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Olympian Tia-Clair Toomey gives us an insight to her journey to Rio

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Know your risk The Pink Hope online assessment tool will help you determine your risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer based on your family health history.


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Welcome to Issue 3 of Active Women Magazine and the last for 2016.

members Bianca Ballinger, Michelle Knight and our special INBA feature with mum, Katie Thomson.

What an amazing year 2016 has been, with the launch of Active Women Magazine and my dream of creating an online publication inspiring women across the world to live their healthiest and fittest lifestyle.

Whilst we have our finance guru Jodie Nolan showing how we can still eat clean on a budget, Erin Ashley talking to us about Injuries and how we can prevent them and some other pretty special articles around building fitness into your family, tapping into our emotion for behaviour change, the best fitness holidays, and how to learn from Mother Nature.

I feel extremely grateful to be working alongside all of our amazing Active Women Squad professionals who are full of inspiring knowledge of health, fitness and wellness. This magazine could not be possible without them. Can I ask you a favour? We would love to show some support for our Active Women Squad; would you please go ahead and follow their Instagram page and Like their Facebook page. So what is in store for Issue 3? With an amazing Cover Story; Tia-Clair Toomey our Australian weightlifting Olympian and twotime 2nd place finisher at The CrossFit Games, this gives her the title of The Fittest Woman in Australia. I was lucky enough to travel to Gladstone, QLD, Tia’s home town and spend the day with her watching her coach her clients at CrossFit Gladstone, watching her train and sitting down to find out about her childhood, career and her future. To find out more about Tia’s story and how she managed to compete at the CrossFit Games in 2016 and 8 days later compete at the Rio Olympics, then take a look at our Cover Story. You are going to love the body building, sports model, physique competition theme that we have going on thanks to our Active Women Squad

Christmas is nearly upon us and we have joined forces with some amazing brands to bring you 15 Days of Christmas Giveaways - perfect for that Christmas gift for a friend or family member. From the 9th December we will be giving away one health, fitness or wellness product everyday until 23rd December. So make sure you check out the Christmas Giveaways page and go over and follow us on social media (Instagram and Facebook) so you don’t miss out on any notifications on each giveaway daily. Speaking of Christmas make sure you have a look at Deliciously Cleans special Christmas recipes! Issue 3 has been so fun to put together for you to read and be inspired to keep healthy and keep fit over the festive season. I hope you love it as much as I do! Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Here’s to 2017 being bigger and better than ever for us all.

Sammy x

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eat clean


on a tight budget


ne of the biggest hurdles to always eating clean for many people is affordability, and at Active Woman Magazine our readers often ask us ‘how can I afford to eat clean on a tight budget?’ We know that eating well can often be the biggest investment in ongoing good health, but exactly how can we work smarter to stretch our hardearned dollar further? We’ve put together 7 strategies to get more ‘bang for buck’ from your groceries budget: 1. MEAL PLAN This sounds obvious, but sticking to a meal plan of what you will eat in the week ahead ensures you are not only buying just the ingredients you need (avoiding expensive waste), but assists in saving money by planning meals when either quality meat is on sale or seasonal produce (which is often cheaper again) is readily available. Cooking up a storm once a week; freezing the meals, or turning them into creative leftovers is ideal for busy people. So too is the slow cooker meals and recipes that allow for the use of cheaper cuts of meat and yet still provide amazing nutrition and flavour. 2. BUY IN BULK Consider asking a friend or family member who can share a bulk purchase with you. You can save as much as 50 per cent on a bulk buy, as opposed to a smaller ‘price-per-unit’ purchase. Just as you’ll find retail stores offering bulk purchase, there are several online retailers that offer healthy, unprocessed foods for up to 50% cheaper too. By registering with them you get access to daily discounts or deals, and the products are often delivered straight to your door. If you have the pantry space, buying staples such as flour, rice and oils is a good way to save too. Favourites such as quality coconut oil, nuts and


seeds can be brought online at various outlets too offering large discounts and free shipping for bulk orders. Buy your meat cuts in bulk, from an organic butcher if possible, split into meal size portions and freeze. If you are very budget conscious, consider eating smaller portions of excellent quality meats, poultry and fish and then add lentils, beans or vegetables to nutritiously bulk them out. Experiment with cheaper cuts of organic meat by slow cooking and then using the same ingredient different ways i.e.. leftover roast chicken could become soup, broth or chicken stir-fry or casserole. 3. BUY ‘IN SEASON’ FRUIT AND VEGETABLES Ideally, sourcing your produce from a farmer’s market will ensure you are not only buying quality ‘paddock to plate’ fruits and vegetables, but you are supporting local farmers and their families. Buying direct removes the ‘middleman’ which means you get it cheaper, and you know where your food came from. Buying fruits and vegetables when they are inseason and readily available is also ideal as they are often cheaper and fresh to the store. Avoiding ‘packaged, pre-cut & ready to serve’ produce means you need to prepare the food yourself, but you save handsomely on pre-package price and know exactly what is in your food. Produce sold this way might be convenient, but can be exposed to packaging practices to keep a longer shelf life so always read your labels. Where possible, shop the ‘seconds’ in the fruit/ vegetable shops. It might not look pretty, but it will taste the same and inevitably save you money.

finance 4. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FROZEN CONVENIENCE Frozen fruits and vegetables can be a great, affordable option when it comes to eating clean on a budget. Depending on the produce (summer or winter), frozen can sometimes be more nutritious than the fresh vegetables and fruits. In this way, they get picked & flash frozen at the peak of ripeness, so there’s very little time for the produce nutrients to deteriorate from any air exposure. Buying your produce when in season & freezing in meal portions can go a long way to help with the budget, especially freezing expensive organic cheeses, fresh herbs or juicing citrus to freeze when it’s cheap and plentiful. Many vegetables can be cut up, separated in zip lock bags and frozen. Try and buy quality Milk, Coconut Water and Cheese on sale as you can often freeze these items for later use 5. GROW, MAKE, PRESERVE OR FERMENT YOUR OWN FOOD Grow your own vegetable or herb gardens. Even a small pot of various herbs on a balcony can end up saving you money. Consider making your own simple salad dressings and sauces, it saves on the expense of costly condiments, but you’ll avoid all the preservatives, sugar and sodium too. When you have access to plentiful, affordable fruits & vegetables consider learning how to ferment or preserve them. You can create your own Sauerkraut with Cabbage or Kombucha with

different fruits. Fermenting produce yourself is not only great for your gut health, but saves you money by buying a pre-packaged version. When tomatoes are in excess, cook up large amounts of tomato bolognese that you can freeze in batches and add to any dish. 6. YOU DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO GO ‘ORGANIC’ - KNOW WHEN TO SKIP ORGANIC Eating organic can often be the most expensive part of a budgeting dilemma. If you are conscientious about the foods you are consuming and trying to stay clear of the residue of nasty pesticides on fruit and vegetables, going ‘organic’ seems the best choice every-time. This choice though can sometimes have a nasty effect on a tight budget as organic is often equated with ‘more expensive’ to produce and a premium is added to the price. Consider educating yourself on the Australian lists for ‘Dirty Dozen’ and ‘Clean 15’, which can help steer you in the direction of what produce potentially contains the toxic substances. In the instance that foods are potentially exposed to pesticides, genetic modification or synthetic fertiliser, you might then insist on paying the premium for certified organic produce. am



ROAST PUMPKIN, HALOUMI & POMEGRANATE SALAD WITH MINTED YOGHURT SERVES 4 Salad 200g Rocket 1/2 C Mint Leaves 600g Jap Pumpkin chopped into 3cm wedges (leave the skin on) 1 Pomegranate deseeded 200g Haloumi - thickly sliced 1/4 Cup Slithered Almonds - toasted Minted Yoghurt Natural Yoghurt 1 Tbls roughly chopped Mint Juice of half a Lemon Salt n Pepper to season




1 Preheat oven to 200 degrees celsius. 2 Line a large baking tray with baking paper. 3 Place pumpkin on the lined baking tray and spray with Olive Oil Spray. 4 Season and roast for 25 minutes or until golden. 5 Combine Minted Yoghurt ingredients in a bowl and set aside. 6 On medium heat, warm up a non-stick fry pan. 7 Lightly spray with Olive Oil. 8 Cooking Haloumi for a few minutes each side until lightly golden. 9 Remove from fry pan and drain excess oil on paper towel. ASSEMBLE SALAD (Recommended to assemble in layers) Arrange half the rocket & mint on a serving platter. Add half the pumpkin, pomegranate seeds & haloumi. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Top with slithered almonds and dollops of minted yoghurt. TIPS This is a great festive season salad to take to a bbq.



