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Top 5 Yoga Fusion Holidays & Top 5 Yoga Poses for Active Women

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elcome to Issue 2 of Active Women Magazine. After the initial launch of Active Women Magazine in May 2016, we have had some amazing hype, support, encouragement, praise, social media love and some pretty great connections with some fabulous health, fitness and wellness professionals. We are now bringing this to you all over again. With new workouts of the month, new delicious recipes and brand new fit finds and giveaways. You won’t want to miss this! We have been busy connecting with professionals that have the same vision as we do, that being, to inspire the everyday woman to get active and be the healthiest version of themselves From the how to’s to finding the right group trainer for you, to the top 4 actions to improve your family’s gut health; our Active Women Squad have come together to bring you stories and articles that you won’t want to turn away from. We have a Yoga special for all our current yogi’s or wannabe yogi readers including the Top 5 Yoga Inspired Holidays, thanks to Health and Fitness Travel. Of course our cover story - the gorgeous, bubbly Michaela Bourke joined me to tell us all about her weightloss journey. She has lost an incredible 70kgs and kept it off.

Michaela tells us about her struggles with her weight, the constant battle of weight loss and weight gain that she had and then finally how she turned her life around. Michaela is an everyday woman - and it is inspiring to see her living her life to its fullest. I hope that you can gain from her story as much I did. Parkrun have come on board to share with us their inspiring real life client stories every issue fuelling the fire in your belly to start running or better your running, I am sure. Enjoy the read ahead, we are sure you will find something in here that you can connect with. Don’t forget to check out our giveaways - share on social media with the hashtag #activemagwin Thank you for being a part of our Active Women Magazine journey. We love any support possible so please follow us on Subscribe to get your copy in your inbox at Get active, keep active

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Know your risk The Pink Hope online assessment tool will help you determine your risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer based on your family health history.


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MORE than just

YogaTOP 5

Yoga Fusion Holidays



he 5,000-year-old spiritual practice of Yoga has become the fastest growing mind and body trend of the decade. 30 million people regularly practice yoga worldwide with more and more individuals going on holidays to engage in various yoga disciplines.

From exotic destinations in Asia to the pristine beaches of the Caribbean, let Health and Fitness Travel, experts in wellness holidays worldwide, take you through the best yoga fusion holidays in the world.

Combining yoga practice with travel has become more popular because of the health benefits this ancient tradition has brought to everyone practicing it. Holidaymakers are now on the lookout for destinations where they can combine yoga with other holiday pursuits such as surfing or stand-up paddle boarding for fitness and fun, spa to de-stress, or hiking and trekking for a taste of adventure. BEST FOR YOGA AND DETOX THAILAND | ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY This holistic retreat fuses the benefits yoga and detox for those wanting to thoroughly enjoy and regain their spiritual, physical and mental balance. Up to 25 yoga classes take place daily at their fitness centre, meaning guests can choose from a variety of yoga disciplines. Yoga Styles range from Yoga for Beginners, Yoga Pilates, Ashtanga or Hot Flow (similar to Bikram Yoga). As if this amazing yoga hideaway is not enough, enjoy daily spa treatments such as an Absolute Thai stretch massage, along with healthy and delicious cuisine to cleanse your body.



yoga BEST FOR YOGA AND CULTURE INDIA | ANANDA IN THE HIMALAYAS Secluded in the absolute serenity and beauty of the Himalayas, Ananda offers a wonderful well-being experience of wellness and culture. Through a mixture of personalised one-on-one yoga lessons tailored to your every individual need, right down to the sensual spa treatments delivered for your comfort and relaxation, this stunning retreat offers the prospect of refreshing your entire lifestyle through ancient regimes of Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta combined with other wellness activities. Gain a spectacular insight into India’s regal past through nature hikes on surrounding cities and landscapes.




Jet off to the vibrant Bali coastline and experience the perfect combination of health and adventure in Komune Resort. Set just a jump away from the gorgeous volcanic dark sand coast of Seminyak Beach, guests are up for world-class surfing escapade. Improve your inner calm and balance with yoga sessions and meditation before testing the waves at your own pace with surfing lessons taught by professional coaches. With wellness being the focus of this retreat, expect to feel indulged and pampered on a whole new level with holistic treatments and an array of healthy fare.


Set on a private beach overlooking the ocean, the yoga pavilion at Paradis Plage is a breath-taking wooden construction with panoramic glass windows giving you an unparalleled view of miles of stunning coastline. The resort offers 3 daily classes from Sunrise to Sunset yoga including sessions aimed at beginners and seasoned yogis. Make the most of the resort’s location and unwind by the beach with rejuvenating spa treatments and massages. Also home to a RipCurl sponsored Surf Club; you can take to the waves and get a full body workout before enjoying fruit smoothie in the beach-front lounge.


BEST FOR YOGA AND PILATES TURKS & CAICOS | PARROT CAY Escape to your very own luxury private island at Parrot Cay and experience a tranquil atmosphere in the heart of a tropical paradise. Guests can expect only the best from their daily yoga classes, some held on the white sandy beach. Housing acclaimed resident yoga teachers possessing a wealth of experience in the practice, learn unique techniques to improve your yoga experience. Get more out of your holiday with expert guidance on Pilates supplemented with yogic philosophy group discussions, and other activities like mountain biking or a relaxing shiatsu massage.




Y oga Poses

for Active Women



ave you ever wondered which yoga poses are the must-do’s each time you practice? Instructor Erin Ashley short-lists the top five poses that bring strength to the body, balance to the mind and reconnection to spirit especially when done in nature. Remember to always allow time for a seated or lying meditation at the end of your yoga practice – the most important pose of all!

How to do it: 1. From hands and knees, take the knees wide, connect the big toes together and exhale to send the hips back towards the heels. 2. Inhale to extend the fingertips ahead of you. Exhale to lower the forehead and front-body to the ground.



Grounding and calming. The whole intent of doing yoga postures is to still the fluctuations of the mind, and this home-base pose helps draw the senses inward to start the day with centeredness and clarity or to recalibrate the mind at the end of a busy day.


Helpful modifications: For sensitive knees place a bolster or cushion between the hips and heels.

2. Maintain eye gaze on the left thumb to keep the neck long. Keep both hips level and square with the ground. 3. Use every inhale to draw the navel in toward the spine, and every exhale to contain the front ribs. Swap sides. Helpful modifications: For sensitive wrists, make a fist with the grounded hand and press the knuckles into the earth. DOWNWARD FACING DOG (ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA)

Increases core strength, body balance and mental focus. Connects the mind to the body and quickly generates heat in the body.

Work the whole body, strengthening arms and legs and stretching the back legs and shoulders. Increases circulation to energise the body, and empties out clutter of the mind.

How to do it: 1. From hands and knees spread, ground down through the lefthand as you exhale to extend the right arm ahead of you and the left leg behind you. Press out through the left heel.

How to do it: 1. From hands and knees spread all ten fingers wide, tuck the toes and inhale to lift the hips towards the sky. Ensure feet are hip width apart and hands are shoulder width apart.


2. Press through the palms of the hands and 5. Keep a tuck in the tailbone, turn the right lengthen through the side waists. Settle into a ribcage towards the sky and spread the heart smooth breath and aim for length and integrity wide. Allow the eye gaze to rest wherever feels of the spine as you press the heels towards the safe for the neck. Swap sides. ground. 3. Maintain core engagement and allow the gaze TREE (VRKSASANA) to settle on one spot between the thighs, keeping the ears in line with the triceps, and shoulders away from the ears. Helpful modifications: let your breath guide you to know when to back off this pose, dropping the knees and resting in Childs Pose. TRIANGLE (TRIKONASANA)

Find balance and focus, trust and acceptance. Learn to welcome support when you need to.

