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Arctic Jeep Safari – to Ersfjord and Vengsøy Our local guide picks you up at your hotel and takes you on an Arctic jeep safari to Ersfjorden surrounded by steep and narrow mountains, before continuing towards the coast with ferry to the island of Vengsøy. We will stay onboard the ferry. Dress warmly. Radisson Blu Hotel

Transport, guide, ferry, hot drink, light meal

6 hours

NOK 1650

Arctic Pathfinder



A Taste of North Norwegian Seafood Guided bus trip to the beautiful island of Kvaløya, where the company Rya Produkter is located. Rya Produkter is known for its excellent seafood. Some samples will be served and you can buy some to take home – enjoy. (Min. 5 people. Mo-Fr) Rica Ishavshotel

Included: Transport, guide, hot drink

2 hours

NOK 650/ NOK 325

Tromsø Friluftsenter



Senja-24 hours You will be picked up at the Express boat terminal in Finnsnes, and the trip continues by car to the most spectacular part of Senja. We stay in comfort at Posthuset Expedition Lodge, situated right at the shoreline of the Skaland. The menu features local culinary experiences and exciting stories from Senja. Activities include mountain hiking, a fjord tour and a visit to spectacular sites on the outer side of Senja. In the expedition boat, we explore the bay and go ashore on one of the idyllic islands.
 Tromsø Express boat harbour

Included: Transport (express boat not included), accommodation, guide, activities, all meals

24 hours

NOK 2700

Basecamp Senja



Photo Discovery of Tromsø in Summer (15.05-01.08.) Experience the real Tromsø together with a professional artist and photographer. Look at backstreets, meeting points and palm-filled parking lots where traditional wooden architecture clashes with modern glass and steel – surrounded by mountains and fjords. Anecdotes of Tromsø are as plentiful as the many photo opportunities. All types of cameras will do, even your mobile phone. Radisson Blu Hotel

1.5 hours

Family price on request

NOK 150

Creative Vacations



Fjord Excursion to Norwegian Fjords by Car – Evening (01.05-19.09.) Fjords and photography! Join a comfortable road trip to our amazing Norwegian fjords. We drive around with a small group, making many stops all over to take pictures and admire the stunning fjords. This is a trip where we have collected the best of the best landscapes, and other exciting experiences. We have long breaks at different places, see how people live along the coast, eat snacks, and have a good time. We show you places you would have trouble finding on your own. Clarion Collection Hotel Arctic Explorers

Included: Transport, guide, snacks, warm clothes, tripod

4-6 hours

NOK 1020


Summer activities Tromsø 2013  

Kayaking, hiking, culture and boat trips - available from mid May until August

Summer activities Tromsø 2013  

Kayaking, hiking, culture and boat trips - available from mid May until August