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Swimming Pool: s o i n s m s i d d A l Family & Chi P olicy The admission criteria detailed has been developed following advice from National Gover ning Bodies, The Institute of Spor t & Recreation Management (ISRM), The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), The Royal Lifesaving Societ y (RLSS) and The Royal Societ y For The Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA).

Responsible Person A responsible person, aged at l e a s t 16 y e a r s o f a g e , m u s t a c c o m p a ny a l l c h i l d r e n u n d e r t h e age of 8 years in the swimming pool. The responsible person must go into the water with the children they are accompanying and must maintain a constant w a t c h ove r t h e c h i l d r e n f o r w h o m they are responsible. If they are super vising more than one child under 8 years then they must ensure that the children under their care remain in the same pool at all times.

U n d e r 4 Ye a r s One Adult : One child with or without armbands.

O n e A d u l t : Tw o c h i l d r e n with armbands.

4 – 7 Ye a r s O n e A d u l t : Tw o c h i l d r e n with or without armbands.

Mixed Ages One Adult : One under 4 with armbands and one 4 -7 y e a r o l d w i t h o r without armbands.

NB : All weak or non swimmers must wear armbands and are restricted to the shallow end if in the main pool.

w w w. a c t i v e - s e f t o n . c o . u k Active Sefton is a partnership between Sefton Council, NHS Sefton and the local voluntary and community sectors

Meadows Swimming Policy