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Annual Report 2011/12


Twenty twelve-yearolds from Sunbury, gearing up for the Olympics with Baroness Sue Campbell

Foreword by Partnership Director

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Active Surrey at a glance

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Active Surrey’s strategy for 2011-15

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Our performance for 2011-12

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The Network

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Public Engagement

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Events and Activities

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Strategic priorities for 2012-13

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3 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Foreword As Partnership Director, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Active Surrey’s Annual Report, which highlights our achievements working in partnership with Surrey organisations, clubs and statutory bodies during the last year.

These have been financially challenging times for many local organisations but Active Surrey has continued to add value to partners’ work and bring in new funding and activities. The last 12 months has also been very exciting as anticipation grows over the London 2012 Games and Active Surrey has been at the forefront of work to ensure a lasting legacy of sports participation. We have made great strides this year in promoting local sport through our fantastic new website, activity finder and e-news service. Local clubs and facilities have been supported to access over £400,000 of new funding. Hundreds of potential future elite athletes have been supported with free facility access and coordinated talent identification programmes. In addition, 1,200 local people attended training this year through Active Surrey workforce development and bursary programmes, their new skills and knowledge in turn impacting on tens of thousands of sports participants.

As well as delivering a range of projects with partners that make a real difference to sport and health, Active Surrey has taken a strategic lead in matters such as the development of a coordinated, post-Games cycling legacy and responding to the reduction of school sport budgets. Our leadership in securing the best deal for school sport in Surrey has fostered more joined up working between Surrey’s schools along with better links to their communities. This will be extremely important for the future as it is a central pillar of Sport England’s new strategy, ‘Creating a Sporting Habit for Life’, which will attract significant new funding through Surrey’s County Sports Partnership over the next five years. We believe that, by continuing to invest in partnership working, Surrey’s councils, clubs and coaches can benefit from improved advocacy through strength in numbers, a joined up approach to delivery, access to more funding and sharing of expertise. We therefore look forward to continuing to work with you all in the coming year.

All of this supports Surrey residents to start, stay and succeed in sport. Campbell Livingston, Partnership Director

Unearthing future Paralympians through Playground to Podium

Baroness Sue Campbell inspiring Surrey Sports Conference delegates

Experiencing friendly competition at the P&G Surrey Youth Games

4 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Active Surrey at-a-glance We aim to ensure Surrey is an active county, well connected and working as one. Active Surrey is the strategic lead agency for local sports development and the operational, core team of Surrey’s County Sports Partnership (CSP), an independent body funded by local and national partners and hosted by Surrey County Council. Our role Active Surrey works with the CSP members to strategically coordinate the efforts of local deliverers and enable long-lasting, high-quality sporting and physical activity opportunities for all. We work with funding partners and stakeholders to:  Increase

participation in sport and physical activity

 Coordinate  Provide

support to CSP members, including schools, clubs, sports associations and local councils

 Underpin  Raise

Surrey’s CSP and the Surrey Sports Board

the local delivery of National Governing Body ‘Whole Sport Plans’

standards in safeguarding in sport

 Improve  Highlight

access and equity in sport the contribution sport can make to a range of wider social outcomes

Our work is underpinned by our values Credibility: Trusted to deliver a professional and honest service every time. Success: Making a positive difference in all the work we do and striving to exceed the expectations of our partners. Partnership: Working together where all feel valued, respected and supported to achieve team and shared goals

5 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Active Surrey’s strategy for 2011-15 Our strategy is based on three things: the Sport England Core Service Specification for CSPs, funding-partner needs and the Surrey CSP Sport and Physical Activity Strategy 2011-15. It has five interlocking areas of work: The Network Support the network of organisations that collectively form Surrey’s CSP to maintain and increase their work, avoid duplication and ensure good governance. Public Engagement Ensure people of all ages and backgrounds are communicated with so that they are aware of all the opportunities (and support) on offer locally. Events and activities Enable access to quality events and regular activities that will engage people in lifelong participation. Clubs and facilities Work with clubs and facilities to raise standards, target new markets and increase their capacity. Volunteers Coordinate a volunteering pathway from schools, colleges and businesses to the community, increasing the number of sports volunteers and thus increasing capacity across the sector.

Our partners We would like to take this opportunity to thank the wide range of diverse partners and stakeholders that we work with for their support and commitment to working together to further our common goals. Partner funding comes from a variety of sources, demonstrating buy-in at all levels. Like all CSPs, we receive a ‘Core Service’ grant from Sport England, but we are also grateful for significant additional resources provided by long-standing partners: the 11 borough and district councils, Surrey County Playing Fields Association and Surrey County Council - who also provide office space, human resources, information technology and management support. Our partners’ financial and staffing support allows us to enhance the Core Service offer to Surrey’s sporting community, support partners to deliver best practice and provide leadership in partnership working. It also creates the capacity to effectively manage a variety of local and national projects on their behalf (including 2012 legacy projects as part of the national Places People Play programme) that bring in a further £500,000 per annum to the county.

