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7 Steps to Beat Summertime Whining


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Editor’s Note As July quickly approaches I can’t help but count the remaining weeks of summer vacation. It goes by so fast, I want to freeze time and cherish the carefree moments I have with the kids before they go back to school and the grind starts all over again. I realize I only have four more summers left with my big girls. Four more. Then they’re off to do their adult life thing which might keep them away for the summer break. If I’ve learned anything as a Mom these past 13 years it’s to slow down, appreciate the little moments and make as many memories as possible. This issue just might help you make your own memories, whether you plan a family trip to one of the incredible destinations mentioned on pages 10, 22 and 28 or you grab some of the products from our Etsy feature on page 21, grab the family and head out on an adventure or set up camp in your backyard. Summer is about memories and we hope you have a blast making yours! COVER PHOTO: Taken at Scottsdale Fairmont Princess Resort


Happy July! Tracie Brown Vollgraf Editor


Now open in English, Español, 繁體中文, Filipino Discover the superpowers of skin at this brand new, multi-sensory exhibit. Touch amazing specimens— from scales to feathers to fur. Plus, learn how our perceptions of skin shape human identity and culture. Buy ahead and save at


Emma Seppälä, Ph.D is Science Director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education and is the author of The Happiness Track (HarperOne, 2016). She is also Co-Director of the Yale College Emotional Intelligence Project at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. She is a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, Psychology Today, Huffington Post, and Scientific American Mind. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Fulfillment Daily, a popular news site dedicated to the science of happiness. Her work and research have been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, The Atlantic, VOGUE, ELLE, CBSNews, Oprah Magazine, Fast Company, U.S. World and News Report, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Inc, Huffington Post, ABC News, Business Insider, SELF, GLAMOUR. She has appeared several times on Good Morning America. She was also interviewed for Huffington Post Live and TIME/MONEY and is featured in the documentary film The Altruism Revolution. She is the recipient of a number of research grants and service awards including the James W. Lyons Award from Stanford University for founding Stanford’s first academic class on the psychology of happiness and teaching many well-being programs for Stanford students. She graduated from Yale (BA), Columbia (MA), and Stanford (PhD). Originally from Paris, France, she is a native speaker of French, English, and German.


The Surprising Benefits of a Little Self-Love by Emma Seppälä Ph.D. Are you highly self-critical? Do you beat yourself up over failures? Do you work too much and push too hard without giving yourself time to breathe? Do you feel the need to compete, outperform others, and move ahead of the pack? Do you live with shame or a sense of not being good enough? We live in a society that regularly sends us the message to achieve more, work harder, win, be perfect, be the best. There is of course nothing wrong with having goals and dreams to pursue. However, most of us don’t stop to consider whether our self-critical and competitive attitude is actually helping us achieve these goals or whether it might actually be standing in our way. New research suggests self-compassion may be a far superior alternative. Self-Criticism: A Self-Defeating Tendency Kristin Neff, associate professor of Human Development and Culture at the University of Texas and pioneer of research on self-compassion, has shown that when our self-worth depends on out-competing others, we actually become more insecure and anxious: if we fail, we become highly self-critical, adding to our misery. Faced with criticism, we become defensive and feel crushed. We give up in the face of challenge. Moreover, competition fosters disconnection: rather than building social connection which research shows is essential to well-being, we view others as obstacles

[ RELATIONSHIPS ] to overcome and we ultimately feel more separate from others. The primary goal of our desire for success is to be successful, to belong, and to be loved yet ironically self-criticism and competition end up having the reverse effect.

doing her homework, no matter how unpleasant these experiences are for the child. Similarly, taking it easy on yourself may be appropriate in some situations, but in times of over-indulgence and laziness, self-compassion involves toughening up and taking responsibility.

Self-Compassion: A Healthy Alternative that Reaps Results

Self Compassion Leads to Increased Productivity

Where self-criticism leaves us powerless and distraught, self-compassion is at the root of empowerment, learning, and inner strength. With self-compassion, we value yourself not because we’ve judged ourselves positively and others negatively but because we are intrinsically deserving of care and concern just like everyone else. Self-compassion means treating ourselves as we would a friend. Rather than berating, judging, or adding to a friend’s despair, we listen with empathy and understanding, encourage them to remember that mistakes are normal, and validate their emotions without adding fuel to the fire. Neff defines self-compassion as “being kind and understanding toward oneself in instances of pain or failure rather than being harshly self-critical; perceiving one’s experiences as part of the larger human experience rather than seeing them as isolating; and holding painful thoughts and feelings in mindful awareness rather than over-identifying with them.” (See The Three Elements of Self-Compassion, below). Self-critical over-achievers are not the only ones that lack self-compassion. Some of the kindest people do as well. Neff’s work confirms this observation: There is no correlation between the trait of self-compassion and feelings of compassion towards others. Many people, women in particular, are far more compassionate and kinder towards others than to themselves. Fortunately, self-compassion can be learned. It is a practice that can help us all become less self-critical and, by preventing the stress and turmoil thereof, allow us to be happier, more successful, and of greater service to others. Self Compassion Leads to Increased Strength Self-compassion does not mean we stop working hard and aiming for success. Instead, it is a change in attitude and is linked with greater well-being as well as superior performance outcomes. Nor does self-compassion imply self-indulgence. For example, a parent who cares about her child will insist on the child eating vegetables and

When you are motivated by self-compassion, you understand failure not as a painful indicator of defeat but as a learning opportunity from which growth can follow. Whereas self-criticism leads to painful and self-defeating emotions in the face of failure, SelfCompassion therefore embraces challenge. People with higher self-compassion are therefore more likely to improve their performance after failure! Moreover, by preventing the defeating effects of self-criticism, self-compassion allows us to maintain peace of mind and thereby retain our energy. By remaining calm and understanding in the face of rejection, failure or criticism, we develop level-headedness, strength and emotional stability which allow us to have higher well-being and to be more productive and successful. Self Compassion Leads to Decreased Stress Though research into the physiology of self-compassion versus self criticism is still pending, Neff hypothesizes a simple model. Harsh self-criticism activates the sympathetic nervous system (“fight or flight”) and elevates stress hormones such as cortisol in our bloodstream. When this sting has a hold on us, we cannot learn from and engage with the kernel of truth that may be there to serve us. Also known as the “cuddle hormone,” oxytocin is released in lactating mothers, during hugging and sex, and is associated with feelings of well-being, trust, and loyalty. Practices for Boosting Self-Compassion 1) Write Yourself a Letter: Take the perspective of a compassionate friend, so you can imagine that you are this other person. What would a compassionate and kind friend say to me right now? What would their words be? Later, come back and read the letter and receive it from yourself. 2) Write Down Your Self-Talk: If you are self-criticizing because your jeans don’t fit or you said the wrong thing in a situation, write down the self-critical words that come to mind and then ask if would you ever say these JULY 2019 | ACTIVE FAMIL Y 7

