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Photo: Lars-Petter Skillstad © Tromsø Villmarkssenter

TROMSØ 2012/2013





BOOKING MADE EASY 1. Book online at 2. Choose one or more of your preferred activities with available capacity 3. Select the number of participants 4. Fill in your contact information (in order to reach you in case of changes or cancellation) 5. Pay by credit card 6. Please make a note of the reference number, pick-up point and departure time of your activities 7. Make sure you are at the pick-up point on time and have fun!

Photo: Eivind Davies / Tromsø Villmarkssenter © Visit Tromsø-Region

BOOKING — BEFORE ARRIVING IN TROMSØ Many of the activities are in popular demand and some of the providers prefer smaller groups, so this makes it important to consider booking the activities in advance. If you find a tour you really like, make sure to get a place booked before you leave for Tromsø and Northern Norway.

BOOKING — WHILE YOU ARE IN TROMSØ Some tours might be full, but there are always other options. This makes it possible to book activities after you arrive in Tromsø. Access our online booking system through computers available at hotels or the Tourist Information Office. If you require assistance, please ask your hotel receptionist or the staff at the Tourist Information Office.



SYMBOL GUIDE DOG SLEDDING Experience the area around Tromsø on a dog sledding tour with an experienced guide

REINDEER SLEDDING Get a glimpse into Sami life through the reindeer tradition

HORSES IN WINTER LANDSCAPE Spend the day in the company of friendly horses

VISIT THE ARCTIC Learn more about the way of life in the arctic

SNOWMOBILE Snowmobiling is a fun way to explore the snow-covered landscape

SNOWSHOEING Try the art of walking on the snow with snowshoes

SKIING Guided tours for both beginners and experienced skiers

BOAT TRIPS The city of Tromsø is located on an island. Boat trips in winter are a beautiful experience

FISHING ON SEA AND ICE Catch your own dinner – also in winter! All equipment needed is included

NORTHERN LIGHTS KNOWLEDGE Learn more about the Northern Lights

EXCURSIONS Explore the Tromsø region by car with an experienced guide and driver

ICE FISHING Enter the ice with fishing tackle and a drill and start a different fishing experience

KICK-SLEDDING A winter bicycle and a fun and easy way to move around on snow and ice covered roads.

HOT MEAL A hot meal is included, often based on traditional Sami or Norwegian food

LAVVU A lavvu is a traditional Sami herdsmen’s tent and acts as an excellent place, even in our modern times, to seek shelter and warmth. It is equipped with a fire place, reindeer skin and some hot coffee.

ONLINE BOOKING This symbol indicates that the activity will be available through www.visittromso. no and the Tourist Information Office. The other activities must be booked directly through the providers (listed below product information).

Photo: Matt Hannaford/Arctic Adventure Tours © Visit Tromsø-Region






Dog Sledding in the Lyngen Alps with Tour In Lyngenalps Drive your own team of dogs or choose to sit back and relax in the comfort of the sledge and let the guide do the work. The dogs are friendly and enjoy their work. A few tips on how to become a successful “musher” are given. Rica Ishavshotel

Included: Guide, warm clothes, hot meal, hot drink, Lyngen cake, transfer (60 min one way)

7 hours

NOK 1795/ NOK 898

Tour in Lyngenalps


Dog Sledding in the Arctic Coastal Landscape Drive your own team of huskies or take a ride with one of our experienced guides. Enjoy the Arctic coastal nature with fantastic view over Tromsø, surrounded with white covered mountains and long fjords. The dog sledding trip lasts about one hour. Guided tour through the dogs and puppies yard. A traditional Sami meal with reindeer meat is served around an open fire in a Sami tent. N.B: Own sled driving only on pre-booking. Radisson Blu/ Scandic

Included: Transfer (30 min one way), warm clothes, hot meal, hot drink, cake

3.5 hours

from NOK 1490/ NOK745

Tromsø Villmarkssenter


Dog Sled Expedition 1 day This one day expedition gives a real feeling of being a musher. Drive your own team of experienced huskies out into the winter landscape to discover a unique combination of fjords and mountains together with an experienced guide. Radisson Blu/ Scandic Tromsø Villmarkssenter