Build strength and stability in the legs and core, while opening the upper body. How to do it: 1. Stand with feet about a metre apart. Keep the shoulders, hips and toes facing forward. 2. Next, turn the right foot to the right at a 90 degree angle, and turn the left toes inward slightly. 3. Inhale to raise the arms up to shoulder height, extending through the fingertips. 4. Exhale to lever from the right hip lowering the upper body toward the right foot. Press firmly through the feet. Allow the back of the right hand to press against the inside of the right leg. Extend the left hand towards the sky.

How to do it: 1. From a standing position, balance the weight into the left foot and lift the right foot off the ground. Press the sole of the right foot into the inner left leg (calve or thigh). 2. Squeeze the left knee to engage the left thigh, and lift the side waists up and out of the hips paying particular attention to the left side. 3. Join the palms of the hands at the heart’s centre or rest one hand on a fixed point for stability, and breathe into the stillness. Swap sides. am






Workouts of the month t s u g u A n 200-500m Ru of s 5 - 10 Round 10 Squats 10 Sit Ups 5 Push Ups then end with n 200-500m Ru


The mummy workout 100 Skips 20 Leg Extensions 30 Reverse Crunches 40 Sumo Squat Pulses 50 Pelvic Bridges 40 Sumo Squats 30 Reverse Crunches 20 Leg Extensions 100 Skips



Oct ober

50 High Knees 20 Dips 50 Crunches 20 Walking Lunges 60 Sec Plank 60 Sec Wall Sit 20 Walking Lunges 50 Crunches 20 Dips 50 High Knees



5 Rounds 1 Min Bur pees 1 Min Res t Record th

e nu get and th mber you en m or beat tha aintain t number 12


Run Faster High Waist Tights Have you seen those cute printed tights I am wearing in my workout videos? Thanks to RunFaster, I got to try out their Rola Moca High Waist “WANDERLUST” Tights and they are amazing! The morning of our workout videos were being shot, it was so windy (and just a tad cool) so I was happy to throw on my Run Faster tights that kept me warm but were still breathable when I started working out. The RunFaster tights really do think about the everyday woman, including a high waist band to hold in ‘mummy tummy’s’. Not just for runners, the gym go-er or the yogi, they are perfect for any activity where you need to move, stretch, or climb. The RunFast tights are made out of high performance supplex material which is a soft cottony nylon that can stretch to over 500 per cent without breaking and still recover its original shape (also meaning they aren’t seethrough when you bend over). See more HERE. With some cute prints to choose from you are guaranteed to shop and find a pair that you love. Do yourself a favour and invest in a pair - you won’t regret your purchase.

The Fitbit has been around for a while, but it just keeps getting better with new products and newer versions on the shelves every time I go to the shops. I have had many of my clients own and wear the Fitbit over the last 12 months and all swear by it. When I first received my turquoise Fitbit (love the colour by the way!) it was simple to set up - download the app on my phone sync and charge … done! Once it was fully charged I exchanged my watch for my fitbit and off I went. Now to be honest when I first put it on I really didn’t know what sort of activity level I was going to have - I know I am active but on the days that I don’t train, am I really that active?

HIGH WAIST TIGHTS | Run Faster RRP $95.00 - $105.00


Fit bit charge HR a sleep monitor tracking how long and how well you are sleeping, it would connect with your phone and you could see call notifications on incoming calls when your phone was nearby, and wireless syncing of all of your daily stats tracking your progress straight to the fitbit app on your phone. It is just simple, and simple is best! So is the fitbit charge HR for you? The fitbit charger HR is for the everyday active individual, it is for the walker, the runner, the regular gym go-er or the regular outdoor group fitness go-er. It is lightweight, easy to use and has all of the fitness tracking that you need to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle whilst keeping yourself accountable to you.

Well sure enough from 5 to 6.30am running back and forth after my three children and loading up the car to get out of the house for the day I had already completed over 2000 steps! It was great to be able to track my level of activity through the day and even when I slept. The fitbit charge HR is a wearable watch 24hrs a day 7 days a week - until you have to charge it. The best part about the fitbit charge HR was that it had everything: it was a HR monitor, an activity tracker, a watch,


Check out for further information and to purchase your very own fitbit charge HR.


O ll ocli p I have been lucky enough to have the Olloclip for iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6sPlus in my ‘back pocket’ for the last week. I am never far from my phone and I am constantly taking photos of my clients training, my family, the beautiful beaches of the Sunshine Coast, or the outlook from the top of a mountain. And what an amazing difference the Olloclip has made to my photos. This little two-lens gadget simply clicks onto the top of your iPhone directly over the front and rear camera lens’ and you’re ready to shoot. Can fit the whole family in

The Olloclip Active Lens lets you shoot further and wider than ever before. It has two versatile lens options that are included, the Ultra-Wide Lens and the Telephoto Lens. You can switch between the two so easily and within seconds you can be twice as close to the action or fit your entire group of friends in the one selfie with the ultra-wide lens. Not only can you take amazing photos with your Olloclip lens you can also video with it. The Ultra-wide lens was my favourite, simply because I can fit more into my photo. I took a couple of demo photos just so you can see the real difference between your regular phone camera lens and how the Olloclip can make a difference to your photos.

Normal Lens

As a bonus the Olloclip comes with three pendants so you can keep your lens accessible at all times. I give the Olloclip Active Lens a two huge thumbs up for a creative product that I have absolutely loved having a play around with. Get yourself an Active Lens and start taking your photo’s to new heights.

Ultrawide Lens

OLLOCLIP RRP $99.95 Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Pica Telephoto Lens



$200 GIFT


PRIZES FREEBIES GIVEAWAYS You could win one of the items you see here Share the Active Women website on facebook, instagram or twitter with the hashtag #activemagwin and you’ll be in the draw to win some seriously great prizes! Look for the #activemagwin to see which Fit Find is also a prize to be won.





fit finds

OURFitFINDS THE WELLNESS BOOK | Smudge Publishing RRP $50.00

CLEAR FACE STARTER KITS | Sebamed Skincare RRP $19.95 #activemagwin

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P5 WIRELESS ON EAR BLUETOOTHHEADPHONES | Bowers & Wilkins RRP $649.95 C5 SERIES 2 IN EAR HEADPHONES | Bowers & Wilkins RRP $279.95


fit finds OLLOCLIP RRP $99.95

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RAW PALEO BAR | At One Foods RRP $3.50 per bar #activemagwin

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SOFT SUPPLE & SILKY SKIN PRODUCTS | Delicious Skin RRP $42.00 #activemagwin SALT LAMP | Salt Lamp Australia RRP from $17.00 #activemagwin

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BATH SOAKS | InSalt RRP $20.00 10% DISCOUN








THE MOD JUICER | Mod Cold RRP $499


Let us nuture your brand so you can do what you do best.



cover story

Forty &



ichaela Bourke is a mother of two, a loving wife, a successful business woman, a best friend to many, a loving daughter and sister... and a serial yo-yo dieter. In this story you will see how someone so full of energy and love could feel so low within her body and how she turned her life around. How she stopped herself from being an Australian obesity statistic, what it took and the lessons she learnt along the way.


cover story When I saw Michaela Bourke’s before and after image posted on Facebook through a mutual friend, I thought to myself, ‘I have to know her story’. A bubbly, fun-loving woman, she was bursting with pride and excitement to tell me where she has come from and how she has gotten to where she is today.

become a support for her through chemo and hospital appointments. Thankfully, she is now in remission and living a full and healthy life.” “This was Mum’s last day of chemo with some of my sisters and nephew Leo.”

more comfort eating. “It was so frustrating for me because I was successful in every other area of my life: my family, my career, my finances - I paid my first house off by the age of 27, but I couldn’t manage to keep 30 kilos off.”