500g Turkey Mince (You could also use Chicken if you don’t like Turkey or can’t find it) Half a Jar of Cranberry Sauce 1 medium Zucchini - grated 1 tsp onion Powder 1 tsp garlic Powder 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp black pepper 1 Tbls of freshly chopped Rosemary

1 Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl. 2 Preheat a Frypan to a medium heat. 3 Lightly grease with Olive Oil or Coconut Spray. 4 Scoop approximately 1/3 C size of Patty mixture. 5 Roll in your hands then gently flatten. 6 Top with the stock & bring to a simmer 7 Place Patties into the frypan and cook for 4 mins each side. 8 Be patient and keep the temp med-low so you don’t burn the outsides. TIPS These are super easy to make and are a perfect protein snack to have ready in the fridge. Serve them with Sweet Potato Mash and Greens as a meal. Put them in a Mountain bread wrap with Rocket, Cucumber & Garlic Yoghurt. Great for kids lunch boxes. Double the recipe so you have plenty of leftovers



FESTIVE ICECREAM SERVES 8 - 10 2 Lt of good quality vanilla ice-cream or gelato (You could substitute Coconut Yoghurt to make this Dairy Free) 1/2 Cup Pistachios 1/2 Cup Frozen raspberries 3/4 Cup roasted macadamia Nuts 1/2 Cup of dark Chocolate Chips (I prefer the No Sugar Added 70% Dark Chocolate Chips) 2 tsp of Vanilla Bean Paste 1 Allow ice-cream to sit outside the freezer for 5 mins to slightly soften. 2 Line a loaf pan with triple layered glad wrap. Making sure you have plenty of extra overhang. 3 Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix until combined. TIP You will need to work quickly so that the ice-cream doesn’t melt. 4 Spoon into the prepared loaf tin. Cover with the extra glad wrap. 5 Set in freezer for 4 hours or overnight. 6 Serve alongside your favourite Christmas desserts.


You’re almost there..

Chr istmas Giveaways! 8

cover story



real it y into


Australia’s fittest woman and Olympic weightlifter Tia-Clair Toomey shares her story


walked out of CrossFit Gladstone, in awe of the 2nd fittest woman on earth, after an amazing day watching the athletic Tia-Clair Toomey coach and train before sitting down with her to find out who Is Tia-Clair Toomey and how she has become Australia’s fittest woman.


cover story I walked out of CrossFit Gladstone, in awe of the 2nd fittest woman on earth, after an amazing day watching the athletic Tia-Clair Toomey coach and train before sitting down with her to find out who Is Tia-Clair Toomey and how she has become Australia’s fittest woman. “I was born and grew up on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland with my two younger sisters, my mum and my dad” As Tia boasted about her family I could tell that these were the people who mattered most to her in her life. In 2008 Tia headed off to boarding school, Townsville Grammar, to finish high school. “Being a big family person I was easily homesick, but I found my independence from being away.” “I studied hard to get myself into QUT so I could be closer to my grandparents, they mean the absolute world to me so this was very important” “Initially I was looking into studying Midwifery, but I decided to do nursing and exercise and movement science as I could use these towards a stepping stone to midwifery down the track”. How her world has changed in a matter of 5 years. Tia’s partner Shane has been by her side since she was 15 years old. They are true soulmates and as Tia explains “Shane is my biggest supporter, I couldn’t do any of this without him” Tia decided that University wasn’t for her, perhaps this was the biggest game changer of her life, but she decided to move to Gladstone with Shane and become a dental assistant. After 18 months in that role she moved on to work for Rio Tinto as a lab technician in July 2012. “I also got my Personal Training

qualifications during this time” “In 2013 I decided to give this CrossFit thing a go and get myself back into running as I had stopped since high school” In High School Tia was an excellent 800m, 1500m runner and 400m hurdler. And she wanted to get back to that fitness level. Tia explained her first encounter with her Olympic dream. “One day after school around the hype of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, I got in the car and told my mum, One day I am going to go to the Olympics. Mum completely dismissed the matter with a, ‘oh that’s great honey’. ” Tia and CrossFit weren’t a match made in heaven to begin with, “I actually really hated it at the beginning. I thought I was really fit until I started CrossFit.” “My squat wasn’t low enough or my movements were only half movements so I found it really challenging when I started” Tia’s mentality to exercise is to get it done and be good at it all. “I wanted to improve and I ended up being told that I couldn’t come twice a day because I was going to hurt myself, and of course I just wanted to prove them wrong.” Tia followed the ‘rules’ set out for her and focused on improving her weaknesses. “I found that the weightlifting component of CrossFit was my biggest weakness so I really worked on improving this” Tia tells me, “After 5 months I did my first individual competition in Brisbane, and this really allowed me to realise how much more I needed to improve to become better at it.”

The only way Tia could improve her weightlifting was to be coached specifically for Olympic weightlifting movements. As she continued to train, eat, sleep and improve beyond any regular day to day CrossFitters belief, she made the CrossFit Regionals in 2014. “I came 14th” proclaimed Tia, “but it wasn’t until March 2015 that I decided that I was going to make sure I would make it to the CrossFit Games. Tia became involved in the business end of CrossFit Gladstone in 2014, and bought into it and has owned the gym with Shane since the beginning of 2015. “This gave me an opportunity to put my everything into my CrossFit and my weightlifting career.” 2015 CrossFit Games and the Australian rookie had a consistent track of results over the five days of gruelling workout after workout and she came 2nd. “I was stoked to have come 2nd, I was not expecting to come 2nd at all.” Tia’s 2016 CrossFit Games campaign was so similar but yet so different. “I always wanted to be better than I was yesterday” At the end of the CrossFit Games in 2016 Tia Toomey & Katrin Davidsdottir were waiting to hear the results. “It was the longest 10 minutes of my life” Not only do they get rewarded with the title of Fittest Woman on Earth but they also receive $250,000, so I can only imagine the feeling Tia was going through at that time. Tia was announced as the 2nd Fittest Woman on Earth. “I was so honoured to be on the podium in 2016 but I was so gutted at the same time. In 2015 I

“The day I walked into my first weightlifting gym, I decided I would go to the Olympics for weightlifting.” - This was in 2013. 10

cover story was crying because I was so happy to have finished 2nd, but in 2016 I was crying because I was so upset.” Tia describes her feelings post the CrossFit Games “I felt like I had failed Shane, he put me before everything. He works shift work to ensure we can have this life and so I can put my everything into my training” So what was it that went wrong for Tia in 2016? “I was the most consistent athlete at the CrossFit Games and it didn’t work out for me, you can be the most consistent but you are still not going to come first” She continues “Consistency does not come into it when you want to be the best. You need to be up the top winning workouts to come first at the CrossFit Games.” “The entire weekend is about how mentally strong you are to get through the five days.” The fire and anger in Tia’s belly to get back there in 2017 and win, “I definitely have a lot”. “There are so many elements that could go wrong during a workout.”

“So long as you can finish a workout and know that you have put your everything into it then that is all”that matters” So whilst preparing herself mentally and physically for the CrossFit Games, Tia was also qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympics and preparing all the same. “There was only 8 days between finishing the CrossFit Games and the Rio Olympics with only 4 days of rest”


I asked Tia how she prepared for her Olympics campaign. She went on tell me “It was really hard, after the CrossFit Games had finished and having to fly down to Brazil, my emotions were running high. I was full of adrenaline and still very upset from my CrossFit games campaign. When I arrived in Rio I decided that it is what it is and I had to keep going. I realised that the Olympics are here and this was my big dream, and it is why I have been working my butt off to get here, and here I am.” “I felt like I had set this goal, and I can finally tick it off. It’s been a long time coming” Tia finished 14th at the Rio Olympics. “I never intended to podium at the Olympic Games, I really just wanted to make it there” “I had the best preparation I could possibly ask for leading into the Olympics. My body weight was on point and everything was amazing. Shane, my mum and my grandma were there in the crowd but by having them there I ended up putting all this pressure on myself to PB.” Tia’s final results at the Olympics was with an 82kg Snatch and a 107kg Clean and Jerk after missing her 112kg attempt. “I wasn’t very happy with my results overall because I know I am capable of more. However I did the best that anyone in Australia could have done so I am happy” Tia received some fairly negative feedback and media attention during the CrossFit and Olympic Games from a sports journalist. “I was on the platform, I was uninjured and I did the best I could on the day. Everyone thought I would be injured after the CrossFit Games and was so happy I proved them wrong”

“I don’t have the time or energy to waste on negativity. I was more upset at the fact that my mum and my grandma read that article and they were hurt and upset by it. That article in particular showed me how much support I actually have. The media went nuts and stood up for me and it was incredible.” Next step for Tia is to prepare for the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, Australia in 2018. “It would be amazing to go to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics but that isn’t on my radar just yet” Tia believes that Nutrition is the number one priority to an elite athlete’s performance and growth. “I train everyday but it is the 1 percenters outside the gym that count the most. Your sleep, nutrition, and mobilisation are so important.” “You are what you eat. If you don’t feed your body full of the right nutrients I can guarantee you won’t be able to live life to the fullest” Tia explains. The Paleo, the whole 30 and the zone diets are all widely discussed and opinionated on but for Tia those diets don’t actually work for her. “Those diets are all meant to help people progress with their goals and it absolutely works for some but as an elite athlete I need to be able to feed my body a lot more so that it is able to recover and digest a lot quicker” As with most elite or aspiring athletes and crossfitters, timing your meals is essential for energy purposes and for Tia it is much the same. “Ninety minutes pre training I ensure I have a snack and then immediately post training I consume a post training recovery meal, which sometimes can include a protein supplement of whey protein as well as chicken and vegetables.”