6 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Our performance for 2011-12 In 2011-12 we set out to achieve the strategic priorities outlined in our four year strategy (page 5).

Theme Objective



Support and advise partner and stakeholder network groups including those affecting school sport, health, local authorities, sport councils, NGBs and FE/HE.

A wide range of groups received regular support from AS staff enabling consistency of information flow.

Provide opportunities to share information/ network with partners

Deliver a successful (90% rated good/very good) annual Surrey Sports Conference for 90 local professionals and volunteers.

2 conferences attracted 174 people from 68 different organisations/groups. 93% satisfaction rating.

Connect NGBs to the local area and local partners

Work with up to 46 NGBs to agree actions for local 22 NGB plans developed. delivery and broker local authority (LA) links. 22 attendees at NGB-LA engagement event.

Events and activities

The network

Support partnership working across Surrey

Produce profiles of the Surrey area to enable NGBs to target their resources.

Coordinated the Surrey Sports Board, producing the CSP strategy and thematic working groups.

11 LA profiles maintained. 13 FE/HE profiles produced.

Interpret national data into local action

Market segmentation and toolkit training delivered Promote toolkits and produce segmentation profiles of local wards, boroughs and the county to to 28 partners with local profiles available online. help target marketing activities.

Ensure good governance and financial management

Provide regular performance and finance reports to partners and stakeholders.

Reports made quarterly, six-monthly & annually. Delivery rated ‘Green’ by Sport England.

Review the legal status of Surrey’s County Sports Partnership, Active Surrey and the Surrey Sports Board.

Executive Review Group set up to review the CSP by September 2012.

Reduce sport drop-out rates

1,108 young people (aged 14-25) will be retained in 6 week Sportivate projects.

Target exceeded by 5%, with 1,165 young people taking part in 82 projects of 6 weeks or more across Surrey.

Support increased competitive opportunities for young people

Organise and deliver the P&G Surrey Youth Games 2011, enabling 2,200 children to take part

15th annual event held over 2 days with 2,086 athletes competing in 28 events.

Support the organisation and delivery of the 201112 P&G Surrey School Games.

Employed School Games Organisers and reformed competition boundaries, in line with local need.

Enhance school-club links

Support the 2011 Schools’ Torch Relay Challenge by linking schools with sports clubs and matching volunteers to tasters.

71 schools took part, completing 31,000 miles. Each school was provided with local club information.

Help lapsed participants to start again

Support instigation of initiatives across Surrey encouraging residents to start new (Learn2) or return (Back2) sports.

7 Learn2 and 5 Back2 events promoted. 3 Back2 coach bursaries launched.

Develop a clear pathway for disabled sports people.

Support and link Playground to Podium County Athlete Assessment Day (for 80 pupils), the Surrey Para Games (90) and P&G Surrey Youth Games (90).

We coordinated a county talent programme for 43 disabled young people at P2P talent identification day linking schools and NGBs, 100 pupils at the Para Games, and 226 attendees at the P&G Surrey Youth Games.

(1,964 in 2010)

7 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Public engagement

Theme Objective Communicate information consistently and effectively.

Deliver services that are of use to partners and the public



Ensure our interactive website is the ‘go to’ destination for information/advice.

Activity Finder launched and new pages developed. Activity Finder is third most visited page on website, with 9,975 visits. Active Surrey website had 25,149 visits, with homepage having 27% bounce rate.

Provide regular e-communications tailored to different user groups.

Monthly e-news, twice-monthly partner update, bimonthly club newsletter and quarterly coach newsletter, all of which reach 2,970 Surrey residents and sports development professionals.

Maintain the high level of stakeholder and partner satisfaction expressed in annual survey (target 95%).

92% satisfaction rate achieved, although 26% decrease in respondents.

Invite comments and feedback to improve and enhance service delivery.

System in place via website. All feedback acted upon.

Update Active Surrey’s brand

Launch new branding and logo to reflect a dynamic Brand guidelines complete and website launched. and trusted organisation.

Support our talented athletes

Ensure our most talented athletes can easily access funding, resources and locally available support programmes.

167 nationally-ranked (top 10) athletes given free access to training facilities (92% increase on 201011).


Clubs and facilities

Review of support programme started.

Support clubs to be inclusive

Support 6 focus clubs to be the preferred exit routes for youth disability events.

5 clubs supported through advice and funding.

Ensure funding advice is available

Provide up-to-date funding guide online and promote the availability of the local funding advisors network.

Supported 58 applications, resulting in £359,000 investment into capital and revenue projects across the county.

Encourage clubs to achieve Clubmark

Support all LA partners to each work with 1 club (whose NGB can’t support them) to work towards achieving Clubmark. 6 Clubs to achieve Clubmark this year.

4 clubs working towards Clubmark through AS and LAs. 300 clubs in Surrey now have Clubmark.

Develop sustainable, quality clubs

Work with partners to organise a series of informative club forums across the county, attracting over 200 attendees.

220 club members attended the 5 free club forums covering a wide range of topics, including marketing your club to sustainable finance. 91% of attendees rated the forums as ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

Create a range of quality volunteering opportunities to suit all ages

Develop exciting rewards programmes to enable 200 young people and 370 adults to volunteer in Surrey.