Over the years Michaela has tried every possible option to change the shape of her body. “A serial yoyo dieter,” as she refers to herself, “I always set myself up for failure before I had even begun. I basically tried everything - the gym, Tony Ferguson, Jenny Craig soup and shake diets - none of these options were a long term solution or change for me and they didn’t teach me anything.”

As a personal fitness coach to many individuals who have similarities to Michaela, it was interesting to me that she often remarked during our interview that in most cases ‘obesity is an addiction’. I’d never really thought of obesity in this way, but it makes complete sense. She says, “I would wake at 5am absolutely starving so then all I would

“It is my mission to be the very best version of myself and live a long, happy, healthy life and be a good role model for my sons,” Michaela says. “After years of serial yo-yo dieting, I was about to turn 40 and I knew that this was it. I had to make a dramatic change in my life to really make a difference to myself.” To give you an idea of the kind of person Michaela was and is now she gave us a history lesson on the life of Michaela Bourke. Michaela met her now-husband, Jeff when she was just 15. They began dating at 16 years old and by 21, were married. Throughout that time, Michaela was extremely successful in all areas of her life ... other than her weight loss. “Jeff really has seen me at all shapes and sizes.” A career woman, Michaela decided to take some time off work to have her children and spend time with them until they were ready to go to school. “I took seven years off work so I could spend my time with the boys [Dylan born in 1999 and Nicholas just a year later]. I went back to work in a management role but decided a redundancy was the better option for me and our family so I could have a gap year and work on myself. Just as I was about to go back to work my mum was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, so I then took another 12 months off to

“I wanted to be 40 and fabulous.”

Michaela’s success throughout all of these diets or phases in her life were amazing, it just never seem to stick. “I lost 35 kilos before I went away on holiday to Bali. I got in holiday mode, came home tried to get back into the rigmarole of a healthy lifestyle and before I knew it I had put all my weight back on. I was right back where I started. It put me into a state of depression … which was then followed by a cycle of even

“I feel like I have won the battle” think about is food. It became an addiction. You feel like you have to eat - it’s an addiction that you have no choice but to live with. “I decided I wanted to be 40 … and fabulous.” For years Michaela had been telling herself, “If I am still like this when I turn 40 then I will do something dramatic and change my life.”


cover story

“I still walk through a corridor or a tiny space in a restaurant and I still think to myself - oh no how am I going to fit through.” She says, “I almost talked myself out of succeeding because I knew that when I turned 40 I would do something about it. I absolutely believe in the Law of Attraction and I know this was a big reason to my failures before and my success now.” In early 2014 Michaela turned 40 and she decided to go in for life-changing surgery to make the change she needed and wanted to make. “I was embarrassed before I made this decision. I wouldn’t leave the house let alone get my photo taken because I was so overweight and I hated it.” This was a turning point in her life. “It is a big decision, an irreversible decision. I decided to have Gastric Sleeve surgery. I was determined to do the right thing once I had the surgery to make sure that I got it right. I really had changed my entire headspace leading into and after the surgery. I finally felt like I could do this.” Prior to the surgery Michaela had to lose some weight and prove that she could lead a healthy lifestyle and for the greatest success during and post operation. “I was going to a personal trainer for six months prior to my surgery to ensure that I was in the best possible shape for what was ahead of me. For the surgery to be successful, it was imperative I made entire lifestyle shift so I would keep the weight off after the procedure. “It was a really exciting time for me because when I woke up [after the surgery] I wasn’t in any pain and I thought to myself I have finally done something to change my life


for the better. However the weight loss post-surgery was very slow and an extremely frustrating process for me - as a yo-yo dieter I was so used to losing weight at a fast pace. But that soon ons. y and small porti I eat 6 times a da nsist of; would usually co My daily nutrition Breakfast t and avocado Porridge or Toas Mid Morning ece of m cheese or a pi Sakatas and crea fruit Lunch d salad wrap Half a chicken an Mid Afternoon lad wrap the chicken and sa The other half of Dinner and d Salad or Steak Chicken breast an Veggies Supper Snack snack r in the night I may If I’m hungry late or fruit eam cheese, nuts on Sakatas and cr always on control tip: “I Michaela’s porti big ate rather than a use a small side pl wn.” ep my portions do dinner plate to ke

It has been two years since Michaela made the life-changing decision to really create the change she wanted. So what is life like now for Michaela and her family? “Oh my god we honestly can’t believe it. I still walk through a corridor or a tiny space in a restaurant and I still think to myself - ‘oh no how am I going to fit through?’ because I still do not see myself as being a small woman - it really is incredible. Since surgery I haven’t found myself obsessed with food. And of course I had to learn to portion control and educate myself with what is good nutritious food and what is not.” Now, Michaela lives a Brisbane socialites life. “In March 2016 I decided to take some time

changed once I got myself into a really good exercise routine and my nutrition in a healthy place and it started to come off. “I feel like I have finally won the battle.”

“It has been bloody hard, it is not easy and it is important that people know that you have to be willing to live by a healthy and active lifestyle.”

out to focus on me and my family after returning to work for a couple of years, and I was lucky enough to become a reporter with my girlfriend Jennifer for the social scene of Brisbane for SheBrisbane. I feel absolutely amazing! At my biggest I didn’t ever want to leave the house, so my life has taken a 180 degree turn. Not only that but my

cover story weightloss has brought some pretty amazing experiences. I got to meet Oprah all because of my weightloss story.” So just how has Michaela’s mindset and daily rituals and affirmations helped her journey? “Oh my god like you wouldn’t believe - I live my whole life like that! Without a doubt I know that because I have believed in myself

As Michaela and I dove more into the positive outcomes and amazing experiences that this surgery has given her,

“Mindset is everything if you believe it is going to work then it will work.” she tells us, “Prior to the surgery I don’t think I ever felt worthy to actually lose 70 kilos. I am still petrified about putting the weight back on and it is still a huge a mind over matter scenario. I am constantly conscious of what I eat. I eat healthy, I drink low calorie wine and I exercise regularly.”

so much during this turning point in my life knowing that the surgery will work - it has. A couple of years ago before this entire phase of my life I wrote down on a piece of paper ‘When I get to goal weight I will meet Oprah Winfrey,’ and that happened to me. “That is absolutely how I live my life.” Starting at 133 kilos, Michaela is now 70 kilos lighter and now weighing an amazing 63 kilos. What an achievement. “I might be half the size but now I’m twice the fun”

