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About Us Mission Statement:

"To establish Dorset as a place where people choose to enjoy an active lifestyle through participation in sport and physical activity". Active Dorset is one of 49 County Sports Partnership across England, committed to working together to increase participation in sport and physical activity. Partners include national governing bodies of sport and their clubs, schools, local authorities, sport and leisure facilities, primary care trusts and many other sporting and nonsporting organisations. Sport England invests Core Funding into County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) to provide a consistent set of services for National Governing Bodies and for Sport England. This investment seeks to increase the number of people aged 14 plus playing sport each week across England. As a Community Interest Company, Active Dorset is committed to reinvesting any surpluses generated back into local opportunities for sport and physical activity.

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Meet the Team Martin Kimberley

Kath Rudd

Chief Executive e: t: 01202 966736

Satellite Club & Schools Development Manager e: t: 01202 965927

Andy Dayus

Gill Jones

Tony Jones-Pert

Beth Hale

Gary Head

Lee Monk

John Drennan

Annie Hargreaves

Clive Nelson

Layne Hamerston

Senior Community Sports Development Manager e: t: 01202 966731

Policy Development & Improvement Officer e: t: 01202 966732

Senior Community Sports Development Officer e: t: 01202 966735

Sports Marketing Manager e: t: 01202 966733

Coach Development Manager e: t: 01202 966734

School Games Administrator e: t: 01202 965927

PR & Marketing Assistant Officer e: t: 01202 966733

Assistant Sports Development Officer e: t: 01202 963797

Schools Officer e: t: 01202 965927

Health Development & Partnerships Lead e: t: 01202 965927

Club Support Programme Overview: Clubmark is the universally acknowledged cross sport accreditation scheme for community sports clubs. It is based on criteria which must be supported by specific evidence. Most NGBs have their own version of Clubmark and will support their clubs through the process but from 2013 Active Dorset became a licensed body for accreditation. We are able to support clubs affiliated to NGBs recognised by Sport England and where the NGB does not have its own version of Clubmark. Clubmark is based around four key areas of club development, activity/playing programmes, duty of care and welfare, knowing your club and its community, club management.

Roll out in Dorset: In 2013 we supported clubs from Bowls to and Ju-Jitsu to achieve Clubmark. We also offer club support by organising generic workshops such as Safeguarding and Emergency Aid for Sport.

How to get involved: Visit our website to find out more information about Clubmark:

Contact: Tony Jones-Pert – Policy Development & Improvement Officer Email: Tel: 01202 966732

Case Study:

Clubmark – Moonfleet Bowls Club Moonfleet Bowls Club in Weymouth was the first club Active Dorset supported through the clubmark process. After being approached by Moonfleet to discuss the benefits, Tony JonesPert made a presentation to the committee as it was important that all members bought into the programme. The response was positive and at least 4 members of the committee agreed to share the workload. Evidence that the Bowls Club met the Clubmark criteria was gathered in a variety of formats including hard copy, electronically or at the club itself (e.g. on noticeboards). Moonfleet Bowls Club was given up to a year to compile the evidence before assessment.

Ben Heath, Sports Development Officer from Weymouth College agreed to be the Support Officer on behalf of Active Dorset. This role was used to help the club with regular meetings and verification that the club is heading in the right direction. Moonfleet prepared the evidence within 12 months and a panel of Sports Development Officers from the partnership were brought together to assess the evidence and were pleased to award Clubmark.

A presentation ceremony at the club in August 2013 paid tribute to the work

undertaken by the club.

Community Games Programme Overview: Community Games provide a wonderful and unique opportunity for communities from all backgrounds right across the country to come together and celebrate the legacy of the 2012 Games and enables thousands of people to experience and create their own Olympic or Paralympic event. The Community Games programme is coordinated through Active Dorset who will provide support and resources for communities to organise their own local sporting and cultural events in celebration of the London 2012 Games. The events could be anything from a netball tournament or a sponsored walk to a live concert, and will reflect the interests and needs of the local community.