[ RELATIONSHIPS ] words to a friend? What would a friend say? 3) Develop a Self-Compassion Mantra: Neff suggests developing something that is easily memorized so that when something difficult happens, you can go to your phrases. They are not positive affirmations but reminders. Here is the self-compassion she developed for herself “This is a moment of suffering, suffering is part of life, may I be kind to myself in this moment may I give myself the compassion that I need” Neff’s son has autism and when he would have a tantrum in public, she would immediately turn to her self-compassion mantra partly as a focus for her mind but also because what she needed most at that moment was emotional support for herself so she could deal with the situation calmly and with more grace. 4) Meditation: Meditation is a process by which, through contemplation and relaxation, we can begin to loosen the grip of self-critical thoughts and emotions. There are many forms of meditation practice from mantra meditations, to breathing practices, mindfulness to yoga or nature walks. Find a practice that works for you and allows you to create space and quiet in your mind.

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HOTEL SPOTLIGHT: Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

by Elizabeth Kang

Summertime brings Family Fun at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Befitting to its name, the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess reins supreme when it comes to family friendly fun. Not only did this 5-star hotel treat us like royalty during our stay, but the affordable off-season summer-rates might tempt us to make this resort an annual summer tradition.

Family Fun Galore We arrived at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess after a quick 1.5-hour-flight from the Bay Area (always appreciated when flying with the young and oh-so-energetic.) After a 20-minute-ride to Scottsdale, we arrived at the regal entrance of the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. From the moment we stepped inside the beautiful lobby, it became clear that both kids and adults were in for a great time. The hotel is hosting a fun superhero theme for


[ TRAVEL ] the summer, and our kids were thrilled to pose with the in-costume superhero characters who were greeting guests at check-in. There was a also a free photo booth to create keepsake pictures, and even dress-up capes and masks for children to take home. Along with that fun, the resort had set up an impressively high (and complimentary) zipline so that little (and big) superheroes could test out their flying skills. My child was super excited to try her first zip-line experience, which I’m sure she’ll remember forever. Although we didn’t use the onsite Trailblazers Kid’s Club during our visit, we always appreciate the option to get in some adult time at the spa or adult pool while our children are secure in a safe and fun environment. The kids’ club program at the Fairmont Scottsdale is open to children ages 5-12 and includes a stimulating day of games, swimming, and crafts. For more fun activity, families are welcome to borrow fishing poles at the kids’ club to fish the resort’s pond, (rafts and toys for the pool, basketballs and other fun gear are also available to borrow.) That night we let the kids stay up past their bedtime to watch the weekly fireworks show, which was a beautiful and exciting end to the evening.

Poolside Shenanigans The pools at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess are where all of the action is during the summer, and it’s definitely where we wanted to hang all day in the 100+ Arizona tempts. (Don’t let the hot weather dissuade you from visiting in the Summer though, because the high temps were a non-issue in-between the ultra-refreshing pools and powerful resort air conditioning.) 12 ACTIVE FAMIL Y | JULY 2019


There are six sparkling pools at the resort, each with a different vibe and scene. For action-packed all-day fun, we headed over to the waterslides pool, which offered two surprisingly fast waterslides, a DJ playing upbeat tunes, a fun foam party, as well as various hosted games. For a quieter scene, we crossed over to the Sunset Pool, which is a huge, gorgeous pool and bar with a white sand beach. Although the scene was less crowded, there was still plenty going on to entertain all, especially at night when the pool erected a giant blow-up movie screen for its “Dive-in” movie night. During the day we enjoyed poolside service and watched a few little girls’ dreams come true as they became certified mermaids during the “Mermaid Academy” training event. Adults have the option to sneak in some quiet time at the Adult Pool, where huge swan floats drift lazily about, just begging for an Instagram-Worthy picture. There are other, smaller pools peppered throughout the property, so there’s always a refreshing pool nearby. JULY 2019 | ACTIVE FAMIL Y 13


Dazzling Gourmet Dining The quality of dining options at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess are impressive, to say the least. In fact, it became apparent that people from all over the area travelled to the resort just to have dinner at one of its amazing restaurants. We had an unforgettable meal at the renowned Michael Mina eatery Bourbon Steak, where the kids were delighted at the gourmet french fry taster that swiftly arrived on our table as a sort of cleverly-thought-out alternative to the usual bread basket. Us adults savored perfectly seared steaks and mouthwatering sides such as smokey creamed spinach and horseradish mashed potatoes, while the kids enjoyed their scratch-made mac & cheese and gourmet hot dog. Another not-to-be-missed restaurant on the resort is the high-end La Hacienda, which serves a lighter, more refined approach to Mexican-American fare. Don’t miss the unique Margaritas and extensive tequila offerings, as well as the freshly made guacamoles with various toppings, and the popular shrimp enchiladas. Kids can enjoy their usual southwest favorites from the children’s menu, such as quesadillas and tacos. The breakfast option we found ourselves returning to again and again was at Ironwood American Kitchen, where the reasonably priced brunch buffet kept everyone happy. Children were wowed by the donut wall display, while adults appreciated the interesting twists on classics, such as a Carnitas Eggs Benedict and Smoked Salmon Toast.


Offsite Attractions With so much going on at the resort, we found ourselves too entertained to leave the property, but there are some notable attractions and excursions worth experiencing if your’e in the area long enough. Adjacent to the Fairmont Princess are two 18-hole championship golf courses, one of which is home to the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Topgolf is a popular entertainment attraction for both kids and adults, and only a 10-minute drive away. Butterfly Wonderland is a must-visit for butterfly lovers, and only a 15-minute drive. Right next-door more fun can be found at the OdySea Aquarium. The Challenger Space Center is roughly 35-minutes from the resort. A bit farther at over 2.5 hours away is Bearizona, a drive-through park where visitors can get up close and personal with bears and other wildlife. Legoland Discovery Center is approximately a 40-minutes drive. Old-Town Scottsdale and Scottsdale Fashion Square are both worthwhile shopping points of interest, and each roughly a 25-30 minute drive away. There are dozens of other museums, notable restaurant, parks, shopping centers and other entertainment venues and experiences a short drive from the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. So if you’re looking for an extremely family friendly, upscale resort that won’t break the bank, the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is a wonderful option that we highly recommend.

FAIRMONT SCOTTSDALE PRINCESS 7575 East Princess Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 1 800-344-4758 JULY 2019 | ACTIVE FAMIL Y 15


Roma Khetarpal is the author of The “Perfect” Parent: 5 Tools for Using Your Inner Perfection to Connect with Your Kids and the founder/ CEO of Tools of Growth (www., through which she helps parents raise kids to “Be Happy, Think Positive, and Do Good.” She is also a contributor to and

College-Bound Kids?