Step into Sport inspired 213 new young volunteers to log 5,298 hours. 91 adults volunteered after 281 trained as Sport Makers.

Improve opportunities for coaches

Increase coaches support by encouraging 250 more to register on the Portal and matching 60 deployment requests.

162 more registered; 370 now on Portal.

Provide a local, needs -led training programme for volunteers

Deliver a needs-led programme across Surrey with a minimum of 75% attendance rate on all courses.

643 club volunteers attended 38 workshops (at 77% capacity).

Deliver a Sports Leadership Conference for 75 young people across Surrey.

88 young people and 21 teachers attended.

Encourage 50% of local ceremonies to align their award dates to help with marketing.

7 out of 14 ceremonies aligned dates.

Deliver a successful Surrey Sports Awards ceremony with 10% more nominations.

230 attendees, but 8% less nominations (89 received).

Ensure volunteers are recognised for their efforts

100 clubs signed up to new, inclusive database.

89 coach requests matched.

Supporting the network Active Surrey supports the network of organisations that collectively form Surrey’s County Sports Partnership (CSP) to maintain and increase their work, avoid duplication and ensure good governance.

9 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Strategic direction Surrey’s County Sports Partnership (CSP) is a network of organisations covering all of Surrey’s local authorities, sports clubs, voluntary groups, education services, sports/leisure facilities, sports governing bodies and NHS Surrey. They are committed to working together to achieve the vision of ‘a more active and successful sporting county’ through their membership of the Surrey Sports Board (SSB) and their contribution to delivering mutually beneficial strategic outcomes. Following a year of consultation, working groups and stakeholder input, the Board launched the 2011-15 Surrey Sport and Physical Activity Strategy. It provides framework to bring partners together to deliver improvements by achieving four outcomes:  Everyone has the opportunity to be active for life  Strong, sustainable infrastructure is available in every community  Sufficient, well-managed facilities meet Surrey’s needs  Talented performers are supported Thematic working groups have now been set up to audit existing work and develop improvement plans over the next three years.

42.5% 42.0% 41.5% 41.0% 40.5% 40.0% 39.5% 39.0% 38.5% 38.0%

Participation levels in Surrey 2012








In 2005, Sport England’s Active People Survey showed 40.4% of Surrey’s population were doing at least 1x30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week. In 2012, participation reached 41.5%, the highest in the country. However the CSP in Surrey recognises that there is still plenty of work to do, with 58.5% of the population still not yet regularly participating in physical activity.

Throughout the year Active Surrey continued to offer help in the use and application of sports participation data. This included running a networking day where sports development officers were trained to use Sport England’s market segmentation toolkit to more efficiently target new participants. The 24 national governing body (NGB) and local authority (LA) staff also prepared brief strategic overviews of their work prior to the event for use in 1-2-1 networking mini-meetings. The event was such a success that it will continue next year with the addition of college and university sports staff.

“I thought the NGB - SDO networking day was excellent and an all-round positive experience” Helen Durbridge, Sport and Active Lifestyle Officer, Spelthorne Borough Council

10 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

The Surrey Sports Conference As part of Active Surrey’s remit to support the network, we ran two training and networking conferences in May 2011 and March 2012 on behalf of the Surrey Sports Board. The May 2011 event focused on the launch of the new CSP four year strategy with presentations focussing on outcomes (see page 9). To support the continued professional development within the network, delegates were also able to access informative workshops on asset transfer, commissioning and how to increase participation.

“It was very interesting and hopefully will lead to more events in support of encouraging more communities to become more active and participate in sport” Surrey Sports Conference 2011 delegate

Gerry Ceaser, Chair of the Surrey Sports Board, presenting the new CSP strategy for sport and physical activity.

“I was particularly grateful for the ample opportunities to network with colleagues from other Governing Bodies of Sport, educational institutions and Local Authorities” Surrey Sports Conference 2012 delegate

Neil Snowball, LOCOG Sport Operations Manager, building the anticipation for the London 2012 Games

The March 2012 event focused on the legacy of the Olympics and Paralympics for Surrey. Baroness Sue Campbell, Chair of UK Sport and the Youth Sport Trust, inspired delegates as she discussed the future of sport for young people. Staff representing Surrey’s primary, secondary and special schools used the event to help plan the 2012-13 School Games programme. The schools were then able to access a number of workshops aimed to support the delegates in providing high quality PE and school sport for their students. Meanwhile, other members of the Surrey CSP took part in interactive workshops on market segmentation, how to hit the headlines, the new Department of Health physical activity guidelines and the new Sport England strategy. In total our conferences were attended by 174 delegates, 93% of which rated the conferences as good or very good.

11 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Supporting National Governing Bodies A key part of Active Surrey’s core work is to support up to 46 NGBs and help to link them to the local area in order to increase adult participation. To initiate potential linkages, we communicated with 41 NGBs in the first six months of the year and met to discuss their Whole Sport Plans with 22 of them. As well as offering every club from all 46 sports the chance to advertise themselves on the Active Surrey Activity Finder and providing courses such as safeguarding for all sports, we offer bespoke support to NGBs.