This experience, not just the surgery, but the experience of making such a big transformational change to her body, to lose so much weight, and to change her entire lifestyle, Michaela says, “It is life-changing - it affects your entire family, especially initially because I can’t just go out for a meal with my family. “It has been bloody hard, it is not easy and it is important that people know that you have to be willing to live by a healthy and active lifestyle.” Michaela’s final words of wisdom: “Mindset is everything if you believe it is going to work then it will work. My motto is ‘Make Things Happen’.” am




s e p i c e R RED SPONSO




CHICKPEA BLONDIE MAKES 12 SQUARES A great afternoon protein & fibre snack. Original recipe from 400g Tin Chickpeas rinsed and drained 1/3 Cup of Almond Butter, Almond Paste or 100 % Natural Peanut Butter 1/4 Cup of 100% Natural Maple Syrup ½ Tsp of Baking powder 2 Tsp of Vanilla Extract or Vanilla Bean Paste 70g of 70-85 % Dark Chocolate Roughly Chopped 1 Preheat oven to 180 degrees 2 Line a square tin with baking paper 3 Combine chickpeas, almond butter or alternate, maple syrup, baking powder and vanilla extract or alternate, in a food processor and blend until smooth 4 Stir through roughly chopped chocolate and spoon mixture onto prepared tray 5 Place in oven and cook for approximately 20-25 min *A skewer should come out clean when inserted and the top and edges should be slightly brown



QUICK QUINOA PANCAKE SERVES 1 Start your day right with this super quick and easy protein filled breakfast. 1 Egg 100g Egg whites (Frozen Egg whites found in the freezer section of the supermarket) 50g of Quinoa Flakes 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract Ÿ Tsp of Cinnamon TO SERVE YOU WILL NEED 1-2 Tbsp of 100% Natural Maple Syrup ½ Cup of fresh or frozen berries Dollop of Chobani Natural yoghurt (optional)


1 Preheat a large nonstick fry pan 2 Mix all ingredients in a small jug 3 Pour into frypan and flatten out with a fork or spoon to form a circle about 15cm 4 Cook for 1-2 mins until bubbles start to appear and its firm enough to flip 5 Flip & cook for a further 1-2 mins *Serve with 100% natural maple syrup & berries


VEGETARIAN MASSAMAN CURRY SERVES 4 As these are a little addictive I keep the liquid in the large saucepan for a few days and poach more pears as they get eaten very fast in our house. Just top up with a little extra juice or water. Can be served hot or cold. 1 114g tin of MAESRI Massaman Curry Paste 1 400ml can of Coconut Milk 200mls water or vegetable stock 600g Sweet Potato chopped into 2cm cubes 400g Eggplant chopped into 2cm cubes 1 can Chickpeas drained and rinsed 1 Cup of Shredded Kale Leaves 1 Cup of Coriander leaves 1 Long Red Chilli sliced into thin pieces 1 Lime cut into quarters 1/3 Cup unsalted Peanuts roughly chopped 1 Tbsp of coconut sugar (optional) 1 Tsp of fish sauce or pinch of salt (optional) 1 In a large non stick fry pan (with lid) or 3.5L dutch oven, cook off curry paste for 2 mins until it has slightly darkened in colour 2 Add 2 tbsp of the coconut milk and cook for a further 1 min 3 Stirring continuously 4 Add the remaining coconut milk 5 Add the Sweet Potato, Eggplant and Chickpeas 6 Top with the stock & bring to a simmer 7 Place the lid on 8 Reduce to low and cook for 30mins 9 Check for seasoning. Add 1 Tbsp of coconut sugar and a splash of fish sauce or salt TO SERVE Top with fresh coriander, chopped peanuts, sliced red chilli and fresh lime wedge and serve with steamed brown basmati rice & broccolini




transf ormation tips Y

ou’re training hard, eating ‘well’ and feeling inspired but you just aren’t seeing the results. For many busy women it’s easy to become confused and overwhelmed by making the ‘right’ choices. My top 5 tips have made all the difference in thousands of transformations and the best part, they are so simple! So, let’s make sure you remember to keep your basics covered. BREAKFAST & GREEN TEA Ensure you are revving up that metabolism from the get-go and setting the pace for the day ahead. Green tea is a fat burner filled with antioxidants that assist the liver in breaking down fat stores to use as energy source. I start my day with a hot green tea before cardio or if I am weight training I have green tea and a banana for energy, regardless. I then start my working day with a nutritious breakfast, after training. Try oats, skim milk, strawberries and a dash of cinnamon or x2 poached eggs and spinach. INTERVAL & WEIGHT TRAINING These are two types of training that promote amazing results when used in rotation. Interval training is proven to shed fat, increase metabolism, improve cholesterol and insulin sensitivity. Turn regular cardio into intervals by setting your regular pace as the ‘base’ speed and your ‘interval’ as your fastest most intense version of that base, for up to 60 seconds. Aim for a minimum of two 45 min sessions per week including 8-10 intervals per session for best results. Weight training is where tone and definition is at. You just have to be honest in your efforts. A good general rep range is 12-20 per set and the weight you use will vary for individuals but as a general rule of thumb I encourage women to lift a weight that is truly challenging by the 12th rep and then anything above and upto 20 is an excellent effort! Aim for at least two weight sessions per week.


CARB-O’CLOCK CUT OFF Cut carbohydrates past 5pm. Unless you are training late, you are most inactive after dinner, so make sure you don’t load an BY BIANCA BALLINGER inactive body with over active ingredients. Remember - If it’s not being used as a fuel, it’s being stored as a fat! HYDRATION & FIBRE Aim for 2 pieces of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables per day, also include wholemeal/rye breads, oats, brown rice, nuts, beans and lentils in your regular diet and before 5pm. Choose these foods to assist maintaining a healthy, effective digestive system and remember to drink 2-3 litres of water daily to stay hydrated. PROTEIN & REST Fuel your body and your brain with protein rich foods such as: Red meats Fish Chicken Tofu Nut Butters Oats Spinach Eggs Cheese Lentils Broccoli Leafy Greens Beans Seeds Greek Yoghurt Almonds/Walnuts These foods promote a feeling of fullness, satisfying hunger and reducing the need for extra calories/over eating. Protein aids muscle recovery and contains essential amino acids that are vital for a healthy mind and body. am





ugar is getting a lot of attention in the media lately, but it’s certainly not a new ingredient. So why has it become a hot topic? There are a few reasons why many foods have become sugar-laden products, and this is assumed to be one of the major reasons that obesity rates continue to rise. In the 1990’s, fat became the enemy of dieters. In an effort to cater to these diet trends, and increase revenue, manufacturers created low-fat products – but they needed to make these products taste good without fat. So they turned to sugar. A great example of this is yoghurt. Full-fat yoghurts are very creamy and palatable; by taking away the fat, it can be bitter and lacking in taste. Sugar was added to create a “diet” food that was low in fat, but this resulted in a product that is high in sugar. When salt also became an ingredient to avoid due to the risk of high blood pressure, food companies needed a preservative to use in processed foods. So they turned to sugar, which is a natural preservative just like salt. Chemically, both salt and sugar draw water out of cells, which reduces the chance of bacterial contamination. This way, companies could market products as “low fat” or “low sodium,” which appealed to the public, but provided added sugars. While we have always known that food companies use these strategies, it has gotten worse as processed foods have become readily available and we are buying more convenience items. Today, you’d expect to see sugar in bread, cereal, peanut butter, salad dressings, and even ketchup. Why is sugar bad? Eating sugar (and foods that breakdown into sugar like glucose) cause the pancreas to release insulin into the bloodstream. Insulin is a hormone that helps cells absorb the sugar to use for energy. This process is necessary for us to get energy from our food. It’s like a lock and key – cells are locked and can’t absorb glucose unless there is insulin present in the blood to unlock it. The more sugar we eat, and over time, the pancreas is put under stress trying to keep up with our sugar consumption. When the pancreas cannot make enough insulin to keep up, this is called insulin resistance and is a pre-cursor to type 2 diabetes. Even for a healthy person, blood sugar spikes and lows can cause symptoms like irregular heartbeat, fatigue, trouble concentration, sweating, and even loss of consciousness. Spikes in blood sugar, over time, can damage the vessels of the heart, kidneys, eyes, and nerves.

