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COMENIUS 2013 – 2015

Healthy childhood, beautiful life

"This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use, which may be made of the information contained therein."


Who am I, who are you?


I am Ciupercă Andreea, I have 14 years old and I was born on 27-09-1999. Since I had a little secret dream of mine what I could become when I grow up . I never told anyone , but ... I knew one day I will fulfill your dream if I believe in power and believe in him. On clear summer nights I actually had chosen a star to be guiding me on my way to success. But now I’m in the eighth grade and future dreams are fast approaching . I want to become a teacher . Why? Why? Why? Because I love kids, I love life near the kids , because I want to change the world for the better , because I loved school teacher and I want to be like her , because I want to be a character in my dream; like a fairy that gives her children hope for a better world , a safer one , because every light in the eyes of an innocent child means an ascent to heaven on a scale of moral and spiritual values , because of the hundreds of..... reasons. What I'd like to be but I think destiny can take you where you have never dreamed of.

I hope to be friends together.

Plans for the future Hi, I am Ana. I was born in Braila, Romania on the 6 august 2002. I always asked myself how I could contribute to a better life. My family educates me and takes good care of me. At school we are to be good citizens, friendly, not to harm nature and the environment. I’d like to learn well so that I could become an important person in my community. I’d like to help people in need, for example to build an orphanage for children who don’t have a family. I think that our family is the most important thing in life for us. I’d like to teach people how to protect nature and homeless animals. There are a lot of dogs without home because people are not educated to take care of animals. We should take responsibilities when we do something and so if we have a pet we shouldn’t leave it out in the street. I would build a shelter for animals but I would also try to motivate people to have a pet. It is a sign that we are human beings and we should live in peace and harmony with nature.


My name is Corina. I am eleven years old and i'm dreaming to be a star. I like to sing, to dance and to perform on a stage. I want to be applauded by my fans, wich i never want to dissapoint. In order to fulfill my dream, now at my age, I am a very good student, I participate to the school choir and I take acting courses. I also studied dance and I am a huge fan of One Direction band. My favourite is Harry Styles and, when I grow up, I want to be like him. It is very hard to become a very good artist but I think that the talent and the passion are the keys to succes.

My future aspirations Hello, I am Florentina from Braila, Romania and I was born on the 27 September 2000. I am a pupil in the 7th grade. I was a member of the team of pupils who took part in a European project. By working in this project I succeeded to discover myself more and think about my future. When I graduate the eight form, I will go to a high-school where I will accomplish my studies and then I will attend the LAW FACULTY, because I want to become a lawyer. I think that it is very interesting and pleasant to fight for the people s rights in legal law suits. I want to represent anyone who asks me to help him, because I want to be fair and to give anyone the opportunity to be defended. I would like people to live in peace, to be less conflict and problems between people. I think that we should all live in respect, trust and friendship. We should be less aggressive, more friendly and loving to each other.

I am Raluca Onicel from Anton Pann School, Braila, Romania. I was born in Braila on the 6th April 1999. What could be better than saving a life? What could be nicer than to dream of your dream? Days on end I loved playing with my dolls and considered them my patients. I took care of them, dressed them and they “ were treated when they were sick." When I was walking through the park, on the street, when viewing certain reports about the life of some people I could often see a lot of suffering on their faces. "I want to help! I would say it to myself. I want to become a nurse or a doctor, why not, I want to heal children! I want to heal people! But I want to become a psychologist because I want to convince people to think positively, not ever lose hope, because the powers of the mind are high. And ..... when I grow up, to open my eyes and to look around and say "Yeah! I did it! �I always believed in my dreams.


Hi!! My name is Erika Caragnano and I’m 12… I’m an Italian girl… I will partecipate at the Comenius Project and I’m really happy for this!!! I live in a great house and my country is near of the sea!!! I’m thin and I have got long blond hair and brown eyes. I’m nice, patiently and I’m not shy…  I wears glasses!!! My family consist in my parents, my sister and me. My sister’s name is Miria and she’s 16.. we are very similar!!! My greater passion is DANCE and I started it 8 years ago  In my free time I love listen to music, go for a walk with my friends and I can draw… I dream to became a famous doctor because I love anatomy!!! This is me…!!! <3 

My electronic mail is: Facebook:

Hi! I’m Melania Di Pierro, I’m 13 years old… I love music and my favourite band is Green Day! I like meet my friends,do sport,eat cakes,pizza,pasta,chocolate… I can play the guitar,I can paint. I love English and French. My favourite color is green! I like the animals and I have 3 tortoises and a lot of fish! My family is consist of my father,my mom,my sister and me… I’m really happy to come in Czech Republic! My dream is meet Green Day because they’re my idols and their songs are significant.