Included: Transfer (30 min one way), warm clothes, equipment, meals

8 hours

from NOK 2490



Dog Sled Expedition 2 days Join our experienced mushers on an overnight stay in the Arctic wilderness. Prepare and drive your own team of Alaskan huskies. Good instructions will be given before the adventure starts. The guides will make a camp site in the snow to stay overnight. Look out for the Northern Lights, no place is better. The expedition continues on the second day. We guarantee a proper polar winter expedition. Radisson Blu/ Scandic

Included: Transfer (30 min one way), warm clothes, camping, equipment, three meals

30 hours

from NOK 4990

Tromsø Villmarkssenter


Daytime Arctic Dog Sledding Experience (until 28.02.2013) A popular four-hour trip that gives a good insight into the Arctic forest wilds. You will be taught how to control your husky team and leave with a great sense of achievement after a warming camp fire, some homemade cake and coffee/tea. All the kit you need is provided. Rica Ishavshotel

Included: Transfer (30 min one way), warm clothes, chocolate cake, hot drink

4 hours

NOK 1265/ NOK 633

Arctic Adventure Tours

We can tailor your Arctic adventure Phone: +47 400 71 370


ARCTIC ACTIVITIES Photo: Yngve Olsen Sæbbe/NordNorsk Reiseliv © Visit Tromsø-Region







Reindeer “Raid” with Sami Lunch at Tromsø Friluftsenter (from 05.01) A day tour out on Kvaløya Whale island with Tromsø’s most experienced provider of Sami culture, for some nice scenery and exotic reindeer sledding (30 min) with lasso throwing as part of your introduction to Sami culture. An intimate and personalized experience with stories about Sami and Tromsø culture. After the ride a traditional Sami lunch (Biddos) is served in the lavvu. Test your toboggan skills and look for sea eagles and seals. Suitable for all ages. Rica Ishavshotel

Included: Warm clothes, hot meal, transfer (35 min one way)

4.5 hours

NOK 1400/ NOK 700

Tromsø Friluftsenter


Reindeer Sledding with Sami Culture in Tromsø Lapland Enjoy an unforgettable experience of pure reindeer sledding (1 km) and Sami culture in Tromsø. During the visit you will experience: Reindeer sledding trip, lasso throwing, sightseeing at the camp, Sami food, storytelling, display of cultural artefacts and joik (traditional Sami song) Radisson Blu

Included: Warm clothes, guide, hot meal, hot and cold drinks, transfer (7 min one way)

3 hours

NOK 1290/ NOK 645

Tromsø Lapland


Walk with Reindeer at Tromsø Lapland Enjoy an unforgettable experience walking with reindeer (1 km) and experiencing Sami culture in Tromsø. If it has been snowing, there is a chance of pure reindeer sledding too. During the visit you will experience: Walk with Reindeer, lasso throwing, sightseeing in the Sami camp, Sami food (Bidos), storytelling in lavvu, Sami cultural artefacts and joik (traditional Sami song) Radisson Blu Tromsø Lapland

Included: Warm clothes, guide, hot meal, hot and cold drinks, transfer (7 min one way)

3 hours

NOK 1290/ NOK 645





Horseback Riding in the Lyngen Alps with Tour In Lyngenalps Explore Lyngen on horseback with an experienced guide. Before riding, get to know the horses with a little grooming. The guide will share stories about local culture and history. Rica Ishavshotel

Included: Warm clothes, hot drink, Lyngen cake, guide, helmet, transfer (90 min one way)

NOK 1645/ NOK 823

7 hours

Tour In Lyngenalps


Arctic Nature on Horseback with Nordre Hestnes Gård Visit Nordre Hestnes Gård, a farm specialising in Icelandic horses. Located by one of Norway’s many beautiful fjords with easy access to the mountains. A perfect starting point for horseback riding. Suitable for families. City centre hotels

Included: Transfer (60 min one way), warm clothes, sweet snack

4.5 hours

NOK 1350/ NOK 675

Nordre Hestnes Gård


Visit My Icelandic Horse Farm with Tour In Lyngenalps (exc. Sat + Sun) Experience riding an Icelandic horse in the Arctic-Alpine winter landscape. Get to know your horse by preparing it for the tour – a personalised and relaxing trip. Rica Ishavshotel

