping) and back. Or just run from Canada into the USA in the half marathon. A not for profit Boston Qualifying event put on by the communities of Campobello Island, New Brunswick and Lubec, Maine, now in it’s seventh year. An event for the discerning runner – all fields capped at 350 runners; no crowds or traffic lights; beautiful scenery, fishing villages and the world’s biggest tides; bald eagles, seals, sometimes whales seen from the course; medals and awards handcrafted by local artists; warm welcoming hospitality. BAYOFFUNDYMARATHON.COM

2017 Harborfest Photo: Mike Leonard

Bay of Fundy International Marathon Photo: Samuel P. Winch

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Portland Sea Dogs Mother’s Day 5K Cancelled for 2020 Pat’s Pizza Clam Festival Classic 5 Miler Cancelled for 2020

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