Check Your Parenting Boundaries! by Roma Khetarpal After all the excitement of high school graduation, summer’s next task is preparing our kids for college. High school gave us a taste of what it’s like to be a hands-off parent, with kids learning to advocate for themselves, speaking to their teachers and administrative staff on their own, scheduling homework and study sessions, and navigating clubs and sports. Undoubtedly, though,

She is also an Executive Board Member of the Philanthropic Society Los Angeles, which raises funds for Children’s Institute, Inc., and is Member of the Board of Directors for the Santa Clarita Valley Education Foundation, an organization providing support, programs and leadership for K-12 public school education. Khetarpal also serves on the Board of Directors at AM-Touch Dental where she previously served for 20 years as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and where she currently teaches employee relations classes. She is also working on a line of children’s products that will promote self-understanding and emotional intelligence. (Article first published on Huffington Post)


we still had our hands in the mix. We could give our opinion on their classes, suggest how to approach a teacher, and wake them up when their alarm didn’t go off, fully aware that in just a few short months, the kids would be taking care of everything on their own. Or would they? Online parenting forums are filled with folks looking for ways they can make life easier for their college-age kids. They want to know who to contact to change a class, how their child will get from one end of the campus to the other, and what to do if their son or daughter doesn’t like their roommate? As we check off the list of things to bring to school and push our child to email the future roommate to find out which one is bringing the microwave, we are missing the point of college: to let our children explore adulthood and start figuring life out for themselves. Just a few weeks before my 18-year-old son went off to university, I had a big argument with him over laundry. I had told him that he needed to start doing

[ PARENTING ] his wash himself to get into the habit. Then I happened

to find their way to the local market or department store.

to walk into his room at a time when there were clothes

After four years of high school, they should know how to

everywhere. Naturally, I exploded.

study and organize their notes. They should know that skipping class is a bad idea. And, as my son reminded

“I know you’re not going to be able to manage on your

me, they’ll even learn that eventually, they’ll have to do

own,” I shouted. “You can’t even get into a routine of

their laundry.

doing your laundry! You have no idea what independent adult life requires. You have to be committed to taking of

Still, it’s hard to stop ourselves from stepping in, just when

yourself. You need to get to it now or you’re not going out

we should be letting go. Here are some ways to ease the

with your friends!

transition… for them and for us.

There it was—all my worries about how he would survive

1. Let the kids choose their own classes. Colleges today

packed in five angry sentences. My son shut me up

are pretty good about knowing what classes a student

quickly with his answer: “Mom, first, I’m 18½, and you can

needs to take to complete a degree. That’s what college

but you shouldn’t be telling me when I can and cannot

advisors are for. Let the staff members do their job. If your

go out with my friends. As you remind me often, I need

student has a question, he or she can call or email the

to make my own decisions since I’ll be leaving in a few

advisor directly. If your child wants to run things by you,

weeks. Second, you’ve invested a lot of time, money,

that’s great. But whatever you do, don’t call the school

and heart in supporting and funding my education. I’ve

on your child’s behalf.

completed 5 AP classes and several rounds of SAT tests. Do you seriously think that I’m not capable of separating

2. Quit nagging. It’s the easiest way to shut down

clothes by colors and pushing buttons on a machine?

communication. Your idea of nagging might be

Last but not least, I take four showers a day and am an

different than mine, but there is no need to constantly

ultra-clean person who does not like wearing the same

ask about studying and homework and whether your

clothes more than once. Do you seriously think that will

kids are getting enough sleep or eating regular meals.


This is the time for them to figure out what works best for themselves. Let them do it!

I started in on a rebuttal, but he stopped me with: “Can you just answer yes or no. I really need to know how

3. Don’t obsess about grades. You won’t be getting a

much faith you have in me. You also seriously need to

report card from your child’s school anymore. And if

know how much faith you have in how you raised me!”’

you constantly ask how they did on a test, it only puts

He scrunched his forehead, crossed his arms, tapped his

added pressure on them. College is hard… and lots of

foot, and waited for me to answer. Of course, I burst out

kids struggle through their first semester. A bad grade

laughing! I knew he was capable. I was just anxious.

doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be successful. There is

I smiled and said, “I have a feeling that you’ll wait until

a learning curve for everything. Let them ride that curve.

you have no more clothes to wear.” 4. They don’t need everything on the what-to-take list. It’s “You’re right,” he responded. “I might do that once or

okay if you send them to school without a warm-enough

twice. But I’ll live and learn. Isn’t that the point, Ma?”

coat or the right-size bed sheets. Dorm rooms are small,

We spend 18 years preparing our kids for being on their

and there is no way you can know for sure what they will

own, and that includes going to college. If we have

or won’t need. There is undoubtedly a store nearby…

done our jobs correctly, they should be able to find the

and there’s always Amazon. Seriously, they can buy what

phone number for their counselor, read a bus schedule,

they don’t have.

or set their alarm clock. If we have done our job right, the kids should know that pizza for dinner every night

5. Stay out of roommate issues. Your son or daughter

probably isn’t a great idea. They should also know how

might call to complain about their roommate, but that JULY 2019 | ACTIVE FAMIL Y 17

[ PARENTING ] doesn’t mean they need to get a new one. Part of

are used to parents and siblings being around all the

living in a dorm is learning how to deal with people.

time. Now they are alone and have to make their own

Disagreements build communication and self-reliance.

decisions. It’s not easy for sure, but don’t respond right

Encourage them to work things out. This is problem-

away with, “It’s okay, why don’t you come home.”

solving at its finest.

Chances are, after a bout of homesickness, the kids will perk up and be just fine. And a little homesickness will

6. Do not expect to hear from your kids every day. More importantly, do not overstress “keeping in touch daily.” Please don’t hang it over their heads if they skip checking in for a day or two. You’re sending them off to start their independent lives. Growing into adulthood means not having to call mom or dad every single day. Be grateful to hear from them whenever they call, without guilt trips or shaming. Gentle, short text

make those school breaks all the sweeter for both of you. Yes, our babies are leaving home, and we can’t help being emotional about that. But this is exactly what we’ve prepared them to do. We’ve raised young adults who are capable of figuring out things for themselves. Now let’s take a step back and let them do just that.

reminders like “I miss you” and “hope you’re doing well” are okay. But be sure to add, “I’m so excited for you.”

As Julie Lythcott-Haims says in her groundbreaking book,

And moms, cut down on the emojis!

How to Raise an Adult, “No one can give another person life skills. Each of us has to acquire them by doing the

7. Feeling homesick doesn’t mean someone should

work of life on our own.” So guide and step aside. Make

come home. Most kids are going to get homesick at

way for your children to forge their own path through

some point. College is a huge change for them. They

their own experiences. It’s how life is learned best.