Included: Transfer (60 min one way), guide, hot lunch, hot drink, equipment

5.5 hours

NOK 1825/ NOK 913

Tour In Lyngenalps

Ski, snowshoes and bicycle rental Ski-, truge- og sykkelutleie

Sportshuset A/S · Storgata 102 · TLF +47 77 66 11 00




RECOMMENDED CLOTHING In order for your stay in Northern Norway to be as comfortable as possible, it is important to have the right clothes. Bring warm and comfortable clothes and shoes. We recommend wearing 100% wool or similar quality clothing next to your skin. Layer your clothing, so that you can easily regulate your temperature by removing or adding a layer. Outer clothing should be lined and windproof. Most activity organisers supply clothing for excursions, i.e. thermal suits, shoes, hat and mittens.

Long-sleeved and long-leg underwear (synthetic or wollen)

Jumper or fleece

Trousers (cotton or fleece)




Hat Scarf Winter jackket (cotton or fleece)

Thick jumper (wool or fleece)

Gloves or mittens Lined trousers (preferably windproof)

Wollen socks

Winter shoes



WINTER EXPERIENCES Photo: Hans Ole Homelien/Hansi AS © Visit Tromsø-Region







Visit My Home in Lyngen Alps with Tour in Lyngenalps (01.10-30.04) A home visit in Lyngen is a personal invitation to experience the Lyngen area with a local family. Enjoy the view from the hot tub and choose among many interesting activities like kicksledding, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Warm clothes available. Rica Ishavshotel

Included: Hot meal, hot drink, activities, jacuzzi, transfer (90 min one way)

7.5 hours

NOK 1295/ NOK 648

Tour In Lyngenalps


Farm Visit to Nordre Hestnes Gård Nordre Hestnes Gård (farm) is located near one of many beautiful fjords in Northern Norway. The farm has many animals, but specializes in Icelandic horses. The family invites you to see how they work and to enjoy some nice views. Combine this tour with horseback riding, snowshoeing or boat rental, with or withour fishing. Warm clothes available. City centre hotels

Included: Transfer (60 min one way), warm clothes, light meal

4.5 hours

NOK 800/ NOK 600

Nordre Hestnes Gård


A Winter Experience at Boreal Adventure Centre From Tromsø by plane to Sørkjosen (20 min) and by car to Boreal Adventure Centre. Meet the reindeer and have a nice time in the lavvu, go on a snowshoe walk, watch out for eagles, drive a snowmobile, try lasso throwing - and enjoy a hot meal at the wild camp cabin. A good spot for observing the Northern Lights. Return by plane or Hurtigruten (Coastal Steamer). Tromsø Airport

Included: Transport (plane/Coastal Steamer, mini-van), warm clothes, hot meal, tea/coffee, biscuit, guide

10-14 hours

NOK 2590/ NOK 1490

Boreal Opplevelser


Relaxing Adventure Winter with Tour in Lyngenalps (01.09-30.04) Experience a home visit to a Lyngen family. Choose between different activities (at an additional cost). Afterwards enjoy the dramatic winter landscape of the Lyngen region via ferry across the Lyngen fjord, bus to Skjervøy and Hurtigruten (Coastal Steamer) back to Tromsø. Warm clothes available Rica Ishavshotel Tour in Lyngenalps

Included: Transport (car, ferry, bus, Hurtigruten), hot lunch, hot drink

11 hours

NOK 1995/ NOK 998




Visit Ludwig Mack Brewery (Mon-Fri) Enjoy a journey through Mack´s historical brewery. We start by showing a film where you will learn the history of Mack. The journey ends in Ølhallen, Tromsø´s oldest pub, where you can enjoy a fresh beer. Beer and pin included. Ludwig Mack Brewery