Electronic mail: Facebook:

My name’s Leo and I’m 12. My birthday is 20 of October. My favourite season is summer and my favourite colour is blue. I’ve got short blonde hair and blue eyes, I’m tall and slim. In my family we are 4: my dad Alfiere, my mum Gina, my brother Angelo and me. I attend the second year of middle school Alessandro Manzoni. My favourite subject are English, science and physical education. I play football on the soccer team of Mottola.

See you soon!!!

My name’s Vincenzo Greco and I’m 13. My birthday is 16 of March. I’m tall and slim and I have got blue eyes and short blonde hair. My favourite colour is red and my favourite season is summer. In my family we are 4: my dad Michele, my mum Pacifica, my sister Raffaella and me. I attend the second year of middle school Alessandro Manzoni. My favourite subject are english, maths and physical education. I practice swimming at a competitive level in Massafra.

See you soon!!


I‘m Klara and I‘m 13 years old. I‘ve got one sister. Her name‘s Ema. She is 5 years old. I live in Šardice, which is small village in south of Moravia. We‘ ve got a family house. I like playing the clarinet, reading czech books, watching TV and playing with my sister. I don’t like cleaning the house. My favorite lessons are English and Math. My favorite singer is Celeste Buckingham. And my favorite serials are NCIS: Los Angels and Pretty little liars.

My facebook: Klára Cápková My e- mail:

My name is Kateřina Knoflíčková. I´m 10 years. I´m from Šardice.My hobbies are playing the clarinet, going to the garden, sports,cooking and I like to read. My sister is Andrea.She is six years old.My brother is Matěj. He is three years old.My mother is Gabriela.She is on maternity. My father is Jaromír.He is a bricklayer. My faceebok: Kateřina knoflíčková My e-mail

My name is Jana Zajícová and I´m 14 years old. I live in village Šardice with my family. I have got a small sister Viktorie. I love music. I play the piano for eight years and I like singing. I visit Art school every Wednesday. I like sport. In the winter I go skiing, skateing, snowboarding, in summer I like to swim, skate and cycling. My favourite subject is English language, because I like visiting foreign countries. In project Comenius I was in Turkey. I want to visit America. In the future I would like to study tourism. I want to live in London. My favorite band is 30 seconds to mars. I love Jared Leto and Tom Felton. My dream is go to the concers 30 STM. My facebook is Jana Zajícová, my email is , my telefone number is 733447585.


Hi everyone! Maybe in the beginning...

I am Magdalena

Budnowska. I was born on 7 April 1999, so I have 14 years. Dance, drawing and Photography are what I like the most. These are my Hobbies! I practise dancing hip-hop for 8 years. My dance group won the tournaments in Poland three times. In addition, I teach dance my school friends. Last year, together we were on 2nd place in the tournament! I also love taking photos. I do this for 2 years. I prefer doing photos of animals and plants, usually they are macro pictures. I like drawing so much. My drawings often depict animals, plants and humans.

I am interested in nature, especially animals. In the future, I'd like to be a vet. I like listening to music, dancing, meeting with friends, taking pictures, singing and doing everything what like teenage girls :)

Biology, CSPE, music, art, PE, English and math (which sometimes I do not understand) are the school subjects that I like.

Facebook: E-mail:

About me My name is Kamil Hulewicz. I'm 14 years old. I'm very tall. I live in Poland, in Ĺ&#x161;roda Wielkopolska. I attend to "Keglik" junior high school. My favourite school subject are Maths, Phisics and English. Playing computer games, reading books, playing handball and basketball are things which i like to do. I think the best book I have ever read is "WiedĹşmin" (Witcher) by Andrzej Sapkowski. During my summer holidays I always walk into the mountain with my parents and younger sister Olga. I love playing handball because I'm good at it. In my free time I meet with friends. I'm interested in History especially mithology of ancient Greeks. My favourite computer games are Battlefield, Call of Duty and The Elder Scrolls. In the future I would like to be an architect. My the greatest wish connected with travelling is go to Italy, Southern America, Japan and Portugal of course :). My phone number: +48 725 135 470 Email: Facebook: Kamil Hulewicz


ABOUT ME Hi! My name is Nihan Tekin. I am thirteen years old. I live in Turkey, in Ankara with my family. I have two brothers. My older brother’s name is Ömer. He is a student in high school.My younger brother’ s name is Ahmet. He is in second grade. My parents are architect. I love my family. My hobbies are reading, listening to music, knitting, sewing and design dresses. I also like visiting historical places and travelling to different countries. I’m not interested in any sports because I’m not good at it.I’m in Münevver Öztürk Secondry School. My favorite lessons are art,social science and science. My favorite book is Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. In the future, I would like to be a designer. e-mail:

Hello Everybody!!