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Summer Essentials We Love BY ETSY.COM


20 ACTIVE FAMIL Y | JULY 2019 Go to or for more info!


Hammock by Hangloose Hammocks HI, Ultra soft and lightweight, these hammocks are perfect for lazy day lounging! Comfortable and durable and compact enough to take with you traveling, to the beach or camping! | $149 | shop/HanglooseHammocksHI Wine Tumblers from ClassyNSassyStudio, Who doesn’t love a cold beverage while playing in the sun? These fun tumbers will keep your drinks cold all day long. Double insulated, customizable. Even more reasons why we love summer! | $15 each | Yardzee Game by Rustic Station Designs, Yardzee is the same game as Yahtzee but made for outdoors! This is the perfect addition to your backyard summer games! | $50 by RusticStationDesigns | Fremont Fire Pit by Knox Elements, Cozy up to The Fremont fire pit during the cooler summer nights. Grab the s’mores and tell some ghost stories, this is the perfect addition to your backyard. Clean and refined, and built to last a lifetime. | $350 | Travel Cornhole Set by A.S Is Designs, these solid wood cornhole boards are perfect for the beach, backyard or a family picnic! These are a travel sized version of the standard cornhole sets, and includes built-in handles for easy carrying! | $165 | Waterproof Picnic Blanket by Modern Cabin From Capitola to Tahoe, this is the perfect modern blanket to bring along. With it's large size, you can fit the whole family. Perfect for picnics, outdoor concerts, stargazing, beach parks, or camping. | $115 | Handmade Soy Candle by Vim And Vigor Candle Co., Add some fragrance to your summer day or night. Scented with the highest grade, 100% pure fragrance oils. Various scents to choose from. | $36 |




L.A. GIRLS’ WEEKEND by Elizabeth Kang There’s no better destination for a quick sunshine-soaked girls’ getaway than the City of Angels. With a vibrant, cutting-edge food scene, unparalleled shopping, and that always-exciting chance of spotting a Hollywood celebrity, Los Angeles is the perfect locale to hang with the ladies for a much-needed girls’ weekend. STAY Kimpton Hotel Palomar Beverly Hills — With its glamorous, upscale offerings, there’s no question that Beverly Hills should be home base for the weekend, and Kimpton Hotel Palomar Beverly Hills is just the hotel to book to feel like a movie star yourself. Recently renovated and rich in Old Hollywood glitz and glamour, Hotel Palomar’s Wilshire Boulevard location is close to incredible shopping on Rodeo Drive, a swanky bar scene, the beach, museums, and some of LA’s finest restaurants. From the valet to the bartender, Hotel Palomar offers amazing hospitality, upscale amenities and a convenient location, and it won’t break the bank. After checking in, stick around to enjoy the complimentary wine hour from 5 pm to 6 pm. The hotel offers a fun, casual onsite restaurant —Double Take — as well as quick room service, a well-equipped

fitness center, ultra-comfortable beds, loaner bikes for exploring, and an intimate pool and outdoor patio that will make you feel as though you’re hangin’ at a friend’s trendy private patio. As an added bonus, Hotel Palomar solves L.A.s notorious traffic and parking dilemmas by providing guests with the use of a driver, who graciously ferries hotel guests to and from shopping, dining and other activities. EAT Rosaline — Dubbed a “modern Peruvian Bistro,” Rosaline’s chef, Ricardo Zarate, created a menu of classic Peruvian dishes alongside “street food fare” with an updated, California twist. Small plates reign supreme, as do the popular paellas, with a wonderful vegetarian version offered. The Honor Bar — From their deservedly-famous fried chicken sandwich to beautifully presented and innovative sushi, The Honor Bar is the highly rated hot spot to grab lunch while shopping Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Prospect Gourmand — LA takes its brunch seriously, and the all-day weekend brunch scene at Prospect Gourmand is not to be missed. The casual ambiance JULY 2019 | ACTIVE FAMIL Y 23


is welcoming, stylish and comfortable, and the farmers’-

entertainment, take in a live play at the Odyssey Theatre,

market-inspired menu is a healthy mix of comforting

only two miles from the Palomar. You can take in a classic,

classics and intriguing new dishes. Think Oat-Fried Chicken

such as A Streetcar Named Desire, or something more

& Waffles, Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict and freshly

contemporary, such as the political comedy LOOT.

squeezed mimosas. SHOP Rodeo Drive — Just two miles from your hotel, Rodeo Drive is the mecca for luxury shopping and beautiful-people watching. The district is home to the flagship stores of highend retail names such as Fendi, Valentino, Cartier and Tom Ford, among others. Third Street Promenade — This Santa Monica open-air

Santa Monica Pier — No trip to LA is complete without hangin’ at the beach, and the always-lively Santa Monica Pier is a five-mile straight shot down from your hotel. Over 100-years-old, the pier continues to draw hundreds of tourists a day for its gorgeous beach views and carnivallike atmosphere. Celebrity Homes Bus Tour — Don’t mind feeling touristy

downtown shopping district has it all — luxury stores, casual

booking an open-air bus tour on your trip, celebrity

boutiques and plenty of in-demand eateries. Located

spotting is half the fun of going to LA, after all! Book a

seven miles from your hotel, this is an area where you and

two-hour tour with Access Hollywood Tours for a fun-and-

your friends could easily stay and play, all day.

fact-filled romp through Beverly Hills and get a glimpse of the homes of mega-celebrities like Madonna, Tom Cruise,


Justin Timberlake, and many others. Who knows, you may

Odyssey Theatre — For a fun dose of culture and civilized

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7 Steps to Beat Summertime Whining by Amy McCready Parenting expert and “recovering yeller” Amy McCready is the Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions and the author of If I Have to Tell You One More Time… The Revolutionary Program That Gets Your Kids to Listen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling (Penguin, 2011.) Amy is a regular parenting contributor on The TODAY Show and has also appeared on Rachael Ray, CBS This Morning, CNN, Fox & Friends, MSNBC, Steve Harvey and elsewhere. In her most important role, she plays mom to two teenage boys. Follow Amy on Twitter @AmyMcCreadyPPS.

It’s summer! For many of us, this is our favorite time of the year—the slow pace, the long days and no school activities to rush around to. On the other hand, if we’re not careful, having the kids home all summer with no clear-cut responsibilities can slowly drive us crazy. First, there’s the whining for a later bedtime: “But Moooooom, I can sleep in since there’s no school!” And then there are the power struggles about family contributions: “I can’t believe you’re making me take out the trash!” And possibly worst of all, there are the endless battles about screen time: “Just one more show, pleeeeeaaaazzzz! It’s summer!” Whether or not you’re about ready to scream, read on—I have a way to make summer easier on everyone, and it’s called a summer contract. A summer contract is an agreement between parents and kids about summer expectations. The summer contract can—and should—include things like screen time limits, household responsibilities, summer reading, bedtime, and anything else that’s likely to be a struggle.