Appr. 55 min

Included: Beer, pin, guided tour

NOK 160

Ludwig Mack Brewery


Midnight Concert in the Arctic Cathedral (08.02-03.03) The dramatic and at times divine environment created by the Aurora Borealis is made for evocative music. The majestic architecture of the Arctic Cathedral makes for a memorable moment with a suitable and varied concert programme. FRI, SAT, SUN Arctic Cathedral

Included: Concert

30 min

NOK 140

Arctic Cathedral


Snowmobile Adventure in the Lyngen Alps with Tour In Lyngenalps The Lyngen Alps is one of Northern Norway’s premier winter wildness playgrounds. This exhilarating snowmobile tour takes you from fjord to mountain starting on easy ground, then becoming more varied, following a well-established trail. The route takes us up and into the alpine landscape which defines this area. NOK 500 extra to ride alone. Rica Ishavshotel

Included: Warm clothes, hot meal, hot drink, transfer (60 min one way)

7 hours

NOK 1795/ NOK 898

Tour in Lyngenalps

Tromsø Natur og Fritid We offer exciting Arctic adventures and activities in the Tromsø area. We are a hire centre providing everything you need for your naturebased adventure! Skiing, snowshoeing, tenting.


+47 97 57 58 75

Sjøgata 14 9008 Tromsø

Online booking:

Photo: Sondre Beck Sletten © Visit Tromsø-Region







Snowshoeing on Your Own with Tromsø Friluftsenter Experienced or not, try snowshoeing on your own. It is easy to learn. The coastal landscape north on the island of Kvaløya is easily accessible and offers some great views. Look for sea eagles and seals. No guide needed. Rica Ishavshotel

Included: Snowshoes, transfer (35 min one way)

4 hours

NOK 550

Tromsø Friluftsenter


Snowshoeing in the Lyngen Alp with Tour In Lyngenalps Snowshoeing is a great way to get out and enjoy the winter landscape, in daylight as well as in the evening by moonlight or head torch. Snowshoeing doesn’t require any special skills. Nice view over the fjord and Alps. Try the jacuzzi afterwards. Rica Ishavshotel

Included: Snowshoes, poles, hot drink, hot meal, Lyngen cake, jacuzzi, transfer (90 min one way)

7-8 hours

NOK 1295/ NOK 648

Tour in Lyngenalps


Kick-Sledding in the Lyngen Alps with Tour in Lyngenalps A fun and healthy activity. A kick-sled, or kick, is a type of small sled consisting of a seat mounted on two flexible skids underneath enabling you to take a passenger. Enjoy the fresh air, the silence and the ride in the snow-covered landscape beneath the Lyngen Alps. Rica Ishavshotel

Included: Warm clothes, hot meal, hot drink, transfer (90 min one way)

5.5 hours

NOK 1295/ NOK 648

Tour in Lyngenalps


Snowshoeing to the End of the World w/ Green Fox Guiding (10.01-20.03) You don’t have to know how to ski to have fun in powder snow while walking up the mountain. Snowshoeing is an old tradition that hunters still use to chase the animals in the forests in the wintertime all over Scandinavia. With us instead of animals you will get to shoot dramatic photos. Tromsø Tourist Information Office Green Fox Guiding

Included: : Guide, hot drink, cake, oranges, snowshoes, ski poles, transfer (45 min one way)

6.5 hours

NOK 500/ NOK 250





3.5 hours



Activity, hot drink, snack, transfer (30 min)


Tromsø Friluftsenter

* Family Price: 2 adults and 2 children NOK 1500)


Snowshoe Trekking with Tromsø Villmarkssenter Warm clothes, coffee, traditional sweet, Explore the Arctic winter5 landscape on your own with snowshoes. suggested routes Lyngen Safari Map and NOK 1350/NOK 775 hours are provided along transfer (60 min, incl. with basic instructions. When you come back relax and enjoy warm drinks and cake by an open fire in a Sami tent. Meet our 300 huskies and their puppies. ferry ride)

Lunch NOK 200/NOK 100 per person. No guide needed. Radisson Blu/ Scandic

Warm clothes, Tromsø Villmarkssenter equipment, hot meal, transfer (60 min)