Bespoke NGB support Triathlon Triathlon England asked for assistance with their annual South East regional Club & Coach Conference. We developed and delivered a workshop to support coaches and committee members in attracting new members into their clubs. This included discussing innovative ideas, sharing best practice and learning some top tips around marketing and social media.

Table Tennis Active Surrey provided Royal Holloway University of London with an Instant Ping Pong kit and actively supported the university to run taster sessions during the day to drum up interest for table tennis. The ultimate aim is to increase participation by identifying students who will attend a Sport Makers workshop in October 2012 and then begin social table tennis in several of the student halls.

“The club coaches were impressed with the in-depth level of information that was delivered around marketing in the Active Surrey workshop, and all left feeling they had gained valuable ideas to engage their club committees with” Kat Valk, Triathlon England Regional Development Officer Bowls The Surrey Bowls Development Alliance (BDA) formed in spring 2012 as a new informal group of representatives from each of the County Bowling Associations and supported by Active Surrey. The group has encouraged and supported clubs to apply for national BDA funding to attract the over 55s to the sport. This has been used to run taster days, bowls for free sessions (4 weeks free coaching) and investing in new marketing material. A total of 32 clubs have been successful in accessing funding across indoor, outdoor and short mat codes which has resulted in an increase in participation in the sport and has attracted new club members. Rugby Union The RFU wanted to pilot a Rugby Leaders course with an FE college and we were able to provide them with a relevant contact at Brooklands College. The course has been run successfully resulting in a trained student workforce and a positive working relationship between the RFU and the college staff.

Judo Active Surrey supported British Judo to produce a case study and press release about a new judo club which the NGB had set up at Surrey University. Active Surrey visited the club, took photos, interviewed coaches and participants and supplied a detailed press release to local media. It was then publicised on the British Judo website and promoted locally via e-newsletters to members of the public and key local stakeholders. Surrey Cricket As part of the Surrey Cricket volunteering working group, Active Surrey staff supported the creation and delivery of the first support evening for local cricket clubs to help them maintain and enhance their volunteer structure. Furthermore, six keen Active Surrey staff joined hundreds of volunteers at the national NatWest Cricket Force showcase event at Merstham Cricket Club, helping to rejuvenate the car parks, paths and cricket nets.

2 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Public engagement Active Surrey ensures people of all ages and backgrounds are communicated with so that they are aware of all the opportunities (and support) on offer locally.

13 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Communicating In July we rolled out a new website with our fresh new look offering a quality communication platform for all our partners and the public to benefit from. It offers a much improved user experience including clearer and concise content, increased navigation and new tools such as the Activity Finder. This tool has been recommended by Surrey’s Borough & District Councils as the central point for collation of sports clubs and activity session information for 2012. There are approximately 1600 activities currently on offer. We are collectively encouraging more providers to register their details on this free, central resource. We will continue to add to the website, working with our key partners on content and functionality.

Whilst it was important to provide a much needed new build for the site with the old one being over ten years old we took time to look for sponsorship for the build. The majority of the build is sponsored by website developers 3Wise, enabling our funding to stretch further.

Along with our new website, we also have a new logo which is simple, clean and visually pleasing, and has been developed in-house to save on costs. It was very important for us to ensure our logo encompassed a vibrant, fresh look to appeal to all age groups and sectors of the community.

Newsletters Each month an e-newsletter goes to approximately 1,600 partners, stakeholders, local businesses and members of the public. It includes information on local events, activities, NGB products, 2012 news and funding information. Our new website now allows people to sign up to this newsletter service in two clicks, thus widening our net in sharing information across Surrey on behalf of our partners.

Social media You can also follow us and our partners’ work on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube:,,

Events and activities Active Surrey enables access to quality events and regular activities that will engage people in lifelong participation.

15 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Sportivate Sportivate is a national four-year campaign that captures the excitement of the London 2012 Games, targeted at the 14 - 25 age group. It provides opportunities for inspired teenagers and young adults to receive 6-8 weeks of coaching in a sport of their choice and guiding them into regular participation within their community. Active Surrey was awarded £147,730 from Sport England to support local projects through Sportivate in 2011-12. The programme has started successfully in Surrey with 1,160 14-25 year olds retained in sport for at least five out of six weeks, exceeding Sport England’s target by 5%. After applying to the independent Surrey Sportivate panel, 31 providers (including sports clubs and NGBs) delivered projects throughout Surrey. It is the responsibility of these providers to now ensure these young people continue playing sport within the community.

“I decided to join hockey when I arrived at Surrey University in order to try something new, so the Sportivate sessions helped me a lot, since I was a complete beginner. It also gave me a chance to meet lots of new people and has helped me really feel at home in Guildford .” Nadia Tsepelidou, Sportivate participant

Sports on offer in Surrey through Sportivate: Athletics














Martial arts





Water sports






Amount awarded in grant funding



Epsom & Ewell




Mole Valley


Reigate & Banstead






Surrey Heath








Total in Surrey


“Through Sportivate we have worked with colleges, secondary schools and community clubs across Surrey to offer rugby league to 120 young people aged 14-25. Active Surrey was extremely helpful during the application and delivery periods and for this reason, we have decided to apply again” Andrew Fairhurst, London Broncos Rugby League Foundation.