[ PARENTING ] Kids benefit from knowing their expectations up front,

4. Let the summer contract be the law

and being able to exercise some control over when

Write clear consequences into the summer contract for

family contributions (chores) get completed, for

what happens if your child does not adhere to it.

instance. Parents benefit because they now have a way to help their kids have both a relaxing and productive

For example, “If you don’t respect the one hour per

summer. Here are some guidelines for setting up a

day rule for technology usage, you will lose technology

summer contract in your house.

privileges for the rest of the week.”


Then, if your child decides to challenge the contract, he’ll know exactly what’s going to happen—and so will

1. Keep it simple


You don’t need 20 rules—just focus on the main struggle areas. Are you worried about them abusing technology

5. Set summer bedtimes

time? Afraid sibling rivalry is going to put a damper on

While bedtimes may be slightly later in the summer,

summertime joy?

they still need to be firm. Stick to a regular bedtime (for weeknights and weekends) and your kids will get the

Be intentional about your areas of focus, and pick just a

message after a few nights, with no more whining.

few to include on the summer contract. 6. Get buy-in 2. One contract per child

Let your kids help decide what goes into the summer

The contract will vary by age and personal goals. For

contract, and they’ll be more likely to follow it.

instance, if music practice is a key part of your child’s summer, include 15-20 minutes of practice a day.

For instance, while family contributions such as preparing a meal or helping out around the house aren’t optional,

If a child pushes back and laments, “But she doesn’t

kids can decide which days of the week they change

have to do as much this summer!” calmly explain that

sheets, pull weeds, or make a salad for dinner.

every one has different needs and individual contracts help you, as the parent, to meet the needs of each child

7. Post the summer contract and stick to it


Avoid backsliding and giving into whining by posting the kids’ summer contracts where you and the children will

3. Limit technology

see them every day.

There’s no reason your kids need to spend every spare minute in front of the tube, and in fact, it’s not healthy for

If your kids start to battle you for a later bedtime, you

them to do so.

can simply point to them to the contract. And by really sticking with it, your kids will soon learn that the rules

This is your chance to limit screen time to reasonable

aren’t up for negotiation.

amounts. Final Thoughts Don’t be dismayed by the “But I’m so booooooored”

With a summer contract for kids, summer really can be

comments that will inevitably ensue by limiting screen

fun for everyone!

time. Remind your children that they are creative and capable to make their own fun this summer—play

Once you’ve made the contract, don’t be surprised

outside, have a dance party, build a fort, play hide and

when behaviors start to flare up—after all your kids are

seek. The non-technology options are endless, so hold

experiencing a lot more togetherness than during the

tight to the limits you’ve put in place.

school year. JULY 2019 | ACTIVE FAMIL Y 27


10 Reasons Why the Andaz Scottsdale’s Pool Scene is Tops by Elizabeth Kang We’ve explored many Scottsdale resorts, and as a

welcoming and just the right amount of cool.

result, we’ve dipped our toes in many Scottsdale resort pools. From kid-friendly zero-depth pools to exclusive,

3. The Friendly Service: Read an online review of the

adult-only pools, it’s always a great day when it’s spent

Andaz Scottsdale and it will likely mention the friendly

poolside. The pool scene at Andaz Scottsdale Resort &

and attentive poolside service, with many reviews

Bungalows, however, tops our list for a number of reasons

calling out servers by name. The highly trained staff

— ten, to be exact!

is one more reason the poolside experience at the Andaz is so great.

1. The Pools: There’s a reason the Turquoise Pool is in the center of this resort — it’s where all the action and

4. A Mouthwatering Menu: One of life’s greatest simple

excitement is! But if your’e looking for a little more

pleasure has got to be eating a casual, alfresco

relaxation and serenity, the Retreat Pool is the one for

poolside meal, delivered right to your lounge chair


without so much as a twitch of a muscle. The poolside menu at the Andaz Scottsdale makes the experience

2. The Right Vibes: Modern, unpretentious and very hip, the poolside vibe at the Andaz Scottsdale is friendly, 28 ACTIVE FAMIL Y | JULY 2019

that much better, with both indulgent and healthy options such as Chile-Braised Pork Tacos, chilled


Shrimp Ceviche, and a delicious assortment of salads, sandwiches and burgers. Try a seasonal house-made popsicle to cool off after lunch. 5. The Bar: Ensuring that you don’t have to leave the pool for any reason, the Turquoise Pool Bar is conveniently located right at the main pool. So you can saunter up dripping wet to order your Mojito or Frozé. 6. Breathtaking Views: Overlooking the iconic Camelback Mountain, the pool is an ideal place to be in the evening to gaze at a legendary Sonoran

play upbeat, energetic music at the right volume,

Desert sunset. When the sun sets behind Camelback

(which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is key.) You can still hold

Mountain, the mountain’s silhouette is simply stunning.

a conversation at this resort pool, while enjoying lively background music.

7. The Music: Many resort pools have a DJ hour, or a special one-night-a-week DJ, but the Andaz Scottsdale employs a DJ most days of the week. They

8. The Upmost Comfort: No need to worry about snagging a lounge chair at the Andaz Scottsdale JULY 2019 | ACTIVE FAMIL Y 29


pool, because there are plenty to go around, along with umbrellas for shade. For the ultimate in comfort and privacy, reserve one of the many luxurious poolside cabanas. 9. Convenient Amenities: Forget your sunscreen? No worries, the Andaz Scottsdale has you covered. From plush towels, to a variety of pool toys, floaties, free daily beverages, and more, everything you need for a fun day at the pool is at your disposal. 10. Relaxed Hours. There’s nothing that ruins a vacay vibe faster than being kicked out of the pool when everyone is having a blast. Luckily, that scenario won’t become a reality at the Andaz Scottsdale, because the pool hours are “relaxed” — a.k.a — nonexistent. So if you’re feeling the need for a midnight swim, jump on in! It’s all in sophisticated good fun at the Andaz Scottsdale Pool. Stay the night The accommodations at the Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Spa are just as fabulous as the pool scene, with modern, mid-century-styled spacious bungalows, delicious and innovative American restaurant Weft & Warp, stunning desert landscaping, a soothing spa, and complimentary trolley or Tesla transportation. 30 ACTIVE FAMIL Y | JULY 2019