Included: Transfer (30 min one way), snowshoes, hot drinks and cake 4.5 hours

Nordre Hestnes Gård

3.5 hours

NOK 790/ NOK 395

NOK 1350/NOK 625


Warm clothes, hot meal, hot drink, Tour in Nordreisa with Boreal Opplevelser Snowshoe traditional sweet, Lyngen Safari NOK 1450 6.5 hours Travel by plane from Tromsø to Sørkjosen (20 min), where your guide chooses between inland, transfer min., coastal(60 and mountain areas for the best place for a 4-6 km snowshoeing tour in easy terrain. Experience incl.ferry ride) frozen waterfall, rivers and lakes and other great views. We will also try to track

moose. Make a fire, build a resting area in the snow and receive tips about how to survive in the tough, Arctic climate.

Warm clothes, Tromsø Airport equipment, snack, transfer (60 min)

Included: Transport (plane/Coastal Steamer, Nordre Hestnes mini-van), snowshoes, poles, hot lunch, coffee/ hours tea,4.5 cookies Gård

8 hours

NOK 1890/

NOK 625 990 NOK 1250/NOK

Boreal Opplevelser

s Located close to the city centre. s When prices and comfort matter! s Open year round.

Tel.: +47 77 63 80 37




SKIING 09:00

Cross-Country Skiing in the Lyngen Alps with Tour In Lyngenalps Try cross-country skiing in the Lyngen Alps. Make your own tracks in the unspoiled landscape. Previous skiing experience is an advantage, but not a must. Please notify if first time skier. Rica Ishavshotel

Included: Skis, poles, ski boots, hot drink, hot meal, Lyngen cake, transfer (90 min one way)

7 hours

NOK 1295/ NOK 648

Tour in Lyngenalps


Conquering the Mountains on your Skis (Telemark, Snowboard or Randonee) (From 01.02-31.05) This ultimate all-inclusive mountaineering experience with an experienced skier gives you the opportunity of conquering mountains in a safe and exhilarating way. This trip takes you to the summit of one of our great mountains, with a meal and our knowledge of the area. Join us for a day filled with adventure and teamwork. City centre hotels

Included: Warm clothes, warm merino wool underwear, a meal, Arctic snack, transfer

8-10 hours

NOK 1300/ NOK 990 (student)

Arctic Explorers


1 Week’s Skiing Expedition in National Parks (25.03-20.04) This is a serious trip, but one where you will be rewarded with an Arctic Expedition experience for a life time. Good fitness and motivation required. You might experience sleeping in a tent with minus 20 °C outside, cold wet shoes, preparing your own food on a gas cooker, have a temporary feeling of being useless, walking around 25 km daily on skis in all possible conditions and at the end an extremely valuable feeling that you “can if you want to”. Join us! We have done it many times. Tromsø Tourist Information Office

Included: Guide, skis, ski boots, ski poles, goggles, tent, sleeping bag, gas cooker, pulka (winter sled), food, transport

One week

NOK 13 000

Green Fox Guiding


Cross-Country Skiing Experience – Guide Gunnar Guided skiing tour to some of the best parts of the island of Ringvassøy. A great way to understand why cross-country skiing is such a popular activity in Norway. Tromsø Domkirke GuideGunnar

Included: Transfer (30 min one way), skis, poles, boots, lunch pack, hot drink

6-8 hours

NOK 1350



Skiing for Beginners with Arctic Pathfinder Test your balance with slippery skis on your feet. Challenge your walking skills and have some fun. Feel the frustration as well as the triumph when you learn the secrets of cross-country skiing. You will remember this activity. City centre hotels

Included: Skis, poles, hot drink, transfer

3 hours

NOK 900/ NOK 450

Arctic Pathfinder

         


 



Photo: © Colourbox






Tromsø Day Cruise with Sørøya Havfiskecruise (from 08.01) See Tromsø and the surrounding landscapes in a beautiful blue light on-board the catamaran MB Havcruise. Your hosts pride themselves on service towards their guests and will do their utmost to give you a memorable experience. Downtown harbour