What about cancer? Does sugar feed cancer? In short, yes – but it’s more complicated than that. Sugar feeds all cells in the body, which includes cancer cells if they are present. We need some amount of sugar to keep our organs functioning, especially the brain. Because carbohydrates are essential for brain function, the body has several strategies in place to create carbohydrates from protein or fat even if we don’t consume any sugar. This means that, even if we try to avoid all carbohydrates (which is extremely difficult), our body will still find a way to manufacture them. Which means that cancer cells will still have a way to get energy. We are still learning about how the metabolism of cancer cells work, but currently, it seems that trying to deprive cancer cells of sugar through diet will not slow their growth. While avoiding all carbohydrates is very hard, it is very easy to consume too much, which can lead to weight gain and insulin resistance, which in turns increases risk for many types of cancer. Recent studies have shown a link between high consumption of sugar and certain gastrointestinal cancers like oesophageal cancer. There is also evidence that low consumption of sugar can improve survival rates of some cancers, including breast cancer. Researchers are looking into a link between insulin resistance and cancer risk, as well as the potential benefit of very low carbohydrate diets for cancer survival. These diets are very hard to stick to, however, and may not be a good idea for those undergoing treatment. Avoiding added sugars is the best recommendation for overall health, and increasingly for preventing certain cancers. Before you run out to buy “sugar-free” products, keep in mind that food companies are very good at advertising. They want to create a good-tasting product in order to earn your money. So they will find a way – generally this is achieved by using alternative sweeteners, some more natural than others. Because of this, the best way to avoid added sugars or artificial sweeteners is to make things from scratch as much as possible and eat whole foods. An easy swap is the fruited yogurt. Simply buy plain yogurt, which usually does not have added sugar (always check the ingredient list!), and add your own fruit. We are still learning about the metabolism of cancer cells, but unfortunately it does not seem that a very low carbohydrate diet will “starve” or kill cancer cells. However, reducing sugar consumption has numerous benefits, including cancer prevention, as well as reducing the risk of obesity and the many problems that are associated with it. am



What is Adrenal Bur nout

& do you have it?



very day a variety of stressors signal our adrenal glands and produce stress hormones. Our day to day lives place physical and psychological demands on us… it’s a part of life—like a stressful job, family responsibilities, relationships, not enough sleep, financial worries, dieting, too much exercise/not enough exercise and emotional distress, they all trigger our adrenals to provide small blasts of strength such as cortisol and adrenaline.

STAGE 3 It’s during stage 3 where cortisol flat lines during the day and it becomes difficult to perform the most simple of functions.

From waking us up with a little burst of energy in the morning, to keeping us awake, alert, and focused throughout the rest of the day, our adrenals are imperative to living our healthiest life. Let’s go a little deeper… here are the three stages of adrenal burnout:

• Are you getting tired more easily? • Do you feel tired more than energetic? • Do you feel like you are working harder to get things done? • Are you experiencing more ‘flat’ days than usual? • Are you becoming more forgetful? • Are small things irritating you more than usual? • Are you seeing family and friends less frequently? • Are you too busy for routine things? • Are you exhausted in the mornings? • Is there a lull in your energy around 2 to 4pm in the afternoon? • Is your immune system having a hard time shaking things off? • Does sex seem like a chore? • Do you feel you’ve lost your spark? • Do you want to talk to people less?

STAGE 1 The first stage’s fancy name is hyper-adrenalism, and often has high cortisol levels and low DHEA levels. These tests are usually measured by saliva and your integrative health practitioner can order these for you. Symptoms of high cortisol include insomnia, sugar cravings, confusion, weight gain, hot flushes and water retention. Cortisol also decreases your happy hormone levels which may lead to depression and insomnia. Cortisol also messes with your immune system resulting with recurrent infections, long term inflammatory conditions and autoimmune disease. High cortisol also can stop your thyroid hormone from converting to its active form. This can create a thyroid hormone imbalance and can play havoc on your metabolism. STAGE 2 During stage two, the hormone DHEA stays low but cortisol supplies will head in the low-normal range leaving you feeling tired and stressed, but functional.


Let’s look at some the Burnout warning signs you may be experiencing: (If you answer ‘Yes most of the time’ to 5 or more below, you may be experiencing Adrenal Burnout)

One of the best things to do for adrenal burnout is stop. Stop doing the things that don’t serve you, stop saying yes to everyone else but yourself, stop drinking excessive caffeine and alcohol, stop and take time out. Gentle time out like a retreat, yoga, meditation and plant based foods can begin bringing back your spark. am

Tammy is a naturopath, scientist and author of Freedom from Fatigue, her next retreat is in Bali

Vitality Retreat FOR ENTREPRENEURS This retreat is the only transformational experience of it’s kind. It will teach you to accomplish what you want, without overwhelm, burnout or weight gain and in alignment with your strengths and purpose.

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Actions to improve your


family’s gut


(plus consequent mood, learning & energy) BY ERIN BARNES


t is common for a parent’s ‘normal’ everyday to be filled with emotional and physical stress, chemical overload and choices of convenience. These factors have led to the rapid deterioration of the state of our guts, and with the research showing that our gut health plays an integral role in managing mood, behaviour, learning, energy, weight and inflammation, our gut choices shouldn’t be taken lightly.

“A thorough gut health master-plan is a must for all families by choosing some simple actions from the steps below, until you are confident in maintaining them for the long term.”

STEP 1 HELP HEAL THE GUT • Drink bone broth daily and use to replace stock and water • Add 1 tsp of L-Glutamine powder to your morning smoothie or stir into a healthy homemade cereal • Add 1 tsp of Slippery Elm powder into water or smoothie • Drink 2-3litres of water everyday STEP 2 GET THE GOOD STUFF IN SLOWLY • Take a good quality probiotic daily, preferably including a prebiotic • Introduce some sauerkraut or kimchi • Switch the fizzy drinks for water kefir or kombucha • Include some cultured dairy


STEP 3 REDUCE CHEMICALS CONSUMED, ABSORBED AND INHALED • Step back in the kitchen to avoid additives, preservatives and manufactured sugars • Reduce alcohol and caffeine (the adults!) • Go full fat • Pay more attention to the ingredients in a product rather than the nutritional panel • Switch from plastic to glass • Avoid heating in plastic • Reduce medication usage • Home audit your personal care products laden with gut damaging chemicals • Switch the cleaning nasties with natural DIY home cleaning products • Open windows, pick fresh flowers and vaporise essential oils to reduce airborne chemicals in the home STEP 4 REDUCE EMOTIONAL + PHYSICAL STRESS • Revise the amount of extra curricular activities children are committed to • Free the schedule to reduce the rush • Introduce meditation for all ages • Focus on breathing properly • Practice yoga with the kids • Take a lavender and epsom salt bath • Reclaim positive self talk • Learn about your natural personality type and character strengths to live with greater ease and calm • Create an emotional master plan unique to you • Encourage quality sleep by limiting blue light technology before bed, creating a dark sleeping space, having or giving a 2 minute calming essential oil massage or altering the temperature with a bath • Unveil and eliminate the mental (beliefs/ fears) and emotional clutter (to do’s) Remember, the only sure way to create a new habit with ease is with new learning on an area you are wishing to change, followed by repetitive small steps. Take care and be well am





leading to a hormonal


ne of the drawbacks of being in today’s society is the need and pressure to be on the go all the time. Coordinating study, work, family and a social life together with trying to look after yourself can lead to one very exhausted, very unbalanced human! It’s this ongoing rollercoaster of exhaustion and stress and continual need to find energy somewhere deep inside to get through that last exam, your work day, or to be the life of the party time and time again that leads to further stress, exhaustion and often illness, which will eventually wear out your adrenal glands and potentially cause a hormone imbalance. Anxiety is the most common mental health problem in Australia, affecting around one in four people, with the leading causes of anxiety being finance and family issues. While a little bit of stress is normal, having heightened levels for an extended period of time can be very detrimental to our health. Our bodies produce a hormone called cortisol, which enables us to function for day to day activities, as well as react to pressure ie. the ‘fight or flight’ response, when we require a surge of adrenalin to get through a pressing task such as a presentation, or when we are running late for the bus. But constant high levels of stress can do serious damage to our health, throwing the delicate hormone balance out in our bodies and causing everything from weight gain to sleep problems, or even painful periods. There are a few ways to determine whether your hormones are out of balance.