[ PARENTING ] Dr. Michele Borba is an internationally recognized expert and author on children, teens, parenting, bullying and moral development. She is an NBC contributor appearing over 100 times on the TODAY show and is the regular parenting expert on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers. Her work has been featured on Dr. Phil, Dateline, The View, The Doctors, Fox News, The Early Show and CNN and well as in Newsweek, People, Good Housekeeping, Chicago Tribune, U.S. News & World Report, Washington Post, The New York Times and The Globe and Mail. She was an MSNBC contributor to two televised “Education Nation” specials. Dr. Borba is the awardwinning author of 22 parenting and educational books translated into 14 languages. Titles include: Don’t Give Me That Attitude!, Parents Do Make A Difference, The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries, and Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me!, No More Misbehavin’, Building Moral Intelligence (cited by Publishers’ Weekly as “Among the most noteworthy of 2001”), and Esteem Builders used by 1.5 million students worldwide. She writes as the parenting expert for Dr. Oz’s website, as well a daily column for her blog, Dr. Borba’s Reality Check: Twitter: @micheleborba

Helping Kid Perfectionists Feel “Good Enough” by Dr. Michele Borba How to help kid perfectionists feel good enough about themselves and cope with the ups and downs of life. Dear Dr. Borba, My ten-year-old is first in her class, and it makes her nuts. She stayed up until one in the morning last night memorizing state capitals. I worry that if she keeps up this pace she’ll have a nervous breakdown. She is a great kid, smart as a whip with an IQ in the ozone, and I swear I don’t push he Sound familiar? I can’t tell you how many similar questions I receive from parents with kids who are perfectionists. Of course we want our children to reach their potential and to excel. Of course we want them to get those great grades and succeed. But often kids feels so much pressure that they become obsessed to doing everything so perfectly to an unhealthy degree. And that can leave them feeling anxious, frustrated and worried most of the time. Another problem with perfectionists is that they often put those pressures on


[ PARENTING ] themselves. “Will it be enough?” “What will others think?”

out of fear it won’t be perfect

“Why did I miss that one point?””I have to stay up later…I won’t get a perfect score!” “But it isn’t GOOD enough. I

~ Concentrates on the mistake instead of the overall job

need to work harder!”

or how well he performed

Because they’re never satisfied and always pushing

~ Way too hard on himself; can’t laugh at himself or his

themselves, they are often frustrated with their

own mistakes

performance. Of course always wanting to be perfect to an extreme can take a toil on our children’s emotional

Though some of our kids are just hard-wired with that

health as well as disrupt their lives.If they keep up that

inborn tendency to always push, push, push themselves

push, push, push, never-good-enough pace, all that

to the max, max, max, there are things we can do. For

heightened stress can put them in jeopardy for anxiety,

instance, we can teach them coping skills so they can

depression, eating disorders, migraines headaches,

lower their stress and we can show them how to set

and even suicide. Perfectionists are also more at risk for

more realistic expectations. And we can also take an

emotional, physical as well as relational problems.

honest appraisal by tuning into our own expectations and example to make sure some of that push they put

But let’s keep in mind that this isn’t just a “big kid issue.”

on themselves really isn’t coming from us. Here are a

Even preschoolers are beginning to exhibit this problem.

few tidbits of proven parenting advice from my book to

We see this “I’m never good enough” concept especially

help you help your child survive, cope and thrive in this

in our gifted and talented kids. Here are signs to watch

wonderful world.

for: 1. Lighten the child’s load Signs of Kid Perfectionists

Start by honestly checking his schedule: Is there any time

~ Always comparing themselves to others; can’t stand

for just downtime or play? Is there any of those activities

coming in second place or doing worse than others;

that can be eliminated or reduced? Teach your child he

wants to be the best and anything less not good enough

can always go back and finish up an activity, but give him permission to just plain enjoy life. (You may need to

~ Migraines or headaches, stomach aches, trouble

remind him and chart that time into his schedule so she

sleeping, or other physical ailments before, after, or

does take time to glance at the clouds or just do plain

during a performance

nothing for a few seconds anyway.) While you’re at it, do take an honest assessment at the classes, programs,

~ Too cautious about trying something new that may be

activities, clubs, etc. Ask three questions:

outside of his area of expertise and mean he may not excel

Are they ones that stretch my child without snapping him?

~ May put others down. All in an effort to be their best and make the other person feel less perfect – or

Are they tailored to my child strengths and capabilities?


Does my child really need them all?

~ May put the same high standards on others

2. Teach her to be her own “time-keeper” If she works hours on her writing but actually does a

~ Worrying it won’t be good enough; or fears failure.

great job the first time through, set a time limit on how

Avoids difficult or stressful tasks; leaves work unfinished

long she can work on a particular activity. Then help her JULY 2019 | ACTIVE FAMIL Y 33

[ PARENTING ] log her own time.

verses what you can’t. Redefine success as not perfection, but excellence.

3. Teach stress busters Show your child a few simple relaxation strategies such

7. Watch your example!

as taking slow deep breaths, listening to soothing music,

Are you a perfectionist? Is nothing ever good enough?

walking, or just taking ten and lying on the couch to

Do you berate yourself for every little thing?

help improve her frame of mind and reduce a bit of that intensity—at least for a few minutes.

Beware, research shows that moms who are perfectionists or who base their self-esteem on their kids’

4. Help your child handle disappointment

achievement are more likely to have perfectionist kids.

The inner dialogue of a perfectionist is self-defeating.

Watch out! Your kids are watching!

“I’m never good enough.” “I knew I’d blow it.” So help your child reframe his self-talk by teaching him to say to

Remember, the parenting goal is not to change your

a more positive phrase that’s less critical and judgmental

child, but to help her learn coping skills and expectations

and more reality-based such as: “Nobody is perfect.” “All

that will reduce her self-made pressure. Stress stimulates

I can do is try my best.” “I’ll try again next time.” “Believe

some kids, but paralyzes others. Tune into your child

in myself will help me relax.”

and watch how he or she responds to deadlines and expectations.

5. Start a family mantra One way to help your child realize that mistakes don’t

8. Get real about abilities

have to be seen as failures, is to come up with a family

Don’t try to turn your child into the “Superkid Perfect-

mantra such as: “A mistake is a chance to start again.”

in-Everything. Instead, be more practical about your

Or: “Whether you think your can or that you can’t you’re

child abilities and be honest with her. Start assessing

right.” Then pick one phrase and say it again and again

and refining her natural strengths—her artistic flair, his

until your child “owns it.” You might even print out a

creative nature, or her musical pitch. Then monitor,

computer-made sign and hang it on your fridge.

encourage and strengthen those traits and skills so she doesn’t try to push herself so hard in too many areas

6. Teach “Take a reality check”

but instead narrows her focus and has a more realistic

Perfectionists imagine something horrid will happen if

assessment of her talents.

they hit the wrong note, don’t hit the high beam, or don’t make the standard they’ve set for themselves. Your role is

9. Make sure there’s time for fun

to challenge their views so they don’t think in such all or

Encourage laughter and just sitting outside every once

nothing; black or white thinking, and help them dispute

in a while and watching the clouds drift by. Teach your

the belief.

child she can always go back and finish up an activity, but give her permission to just plain enjoy life.