cover story Tia tells us about the importance of her nutrition during her 2016 CrossFit Games, “Your diet throughout your preparation of your season could make or break your competition. I look back at my last season and would say that it was my diet that cost me 1st place. It was my diet that cost me $250,000. All I need to do is eat healthy and I am rewarded with the benefits of eating healthy, but also my performance being on point” So how can this woman start CrossFit & professional weightlifting 3 years ago and make the Olympics? Is there hope for us all? She is a rare human being and although Tia agrees with me that genetics would play a part to why someone is successful at sports but it is absolutely not everything. “When I left University I knew I was leaving my career, and it was at that moment that I realised that I’m not doing anything with my life. And to top it off I had just wasted all of that money my mum and dad have spent on sending me to a private boarding school, and I am a failure. That failure feeling was horrible. Not only did I

“Now my mum can brag that she has an Olympian daughter and not many people can do that”

proud to be a part of their lives as she is to have them a part of hers. Her relationship with her two younger sisters is stronger than ever and she mentions them multiple times during our conversation. “I want to be able to show my younger sisters that they can grow and be anything they want. I was so proud to be able to do that in 2015 and 2016” Tia tells me the story of her grandfather before he passed and it truly touched my heart to know that she satisfied him with her achievements before he went to other side. “My grandparents were a huge part of my life and when my pop was sick at the beginning of the year, we called him and visited to keep him updated with what was going on in our lives. When I made it to the CrossFit games he was so proud and it made his day when I told him. Then the week I was going to Fiji to qualify for the Olympics, Shane proposed to me. I called him to let him know and he was so happy.” By this stage, Tia’s pop was becoming even more sick and he was holding on by just a thread. Tia and her family were wondering why he was hanging on whilst he was in so much pain. Although she never wanted to see him pass, she just wanted him to be out of pain.

let myself down but I let my parents down, my family down and I let Shane down. I was embarrassed for them.” When Tia found CrossFit, she found a way in and an opportunity to turn that failure feeling around.

“When I qualified for Rio, as soon as I landed back in Australia I called pop straight away to let him know. Three days later he passed away. It was like he was waiting for that moment to find out that I was living my childhood dream and then he let go.” This story shows just how important and meaningful Tia’s family is to her, and is a huge reason for her success.

Tia’s relationship and love for her family and her partner Shane, it oozes out of her. She is honestly so

So what is next for Tia-Clair Toomey? “I am definitely interacting with my followers a lot more and showcasing

me as an athlete through my social media platforms whilst helping others with small fitness video workouts and tips. I work directly with Reebok, and would love to look at a Tia Toomey line also” Competition wise, Tia is off to Canada to compete with the Pacific team who will be up against Canada, United States and Europe in November 2016.


AWM: What inspires you? TIA: When I see people emotionally

getting through challenges. Not just in the gym but in day to day life it is so inspiring to see someone overcome their fear and it makes you realise just how lucky you are as a person and how easy it can be for some compared to others. A big thing for me is to be able to inspire the younger generation and especially my sisters. I want my sisters to be able to grow, set goals, achieve them, all the while I am right beside them supporting them with every step of the way. AWM: What motivates you? TIA: Shane does, he is always there

constantly bettering me. Shane, my family, my coaches and my friends; they are the people behind me, supporting me and sacrificing so much. That motivates me, to not only fulfil it for them but also for me! AWM: What are one or two things not

many people know about you? TIA: I am addicted to chocolate. I could easily eat three packets of MnM’s in one sitting. I also get very jealous when boys beat me at lifts.

What an amazing woman Tia-Clair Toomey is. She is humble, grateful, supportive, ridiculously fit and strong and her abs, insane!!!



Best of luck to Tia from the AWM team on her career. With determination like hers, she is going to go far. Keep a look out for Tia at the 2017 CrossFit games and 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast! We will be supporting you all the way. “If my career ended here, I would be extremely satisfied� the 23 year old told me as she sat quite proud of her own achievements. Although we both know her career was far from ending, it is just the beginning. am

C ur rent P B Lifts

Back Squat 150 kg Clean 115kg Clean and Jerk 113kg Deadlift 178kg Front Squat 132 kg Snatch 87.5kg

A day in t he l ife of Tia

Breakfast Oa ts mixed with pro tein powder & ho Morning Tea ney Paleo bar Lunch A piece of meat with ve ggies Afternoon Te a Nuts and som e Greek yoghu Dinner A piece rt of meat with ve g g ie s Trains 3-4 hou rs a day Food Weakne ss Muffins and chocolate Favourite part of Training G ymnastic skill w Least Favouri ork te part of Tra ining Squatting


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Xpe eriences H Q Xperiences HQ 270 Oce ean Drive, Drive, Tw win Waters Ocean Twin www xperiences com au


aw squad


Pay Attent ion



oes this sound familiar to you? You’re on track towards your athletic goal, feeling motivated, inspired and ready to give it your all. Then, just when you think you’ve got it in the bag…you suffer an injury before you’ve even made it to the start line. If this has happened to you then you’ll understand how frustrating and disappointing it can feel to be held back on what could have potentially been your best performance yet. And not only can it feel debilitating physically - it can take it’s toll mentally and emotionally too. If you want to get back up and running quicker, read on. Life is full of change. In fact it’s the one thing in life you can absolutely count on! Often change comes about in unexpected ways that can take us by surprise, like an injury. And no matter how much you plan for things to go a certain way, sometimes life has a funny way of actually turning out. And while it’s important for your own personal and athletic development to plan ahead and have goals to work towards,


sometimes we can get so fixated on the actual goal that we can feel hard done by if something unpleasant happens along the journey. Did you know that how you think and feel about any kind of injury and associated pain along your athletic journey can determine your healing time? And that when we try to ignore the injury or pain, or try to push it out of mind or resist ‘what is’, we tend to suffer more in the physical sense (a longer healing time), and mentally and emotionally as a result of stress. The secret to managing any kind of injury and pain on the way towards your athletic goal is…to face it. Observe it. Pay attention to it. Get really curious about the injury and the area of pain. A great way to do this is through a mindfulness meditation known as the Body Scan. It’s like heading on an inward journey; a scientific exploration if you like, on which you’ll leave any preconceived ideas behind about what you might find or what you might have previously felt.

HERE’S HOW TO DO IT: • Set aside ten minutes in a quiet space, preferably laying down. • Close the eyes, and let the awareness rest on the breath. • After a few minutes, let the breath feature in the background of the mind as you start to scan the body beginning at the toes and working your way towards the point of injury. • Once you reach the injured area, rest the awareness here and notice what you feel in your breath, body and emotions. Be particularly curious about any thoughts that arise, without getting stuck in the story of the thought. • Finish scanning the remainder of the body, and then spend a few minutes breathing with the body as a whole. You see, when you invest time in ‘befriending’ the pain rather than feeling frustrated by it, not only is your perspective of the injury likely to be more positive (which simply feels better!) but it’s also a boost to the immune system. And yes, this equates to improved healing times! Worth trying, right? am

aw squad

n. .

Download Erin’s free 10-minute body scan meditation at


aw squad

How to learn from the

her O ldest Mot EVER



aw squad


es, you read that right. What if I told you that the oldest mother ever wanted to share her secrets with us and all we had to do was listen?

You may be a little doubtful, maybe even a little distrustful but I promise, I’m speaking the complete truth and you will be surprised at how many of us are simply not listening. Mother Nature has been taking care of all of her children long before any of us or our adorable children came on the scene and she’s been doing a very good job at it as well. Why we’re not listening to her wisdom is a little baffling but if you’re ready to learn from this awesome Mother, let’s get started! Natural is the best Health is down pat, the most important attribute in all of our lives and as mothers, we want nothing more than to ensure the safety of our own little tiny tots with some of us going to great lengths in ensuring our children are as healthy and happy as possible. Unfortunately however, staying healthy can also be quite expensive which is why I am a strong advocate for prevention rather than cure. I think it is the best possible option for my family and I to stay healthy all the time rather than waste my energy and precious time trying to cure ourselves from niggling ailments or injuries. This brings me to the next point - the use of Organic and/ or Natural products. What we put on and into our bodies is extremely important when it comes to taking care of our families. As the news of Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Powder’s Cancer scare hits our shores, it has only added to the list of issues products made up of chemical substances have caused over the years. When large corporations that countless women have relied upon for decades to take care of our most precious belongings ever, our children, start coming under the spotlight for potentially life threatening diseases, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Money is pointless if we don’t have our health so maybe it’s time we start thinking about adopting a more natural lifestyle.