INCREASED RISK OF INFECTION Well this is not something that you want to hear as we head into the colder months. When your hormones are unbalanced and you become stressed and fatigued, your immune system becomes compromised as your delicate gut lining is used by your stress glands to produce more cortisol. This leaves you vulnerable to nutrient malabsorption and therefore becoming more susceptible to infection, colds and flus, as well as increased food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies. LOW ENERGY AND POOR SLEEP Sadly with stress often comes poor sleep quality, struggling to fall asleep or broken sleep through the night. Both are indicators of high stress. Of course with poor sleep comes low energy, waking up tired, reaching for yet another hit of caffeine, 3pm slumps and sugar cravings for a little ‘pick me up’, and eventually poor sleep again as your body becomes ‘wired but tired’. WEIGHT GAIN Our bodies ability to metabolise the stress hormone cortisol, and insulin (glucose from sugars and carbs) at the same time becomes compromised during continuous high stress. This leads to that all so common weight gain around the waist, which is difficult to lose no matter how much exercise and dieting you inflict on yourself. LOW LIBIDO It may seem inevitable that low energy and poor sleep equates to a poor sex drive, but it’s actually deeper than that. Heightened stress levels start to affect our sex hormones, often increasing oestrogen or decreasing testosterone, leaving you feeling far less than sexy or in the mood for sex.

THYROID MALFUNCTION Hyper and hypothyroidism are a result of your thyroid not producing hormones in the correct amounts due to high stress/cortisol, an imbalance in sex hormones, a gluten sensitivity and gut issues, parasite or even heavy metal toxicity. Symptoms range from inability to lose weight or steady weight gain, fatigue, loss of hair, thinning of the outer half of the eyebrows, to weight loss and inability to put on weight, irritability and sleep issues.

PMS, ENDOMETRIOSIS, POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME (PCOS) All of these female conditions are directly related to a hormone imbalance. For example in endometriosis sufferers the body struggles to detoxify oestrogen, often indicated in painful periods, heavy bleeding, PMS symptoms such as anxiety and depression, tender breasts, painful sex and/or weight gain predominantly on the hips and thighs. PCOS symptoms include jawline acne and excess hair growth from increased testosterone, irregular periods, often with weight gain around the midsection (insulin resistance) and a tendency towards more aggressive, irritable moods. If you find that you are suffering from some of the above symptoms, then I highly advise you consult an experienced qualified healthcare practitioner, such as those at who can individualise your action plan ensuring the correct treatment is prescribed for your particular imbalance. am




Parkrun feel good Real Life St or y BY KIRSTEN ELLIS


am Kirsten. I’m the Event Director for Stanthorpe Parkrun. This whole thing was my crazy idea. My entire life I have suffered from depression, anxiety, and panic attack disorder. It has been a part of who I am for a very long time, always something that I have needed to ‘fix’. I am constantly on a roller coaster ride, never knowing when the next ‘episode’ will hit me. It impacts my whole life- my ability to hold down a job, care for my children, have meaningful relationships, even tasks like grocery shopping is sometimes something I simply cannot do. I also have the other side- when I’m coming through the other side of an episode I have the opposite- I can write a University medal winning thesis, help write a first year Uni mathematics course, and come up with some pretty novel bug strategies in crops. It’s a balancing act.

“I took up running because it helped. It helped my body and it helped my mind.” I started parkrun because I had a euphoric moment where I sat down and did all the paperwork to get it up and running. Parkrun is a gift in my life of stabilityevery Saturday there are people relying on me to be there. And I have been. What I got in return is something that has helped me more than anyone will ever know. Once you get past the town gossips who call me crazy, there is a beautiful community of people in Stanthorpe who all get together and help each other. I learnt that every person has their own struggle with self worth, and there are no exceptions. The people who come to parkrun are all facing their own version of what I face, maybe in a less spectacular fashion but no less meaningful to them. I have watched people in grief, people trying to lose weight, people who smoke and

drink, people who have depression and anxiety, suffer from domestic violence, and all sorts come along and do a task, run or walk 5km, and give themselves such a sense of achievement that they leave again with self worth. I learnt that our struggles are not something to be ‘fixed’, but are in fact what makes us who we are. Parkrun has also given me access to a worldwide community of people who all started a parkrun in their community. These people are absolutely inspiring. Anyone wanting to join in with this are welcome to become a RD (Run Director) for Stanthorpe, and work behind the scenes with us. Taking time to care for yourself, being selfish, discovering self worth, nurturing your body through healthy eating and exercise, is in my opinion the greatest gift you can give yourself, and the greatest gift you can give to others. Stanthorpe parkrun is a place where you are welcome to come and achieve something great- completing 5km. It is free, weekly, timed, and you help me to keep my sanity. I promise you will never embarrass yourself more than I do, and even if you do, Karl will high-5 you at the brass monkey loop and Melissa will be there to photograph it, then help you up again. Happy Running! am


Perth 20 – 21 Aug 2016 Brisbane 22 – 23 Oct 2016 Sydney 28 – 30 Apr 2017





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How to choose the right

fitness gr oup or trainer



ave you ever joined a fitness group or program only to find out a few sessions in that it’s not right for you? Or have you signed up with a trainer and then ended up cancelling sessions because you don’t enjoy the way they train (or talk) to you? Sticking to a fitness program long enough to see really great results has less to do with motivation and more to do with connection. Many studies have proven that it’s how much you feel part of the group you are training with, or the trainer that you are working with, that really counts. For all the flack that Cross Fit cops, what they do better than the majority of fitness programs is they create an incredible community spirit. No matter if you are new and have never lifted a bar before, or a seasoned athlete looking for the next challenge, the encouragement and positive vibe is what keeps people coming back, despite the fact that they could pay far less for a generic fitness class at a standard gym. I believe that ‘fitness’ comes in many forms, and the question I always ask clients first is “what do you like to do”. I would much prefer to get creative and link the client’s goals and what they like when creating a fitness session or program for them, rather than to prescribe something they hate. I see too many women quit exercise because it doesn’t feel right. Running is the perfect example; not all women love to run, however many bootcamps focus on running. So for the “non-runner”, they miss out on the other benefits of body weight exercises and group dynamics all because their body feels uncomfortable or hurts when they run.