For instance: Kid: “I know the moment I pick up my pencil

Tailor your expectations to your child’s natural nature

I’m going to forget everything I studied all year.” You:

and development. Temper any tendency to “push her

“That’s never happened in your entire life. Why now?”

harder” (perfectionist kids are their own best pushers).

Show your child the advantages and disadvantages

Those are the true secrets that help our kids reach their

of being a perfectionist. Explain what you can control

potential and utilize their gifts.



Dr. Dante Gonzales has been creating beautiful, healthy smiles since 1998. He takes great pride in delivering the highest quality orthodontic treatment available. Dr. Gonzales takes an active role in meeting and exceeding the standards of his profession. He has taken the extra steps to become a board certified orthodontist in Dublin, CA. (Only 1 in 6 orthodontists is board certified.) In addition, he is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, as well as other national, state, and local dental associations. In order to stay abreast of the most current developments in dentistry and orthodontics, Dr. Gonzales and his team attend many continuing education courses throughout the year. In addition, he served as an associate clinical professor in the orthodontics department at the University of the Pacific Dental School. Since 2010, Dr. Gonzales has served on the editorial advisory board of Dr. Oz’s website.

Am I Too Old For Braces? by Dr. Dante Gonzales This is a question I get from a lot of parents and older adults that I come into contact with. In the past orthodontic treatment was mainly for children and adolescents. But within the last 20-30 years there have been many advancements in orthodontic treatment. And at the same time there has been an increased desire among adults to not only look their best, but feel and function at their best. With the convergence of these two factors, we now see many orthodontic offices seeing upwards of 50-60% of their patients as adults. This is a huge change from 35 years ago when adult orthodontic treatment was less than 10% of the market. Adults are realizing that the benefits from orthodontic treatment need not be for adolescents only. Adults can also gain these benefits from orthodontic treatment, and these days it doesn't have to be with big metal braces. These days we can treat patients with very discreet appliances like clear braces, or lingual braces (cemented on behind the teeth), or clear aligners (eg. Invisalign). Two of the biggest deterrents to adults getting orthodontic treatment were always the aesthetics and duration of the treatment. Adults were faced with the fact that metal braces are so obvious and make your smile full of metal.

[ HEALTH ] The other concern was the length of time in treatment.

excellent, or at least very good. All of the complicating

In many cases orthodontic treatment could take 24-30

factors that adults may present with are well within an

months. That's a long time to have a "tin-grin". However,

orthodontist's realm of treatment experience. Most

the field of orthodontics has undertaken a lot of research

orthodontists have undergone an extra 24-36 months

and every few years make significant advancements

of training. That extra 5000-7000 hours of training and

in orthodontic treatment. Treatment has become more

experience is just one of the reasons why it's so important

efficient and doesn't take as long as it used to. Today,

to undergo orthodontic treatment with a trained

there are adjunct procedures that can help increase the

orthodontist. While some general dentists perform

rate of tooth movement. Combining these procedures

orthodontic procedures in their offices, they do not have

with more efficient treatment can result in patients

near the training or experience that a new orthodontic

finishing their treatment in 30-50% less time than it took

graduate has in regard to the training and knowledge of

35 years ago. Some patients may finish orthodontic

moving teeth.

treatment within as little as 6 months. All of these factors have made adult orthodontic treatment more

To move your teeth an orthodontist can use traditional

appealing, and made more adults more attractive in the

metal braces, clear ceramic braces, or clear removable


aligners, like Invisalign. All of these appliances can move teeth and achieve the same result in the same amount

Even with all of these advancements many adult

of time. All of these appliances will deliver a controlled

patients still wonder "am I too old for braces?". "Can

force to the teeth that gently and predictably move the

my teeth still move at this age?" "Will it negatively

teeth into the most ideal position for function, comfort,

effect my teeth?" "Could I lose my teeth if I go through

and aesthetics.

orthodontic treatment at my age?" These are all questions older patients tend to ask. These are all

If you're considering orthodontic treatment to correct

valid questions. However, these questions have to be

longstanding cosmetic or bite problems or to remedy the

answered on a case by case basis. The bottom-line is

effects of tooth loss, keep a few things in mind:

that almost anyone over the age of 6 or 7 can benefit from orthodontic treatment. The main factor in qualifying

• The bones of adults have stopped growing, so some

someone for orthodontic treatment is not the age, but

structural changes may not be accomplished without

the health of the teeth, gums, and the surrounding bone.

surgery. However, in most cases skeletal structural

If the teeth, bones, and gums are all healthy then you

changes are not necessary to achieve great results.

are a great candidate for orthodontic treatment. • The entire process may take longer for you than for a Whether you're young or old, treatment is the same

child or adolescent. While the time it takes to straighten

physiological process that moves teeth through the

teeth varies from person to person, on average,

bone. Adults may have denser bone tissue than children,

treatment lasts about 12-24 months. These treatment

so the teeth may move a little slower and treatment take

times can be reduced with procedures that accelerate

a little longer, but age does not keep them from moving.

tooth movement.

Nor, does it increase the risk of complications. However, adults can have more wear on their teeth, have missing

• If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, you may

teeth, crowns, bridges, and even implants. These

also need to see a periodontist as well as your general

factors can complicate treatment, or cause the results

dentist and orthodontist to ensure that the treatment

to be slightly less than perfect. But one should never

is not complicated by bone loss resulting from gum

let perfection get in the way of achieving something



[ HEALTH ] One of my oldest patients that I ever treated was 78 years

didn't do this treatment sooner. During her visits to check

old. I was treating her grandkids at the time when she

her retainers and make sure the result was maintaining,

approached me to ask if she could get braces too. The

she would tell me that in her entire life she had never

first question she asked me was "am I too old for braces?".

smiled so much. Her entire demeanor had changed.

To which I replied, "of course not, as long as your teeth and gums are healthy we can straighten your teeth." Her main concerns were the crowding and crooked teeth, and her two upper canines that stuck out and were very obvious. She had said that those canines and her crooked front teeth had bothered her since she was a adolescent. After a thorough examination of her teeth and bones, we determined that her mouth was healthy

She felt like she had become a better version of herself. Even her friends and family noticed the change, not just in her smile, but in her attitude. She lived for another 12 years after the braces were removed and she probably smiled more in those last 12 years than in the previous 78. So if you are an adult the question you should ask yourself is not "am I too old for orthodontic treatment?" ,

enough to undergo orthodontic treatment. She wound

but instead ask "is there anything about my bite or smile

up going through 18 months of braces alongside her

that I would love to improve?" If there is, then you may

grandkids. And finishing treatment, she was overjoyed

be a great candidate for a new smile from orthodontic

with the result. She said that her only regret was that she




Summer Alameda County ALAMEDA Alameda School of Music 1307 High St. 510.769.0195

Camp Bladium 800 West Tower Ave 510.814.4999 youth-kids/kids-camps

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French For Fun 3381 Mt. Diablo Blvd 925.283.9822


Rancho Saguaro 1050 Pereira Rd. 925.788.5200

MORAGA Gaels Summer Camp 1928 St Mary’s Rd. 925.631.4FUN

Camp Saklan 1678 School St. 925.376.7900

OAKLEY City of Oakley Parks and Recreation 3231 Main St. 925.625.7044

Diamond Hills Sports Club 1510 Neroly Rd. 925.420.4575


Camp Doodle 66 St. Stephens Dr.