CAN NATURE HELP ALLEVIATE OUR CHILDREN’S ALLERGIES? With a significant increase in food allergies developing, more of us are turning to organic alternatives for what we put on our dining table. I am constantly surprised at learning how many mothers out there are busy cooking a plethora of meals for their families in order to cater for all the various allergies different family members are painfully and tiredly struck down with. Which is why it’s a safer bet to use Organic foods and better yet, maybe something you’ve actually grown and handpicked from the garden. There are also a whole lot of options for Organic products available nowadays which means that parents and kids are happy together. Try visiting your local health outlets or community run cooperatives for some inspiration. Who knows, you may never go back to conventional options ever again! Make Mother Nature your Mentor and learn from her Wisdom Mother Nature has been given her name for a reason; she is sacrificing in her very nature and works tirelessly to provide the best there is for all her children and that’s exactly what you do for your family every single day. Mothers are busy, overworked and time poor yet nothing can stop that smile on our face when we see our families happy and healthy, it’s an achievement that’s incomparable. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need a helping hand every now and then, does it? And I cannot think of a better Mother to learn from than our very own planet. There’s a reason everyone’s on the Organic Bandwagon and it is here to stay. Don’t be the last grape on the grapevine, be the example for your family and friends. As clichéd as it sounds, Nature just make sense. It’s the way Mother Nature intended for us to live, naturally, organically. Eat what’s in season and use what’s made by the Earth on your body without chemical intervention, chances are you’ll feel better for it. Always remember to discuss any alterations to your normal routine with your medical practitioner prior to adopting any changes and you’re set. am



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Parkrun feel good Real Life St or y BY KIRSTEN ELLIS


t’s been over a year now since I went crazy and wrote my story that appeared in the last issue and on the Stanthorpe parkrun Facebook page. I want to share with you just what happened as a result of me writing it all down and publishing in a public way! The first thing that happened is I didn’t spontaneously combust. For anyone who has had a severe anxiety attack I think you know what I mean! That feeling that you’re going to implode from the inside? It doesn’t actually happen! Go figure! The next thing that happened is an overwhelming amount of feedback from people literally all over the world, all people who have a similar version of a story just like mine. Not a single person judged me like I thought they all would. Instead, people told me that they had no idea I was going through what I went through, and had no idea I was struggling. Just about everyone could then go on and tell their own story about the time they went through a rough patch in life, a time they didn’t cope very well, a time when they developed anxiety and/or depression. Suddenly, I was no longer alone! Our parkrun family in Stanthorpe continues to be a fabulous support network for me, and being event director and starting a parkrun in my community continues to be the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It’s been my way to recover from anxiety, and recovering is the best feeling of freedom! Since I spoke up, I no longer face anxiety alone. I’ve made new friends who are all part of my support network, and have also met a new wonderful supportive partner! Without the anxiety voice inside my head, it seems so many things are possible in life! “What if I fail?” was the voice always there. Well what if I succeed??!! What if I just give it a go anyway, and see just how far I can go? I had back surgery 10 years ago, laminectomy L4/5 and never even thought I could run again. It’s been 3

years since I lost 40 kg and started running, so just doing that is something I’m proud of. But taking away the “I can’t” changes so many things! This year I completed a full marathon at the Gold Coast, not bad for a crazy fat Mumma! I decided to have a go at swimming, and a few weeks later did a 7.5km swim, just to see how far I could actually go! I also gave a triathlon a go, and completed a sprint distance tri at Coffs Harbour! I expected to have people judging, seeing I’m the odd one out, that I shouldn’t be there. But like parkrun, everyone at Coffs was absolutely lovely, welcoming, and they even gave me a medal for just having a go! I’m off to Kingscliff Olympic tri next month, which is totally crazy but why not have a go? Even if I don’t make it, it doesn’t matter, no one judges, and I can go back and train some more, and try again and again until I do! This is my parkrun story. Parkrun literally got me out of the house, connected me with new positive people, and helped me to recover from mental illness. Why not head down to your local parkrun and discover for yourself just how much support you can find at parkrun? Go and find those people who tell you that they had stuff happen too, and tell you to just give it a go and see how far you can get?! Those people hang out at parkrun. They are the people who have overcome so much to become people they are proud of, and they are my heroes. am


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What to eat




unning is a great way to burn energy, meaning it’s good for people who would like to lose weight as well as be fitter. However, it needs the right energy to burn, and the body will quickly let you know if it hasn’t been fuelled properly when you are out there running. Things like fatigue, wanting to stop, feeling exhausted or even feeling unwell are often related to not having the right fuel in you to get through a 5km run or more. First things first is always fluid. Hydration is very important for runners. If you are trying to run and you haven’t got the required amount of fluid in your system, then the working muscles just won’t work! Muscles love fluid, it plumps them up and they work much more efficiently when they are hydrated. Many people who have trouble running, and feel it’s just too hard are often not hydrated enough and don’t understand why the body will not do what they ask of it. The best way to hydrate is to get the fluids in the day before you run. I call it a double up drinks day. So every time you have a drink you chase it with the same size glass of water. Coffeewater; juice-water; water-water; wine- water, get my drift? This way you have doubled your fluid intake, and when you get up the next morning- one drink and off you go. Trying to drink a lot before you run or even during your run is OK but not as efficient as being topped up the day before. Many people ask me what I eat before I run, or should you eat before a run. I have to have something before I run- if I just take off on a glass of water, about half way through my run, I feel a drop in energy levels and find it hard to get through the rest of the run. I am a morning runner, so running without food is saying to my body ‘you’ve had no energy put in you for over 10 hours and now I am asking you to run 5km for me’, it just won’t work.

Over the years I have perfected my pre run routine; I either have half a glass of juice, or half a banana before I take off. I find both these things digest easily and give me enough energy to get through. However, everyone is different, and I know people who can eat bacon and eggs before a run and not suffer from any digestion issues whilst out running. The best thing is to trial your own pre run foods or drinks. Over a week or two try out a few different things before you run and see what works for you. If you have problems eating before a run, have a drink; fruit juice, coffee, smoothie or even milk is a great energy drink. Sometimes fluid is easier to digest than food. The main thing is to give the body a bit of energy to help it get through when its blood sugar levels drop and it’s screaming for some energy. If you cannot tolerate food before you run, try taking something with you, just in case. You could try dried fruits or an energy gel in your back pocket, then if you feel your energy levels drop you can have something on the run. The thing to remember is running is a high energy activity and the body needs fuel to be able to get through each run. Carbs and Protein are still the best choices for runners when it comes to fuelling the body. But remember carbs are not just all about sugars, breads, rices and pastas. Fruit and Vegetables are a great source of carbs for runners. Eggs, steak and chicken are also fantastic for repairing muscles after a run. My best running dinner is steamed potatoes, pumpkin, corn on the cob and grilled steak- a perfect meal for runners and it’s healthy as well. Happy Running am


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How to build

into your family to create


conf idence & connection


he other day I came home from a trek through the local bush with some friends to find my 11 year old daughter Olivia dressed in her exercise gear. I thought she was waiting for me to come home so we could go for a family bike ride, but instead she told me she had just finished yoga and pilates videos she found on You Tube. I was surprised to say the least! Liv is a pretty active kid but often writes herself off before attempting something because she tells herself she won’t be any good at it. I know a lot of children like this and to be honest I used the same strategy in school to get out of swimming and athletics carnivals. I also didn’t like the way most exercise made my body feel the first few times I tried it. No one told me it got better over time, as did my confidence build the more I did it. The reason I was most surprised by Liv’s exercise choices was because she tells me often that she hates yoga. Liv’s body is pretty tight in certain places and it makes her feel uncomfortable holding stretches. She also hates not being able to do the pose as perfectly as the yoga teacher. I wonder where she got that thinking from? Our own actions have far more impact than we know when it comes to what our kids notice, and I am super aware that I have used the same reasons in the past. I asked her what made her choose to do yoga and pilates and she told me that it would help her get a stronger core which meant her horse riding would improve and she would be able to canter sooner. You see Liv had attached a ‘meaning’ to doing the yoga/pilates workouts. She is very determined to become a dressage rider and she realises that a big part of this


is building a body that is strong and able to manage a horse. She often sits on You Tube watching her favourite riding instructors talk about what it takes to be great at riding, and they must have talked about fitness as a part of this. The reason I’m sharing this with you, and why it links to building fitness into your family is because all too often I think as parents we try to get to kids more active without first thinking about what’s important to them. This isn’t a fault as a parent because we all want the best for our children. However when we are able to tap into what lights them up, and then help them attach movement and exercise to this, fitness becomes something that has a purpose. It also creates a deeper connection with our children because we have conversations about what they love, as opposed to what we think they should be doing. The best way to make sure your kids grow up loving to move is to ask them what lights them up, and then attached a form of exercise or movement to that so they can see a purpose for doing it.