16 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

The P&G Surrey Youth Games Over 2,000 competitors from all over Surrey gathered together at the Surrey Sports Park in Guildford in June 2011 to compete for their borough or district in the county’s largest youth multi-sports festival.

The world-class venue played host to young people aged 7–16 years old, competing for medals and trophies across 13 different sports. Top medal-winning borough was Reigate & Banstead who also won the overall borough trophy. The Games weekend is the culmination of months of hard work by:  local authority sports development teams  local clubs and coaches  NGB and County Association staff and volunteers  Active Surrey event managers The purpose is to encourage young people to take up sport, to increase the number and quality of volunteers delivering sport and thus to increase club capacity and quality. Two thirds of the participants were non-club members when they started training and following the Games a fifth of them joined a club! It also gives those athletes currently below county standard a taste of what large scale competition is like.

“This year we introduced development targets which each sport and borough pledged to achieve via the Games. These ranged from the creation of new clubs, to coach education, player participation or the achievement of club accreditation. 72% of these targets were achieved – thus ensuring the Games continue to deliver their promise of developing sport in Surrey.” Linda Jacks, Events Officer

17 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

The P&G Surrey School Games With the renewed government focus on developing competitive sports in schools, the new P&G Surrey School Games has enabled more school children to get involved as athletes, officials and volunteers over the last twelve months. First delivered in 2011 with 30 separate events for 2,500 young people, the 2012 Games will see around double the number of events, with a much broader range of opportunities. Traditional sports have been joined by mountain biking, motorsport, chess and dodgeball, introduced into the competition calendar alongside cultural activities such as creative writing competitions and ‘Surrey Schools Have Talent’. The Games are not just for mainstream state schools; 27 special schools took part this year along with 58 independent schools.

“Active Surrey and Surrey County Council have led the charge in ensuring that from the ashes of the School Sport Partnerships, a phoenix has arisen in the form of the P&G Surrey School Games. We have worked with schools to introduce new competition pathways for the 2012 School Games and an estimated 10,000 young people will have taken part by its conclusion in July.” Paul Ainslie, School Games Coordinator, Surrey County Council The success of the Games in Surrey relies on a partnership (unique in England) between Surrey County Council, Active Surrey, Sport England, the Youth Sport Trust and local schools sport associations which has seen all partners coordinate their times and resources to enhance school sport and community links. The partners acted on recommendations made by the Surrey Sports Board which conducted a review following the government’s decision to reduce funding for school sport from this academic year. Key recommendations to ensure that school sport continues to develop despite the cutbacks included:  Changing school sport competition boundaries to better align with local authorities, school sport associations and school confederations  Pooling school’s funding to commission Active Surrey to employ four new full-time School Games Organisers servicing Surrey’s four quadrant areas  Setting up a new governance structure featuring head teachers, Youth Sport Trust, Active Surrey and Babcock 4S (the local education authority) which now meet on a regular basis to develop local provision and provide a strategic link to the Games’ Local Organising Committee.

18 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Inclusive Sport We work to provide a clear pathway for disabled sports people, which includes talent identification, clubs and competition events. The talent identification day, Playground to Podium 2011, took place in July at Godalming’s Charterhouse School. Children with varying disabilities were invited from schools all over Surrey to try some Paralympic sports after showing potential in their P.E classes. 71 young people took part in boccia, wheelchair basketball, table tennis, cricket, football, athletics and swimming, with NGB staff on hand to assess talent and see if they had the potential to achieve further success in sport. GB wheelchair basketball player Helen Turner was also present to inspire the children with her experiences in elite sport. As a result, 21 were chosen to attend regional squads and 32 were recommended to join local clubs.

“It was fantastic to be able to work with Surrey Cricket and add cricket to this year's event and offer more sporting opportunities to young people with disabilities'' Kelly Morgan-Pugh, Physical Activity and Inclusion Officer

19 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Olympic Cycling Legacy for Surrey The unique opportunity of the impending Olympic road cycling events taking place in Surrey during the opening days of the London 2012 Games inspired a number of local and national partners to join a Surrey Cycling Legacy Group set up by Active Surrey in August 2011. Involving transport, Olympic Games delivery, health and sport development organisations, the group wanted to join up the current provision of cycling-related activities across Surrey. Through the production of a joint strategic cycling needs assessment (JSNA) they also identified that more needed to be done to engage new and lapsed cyclists to meet latent demand. Active Surrey had already successfully applied for seed funding of £58,615 from Sport England to increase cycling participation in Surrey and the group used some of the award to work with British Cycling to jointly fund a £120,000 Sky Ride Local programme for the county.

“By enabling partner agencies to work together, we have made significant steps in creating a cycling legacy for Surrey.” Liv Corbishley, Business Development and Communications Manager, Active Surrey.