PITTSBURG City of Pittsburg Parks and Recreation 300 Presido Ln. 925.252.4842

SAN RAMON City of San Ramon Camps 2226 Camino Ramon 925.973.2500

School of Rock San Ramon 460 Montgomery Street 925.415.3340 510.207.9281

Adventure Day Camp Dorris-Eaton School One Annabel Lane 925.937.6500

WALNUT CREEK Adventure Day Camp Seven Hills School 975 North San Carlos Dr. 925.937.6500

Lindsay Wildlife Museum Summer Science Camp 1931 First Ave. 925.935.1978

Camp ARF for Kids 2890 Mitchell Dr. 925.256.1273

City of Walnut Creek Summer Camps 1666 North Main St. 925.943.5899

Castle Rock Arabians 1350 Castle Rock Rd. 925.933.3701

Multiple Locations The Growing Room Academy Various locations around the Bay Offers: 3,4 and 5 Day Camps 925.837.4392

Camp Rocks: Girl Scouts of Northern California Offered at 5 locations: San Rafael (Camp Bothin), Santa Cruz (Skylark Ranch), San Jose (Camp Metro Day Camp), North Lake Tahoe (Deer Lake), and the Sierra Nevada Mountains (Sugar Pine) 800.447.4475 ext. 2091

Mad Science Camp Offered at several local Recreation sites and Community Centers 925.687.1900


Camps Steve and Kate’s Camp Danville, Dublin, Fremont, Oakland, Walnut Creek and Berkeley 415.389.5437

Camp Galileo Alameda, Alamo, Berkeley, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Fremont, Oakland, Lafayette and Orinda 510.595.7293

Lango Language Summer Camps Serving Alamo, Blackhawk, Brentwood, Briones, Canyon, Clayton, Concord, Danville, Martinez, Moraga, Orinda, Pacheco, Pittsburg, Pleasant Hill, San Ramon, Walnut Creek and surrounding regions 888.445.2646

Out of Area

SF Zoo Camp Sloat Blvd. & the Great Highway San Francisco 415.753.7080

Golden Arrow Camps 644 Pollasky Avenue, Ste. 100 Clovis, 93612 800.554.CAMP

Coppercreek Camp 1887 Williams Valley Rd. Greenville, 95947 800.350.0006

KinderCare Walnut Creek, Concord, Danville, Martinez and Clayton 888.523.6765 summercamp

Viva el Espanol! Lafayette, Piedmont, Pleasanton & San Anselmo 925.962.9177 summerprograms.php

Club Sport Fremont, San Ramon, Pleasanton and Walnut Creek 925.938.8700

Camp Edmo Alameda, Fremont, and Oakland 415.282.6673

Kids’ Carpentry Berkeley, Lafayette, Alameda, Oakland, Alamo & Walnut Creek 510.524.9232

Stratford School Summer Sports Camp & Enrichment Danville, Fremont, Los Gatos, Morgan Hill and Pleasanton 925.737.0001

Sky hawk’s Sports Camp Various locations around the Bay Area 800.804.3509

iD Tech Camp Moraga, Concord, Livermore, Berkeley and other Bay Area locations

TechKnowHow Kids Dublin, Berkeley, Fremont, Livermore, Oakland & Pleasanton 650.638.0500

Camp Unalayee 3921 East Bayshore Rd. Palo Alto 650.969.6313

CYO Summer Camp 2136 Bohemian Hwy Occidental, 95465 707.874.0200

Almaden Equestrian Center 20100 Almaden Rd. San Jose 408.927.0232

Silver Creek Sportsplex 800 Embedded Way San Jose 408.224.8774

College For Kids 1700 W. Hillsdale Blvd. San Mateo 650.574.6149

Mountain Camp Woodside 302 Portola Rd. Portola Valley 650.576.2267

School of Rock Summer Camp 711 South B St. San Mateo, San Jose & Palo Alto 650.347.3474

Camp Tawonga 131 Steuart Ste. 460 San Francisco 415.543.2267

Kennolyn Camps 8205 Glen Haven Rd. Soquel 831.479.6714



Summer EXPLORE! Stratford @ EXCEL! ENGAGE! Stay Curious.

Stay Sharp.

Keep Discovering.

Discover where the Extraordinary begins Stratford School infuses its STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) curriculum into an innovative and enriching summer camp experience for children in Preschool through Middle School.







Accrediting Commission for Schools





*Preschool State License Numbers: 073402482, 073406680, 013420588, 013423042, 434404890, 434413440, 434410816, 434408056, 013420939, 414004014, 384001837, 384004006, 434407977, 434408877, 434410807, 434404336, 434406722. Copyright © 2019 Stratford Schools, Inc. .



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Camp Sessions June 10 – August 9





Spanish Immersion Classes & Camps  Engaging curriculum uses music, art & games

 

 Experienced, dynamic teachers  Ages toddlers to teens   Small class sizes



 

r Join us fo g, in ll story te mes a g t, r music, a f F UN & TONS o l! ño - in espa Mention ACTIVE FAMILY and receive a FREE first time trial class! • 925-962-9177

Lafayette • Pleasanton • And schools all over the Bay Area




Coaching for the beginner and competitive show rider. CALL NOW FOR MORE INFO:


............................................. Ask for:

Samantha Lazone & Barbara EnDean •

5111 Dolan Rd, Livermore CA 94551



Programs available at

A traditional summer camp experience


20 Years

925.937.6500 •



Education is a Lifelong Commitment


Discover Quarry Lane

NOW ENROLLING Join our Open House every Wednesday!

Toddler, Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Academic-Based Curriculum Passionate, Experienced Educators

PLEASANTON WEST CAMPUS Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten 4444B Black Ave., Pleasanton, CA


Full and Half Day Schedules Computer, Spanish, Music, P.E., and Library Two Preschool Campuses in Pleasanton

PLEASANTON EAST CAMPUS Toddler through Pre-Kindergarten 3750 Boulder St., Pleasanton, CA


CA Licenses: 013411303, 013411304, 013411305, 013417681

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