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Relax with the girls in Pilates. Take time out from the days stresses in Pump It Up. Or take it easy in Chair Based Exercise. Spinning: This is a new training concept that will have you focused on your heart rate whilst keeping you motivated through the challenges set. Using our excellent spin bikes, you will even be able to check your heart rate by the use of monitors. Cardio Kick: A free flowing, high energy, aerobic, fun packed experience. This class incorporates all of those areas that you love to hate, giving you that cardio muscle burn required to shape up. 50+ Keep Fit: Concentrating on the feel good factor; this is an all round workout using light weights and incorporating toning exercises that assist with muscular development and body alignment. Zumba: This easy to follow dance explosion is a great way to work out while enjoying some Latin rhythms. Inspired by a mixture of traditional Cumbia, Salsa, Samba and Meringue dance moves, this is a great way to keep fit and have fun. Legs, Bums & Tums: Focusing on those hard to reach muscles, this session uses strengthening, toning and muscle area targeting to help you build the confidence and motivation to “unwrap” on that next visit to the beach. Yoga: This is all about posture, control and breathing, helping you to align your body and become more flexible. Chair Based Exercise: A light and gentle class to help you maintain flexibility and movement in a calm and relaxing environment.

Pump it up: This fun exercise class is great for working on strengthening your muscles and burning unwanted fat. Using strengthening and weight training techniques, this is a great workout for both men and women to enjoy. Step: This is a high-energy class using step moves to help keep you moving and grooving to the music in a fun energetic class. Express Tone: A class that does exactly as it says. Working to tone those difficult to reach areas, this high energy class is a great workout for all areas of toning. Bootcamp Circuit: Combining stregth training exercises from circuits with a full bootcamp work out, this energetic class includes cardio drills and muscle conditioning to provide you with the ultimate workout class. Kick Fit: Another great way to relieve stress and day to day pressure! This class can work with you to teach you self defence techniques while working to tone muscles and enhance your balance and flexibility. Pilates: Taking place in a controlled, calming environment, this session allows you to reach body and mind harmony. The results will be plain to see as you experience the development, support and growth of your muscle make up.

Triple Fitness: This energetic fitness class combines three different fitness techniques in one and combines spin, fighting fit and express tone.

…there’s a NAC for that! Active Sefton is a partnership between Sefton Council, NHS Sefton and the local voluntary and community sectors

Aerobics: Combining rhythmic aerobic exercise with gentle stretching and strength training this instructor led class is a great way to keep fit. With a variety of routines performed to music, this upbeat exercise class is a fun way to enjoy fitness with friends. Boxercise: This energetic class is a great way to lose weight, tone up and get fit with friends or on your own in a group setting. Working on the same principles used by boxers this energetic class is a great way to work out the stress of the day.

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These are the class descriptions for the netherton activity centre 2012