Sky Ride Local rides are fun, friendly and free community bike rides that help residents get out and explore their local area with a qualified ride leader who provides support and advice. Evidence shows the 90% of participants increase the regularity of their cycling after taking part in a Sky Ride Local. The 60 led rides will start straight after the Surrey Olympics events and continue for at least 15 months to enable more residents to get into cycling as well as link local riders to legacy events such as the Ride London 100, starting in August 2013. The group’s plans for 2012-13 include setting up four sub-groups looking at establishing common schemes across Surrey for bike maintenance training for residents, bike refurbishment/recovery projects, junior club development and exercise referral through cycling. A new integrated Surrey cycling strategy, for the first time involving all key partners, is also on the agenda.

Ride the Route: Active Surrey worked with local communities, police and sponsors, to boost interest in the Olympic Road Race by enabling over 300 cyclists to ride the Surrey stretch of the road race route in September 2011.

2 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Clubs and facilities Active Surrey work with clubs and facilities to raise standards, target new markets and increase their capacity.

21 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

The Surrey Sports Club Forums The Surrey Sports Club Forum series ran in early 2012, in partnership with local authorities, sports councils and voluntary services. This year, expert guest speakers presented at each forum giving specialist advice and updates on marketing and business essentials for running a club. 220 people attended the 5 forums, held across Surrey. Each forum provided updates, funding advice and an opportunity for networking. 91% of attendees rated the evenings as good or very good.

“I learnt more in the hour of marketing tonight than in all the other events I’ve previously attended.” Club member and Growing Your Club attendee

“All presentations hit the mark for current priorities at the club” Club member and Growing Your Club attendee

Clubmark In Surrey there are now 300 clubs with Clubmark and a further 130 clubs working towards the accreditation. Clubs normally receive NGB support with Clubmark, but where local capacity is lacking, Active Surrey provides a helping hand. We have been directly supporting three clubs which expect to be awarded Clubmark in the near future. Interest in Clubmark has grown with a further five eligible clubs wanting to work with Active Surrey to gain Clubmark.

“Our club can only achieve Clubmark through Active Surrey. We are pleased with the support and guidance we have received and have almost finished the process. Through working on Clubmark with Active Surrey we have also successfully applied for Sportivate funding.” Maria Wanless, Nam Yang Pugilistic Association

Attracting investment Active Surrey provided advice to 11 successful projects this year, resulting in £358,840 of funding invested into Surrey’s clubs and facilities. Active Surrey dealt with almost 60 funding enquires ranging from the cost of training for individual athletes and widening access to sporting activities to improving the standard of sports facilities and equipment. Those clubs advised and supported by Active Surrey received just under £55,840 from Sport England Small Grants programme, a further 7 organisations were successful in gaining almost £249,000 from Sport England’s Inspired Facilities Fund and £50,000 was awarded through Sport England’s Protecting Playing Fields. Through collaboration with the new charity, sported., two organisations that work with young people were awarded £4,000.

“Thank you very much for your support for our Small Grant application to Sport England for training boats. We have just heard that this application was successful and we have been awarded the full £10,000. This will enable us to buy four training boats (two single and two double sculls) and support our growing adult beginner group.” Mike Hendry, Club Trustee, Walton Rowing Club

2 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Volunteers Active Surrey coordinates a volunteering pathway from schools, colleges and businesses to the community, increasing the number of sports volunteers and thus increasing capacity across the sector.

23 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Investing in coaches Coaches of all levels are signing up to the Surrey Coaching Portal, helping us to better determine their needs and work with partners on improving services. 370 coaches are signed up and receive a quarterly, coachspecific e-newsletter containing job alerts, funding information, industry updates and interesting coaching articles. 90 coaching opportunities have been communicated to those coaches looking for paid or voluntary coaching work from a variety of sources, including clubs, local authorities, schools and youth projects. Active Surrey have also formed a link with coaching agency eteach to ensure as many coaches as possible are aware of employment opportunities, with schools being directed to appropriate coaches. Active Surrey has worked with partners and sponsors to create a local coaching bursary programme for Surrey. The Gatwick Airport Volunteering Bursary £1,500 is available for all volunteers of the P&G Surrey Youth Games, to apply to subsidise their on-going training and qualification costs. This year 17 people were funded to achieve coaching qualifications in the following sports: Level 3: Basketball Level 2: Basketball, Squash, Hockey, Netball, Football, Badminton and Cricket. Level 1: Swimming, Basketball, Netball, Football, Badminton and Tennis. Sportivate Funding £3,500 has been specifically awarded for workforce development. This has included working with England Lacrosse to qualify two Level 2 coaches and two Level 1 coaches from their clubs in Surrey. Nine Sportivate coaches were also observed to ensure programmes were running effectively and necessary support offered to the coaches.