The other way to influence your kids and get them moving more is to ask yourself the same question. The interesting thing is, as women & mothers we often don’t connect a deeper meaning and purpose to our own exercise choices and look for external motivation like wanting to lose weight to fit into a pair of swimmers or lose the baby weight after childbirth to motivate us. One of the most common questions I get asked as a coach is “how do I stay motivated?” My response is always in the form of a question…

“What’s important to you about the thing you want more motivation around?” Is losing weight really just about the bikini or skinny jeans you want to fit into or is it something more? You don’t have to be an elite athlete to attach purpose and meaning to fitness. For many women who tell themselves (or their trainer) they want to lose weight, it isn’t actually about the weight, its about how they want to feel. And the way they want to feel almost always boils down to wanting to feel more confident. Confidence to be able to move differently, stand taller, lift stuff, play with the kids, run a marathon, trek a mountain or even ask for a promotion at work because, body confidence influences our mindset and emotional confidence in a big way. So based on this, here is what I would love to suggest you do, to build fitness, confidence and connection into your family:

1. Start choosing exercises based on what lights you up rather than whether it will result in a smaller number on the scales. 2. Have the same conversation with your kids and help them link movement to their passions. 3. Share your experiences with each other, including the bits about feeling scared, sore, tired, unsure or silly. The thing our kids need to know the most is that everything feels kind of funky and challenging at first, so it’s ok to be this way and still push forward. So in writing this article, I’m committing to heading back to a hip hop class again and giving it another crack because dancing is what really lights me up! What are you going to choose? am

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Tapping into our



for effective behaviour change (and how to teach our children the skills)


s humans, we are driven by our emotions. How we feel in any given moment will set about a range of reactions in the body, that lead us to a place where we choose to do something, OR not do something. Then we add in the busyness of life and consequent autopilot (subconscious) behaviour patterns, and there is little opportunity for us to break habits that we have repeated over a lifetime. The sad reality is that many humans will end their lives with the exact same behaviours as when they began, many of which have not served them well. IN ORDER TO CHANGE WHAT WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE, WE NEED TO: 1. Establish a pattern of self-observation, which allows to acknowledge change is needed in the first place. 2. Once aware of what we are doing subconsciously and repetitively, we need to choose to learn more about the area we would like to change. Using the Neocortex of the brain, we establish a new set of neural connections on which we can strengthen over time. This step is usually the missing link when someone chooses a diet. Simply following something without the learning associated on why and how, will result in the person ending up back at square one as soon as life comes back to baseline (and with added feeling of failure!) 3. Once we are motivated by a new reason to change and know why and how (the learning), we are able to use our conscious brain to repeat and personalise the experience in order for us to remember it. The limbic brain comes into play, as it links emotion with the behaviour (and remember how we are driven everyday….yes, emotions!). Through this repetition and personalisation, we strengthen that new neural pathway from the learning, until it becomes the new auto-pilot. The new emotion created, certainly needs to be a positive on for the habit to stick. This is the most challenging step for most, because we often associate change as taking something away (negative emotion) Plus, we only use up to 5% of our conscious mind, and if we haven’t mastered Step 1 – Self Observation, we are unable to create constant awareness to repeat this new behaviour often enough to change for life.


TIPS: Educational and behavioural coaching is key for the first two steps, and in creating accountability for applying the new behaviour regularly. Aromatic anchoring is also an exceptional way to elicit a positive emotion around a new behaviour so as to drive the response more powerfully. This works perfectly for adults and children. 4. And finally as we have mastered the steps above……we begin to utilise the Cerebellum, and automate the knowledge learnt, the personalised experience and associated emotions, to remember and repeat subconsciously for life. PRACTICALLY, THIS IS HOW IT LOOKS… 1. Spend time reviewing what you do on a daily basis, which you wish you didn’t do. Also review the 3 feelings you would like to live your life feeling. 2. Spend time each day talking with your children about their feelings too. I believe we don’t do this often enough, and therefore feelings become things that are either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ , making it more difficult to re-wire later in life. Each emotion has a role in contrasting life’s experiences. 3. Learn something different to what you currently know, or teach your child a different possibility to what they are showcasing. Personalise the change and remember that what works for your friend or child’s friend, will not necessarily be the best fit for you and your child. 4. Set a phone alarm regularly, stick post it notes everywhere without being too ‘weird’, to breathe and check-in. What emotions are you feeling? Which emotions would you prefer to feel. To feel them is a choice, using our language (internally and externally) and our physiology (posture, smile). My children and myself both use aromatic spritzers during these check-ins to anchor in the new choice and behaviour. 5. Increase the moments of self-observation, in order to increase the opportunity for personalising and repeating the new behaviour. And next time you catch yourself in self-sabotage mode, check in and ask yourself which emotions are you a choosing in that moment? Choosing to shift them is the most powerful step in change.

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It has been well established through research studies that heavy alcohol consumption can raise the risk of many types of cancer, especially those in the gastrointestinal tract. But why does that happen, and does it apply to breast cancer as well? High alcohol consumption causes inflammation and damage in the body’s DNA, which over time can cause head and neck, oesophageal, liver, colorectal – and breast cancer. It is estimated that 2950 cases of cancer in Australia are due to long term chronic use of alcohol each year. An analysis of over 50 studies (which examined more than 58,000 women in total) discovered that women who drank roughly three or more drinks per day had a risk of developing breast cancer about 1.5 times higher than the women who did not drink. Three drinks per day may seem excessive; however, the risk of breast cancer increased for all quantities of alcohol intake. For every 10 grams of alcohol consumed per day, which is just under one serving, a 7% increase in the risk of breast cancer was found. This is a small increase, but shows that even one drink per day has an effect. Researchers estimate that risk rises another 10% for each additional drink women have on a daily basis. This means an average woman who drinks two standard drinks on a daily basis would increase her lifetime average breast cancer from 12.5% to 15.6%.

The effect of alcohol in increasing breast cancer risk has been shown in women of all levels of breast cancer risk and in the development of both pre-menopausal and post-menopausal breast cancer. In general alcohol is a known cancer causing agent. Researchers have identified several reasons why regular alcohol consumption may increase the risk of cancer. These include; • The breakdown of alcohol produces a toxic chemical has a damaging effect on cells and their ability to repair DNA damage, which can lead to cancer development. • Alcohol can cause the depletion of vitamins and induce processes in the body that can contribute to poor health. Poor health is known to be associated with increased cancer risk. • Alcohol also increases blood levels of oestrogen. Prolonged lifetime oestrogen exposure is a known risk factor for women developing breast cancer especially the most common breast cancer type being oestrogen receptor positive cancers. This is of particular importance for women who have been through menopause and should have naturally low levels of oestrogen.



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If you are planning or preparing for a surgery cutting down on alcohol prior to surgery may be wise. In a study done at the National Institute of Public Health in Denmark, subjects consuming three or more drinks per day were 73% more likely to contract an infection post-surgery.. This finding is likely to be explained because regular heavy drinking also appears to compromises the immune system and slows wound healing. Therefore if you do drink regularly it may be wise to speak to your surgeon about how best to prepare for surgery and whether you should reduce your alcohol intake before and after surgery. Eliminating alcohol altogether isn’t currently recommended as a cancer prevention strategy. This is because there is evidence that moderate red wine intake may be beneficial to a person heart health. However reducing alcohol intake to no more than two standard drinks a few times a week may help to reduce any unnecessary potential increases in risk either breast cancer or other cancers. am


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Fight ing forto women take a BY STACEY WARD


d n a St

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have always wanted to be a boxer, ever since I was a little girl and my dad would play fight with me. It wasn’t until my late twenties that I started to train. Why did it take me so long? I was extremely intimidated walking into a boxing club full of sweaty testosterone and for the first few months, no one wanted to train with me. I generally tried to make myself invisible. I had to beg my coach to train me for a fight. At the same time, my co-founder and I were sharing our frustrations over our own experiences. Our conversations started to turn to what support we would have liked to make our own journeys easier. What we wish we learnt and what we wished we knew to ask. How to ask and to whom? In 2015 Ernst and Young presented the “Filling the Pool” report they had released in conjunction with Committee for Perth which stated Western Australia had the highest gender pay gap in Australia at a staggering 27%. The report stated the obvious reasons we all know about, however it also gave us some insight to changes we can make as an individual. Confidence was listed as a significant factor in negotiating wages and applying for senior management positions.

We need to shift the power balance. We need more women represented at all levels of society. To do this, we need to work with individuals to build their confidence. Boxing for me was an incredible tool at building my confidence. It’s not just me, it’s been used as a tool to build confidence in young men for years. The way I see it is, there is this powerful tool to build confidence and it’s not very accessible to women. So let’s change that. The Young Boxing Woman Project aims to build confidence in women by teaching them a skill and connecting them to a supportive network. We are empowering women to claim their space without apology, whilst also changing the industry, by bringing new female coaches up through the ranks in an open and supportive environment. We are actively seeking out partnerships who support this movement, and with persistence we will see change. If you want to be a part of the change, we’d love your support. am

While changing a patriarchal society seems incredibly daunting,it is achievable with time.