Included: Coffee/tea, cake, heated saloon, viewing deck, ponchoo

NOK 1100/ NOK 550

2 hours

Sørøya Havfiskecruise


Go Ice Fishing in the Lyngen Alps with Tour In Lyngenalps Complete with ice drill, fishing rods and lures venture on to the frozen lake to try to catch a fish or two, including the elusive arctic char. Hot drinks and food around a campfire add to the feeling of being in the wilderness. Rica Ishavshotel

Included: Warm clothes, fishing equipment, hot drink, hot meal

NOK 1595/ NOK 798

7 hours

Tour in Lyngenalps


Go Fishing in the Blue Light Hour with Sørøya Havfiskecruise Exciting fishing trip on the catamaran MB Havcruise to some of the area’s best fishing grounds. The hosts´ extensive knowledge and experience will give you a memorable and exclusive fishing trip on a confortable and warm boat. Eat your own catch for lunch. Suitable for all ages. Downtown harbour Sørøya Havfiskecruise

Included: Fishing tackle, home-made fish meal from today’s catch, coffee/tea, heated saloon, viewing deck, flotation suit

3 hours

NOK 1300/ NOK 650




A Day on the Ice in Nordreisa with Boreal Opplelveser Scenic flight (25 min) from Tromsø, north across the Lyngen Alps to Storslett. Local guides drive you over a spectacular mountain pass before crossing Norway’s second largest tidal stream. Enter the frozen fjord on snowshoes and walk for 15 gentle minutes to our destination, a little island. Enjoy the chance to drive a snowmobile, try ice fishing for cod and haddock and look for eagles, which you might encounter quite close. The way back passes by a frozen waterfall. Return by Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) and look out for the Northern Lights on the trip back to Tromsø. Tromsø Airport

Included: Transport (plane/Coastal Steamer, minivan), warm clothes, lunch, hot drinks, cookies, equipment

14 hours

NOK 3500/ NOK 1990

Boreal Opplevelser


Ice-Fishing and Snowshoeing with Guide Gunnar For an easy and fun-filled way to find a nice lake to try ice-fishing. GuideGunnar helps you master snowshoeing. Try your luck and patience while admiring the scenery. If you don’t catch your own lunch, there is something else provided! Tromsø Domkirke

Included: Snowshoes, poles, fishing tackle, fish meal, sweet snack, hot drink, transfer (45 min one way)

7 hours

NOK 1350



Fishing-trip to Rya on MS Leone (from 10.09 – MON only) MS Leone offers you an exclusive fishing trip to the famous fishing area of Rya outside Tromsø. The boat is comfortable with a heated saloon. If you are lucky you might even get a glimpse of the musk oxen. Downtown harbour

Included: Fishing equipment, coffee/tea, hot fish meal

3 hours

NOK 990/ NOK 891/ NOK 495

MS Leone

On request

Winter fishing in Lyngen with Tour in Lyngenalps (Min. 3 people) Come on a winter-fishing tour by boat to the Lyngen Alps. We drive from Tromsø to Lyngen, where the boat is waiting. The boat is solid and has everything you need for winter fishing, including a heated saloon to keep you warm. We will travel by boat to excellent fishing grounds and rich bird life including sea eagles, among the majestic Lyngen Alps. Rica Ishavshotel Tour In Lyngenalps

Included: Guide, fish meal, hot drink, warm clothes, safety equipment, transfer (90 min one way)

8 hours

NOK 2195







Embrace The Aurora A must do activity for all Northern Lights enthusiasts. Get a grip of Aurora physics and learn more about the Aurora myths. Try making your own Northern Lights in the plasma chamber. Enjoy a guided tour and a beautiful picture show – plus a free gift. Note: To be booked at least 24 hours in advance. *Opening hours weekends: Sat 12 – 15, Sun 11 – 16 Tromsø University Museum

Included: Mini-lecture, diploma, admission to all exhibits at Tromsø Museum and Polar Museum

1-2 hrs

NOK 250

Tromsø University Museum


Visit Polaria and watch the film «Northern Lights in Arctic Norway» Visit Polaria and enjoy the film “Northern Lights in Arctic Norway” as well as a walk along the “Arctic Walkway” where you can experience firsthand some elements of Arctic nature – a winter storm, a dozing polar bear, the tundra and an Arctic aquarium with live seals and the Aurora (Northern Lights). The film is included in the admission fee for Polaria. Polaria

15 min.