Back to Netball Coaching Bursary So far three coaches have accepted a subsidy towards achieving a coaching qualification, in return for delivering or supporting a Back to Netball session, with the aim to offer more opportunity for women to return to activity in a fun and friendly environment. Back to Hockey Coaching Bursary This bursary was opened in January 2012, offering hockey coaches a subsidy to gain a coaching qualification in return for delivering a Back to Hockey session, which could increase membership for their club. Tennis Surrey Apprentice Coach Scheme Active Surrey supported Tennis Surrey to bring the Lawn Tennis Association’s coaching apprentice offer to Surrey clubs. Sportivate money was successfully linked into the incentive package that was jointly formulated. This is the only apprentice scheme offer happening in the country, with the apprentices to be appointed in 2012-13.

“Attending the Level 2 course has re-ignited my joy for coaching. It has challenged me to think at a higher level. The course gave me the direction I needed to improve my coaching and the encouragement and desire in me to do so.” Jo Ive, who received money from the Gatwick Airport Volunteering Bursary to subsidise her Hockey Level 2 coaching course.

24 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Surrey Club and Coach Development Programme The Surrey Club and Coach Development Programme has had a successful year with a total of 579 coaches, club administrators and leaders attending 34 workshops across the county. Between October 2011 and March 2012, 77% of the workshops ran at full capacity, making the programme more sustainable to continue to offer discounts to Surrey’s Clubmark clubs. 90% of respondents to post-workshop evaluations rated the workshops 7 or higher on the 10-point satisfaction scale. New workshops were added to the programme during the first half of the year, such as Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mentoring for Sport Coaches. We have also introduced a ‘Workshop Expression of Interest’ function to the Active Surrey website to better inform our workshop provision in the future. Responding to NGB needs, we organised three additional, bespoke Safeguarding workshops for three Surrey clubs, with a total of 46 attendees. One netball-specific First Aid course was organised in conjunction with Surrey Netball and hosted by Elmbridge Borough Council to support coaches taking their Level 2 qualification.

Surrey Sports Leadership Day In February, Active Surrey organised a Surrey Sports Leadership Day with over 100 students and their teachers from secondary schools across Surrey benefiting from free, certified sports leaders and officials courses. The day aimed to upskill the next generation of sporting officials, leaders and volunteers in tennis, netball, badminton, cricket and golf. Joined by Premier League referee Chris Foy and also GB Olympic 400m sprint hopeful Lesley Owusu the young people had a true insight into the life of a professional referee and what it takes to be a world class athlete. Many of these young people will go on to form the workforce for local events including the P&G Surrey School Games and P&G Surrey Youth Games.

“This type of event is a great example of how working in partnership brought together school sport and NGBs to upskill a brand new local volunteer workforce. The deployment of this workforce will go on to support a range of local sporting events both in school and out in the community.” Wendy Newton, Youth Sports Development Manager

Step into Sport Active Surrey’s Step into Sport programme recognises and rewards volunteering for young people aged 14-19. 5,298 hours of volunteering were logged during the year with 213 new volunteers registering on the scheme. Rewards on offer to those completing certain amounts of hours include sports clothing, sports vouchers and cinema vouchers. Over the last few years the programme has contributed to a national increase in the levels of sports volunteering in teenagers from 9% to 22%.

“Step into Sport has been a great lever to encourage students to volunteer. They have been able to log their volunteering hours when they have helped at festivals, after school clubs and community clubs. Peers have encouraged each other to log hours in the hope of gaining rewards!” Katie Elphick, School Sports Coordinator, Therfield School

25 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

The Surrey Sports Awards The 2011 Surrey Sports Awards, held at G Live in Guildford, saw national champions, world champions and Olympic hopefuls in attendance, as we gave recognition to the many outstanding athletes, inspirational volunteers, great coaches and quality clubs in Surrey. In the lead up to the event Active Surrey supported local borough awards through hosting online nominations across the county for the first time and also assisted Epsom & Ewell with the start-up of their own local awards ceremony. The evening saw 209 local award-winning nominees whittled down to just 12 lucky county award winners. The public also got to have their say as the winner of the brand new Surrey Sports Professional Award was put to the public vote. Over 1,000 votes were made on the Active Surrey website, with England Cricket international, Jade Dernbach, returning to his roots to pick up the inaugural prize.

During his acceptance speech, Dave Goldsmith (winner of Outstanding Service to Sport - pictured) emphasised the importance of recognising those who do not receive any thanks for their work in sport. He humbly thanked the thousands of people out there not being awarded, and described the Surrey Sports Awards as ‘a chance to remember all of those who work hard to bring sport to everyone’.