Find out how you can get involved via


At Studio Republic we believe that every person deserves to have beautiful images of themselves. We know how to capture beauty on camera and our mission is to show you how beautiful you are by creating gorgeous images that you and your loved ones will treasure forever…Images that will help you reconnect with yourself and  make you feel beautiful!  Whether you’re aged 18 or 60, a size 6 or a size 24… a busy mum or a young professional… In less than 4 hours, we transform everyday women into fashion models. Our talented and experienced Hair and Makeup Artists will help you choose the perfect look for you. The team will support and guide you through every step of the way and tell you exactly what to do. While it’s only natural to feel a little nervous if it’s your first time; be assured it is our priority that you have an amazing experience and feel extremely comfortable at all times. Our creative team can help you choose the perfect images for your needs, be it personal or professional. We have a wide range of products and collections available.

We’d like to invite you to spoil yourself. For your complimentary consultation please call the friendly team on (07) 5315 5055 or visit us at




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A day in the life of a


B ikini


Aura Eve Booty Building Exercise Donkey Kicks Donkey kicks are a booty’s best friend! Beginners can start without any resistance if they wish. For the advanced, strap in your resistance band. Light pink for light resistance and dark pink for heavy resistance. If you really want to challenge yourself, clip them both in! Instructions: 1. Begin on your hands and knees. Hands shoulder width apart and knees at right angles. 2. Keeping a 90 degree bend in your knees, slowly lift your leg upwards. Imagine you are pushing the ceiling with your heels. Focus on squeezing your glutes to lift your leg. 3. Bring your leg down to return to starting position. 4. Repeat with the other leg. Small pulses are great to get an extra booty burn! Do donkey kicks as part of a circuit, as glute activation warm up or at the end of a leg session.

What are you waiting for? Get booty building!


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IFBB, INBA, WBFF, ANB, AWNBS, NABBA. All these words are going around and you have no idea what they mean? Were talking BODYBUILDING! From about September to November each year, Season B of the bodybuilding circuit ramps up again with event centres across Australia filled with blinged up, tanned up bodies ready to strut their stuff on stage. There are many different federations to compete in, each one with their own rules, regulations and judging criteria. No matter what federation you compete in, there are months of hard work and dedication in the lead up to each one. NUTRITION IS THE KEY. Chicken and broccoli, is that what comes to mind when you think of a bodybuilding diet? Think again. Gone are the days of sticking to bland meals, day in and day out. With the variety of foods available to us and the knowledge we have for them, the new comp prep diet is delicious, nutritious and very satisfying. I see my comp season diet as eating clean, yummy, unprocessed foods and lots of it! At the start of my very first prep the biggest challenge I had was actually eating the amount of food that was advised by my coach. Lots of protein and greens were a big focus, but not to neglect the other food groups. I was amazed how quickly my body changed in the first few weeks of a comp diet overhaul. It took a week or so for my body to get accustom to its new fuel source. I think it was my body’s reaction to missing sweet treats, but once I was eating well, I felt amazing. I used to get excited for my berries at breakfast and sweet potato for dinner. Oh the little things! FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL. Meal prepping is a necessity to sticking to a comp prep diet. I would meal prep for the work week on a Sunday afternoon or evening.

Don’t think that meal prep has to take hours and hours in the kitchen. After doing a few comp seasons I worked out my own ways of cutting meal prep time in the kitchen. If I could stick it all in the oven and walk away for a bit, I would. You don’t even have to cook half the ingredients, cut it up and eat it raw.

important to ensure your setting aside time early in your prep to practice walking in your heels and getting your posing right. Get a one-on-one posing session with an experienced mentor or join a posing class. Most federations offer posing classes so you know the rules around the correct posing for that event.

A set of kitchen scales were definitely my best friend. They are essential to comp prepping. Invest in a good set, or two!

Don’t shorthand yourself by not understanding what’s acceptable and unacceptable posing for your division, and in your federation. Like the icing on a cake, posing practice really brings your total package together.

GIRLS WHO LIFT - EAT CLEAN, TRAIN DIRTY! The training schedule definitely ramps up during comp season. The comp prep season might only be 12 weeks of life, so you’ve got to give it your all! I would view my comp season training similar to my off season training, except for the extra cardio added in. It’s not endless hours of cardio, I’m talking ½ hour morning walks and the occasional HIIT session when it got closer to comp. With the right guidance (thanks coach) you can work smarter and not bust your ass for hours on end in the gym. Life gets pretty busy, so I would aim for four days of weight training in the evening, with cardio done in the morning. Some weeks I would only be able to fit three sessions in, others I would smash out five. WHAT DO BIKINI COMPETITORS LOVE TRAINING? Glutes! Booty work is a must! Get those booty gains in the off season and bring them in perky and tight during your comp prep. Shoulders are a favourite body part to train as well. Create the illusion of having a smaller waist by building some nice, rounded shoulders.

I would set maybe 10 minutes aside just before bed, a few times a week, to practice my quarter turns (front, back and side poses). Feel comfortable in your poses and know which ones work best for you. Do it so many times that you don’t even have to think about it! Break in those stage heels and remember to smile. MY SUPPORT NETWORK. I am very grateful for having an awesome coach, giving me the knowledge and guidance I need. I have learnt so much from her over the past few years and I am still learning from her. I’m also thankful for having a great support network of family and friends during my comp season.

Number one rule during comp prep is CONSISTENCY. Just be consistent; in your training, in your diet. For those that are competing soon, GOOD LUCK! For those thinking of competing, give it a go! I can’t wait to start my next prep! Bring on 2017! am

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. One of the things that is easy to forget is perfecting your stage presence! It’s




m u M t Fi Katie Thomson




INTRODUCE YOURSELF? WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU DO? I am Katie Thomson. I am 34 years old and a mummy to one I live on the East Coast of NZ in Whangamata and I am an Owner/Massage Therapist at Lush Therapy. HAVE YOU ALWAYS BEEN A GYM GO-ER? No. After the birth of my son, I started walking everyday which progressed to running. My first run was literally from one power pole to another and eventually I was running 10 km. I joined the gym when I felt he was old enough for the crèche, and when I felt I was ready I started doing all the cardio classes; spin, step and pump. But my life changed the day I started lifting weights. I didn’t just build strength physically, it was mentally, spiritually and my body changed! I found my release, my passion! HOW DID YOU GET INTO COMPETING? It just seemed to be something everyone at the gym was talking about doing at the time and I love a challenge. I didn’t want to be one of those people always talking about doing it or waiting for the perfect time, so I just went for it! YOUR MOST RECENT COMP WAS SEPTEMBER INBA IN QLD...HOW DID YOU GO? Amazingly! I came first place in the “sports model mama”. First place “fitness model mama”. Third place “fitness model 30 plus” Then I entered the open class just for the experience, and got 5th. I was stoked to place top 5 in an amazing line up. WHAT IS IT LIKE LIVING THE LIFE OF A COMPETITOR? WHAT IS YOUR PREP LIKE? I love it! I love the structure and the routine. Taking care of myself, mind, body and soul. It all goes hand in hand. Sure it gets difficult at times trying to juggle life, my son, my business, my social life, but I thrive on being busy and keeping challenged. It all comes down to being prepared and planning things out, prioritising, and how badly you want it. I meal prep every Sunday all of my main food such as, chicken, pumpkin and kumara. Then every evening while I’m making my dinner I prep my meals for the next day.

Coming into comp time is my favourite time. My motivation, drive and focus is through the roof! I do a lot of visualisation, but also work on keeping grounded as I get so excited, it’s all about balance. Depending on how my “cut/lean down” is going determines how much cardio I introduce. I am so lucky to be a part of Team OC. Sarah O’Connor is my amazing coach, we have weekly check ins and monitor body fat, my condition, and my mental state. You have got to think like a champion, and stay happy! She takes care of my training, nutrition and posing. We have become great friends, she’s my rock and my inspiration! A DAY IN THE LIFE OF KATIE... My son, exercise, work - massaging my clients, yoga, the beach. I feel like I have the best life ever!

Exercise for the day... Pre comp and post comp are very different. 5 day split of muscle groups, I train a lot on legs. Cardio sessions pre comp are always HIIT sessions. Post comp is a lot more relaxed. I lift heavier, because it’s more about gains than burning fat, and I’m eating more. I enjoy beach walks, running, and boxing. And I am a yoga addict, I can’t live without yoga.

Daily nutrition... I eat a lot, most people are surprised. I always have my cooler bag and my Tupperware, the preparation is the key. Every 2 hrs I eat protein, carbs, good fats. I have a re-feed meal every Saturday night. I love eating healthy, I feel good for it!

WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOU? Building more muscle for another round next year. I aim to be back in Australia and compete in NZ as well. I will be training for a charity boxing fight early 2017. I have a few Photo shoots and some modelling planned. And my absolute number one priority is to stay healthy, happy and inspire other ‘fit mums’. am



n a om w e iv t c a y a d y r e v e e h #f ort


aw squad

Springing into W


ell hello and welcome back SPRING! As much as we love the mildness of the Spring season the truth is, as Winter phases out, all you are really thinking is OMG Summer is coming! For many, this means emerging from a state of hibernation and grasping the fact that your body isn’t going magically transform itself back into looking and feeling amazing in shorts and a singlet, again. So now, it’s go time! Here are my 5 top tips to re-introduce yourself to an enjoyable, balanced and sustainable Spring/Summer season.

SET A NEW GOAL. Nothing says challenge like a new health and fitness goal. Set yourself a goal for summer and use this season as the springboard towards it. Make your goal challenging but achievable and strive to progress towards it, every single day. Why not aim to complete a fun run, half marathon, marathon, group challenge, tough mudder, Spartan race, mudderella, 6, 8 or 12 week challenge etc. These are such fun events in life that will have you striving towards something for yourself, test your comfort zones, challenge your body and mind and make you feel proud when you have finally achieved it! ROUTINE. Sit down and plan your week ahead. Block out an hour of your time at least 5 days a week and stick to it! It all starts with organisation. If you can’t set aside a single hour to better yourself at least 5 times a week, you are neglecting your most important and relevant investment, your HEALTH! No time is ever wasted invested in your health. As busy as life gets, we all have the same amount of hours in each day and that means we need to find the time wherever possible to better ourselves. Commit to yourself the way you do everything else in your week because you and your best health are just as important! NUTRITION. Now that winter is fading, so should the urge to indulge in winter comfort foods! Embrace the abundance of deliciously fresh, crunchy, colourful fruits and vegetables that are in season. Clear out the pantry of “quick fix” foods that are hindering your best results and get stuck into the good foods we all know and love that provide energy, antioxidants, fibre and vitality.


Stock up on fresh foods and protein rich foods and feel the beneficial difference it makes to your digestion, energy levels, motivation, exercise recovery and general well-being. BY BIANCA BALLINGER You are what you eat! WEIGHTS. Ease into a weight training routine. We all know the benefits of regular weight training. Toned, leaner, stronger muscles, better bone health, increased mobility, the list goes on! Choose a muscle group you want to challenge and change most (Legs, hamstrings & Glutes, Shoulders, chest & back, Bicep & Tricep, Core stability) and factor a one hour session dedicated to that muscle group into your week, every week. Try choosing x4 functional style exercises for your specific muscle group (Example - LEGS: Lunges, Box Jumps, Hamstring Curls & weighted Squats) and aim to complete three or four sets of twenty reps at a weight that feels challenging. Remember, if you ‘ease’ through your reps, you are probably not lifting heavy enough to challenge your muscles to change. As a rule of thumb with any weight training, pay particular attention to your core. Ensure your core is active, locked in strong and helping you control and power your body as it is designed to.


Try to factor more cardiovascular exercise into your day. Get up early and powerwalk, jog, ride, swim or run the dog. This well help you feel more alert, motivated, increase lung capacity, blood flow, mental clarity, decrease stress levels, anxiety and depression and it is one of the best forms of fat burning. Try to factor in three forty minute cardio sessions a week and your clothes and mindset will thank you for it! GET OUTSIDE. Nothing feels more energising than getting out in the sunshine, breathing in fresh air, soaking up some vitamin D and enjoying the warmer seasons! Grab your water bottle, lace up your runners and make your goals happen! You deserve to spring into your best you this Summer! am

aw squad

Bianca Ballinger is an Australian recognised Fit-Mum of 3, Melbourne based Personal Trainer, Group Fitness instructor and Body Transformation Specialist. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram




Fit like an



f your fitness flame is still well and burning, get inspired to up our game and take training to the next level. Whether you dream of being a cycling champion, taking the tennis title or just giving a boost to your fitness, Health and Fitness Travel, the leading experts in healthy holidays worldwide, share their best fitness holidays to get you fit like an athlete. From triathlon in Thailand, to acing your game at a tennis school led by Wimbledon champion and Olympic medallist, Goran Ivanisevic in Turkey, be inspired to go for gold. THAILAND: THANYAPURA Best For: Triathlon Training Up your game at this specialist sports retreat in Phuket, with training grounds for athletes of all abilities and where head swimming coach, Miguel Lopez, has coached several Olympians and Paralympians to medals. Choose from a selection of one-on-one activities and reach your personal best with expert coaching in swimming, cycling, running and tennis. Training ground for the next generation of Olympians and frequented by sporting stars, including Maria Sharapova and Tour de France star Nick Gates; worldclass facilities including a 50m Olympic pool allow you to train



like the professionals. From $1,400pp twin share or $1,790 for single occupancy based on 7 nights accommodation, daily breakfast and return private transfers THAILAND: PHUKET CLEANSE DETOX AND FITNESS Best For: High-Intensity Interval Training For a complete fitness overhaul or an active holiday to drive your athleticism, Phuket Cleanse in Thailand will deliver. Here, you can learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle with health and nutrition master classes and train as Australian Olympic divers, Melissa Paige Wu and Esther Qin did with a huge variety of daily activities including HIIT, box fit, TRX, Muay Thai and boot camp and many more. Between fitness classes, you can unwind at the sauna, take part in meditation classes and enjoy therapeutic daily massages for a complete wellness experience. From $2,500pp twin share or $3,280 for single occupancy based on 7 nights accommodation, full board and shared transfers TURKEY: D-HOTEL MARIS (MAIN IMAGE) Best For: Tennis Escape for a fitness and vitamin-D boost at this healthy

retreat, set upon Turkey’s stunning Datça Peninsula, where the Aegean and Mediterranean waters meet. Get fighting fit with a choice of 1-on-1 activities, from a guided bike tour to circuit training. After a fitness boosting session, learn how to ace your tennis technique at the D-Hotel Tennis School, headed up by Wimbledon champion and Olympic medallist, Goran Ivanisevic. Unwind with luxurious spa treatments or chose from five natural private beaches to soak up the glorious sunshine. From $2,110pp twin share or $2,420 for single occupancy based on 7 nights accommodation and breakfast ST. LUCIA: THE BODY HOLIDAY WELLFIT RETREAT Best for: Fitness Boot Camp Train with the best on a bespoke fitness retreat in the Caribbean where world-class athletes will help you to achieve your goals. On the shores of St Lucia, four-time Olympian Donna Fraser, will develop a personalised fitness programme to suit you, through a synthesis of beach fitness and athletic skills training. Combined with educational fitness and nutrition seminars, together with a hosted Champions dinner, be inspired by this star-studded luxury


fitness holiday and return home in the best shape of your life. From $2,540pp twin share or $2,575 for single occupancy based on 7 nights accommodation, full board and shared transfers





rugged coastline. Receive a personalised assessment of your running movement patterns and any postural imbalances, before learning from a diverse range of inspirational coaches, including a competitive national Kenyan CRETE: WILDFITNESS CRETE sprinter. Training with world-class Best for: Running fitness gurus, break a sweat with Take your fitness training to daily fitness activities, from boxing the wild side on this active boot to hill sprints and sea swimming. camp, set amongst Crete’s natural Learn how to reach your personal beauty of rural mountains and best with educational workshops

in movement, metabolism and healthy eating, before exploring your surroundings on a morning trek to Polirinia gorge. From $3,570pp twin share or $4,295 for single occupancy based on 7 nights accommodation, full board and return private transfers. am



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giveaways DAY 1 - PORTION PERFECTION PACK Portion Perfection is a visual weight control kit that shows you how much is right to eat for men, women or children including those with Type 2 diabetes. The kit includes a portion plate and bowl, a pictorial dietary plan, handy pocket snack guide and 4 weeks of menus with recipes. It’s easy, it’s adaptable for the whole family and you’re going to love it. Evidence shows we absorb so much more understanding when we’re shown what to do rather than being told or given lists of foods. This innovative kit is the brainchild of Gold Coast award winning dietitian Amanda Clark and you’re sure to value this great idea.

DAY 2 - LEREVE MUSCLE RECOVERY BATH & BODY OIL The ultimate post-workout sports rub! This ready to enjoy blend contains all natural active ingredients of lavender, wintergreen, eucalyptus, peppermint, ginger and marjoram. Muscle Recovery provides relief of muscular aches, pains, cramps, spasms and mild neuralgia. It may help reduce joint inflammation and swelling associated with mild arthritis and provide temporary relief of the pain of mild forms of arthritis and rheumatism and lower back pain. The blend may assist in the management of the symptoms of sprains, soft tissue trauma, mild tenosynovitis.

DAY 3 - BRAZEN ADVENTURER THE ORIGINAL STYLISH, COMPACT AND ECO-FRIENDLY TOWEL Lifestyle brand Brazen Adventurer redesigned the humble towel into an inspiring everyday item, purposefully designed to reduce negative environmental impact and provide funding to social causes. Made of 100% recycled materials these stylish, compact and eco-friendly towels are used by athletes, yogis, travellers and people from all walks of life on their daily adventures. Whether it’s a gym session, yoga class, weekend mini-break or a global trip of a lifetime the Brazen Adventurer towel has you covered.