My name is Şafak Turgut.I was born on 21 November 2000.

game is “League Of Legend.” I am also interested in biology.In the future, I would like to be a genetic engineer.I like watching American series .”Supernatural” and“Pretty Little Liars”are the series that I watch the most.In my spare time, I meet with my friends or my brother, Murat.I love skating and cycling when the weather is nice.Also I love doing shopping (I like shoes).Ilike travelling. My biggest wish about travelling is to go to Japan, Mexico America, Portugal and Chezch Rebuplic of course Ihave stamp collection. I also like all activities that all girls love.

Dance,shopping and playing piano are the things what I like the most to do. My favorite school lessons are History, English and Biology.I love reading Boks. My favourite book ıs”Death Note”.I prefer biography books and manga.I'm interested in languages but I can speak only two languages.I practise dancing bale for 5 years .I prefer hiking holiday because I like nature and climbing.I am a little bit vegetarian I don’t like meat. I hate . egg,and I never eat it.My favorite singers are Avril Lavigne Email: and Katy Perry.I can play piano Facebook: but I'm new at this.I like listening to music (rock and pop music are my favourite ones).My favorite computer

Hey dear !!!

I am Deniz Dırık.I was born on 26 September 2001 in Almaty, the city of Kazakhstan.

Listening to music, playing violin and piano,taking photographs are the things what I like the most to do .I play with the violin for three years.Also I like reading books. “The fault in our stars” is my favorite book.I like also watching American series.The Walking Dead and Pretty Little Liars are the series that I watch the most.I like collecting different bookmarks and tickets. My favorite computer game is League Of Legend.Many boys think that girls dont like this game but I like it.I can speak Turkish, English and Russian. Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne are my favorite pop singers.I love watching cartoons so much.Sponge bob and I watch Russian movies .Maths and Biology are my favorite lessons.In the future , I would like to be an architect because I like drawing.I take pictures in my spare times.I can play basketball but I'm new at this.I'm allergic to fish. I love skating and cycling when the weather is nice.

Email: Facebook: Edanur Deniz Dırık

My name is BERFİN KEMAL. I am 14 years old . I live in Ankara in Turkey. Ankara is the capital city of Turkey . I attend to Münevver Öztürk Secondary School. My favourite lessons are maths and history . My hobbies are playing basketball, reading books, writing stories and singing . I think the best book in the world is Notre Dame De Paris by Victor Hugo, everybody should read this book. I usually meet my friends and do some funny things with them. I am interested in astronomy . I would like to be a cosmologist in the future. I wish to go to New York and live in this city … e-mail:


Hi, I’m Manuel and I have 12 years old. I study in Dr. Horácio Bento de Gouveia School. My favourite subjects are Science Natural, History and Geography. In my spare times I like swim, watch tv, listen to music, be with friends, play basketball and fish. In the future I want to be an airplane pilot. My favourite books are encyclopedias. My favourite sport is swim because it’s the most complete. My e-mail: My facebook: Manuel António Azevedo

Escola Básica dos 2º e 3º Ciclos Dr. Horácio Bento de Gouveia Hello! I am Jhenyfer Simões, a current student in Horácio Bento de Gouveia. I am 14 years old and I live in Madeira about 4 years but I was born in Brazil. I love Madeira because it has been here that I had so many special moments of my life! I live in a big flat with my godparents and I don´t have any animals, but if I could I would like to have a dog. I think I am a dedicated girl because I always try to achieve my goals. I am responsible and delicate but sometimes I'm also very stubborn and pessimistic. I practise many sports but my favourite is volleyball and I love playing piano. In the future I want to study abroad, to be a doctor and travel around the world, in special to Brazil!!! Jhenyfer Simões,2014.

Escola Básica dos 2º e 3º Ciclos Dr. Horácio Bento Gouveia

Hello! I am Beatriz Silva, a current student in Horácio Bento Gouveia. I am 14 years old and I was born in Viseu but I live in Madeira there about 10 years. I really love my island because it has been here that I had the best moments of my life. I live in a big house with my parents and my sister. I don’t have any animals, but if I could I would have a dog. My family and I have lots of costumes especially in special occasions, Christmas, birthdays, Easter… I believe I am an ambitious girl because I always reach my goals. I am responsible and optimistic, but sometimes very stubborn. I practice many sports, but my favorite is volleyball. I love playing piano, I practice it since 10 years. About my future goals can only tell you that I want to study abroad, maybe in the United States so that I can be a doctor and travel the world!!! Beatriz Silva, 2014

Who am I, who are you