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60 active minutes Active kids are happy kids – they like to be up and about, running around and having fun. The trouble is, that in this modern world they’ve got lots of things to keep them inside vegging out, rather than going outside to play or have a run around. In fact, kids need to do at least 60 minutes of activity that gets their heart beating faster than usual and they need to do it every day to burn energy and help their muscles and bones grow strong. The more active your kids are, the less likely it is they will store up excess fat in the body which can lead to cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Even at school they are sitting for much of the day, so getting the right amount of after school activity is important and don’t forget their 60 Active Minutes at the weekend too! They can build up their 60 Active Minutes throughout the day, doing a range of activities. For tips on how to help them get their 60 Active Minutes every day read this leaflet, go online at or call us on 0151 934 4092.

Up & About Kids don’t need to get their 60 Active Minutes all in one go – they can clock them up bit by bit through the day. It doesn’t matter how your kids get their 60 Active Minutes a day – in fact variety is good. Different activities are good for different aspects of their health. Here are a few ideas for fun ways to get your kids to move more:

1. Play It’s what kids do best and enjoy the most. Running around in the playground, park or garden, having fun with their friends, and burning off energy is a great way of getting some (or all) of their 60 Active Minutes each day. Indoors or outdoors – why not join them?! Active Kidz runs after school and at the weekends and is a great way for kids to get active and learn about a healthy lifestyle all in one go. During the school hols don’t forget Free & Active or Active Sport Unlimited after school for teens – all free of charge!

2. Walk We tend to rely on cars and buses to ferry the kids around these days – often for short hops when we could be using our feet. Instead of jumping in the car or on the bus, next time think about walking together. It saves money, and for short trips it’s often almost as quick. If you do need to travel by bus or car, you could always stop a bit early and put your best foot forward for the rest of the journey. There are loads of great routes to take walks around Sefton and you can even bring the dog, check over the page for information on walks in your area.

3. Dance Dancing is a really fun way of burning heaps of energy. It doesn’t have to be at a dance class – you can make up your own routines and dance to the radio, or why not in front of the TV. All you need is a great tune and you and your kids can have fun dancing anywhere. Keep a look out for the Cyber Coach in your area on the MOVE IT trailers or get the kids involved in our award winning street dance club, or why not look out for dance for life near you.

4. Swim Whether it’s lengths of the pool, or having a good splash about with friends or family, kids love spending time in the water. Next time you want to treat them think about a trip to the pool, where kids aged 16 and under can swim for free during public swim times and you can even bring gran as it’s free for the over 60’s to swim too. Out of your depth? We now offer free swimming lessons for everyone aged 11-111 so if you’re not too confident in the water why not join us and make a splash?

5. Bike Cycling is a great alternative to the car or bus, and can be much more convenient too – no waiting around, no traffic jams or parking problems, and no parking charges either. You don’t even need to have somewhere to get to, just getting the kids out for a bike ride is a great fun activity and cycling is a great skill for them to have. Get on your bike with free bike hire and with adapted wheels for all bikes available for disabled users there’s something for everyone, so get on your bike!

6. And it doesn’t end there Activity doesn’t have to cost anything. It needn’t mean joining a gym or sports club (although that’s great if that’s what your children like). Going outside is free, and fun is the best gym. So remember – any kind of activity counts towards your children’s 60 Active Minutes.

For more information There are lots of different places you can go to get your 60 active minutes in Sefton and lots of different ways in which kids can get involved. To find out about your local area and how you can get involved in getting your kids active, check out the details below.

Active Totz: This is a great way for little kids to get active and make new friends which you can get involved in too. Kids aged 2-5 can come along and join in the fun with games and activities while learning about good and bad foods, and collecting their stamps for cool rewards.

Tel: 0151 934 2353


Active Kidz: A great way to get the kidz moving, this club is for all kids aged 5-8 years of age to make new friends and enjoy exercise while playing fun and games. With lots of exciting prizes and rewards, it’s a great way to motivate the kids!

Tel: 0151 934 2355


Active Sport Unlimited: Get older kids moving after school and at the weekends with loads of cool activities including football, street dance, cricket and free gym memberships. With loads happening after school and at the weekends, teens can be active from dawn until dusk!

Fancy a walk? With walking routes across Sefton through the Dunes or the woods, it’s a great chance to get the kids out and bring the dog for some fresh air!

Tel: 0151 934 4092


Get on your bike: Bikes are available free to hire across the borough with adapted bikes for those with disabilities, get the kids out and on their bike. Just contact Dunes Splash World or Litherland Sports Park on the details below. Bootle Leisure Centre North Park Washington Parade Bootle L20 5JJ Tel: 0151 330 3301

Dunes Splash World The Esplanade Southport PR8 1RX Tel: 01704 537 160

Netherton Activity Centre Glovers Lane Netherton L30 3TL Tel: 0151 525 5106

Litherland Sports Park Boundary Road Litherland L21 7LA Tel: 0151 288 6288

Meadows Old Hall Lane Maghull L31 7BB Tel: 0151 288 6727

Formby Pool Elbow Lane Formby L37 4AB Tel: 01704 879 366

Crosby Leisure Centre Mariners Road Crosby L23 6SX Tel: 0151 932 9080

Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre Crosby L22 7RR Tel: 0151 966 6860

Active Sefton or Murtle Turtle

For more information log on to Active Sefton at, call 0151 934 4092 or email

60 Active Minutes in Sefton  

Getting your sixty Active minutes can be tricky, here's some handy hints and tips!