So if you have been thinking about joining a fitness program or group, or hiring a trainer to help you achieve a health goal, then here are a few tips on how to choose the right program or trainer for you. After all, it’s far easier to boost motivation when you actually enjoy what you do. - or at least the feeling it gives you after you have done it! WHEN YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A PT OR GROUP TO TRAIN WITH MAKE SURE 1. The group you join have trainers that challenge you in a way that is empowering and encouraging. There is nothing worse than a trainer screaming at you when you are going as hard as you can, only for them to inform you that you are not working hard enough. I remember one such trainer coming that close to my face I could smell what she had for lunch. I wanted to push her away for stepping too far into my personal space. There is a BIG difference between a trainer knowing how hard you can go and one who disregards individual differences, fitness levels and personal space boundaries. 2. The community is welcoming, nonjudgemental and supportive. No one likes to feel they are odd one out, either because they are new and unfamiliar with the exercises or because others in the group are cliquey. 3. You let your trainer or person in charge of the program know the goal you are aiming for if you have one. That way they can remind you when the session is tough what you said you wanted to achieve. If you don’t have a specific goal but find yourself wanting a reason to attend, talk to others in the group about setting a ‘giving


goal’…which essentially means training for something that benefits others - like a charity run, a walk or adventure race. A FEW OTHER THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN CHOOSING A GROUP >> Be sure that the trainer asks you to fill out a pre exercise questionnaire before your first session so they know about any injuries and/or medical conditions you may have. >>Ask others who have been with the group (or trainer) for a while how they find it. It’s a great way to figure out what your experience might be like. >>Make sure you actually like the trainer. I’m not talking about wanting to be best buddies with them, but you have to enjoy the trainer’s personality and their way of training - and they must always treat you with respect. >> Check if there are multiple sessions you can attend so that if you miss one, you can make up for the session at another time. >>If you turn up with an injury at a session, ensure you tell the trainer and then ask them to modify the program or session for you that day. In my opinion you can exercise around most injuries so if the trainer knows (prior to the session) then they can accommodate and you still get to do the session. I hope that gives you some check points you can tick off when you are looking for a group, program or trainer in your local area. There is something really special about exercising and connecting with like minded people. Happy training! am



It’s all about the



ooty. Peach. Derrière. Coconut butt. Junk in the trunk. Lady lumps. Whatever you want to call it, there’s something about the behind! Big bootys are all the rage right now. Jen Selter, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, J Lo…every corner you turn, celebrities and fitness models are flaunting their curvaceous backsides. So how do you get a perky peach…build it yourself! WHY WORK THE BOOTY? Why not? Training your booty is just as important as training any other body part. The gluteus maximus, or glutes, is the biggest muscle group in your body, so why not make it a priority? I’ll commit an entire workout session to building my peach. I’ll even work it twice a week! Hump day = booty day, that’s easy to remember. Boost your training to the next level and start creating your own curves. HOW TO BUILD THE BOOTY? We know that compound movements like squats and deadlifts are great for the butt, but I’m talking about exercises that specifically target the glutes. ISOLATE, ISOLATE, ISOLATE! There are a range of booty targeting exercises. Some of my favourite booty exercises include glute bridges, donkey kicks and sumo squats, but the list goes on and on. You don’t need to go to the gym to get your glutes firing, booty exercises can be done at home. Start off with simple body weight exercises and push yourself by adding weights, like dumbbells and kettlebells, for an extra burn. MY FAVOURITE BOOTY EXERCISES: • Glute bridge • Donkey kickback • Sumo squats • Standing kickback • Fire hydrant • Clamshell am

Booty bands for booty building! You can build a booty with a set of Aura Eve booty bands! The clip-in resistance bands are worn around the thighs to target your booty in isolated glute exercises. They are easy to use, very effective and so, so cute! Light and compact for travel, use them anywhere and everywhere! The set comes with a mesh travel bag, two comfortable and easy to adjust neoprene leg straps, along with two sets of resistance bands. Each band provides alternate levels of resistance - light pink for light resistance and dark pink for heavy resistance. Only $45 RRP from With every new issue of Active Women Magazine, Aura Eve will be bringing you a new booty band workout to try! So keep an eye out! If you can’t wait, check out the sample of bootybuilding workouts found on our website.




Injurywhen Free running


n the first issue of Active Women Magazine, I explained how to get into running- easy isn’t it? Now we should look at how to stay running for life.

Many people think running is a high injury sport, and there are many runners who suffer from injuries, but running isn’t the reason for the injury, it’s often something the runner has done to bring it on. Most running injuries can be avoided and are usually caused or aggravated by the runner. I have been running for 28 years and I have never had an injury and I run Ultra marathons. How is that so? I run for fun and fitness and injury and pain do not enter into it- so I avoid those two things, which is easily done. Most running injuries start at a niggle point- and if they are treated from that stage they will not turn into an injury- however, the problem is many people do not treat the niggle. They push on, or continue to train in the same way until the niggle gets worse and worse and then it’s an injury and they need to stop running to heal. I prefer to never get to that point. THERE ARE THREE REASONS I BELIEVE I HAVE RUN INJURY FREE FOR SO LONG: 1. I wear the right shoes for my feet. I have been fitted by a professional, found out what type of runner style I have and how my feet hit the ground- I purchased shoes that suited my gait and I change my shoes every 6 months or at about 500km. If you are not wearing the right shoes for your running feet, then you are running wrong- and when you continue to run wrongyour body will react in the form of an injury after a while. It doesn’t matter if the shoes are expensive or the latest trend in running shoes- if they are not suited to your running style, you are running wrong. 2. I do not overdo running. I love running, but I do not run every day-as I know it’s a high energy weight bearing activity and the body needs lots of recovery time, at least 48 hours in between each run. If the body hasn’t recovered from one run before you


hit the street for your next run-the muscle fatigue and soreness builds with each run and before you know it injuries occur. The same applies to running too far. The body can be tricked into running half or one km more on a run- however, you make it jump from 5km to 10km and it will know and protest in the form of an injury. Increasing distances too quickly puts lots of stress on our running muscles, joints and bones - always apply the 10% rule when you are aiming to run further and that is 10% a week, not on every run. If you like to exercise every day, that is great, however, pick a non-weight bearing exercise to do on the days between runningthings like cycling, swimming, yoga or pilates are perfect for runners. 3. I treat every niggle. When I am running and I feel an ache or pain- I usually keep running, but I monitor it. Then when I get home, the first thing I do is apply icepacks. I keep 10 small first aid ice packs in my freezer and I rotate them around. I put ice on the sore area immediately and then keep applying it whenever I am sitting, or even tie them on if I am busy and moving around. Ten minutes on and off over a couple of days is the right amount of time to remove any inflammation that has occurred from your run. The first niggle you feel is usually inflammation in the area- you may not see it but something is rubbing inside and is causing inflammation and that is where the pain comes from. If the inflammation has not gone before your next run, the soreness will build and build until you have an injury. The good news is inflammation is easy to get rid of- ice, rest and anti inflammatorys will remove it in about 48 hours and you should be fine to run again. If you start off running right, get the correct shoes for your style of running, do not run everyday or increase your distances too much too soon, and treat every ache and pain as it arises- you will run pain and injury free for life- like me! am



Grassho pper.