Winners of the Surrey Sports Awards 2011 Young Sports Team of the Year (sponsored by The High Sheriff Youth Awards): Rowans Prep School U11 Swimming Relay Team, Elmbridge Sports Team of the Year (sponsored by Go Surrey): Camberley Judo Elite Team, Surrey Heath Sports Personality of the Year (sponsored by BBC Surrey): Liam Heath, Guildford Disability Sports Award (sponsored by Kempton Park): Jamie Matthews, Epsom & Ewell Coach of the Year (sponsored by Kempton Park): Sarah Silvester, Runnymede Outstanding Service to Sport (sponsored by Surrey’s Sport Councils): Dave Goldsmith, Epsom & Ewell Young Volunteer of the Year (sponsored by The Surrey County Playing Fields Association): Chloe Balcombe, Surrey Heath Volunteer of the Year (sponsored by Fusion Leisure): Dawn Taylor, Elmbridge Club of the Year (sponsored by Mountain Warriors): Surbiton Hockey Club Young Sports Personality of the Year (sponsored by The Surrey Sports Park): Katie Shiel-Rankin, Woking High Sheriff Youth Awards Sports Project of the Year: The BIZ (Boxing Inclusion Zone), Runnymede Surrey Sports Professional of the Year (sponsored by Active Surrey): Jade Dernbach, Surrey Cricket (pictured)

26 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Sport Makers During 2011-12 Active Surrey began delivery of the Sport Makers programme, part of a major London 2012 legacy programme, Places People Play, which aims to boost volunteering and participation levels. Firstly this involved organising an information, planning and networking event in August attended by 25 key local partner agencies (including local authorities, volunteer centres and NGBs). Delivery of the workshop element of the programme then began in late November once the workshop content had been developed nationally. 16 workshops were organised and delivered between November 2011 and March 2012 with 304 people registering to attend these workshops and 281 attending a workshop. There were also 23 organisations who registered Sport Makers opportunities. At the workshops, opportunities were promoted for people to get involved in volunteering at clubs, events and more informal sport via NGB products such as Back 2 Netball, Rush Hockey, Get into Golf and similar national schemes. The scheme has inspired 91 Sport Makers to get their friends and colleagues involved in sport or to volunteer at an event, with the total of 582 hours logged so far.

“I've really enjoyed my role as a Sport Maker and would definitely promote it to others! It is a great opportunity for myself and others, and to be a part of the Olympic Legacy is a real privilege. It has helped people realise that even when they are in exam years, they can fit in exercise and sports.” Lucy Comerford, Sport Maker A partnership approach Working with the Surrey Golf Partnership, Sport Makers became part of the Surrey Golf Ambassador scheme. People aged 18 – 25 years old were invited to attend the briefing day held at Leatherhead Golf Club in February 2012. Everyone became a Sport Maker and were supported to volunteer at local Get into Golf sessions and provide Surrey golf clubs with an enthusiastic volunteer to help them bring more adult members into their clubs. As a reward, all Golf Ambassadors who completed 10 hours of Sport Making were rewarded with a volunteering opportunity at the BMW PGA Championships, being held at Wentworth Club in May 2012.

“Working with Active Surrey we hosted a Sport Makers workshop which helped find volunteers for one of our local sports and leisure events. 75% of the volunteers who showed interest on the night have now committed to help at Leisure Live 2012” Fiona Paterson, Elmbridge Borough Council

27 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Finances for 2011-12 Income profile Sport England


Local partner contribution




Workforce development


Grants and revenue


2010/11 c/forward




Expenditure profile Salaries and on-costs


Operational costs


Workforce development


Marketing and communications








28 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

Strategic priorities for 2012– 13 The Network: More organisations are supported in their work, and work better together  Develop the Surrey Sports Conference to be the premier training event for 90+ local organisations, increasing attendance annually.  Support the Surrey Sports Board to deliver their 2011-15 Strategy.  Connect up to 46 National Governing Bodies of Sport to the local area.  Review the legal status of Surrey’s County Sports Partnership.  Provide strategic support on sport, activity and health matters in Surrey.

Public Engagement: More people are aware of what opportunities exist in Surrey and the support available.  Develop the website further to become the public’s point of contact for local sport.  Expand our social media output and link with 4 local publications.

Events & Activities: More opportunities exist in Surrey for people to take part in sport.  Enable 1,477 young people (aged 14-25) to access more sport and activity through Sportivate, with 40% going on to join clubs.  Organise and deliver the 16th annual P&G Surrey Youth Games 2012, enabling 2,200 children to take part in Surrey’s very own mini-Olympics.  Support the organisation and delivery of the P&G Surrey School Games 2012/13.  Provide a coordinated talent identification programme for 200 pupils with disabilities.  Develop a range of Back2Sport and introductory activities for at least 2,000 adults as a legacy of the London Games being held in Surrey.  Support 30 Community Games with advice and funding to reach 22,500 residents.  Launch an enhanced support package for local talented athletes.

Clubs & Facilities: Open, welcoming quality clubs and facilities exist for all.  Map existing facility stock and help increase community usage of schools.  Organise a series of informative club forums across the county for over 200 people.  Support all local authorities to work with at least 1 new club to achieve Clubmark.

Volunteers: A coordinated volunteering pathway from school and business to community exists.  Deliver exciting programmes that will enable over 1,000 Surrey people to volunteer.  Sign up another 100 coaches to the Surrey Coaching Portal.  Deliver training for 100 young people in coaching, leadership and officiating.  Work with local sports award ceremonies to further align dates and coordinate marketing in order to increase nominations and media coverage.  Further develop the Surrey Sports Awards to attract new supporters and more local nominations.

29 Active Surrey Annual Report 2011 - 2012

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