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Content is King CHRIS DAVENPORT JOINS GOPRO VP TO TOUT DIGITAL REVOLUTION IN INDUSTRY + INTELLIGENCE KEYNOTE WHEN TRAVIS RICE THREW TOGETHER A 20-SECOND TRAILER FROM BRITish Columbia with GoPro’s new Session camera, it garnered a half million views in just nine hours. “That kind of exposure is huge,” says Bryan Johnston, GoPro’s Vice President of International Marketing, who hosted Wednesday’s Industry + Intelligence keynote lunch with athlete Chris Davenport about the power of user-generated content. “In the olden days that would’ve taken forever to reach. We’re in the golden age of user-generated content.” Co-hosting “A Million Warren Millers: How Digital Media is Revolutionizing Winter Sports,” Davenport, one of the most prolific content producers in the industry, says “the content world has been flipped 180 degrees in a very short time, to where everyone can now be their own producer.” As recently as 2006, he says, he was filming in Alaska with a giant, 8mm counter-weighted, neck-tweaking Volex camera strapped to his helmet. Now, with GoPro’s new smallerthan-ever Session camera combined with such innovations as Twitter’s new live-streaming Periscope platform, which he plans to use to broadcast in real-time at the Show, “people are their own ESPN Sports Center.” With all of today’s content-outlet options, Johnston adds it’s best, for both your business and the sport, to focus on two or three and do them well. When it comes to creating videos, he adds, incorporate different shots and angles, create a storyline before you shoot, and don’t be afraid to experiment. “You don’t know what’s going to get people’s attention,” he says, referring to recent viral GoPro footage of a kitten, found freezing in snow and brought back to life on camera. “If it’s interesting to you, it likely will be to others.” That said, no matter what platform it ends up on this content can do wonders to help grow the sport. “Today’s social realm is a very competitive landscape,” he says. “It’s a war out there. To promote snow sports we all need to get people to watch it. Otherwise, they’ll watch something else.” To fuel the stoke of snow sports, he advises everyone in the industry — retailer, man-

ufacturer, athlete, rep and more — to become digitally active and not shy away from letting the world in on our snow sports secret. “No matter where you share it, every single one of us should take 15 seconds to tell and show people how much fun this sport of ours is,” he says. Following a hands-to-the-ceiling Q&A session, he then gave away a GoPro 4 to a lucky winner, who by now has likely already posted a clip of the keynote. —Eugene Buchanan

The Datebook

Gina McCarthy, Administrator of the U.S. EPA, Mile High Ballroom, 7:30 a.m.

In partnership with Protect Our Winters (POW), special guest Gina McCarthy will start the Show with a keynote on climate change, a critical topic for the industry.

The Future of Backcountry Research & Technology, Backcountry Experience (Booth 3657), 2-3 p.m.

A discussion on better decision-making through gains in research, tech and education.

OIWC Happy Hour, Women's Lounge (Booth 548), 4:30-6 p.m.

The Outdoor Industries Women's Coalition ends Day 1 right. Stop by for beer or wine, and get a 50% discount off Giro helmets and goggles to benefit the organization.

End-of-Day Happy Hours, Show Floor

SIA Research Identifies Market Trends

SIA RESEARCH DIRECTOR KELLY DAVIS PRESENTED TRENDS IN HARDgoods and softgoods Wednesday during Industry + Intelligence. For the latest on trends in skiing, snowboarding and Nordic markets, the Snow Show Daily outlines data and analysis from SIA in each issue. For Day 1, learn about growth in alpine skiing participation and the role of rentals in specialty shop success on page 20.



Check out page 60 for a guide to booth happy hours, from cupcakes (Krimson Klover) to those benefiting non-profits (High Fives Foundation/Phunkshun) and many more!

House of Vans: 2Chainz, Fucked Up & The Blackouts, 9 p.m., Ogden Theater

House of Vans presents an epic night of hip-hop and hardcore at this free show, which will also feature photography and art by Lucas Beautfort and Aaron Blatt.

FRIDAY: Protect Our Winters Breakfast, Mile High Ballroom, 7:30 a.m.

Diarmuid O'Connell, vice president of Tesla Motors, will speak on The Future of Energy & Transportation and the need to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy.



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SIA Snow Show Day1 2016  

SIA Snow Show Day1 2016