n our fast paced society, everyone seems to chase that “magic pill”. It’s as though we forgot that anything worth keeping has to be earned first. Ideally we would do away with the 12-week challenges and opt for a 24-hour-365-day-a-year challenge – something we can live with. The human body is a brilliant, everadapting machine. Give it the correct signals and it will respond with increased fitness & performance. All we have to do is figure out what we want those messages to be. EDUCATION is the most powerful tool you can have in your toolkit. As you plan your weekly, monthly, yearly and life long quest to become a healthier human being, remember to feed your brain as well as your body. As a strength coach, I constantly remind my clients that eventually (if I do my job properly) they will reach a point where they will no longer require my services. As we follow training programs, nutrition plans, rehab programs, exercise classes, etc. What we are actually doing is learning about our bodies. This process should never stop, less you get bored to death of exercising and give up completely. So, follow the 2 steps below to obtain long-lasting results in your quest for health, fitness or whatever skill it is you wish to acquire. 1. FIND YOUR OWN PERSONAL “MR. MIYAGI” It’s no mistake the best in their field (any field for that matter) owe their successes to a coach, mentor, teacher or in the case of the Karate Kid, a “sensei”. We’ve all heard the saying, ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time

with.’ There’s no difference when it comes to working out in the gym or training for a half marathon. Surround yourself with people with similar interests and invest some time and money into finding yourself a coach or trainer that ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. Our industry is flooded with under-educated and underexperienced personal trainers, so please do your research before investing your valuable dollars on the right vs. wrong “Mr. Miyagi” Sometimes we can use resources, books, online coaching, videos and advice to help fuel us with information. This is fine, however, nothing compares with “handson” high quality coaching. Face-to-face is always better than self-taught – 100% of the time. 2. BE DISCIPLINED & STAY THE COURSE We need to set ourselves goals (in and outside of the gym) that INSPIRE us to commit until we have fulfilled our end of the bargain. Regardless of your goals – if you are a human being, you’re going to experience some challenges from time to time. As a strength coach, the only difference I see between those that finish tough programs and those that don’t is the importance they place on their goals. If you have decided to follow a 12-week program, be sure to make that decision with enough meaning that you will commit until the very end. If sh#t does happen halfway through (and it often will) your reasons have to be big enough to follow through.


Here is another reason why successful people utilize coaches or teachers. When times are tough, a good coach will be able to see a clear solution and help. By finding the right person to guide you along the way – you also enlist the support of someone that will ensure you reach your target at the end of the day. Whether your goal is to be healthier, to lose weight, to tone up, to get stronger, to run faster, to lift heavier or to win gold at the Rio Olympics. Your journey starts with the right coach. It can certainly take a while to identify the good from the bad. When it comes to Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Yoga Instructors or any professional for that matter – search high and low until you find the right one. Not all “professionals” are created equal. Once you get your hands on the right person for the job – absorb as much of that sweet “knowledge-juice” as you possibly can! Without doubt there is a lot of trial and error involved in the process of evolution. Mistakes are a part of the process; so enduring the ups and downs can sometimes be the biggest challenge. If you begin a new challenge, be sure to see it through until the end. There’s no way of knowing whether or not your current program will work until you have made it across the finish line and had time to reflect upon the results. Your evolution is going to take time, perseverance and hard work. Nothing good comes easy, so be patient, determined and use the resources you have available to keep yourself on track until you make it across the finish line. Go after it! am



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hroughout our lives we live through various life stages, childhood, teen years, young adult, parenthood, mature adult, and late adult. Each stage brings with it different circumstances with which we are challenged to represent our best selves. The most obvious way we represent ourselves is through our personal style. Maintaining personal style can, at times, prove to be challenging given each unique set of circumstances during each phase. A fabulous wardrobe shouldn’t be limited to the life cycle you are going through, but rather your unique personal touch upgraded to match the cycle of life you are living. The beauty of fashion and style transitioning is in the understanding of what is appropriate for the phase of your life. Having recently transitioned from a working single woman to a work from home mum, I’m all too familiar with the change in style required to simply make my day work. Gone are the 12 hour days in corporate suits and stiletto heels, as I’ve welcomed in a more suitable attire that allows me the


flexibility to work on various puzzles with my toddler, partnered with replying to emails, hosting Skype meetings and preparing amazing styling workshops for my clients. Whilst my style no longer calls for a corporate suit, there is a compromise with my styling choices, but not my personal style. Choosing age appropriate garments that don’t compromise your personal style is the key to making your wardrobe work for you during these times.

It may simply include a change in skirt length, utilizing tailoring to define the style further, a different colour choice, a lower (or higher) heel height, or even a different denim cut. Whatever the choice, staying true to your style whilst understanding what’s appropriate for your life stage, shouldn’t compromise your personal style or comfort in anyway. am

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ou know that metaphor, slow and steady wins the race? Well it turns out it’s true, at least for our bodies anyway.

Everyone wants to slow down the ageing process, society has a way of making all of us feel like ageing is a dirty word but it doesn’t have to be. Embracing our natural ageing process is the first step to living a fulfilling life because it doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. Once we realise it’s not necessarily a bad thing to age, we can start looking at doing it gracefully, just the way Mother Nature intended. Organic Products are often correlated with having slow results due to their natural composition. There’s a reason mum always said that good things came to those who wait, or that patience is a virtue. Without the harsh chemicals often associated with non-organic products, natural based skincare items tend to take longer to see results but the end result is often long lasting and much more satisfying. There is a significant amount of us who are terrified about ditching the easy to use, great smelling supermarket shelf counterparts we have been for years and who could blame us really? They’re just so easy to use and who doesn’t love that fresh, salon smell all the time, every time? But adopting the natural way when to comes to our skin care routines doesn’t have to be as difficult as we think. Best of all, with the rapid uptake of natural and organic body care products nowadays, the organic trend is here to stay. This means that large companies that you may be loyal to are more than likely to have natural alternatives to the products you already use and love. So, what does this mean for you? The beauty about Mother Nature is that no two of her creations are exactly the same, in the same vein; each and every one of us is different and unique in our own way. While one natural product may do wonders on your friend’s skin, it may wreak havoc on yours. Don’t let this dampen your newfound enthusiasm for beautiful, natural skin.

Keep at it; look for other natural alternatives or even different products under the same brand, or another natural product from a completely different company. Remember to always do a skin patch test before adopting any changes to your normal skincare routine, or better yet, contact your naturopath/ medical practitioner to discuss the changes and the reasons you have for making them before taking the plunge. On a personal level, I have been told many times by customers about how our products changed their lives completely and this never fails to give me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside that sense of accomplishment. But it’s not always a bed of roses, I remember a customer coming up to me once who loved our range of skincare but couldn’t stand our haircare one. Apparently, though our creams were wonderful, her hair just didn’t take to our haircare range. What did she do? Continued to use our creams and found another natural hair care solution from another company. This is perfectly fine, everyone has different needs, different requirements (our hair care solution is actually one of our most popular!). Some of us aren’t allergic to peanuts while for others, just being close to them can prove deadly. Does this mean peanuts are bad? Absolutely not, it just means that they’re bad for some of us. In the same way, certain natural products just don’t suit some of us while others would swear their lives in allegiance to them. I still have a hard time believing that some of us just can’t find a natural alternative; we’re all naturally inclined from the time we’re born! Mother Nature has an organic solution for all of her children and many of us would testify to preferring to steer clear of harmful chemicals and preservatives. Now, many companies out there have made that a viable, affordable solution. I am definitely an advocate for associated “slower products” because though I do believe that ageing can be a beautiful process, I see absolutely no harm in doing it slowly and gracefully. am



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Active Women Magazine - Issue 2  

Active Women Magazine is a must-have online publication filled with amazing health, fitness and wellness contributors worldwide. It is our m...

Active Women Magazine - Issue 2  

Active Women Magazine is a must-have online publication filled with amazing health, fitness and wellness contributors worldwide. It is our m...