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DAY 4 - SLIM SECRETS PROTEIN SNACK PACK (3 X PUDS & 1 BAR) Introducing the delicious new range by Slim Secrets includes a salted caramel banana flavoured protein bar and new protein puds with chia, in three delectable new flavours - choc coconut, salted caramel and strawberry. The perfect- on the go snacks, creamy and indulgent they are bound to leave you feeling satisfied, without the guilt! All products are the perfect combination of sweet and protein and are low in calories! Slim Secrets do not use artificial colours or flavours in any of their bars, puddings, shakes and cookies. The range of @SlimSecrets are available to buy at selected Woolworths, Coles and IGA Supermarkets, as well as Fernwood Fitness gyms, 7-Eleven, Priceline and Chemist Warehouse.


giveaways DAY 5 - LUXE FITNESS FAT BURNING PROTEIN POWER PACK Luxe Fitness is a New Zealand based company. We launched in April 2016 and our quality products are designed BY women FOR women to help achieve a healthier, more confident and motivated lifestyle. Luxe products are New Zealand made & manufactured from mostly local ingredients. New Zealand is renowned for it’s world class dairy industry, so we are proud to say our Luxe Protein Powder is made with the cleanest and highest quality whey in the world (Grade 7).

DAY 6 - MODIBODI ACTIVE BRIEF Modibodi is a world first, fashion-technology underwear business that has fused both underwear and feminine hygiene. Founder and Director Kristy Chong created our unique patented Modifier Technology™, which was designed and developed in Australia. The technology combined with the garments have revolutionised the way women manage menstruation, light urinary bladder incontinence, odour and sweat. There is no brand in the world that has created this technology, which works to wick moisture away from the body, absorb the moisture to keep the wearer dry, and is stain resistant, leak resistant and antimicrobial to eliminate odour and keep the wearer fresh. Our Active Brief uses our patent protection Modifier Technology to provide protection from light leaks, periods, sweat and odour, combined with the most superior, all natural, performance fabric available on the market – Aussie grown Merino Perform. We guarantee you’ll stay cool, dry and fresh during even during the hardest of workouts or on the hottest of days.

DAY 7 - JACK & JULES NAMASTE YOGA BAG Inspired by the waters off the Australian coastline, our yoga mat bag will help your favourite yogi connect with the energy within. Whether one’s yoga class is down the street, in the hills or on the beach, we help yoga mats journey there in style. A zip pocket will hold keys, phone and after-class energizing smoothie money while the adjustable strap will sit lightly on shoulders sore from too many downward dogs. At 68cm tall and with a diameter of 15cm, the bag fits a standard yoga mat. Namaste.


e s e h t f o e W in on eaways great giv ! w o n r e t n E

giveaways DAY 8 - THE GRAB & GO GOODNESS ME TRY ME KIT X 2 TO WIN. With five essential products for all your skincare needs, Goodness is taking natural skincare to the next level with supercute miniature versions of Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil, Every Morning Moisturiser, Every Evening Cream, Every Week Face Scrub and Every Day Cream Cleanser inside this superhandy kit. Grab & Go Goodness Try-Me Kit is everything you need if you’re planning a trip, need a gift or just want to go ahead and give Goodness a go. Try Me Kit retails for $24.99 (includes Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil - 5ml, Every Day Cream Cleanser - 20ml, Every Week Face Scrub - 10ml, Every Morning Moisturiser - 20ml, Every Evening Cream - 25ml)

DAY 9 - URBAN STRENGTH SPEED ROPE Whether you are proficient in double unders and speed rope techniques or looking to develop this skill, the Urban Strength Adjustable Speed Rope is your best choice. It cuts through the air like nothing else, allowing you the best chance to hone this skill to your maximum potential. With comfortable, lightweight grips and the ability to quickly adjust to your preferred length you won’t go back to a traditional skipping rope after you have tried it for yourself.

DAY 10 - BELKIN FITNESS BELT Free your mind to focus on fitness with the ultimate sports belt. With your essentials always with you, no distraction will stop you from achieving your goal. Keep your phone, keys, cash and cards safe and secure, and even grab an energy bar to refuel en route. With three expandable pockets, the belt only stretches enough to house your essentials, so its slim, compact shape will sit comfortably on your hips without limiting your movement.

RRP $59.95 from

DAY 11 - AVILA YOGA & PILATES SOCKS These socks will add support, grip and style to your pilates and yoga classes. Made from 95% cotton these socks are soft and supportive to wear, with a swirl pattern on the bottom made from grip silicon. They feature a high back lip on the heal to prevent rubbing and extra comfort, as well as a full cushioned base. Socks are available in Purple and Lime.

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giveaways DAY 12 - OTTERBOX We have 1 black iPhone 7 Otterbox Defender series Case up for grabs. For the adventurous family member or friend, the OtterBox Defender series offers the most rugged protection. With three tough layers to guard against drops, scrapes, and bumps, this case offers peace of mind in rough and risky terrain.

DAY 13 - LIFEPROOF We have 1 Pink iPhone 6s LifeProof NUUD Case up for grabs. For those about to hit the water, the LifeProof NUUD is a sleek case that provides up to an hour of waterproof protection – and it’s also drop-proof, snow-proof and dirt-proof too, just for good measure. It also comes in a range of fashionable colours, so you can accessories with your outfit.

DAY 14 - ACTIVE WARE BLUE ATHLETICA OCEAN CAMO KNEE LENGTH TIGHTS Our midi tight in our unique Ocean Camo print is inspired by the sea with different shades of blues and white and is perfect for summer and injecting some colour into your wardrobe. Made from our run/swim moisture wicking fabric, with our signature high support powermesh waistband, you will feel comfortable and confident training during all intensities or activities including running, swimming and yoga. • • • •

Moisture wicking fabric Unique design and print Two-way stretch Knee length

• • • •

Fabric content - 27% elastane, 73% cationic polyester Wider powermesh waist band for comfort and better fit Waist band pocket which will fit an iPhone 6 Model wears a size small (8)

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DAY 15 - GLOBBER 18.0 BY KLEEFER SCOOTER Why should the kids have all the fun? Keep active and get around on the very cool Globber 18.0 by Kleefer. Featuring a clever kick-fold mechanism, the scooter folds up in one second flat making it super easy to store away or pulled along by the handlebar. Large 180mm high rebound wheels with quality bearings make for a very smooth ride. The wide deck has plenty of room and the grips on the handlebars are seriously comfortable.

Available in classic black or white, the 18.0 by Kleefer comes with a handbrake for $350 from



r e b m e c e D h t 9 s t r a St M P 9 N W A R D Y UN T IL


w o n r e t n e o t C l ick

Chr istmas Giveaways! 52






WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU DO? I am a Mindset Coach and Fitness Trainer and I wear two hats. The first, working with other Fitness Trainers to help them build a business and brand they love; and the second hat is as an Executive Wellbeing Coach helping professionals maximise performance and avoid burn out.


I was never ‘sporty’ at school but started going to the gym with a friend in year 10. I loved aerobics and found myself a couple of years later being asked by one of the instructors if I would be interested in teaching aerobics? Twenty four years later and I am still as in love with fitness and wellbeing as I was in my Twenties, just a little wiser now! I also up-skilled a few years back to learn more about how people think and how their minds work because I realised that I needed more tools to help support people with their fitness goals. WHAT IS YOUR PASSION? Helping people connect their mind and body with what lights them up in life so they live the life they deserve.

WHAT IS YOUR FOOD NEMESIS? It’s dark chocolate and I’m totally ok with it being in my life all the time! WHAT IS YOUR MOST FAVOURITE THING TO DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? Hang with my family and friends, have a massage or facial or go shopping. TELL US SOMETHING THAT NO-ONE OR NOT VERY MANY PEOPLE WOULD KNOW ABOUT YOU? I can wiggle my ears, it’s a good party trick but not very useful otherwise. I trained as a graphic designer but hated sitting in front of a computer. And I created the first private training studio for intellectually disabled adults and it’s still going today! DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE QUOTE? Be yourself; everyone else is taken (Oscar Wilde) Thank you Lisa Mills for your time, we have loved find out more about you. am

WHAT MOTIVATES TO BE GREAT AT WHAT YOU DO? Being ‘real’ and having a go at new things that push me outside of what I know. We all have so much potential and are only given one life, so we may as well be as awesome as we can be at it! WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO WEEKLY EXERCISE REGIME? (CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT) It used to be high intensity exercise as I loved the buzz but as I’ve gotten older and become more in tune with my body I have been really loving yoga more and more So really it’s a mixed bag for me each week depending on how I am feeling.

For more information on Lisa Mills or to work with Lisa, please visit


Let’s join forces & spread the word on all things health, fitness & wellness

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