Prices for 2013

NOK 120/ NOK 60



Experience the Northern Lights in Norway’s largest planetarium Visit Norway’s largest planetarium with film screenings every day, including “Experience the Northern Lights”, a planetarium film where a lot of the Northern Lights footage is from the Tromsø region. The film is included in the admission fee for the Science Centre. The Science Centre of N. Norway

25-60 min

*2013-prices to be confirmed

NOK 90*/ NOK 50*

The Science Centre of Northern Norway


Arctic Jeep Safari to Lyngen with Arctic Pathfinder Our local guide picks you up at your hotel and takes you on an Arctic jeep safari to spectacular Lyngen. A tour full of fjords, mountains and many photo stops. Dress warmly. Native guide. City centre hotels Arctic Pathfinder

Included: Transport, guide, ferry, hot drink, light meal

8 hours

NOK 1950



Guided visit by bus to Polar Zoo (FRI) It is our pleasure to invite you on a guided tour by minibus or bus to Polar Zoo, one of Northern Norway’s most popular tourist attractions and well known as the world’s northernmost zoo. Situated among wild and breathtaking nature, Polar Zoo places major emphasis on animal welfare and the animals have large areas in order to make their situation in captivity as natural as possible. The zoo features species including brown bear, moose, reindeer, lynx, wolverine and polar fox, all of which are natural inhabitants north of the Arctic Circle. Our greatest attraction is the Wolf Camp, where visitors can have an up-close-and-personal encounter with the wolves inside the enclosure. Café. Tromsø Tourist Information Office

Included: Entrance to Polar Zoo, guide/driver, transfer (3 hours one way)

9 hours

NOK 1150

Polar Zoo


Autumn walks - colourful walks before darkness (01.10-30.11) Late autumn around Tromso is the best time to see how nature prepares for a long, dark winter. When most people prefer to stay around the wood-fired ovens, we offer you a chance to experience nature at its wildest. It can be a sunny day with flamboyant colours of birches or a stormy, greyish, scary landscape around you. In the event of early snowfall, the same trip is available using snowshoes. Tromsø Tourist Information Office

Included: Guide, hot drink, cake, oranges and transport

5 hours

NOK 500/ NOK 400/ NOK 250

Green Fox Guiding


Tromsø City Sightseeing by minibus (20.01-20.03) Informative and interesting sightseeing trip by minibus through the city centre of Tromsø. Hear facts and funny stories while seeing many different sights. The bus will also take you to the Arctic Cathedral and the Cable Car on request. Tromsø Tourist Information Office

Included: Commentary in English and German, transportation

30 min

NOK 100/ NOK 50



Arctic Jeep Safari to Ersfjord and Vengsøy with Arctic Pathfinder Your local guide picks you up at your hotel and takes you on an Arctic jeep safari to Esfjorden, surrounded by steep and narrow mountains, before continuing towards the coast to catch the ferry to the island of Vengsøy. We will stay on board the ferry. Dress warmly. Native guide. City centre hotels Arctic Pathfinder

Included: Transport, guide, ferry, hot drink, light meal

6 hours

NOK 1650




WELCOME TO TROMSØ isl dolore magnibh

For booking online and more information: Further contact information: Phone: +47 77 61 00 00 (Mon-Fri 09.00 – 16.00) Booking conditions (unless otherwise specified) • The tours can be booked at short notice at or Tromsø Tourist Information Office. You may also contact the provider directly. • Pick-ups/transfers are included. All transfer times are stated on a per-way basis. • The price is per person, based on a minimum of two people. • Children’s prices apply for 12 years and under. • All tours are subject to availability and cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. • The providers are responsible for quality and safety. • All included meals are meat/fish based. Please state special food requirements when booking. • Pre-booked tours need to be cancelled 7 days prior to departure for a full refund. Please read our complete booking conditions on Visit Tromsø-region disclaim liability for any errors or changes. The editorial deadline was September 2012.


Tromsø CIR




Daytime winter activities Tromsø 12-13  

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