Roll out in Dorset: Since 2012 Community Games has operated on a massive scale reaching and engaging 35 events; 517 volunteers and 11,500 participants in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset. In the eyes of local Games Organisers, volunteers and participants their local events have been a tremendous success. Some events involved competition, others focussed simply on getting people participating in sports or cultural activities they might never have tried before. As a consequence the impact of the programme on individuals and communities has been amazing.

How to get involved: Visit our website to find out more information about the Games: or alternatively contact: Andy Dayus – Community Sports Development Manager Email:

Tel: 01202 966731


Case Study:

Community Games – Mer-lympics The Lantern Church organised a special Merley Sports Weekend, including a Community Games Fun Sports Day as the centrepiece. This free event was organised by the Lantern Church with the support of many local sports clubs and sports providers; local businesses and individuals. It proved to be a fantastic all age event and best of all it was FREE! From a morning of 'It's a Knockout' style games, a community lunch with entertainment, to a Try Sports event in the afternoon, followed by a ‘Question of Sport’ style quiz in the evening. However even a forecast of a month's worth of rain in one day was not enough to dampen Merley residents enthusiasm for the Merley Community Sports Day held at Canford School Sports Centre. In the morning the Mer-lympics Team Competition was moved inside to the Sports hall to avoid the bad weather. 14 all age teams, who for fun represented different countries, took part in a series of games and activities delivered by Poole Grammar School Sports Ambassadors. All competitors received a Mer-lympics Medal. The competition was followed by a relaxed lunch with entertainment for children and music from the Christchurch and Highcliffe Band.

In the afternoon the opportunity for people to try out new sports was given with activities such as a Climbing wall, Rowing, Football, Kayaking, Zumba, Sub Aqua and many more being available. Andy Rimmer, Vicar of the Lantern Church said, “Well over 300 people attended today’s events. The weather did not put a dampener on the day for us and it was great to see so many people from the Merley community having sports based fun together. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making the day a success.”

Funding Programmes Programme Overview: Sport England’s Places People Play programme is a £150m national initiative, which sets out to harness the inspiration and magic of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In order to create a world-class community sports structure Sport England administers a number of legacy funding programmes, investing in sport at every level, whether it be a village club who needs to purchase extra equipment or a multi-million pound facility.

Roll out in Dorset: By understanding local, regional and national funding opportunities, Active Dorset aims to attract external investment into Dorset, by ensuring that local sports clubs and organisations are aware of the relevant funding streams that fit with their requirements. In turn the partnership also informs local projects about potential Sport England funding and advises Sport England on the merits and local fit of applications to the National Lottery Funding programme. Therefore Active Dorset can support bids to any of the funding streams administered by Sport England. We ask you to provide us with an overview of your project and its aims before final submission. We will then provide a statement of support and in return, we ask that you let us know whether you have been successful in your application and how the project is progressing. During 2013 Sport England awarded 15 grants, totalling £617,290.00, to various sports clubs and organisations across Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset.

How to get involved: Visit our website find out more information about funding opportunities available in Dorset –

Case Study:

Inclusive Sports Funding Application Active Dorset submitted the bid on behalf of The Dorset Disability Sports Forum. The Forum will use the award in year 1 to establish four Dorset Inclusive Sport Hub Clubs based at major leisure centres across the county which will be a focus and a catalyst for disability sport providing opportunities in Team Sports and Individual Sports, including Swimming. Each of the four Hub Clubs will be centres for events, programmes and training in inclusive sport. Supported by a part-time Dorset Inclusive Sport Project Officer, staff at the four Hub Clubs will also develop, support and promote work of Satellite Venues to provide disability sport opportunities in their local catchment areas. The leisure centres will have






Governing Bodies (NGBs) will come in and run blocks of taster sessions providing pathways after the tasters. All hubs will be linked to local Special Needs Schools to target children in transition age with a view to children becoming familiar with the centre, its facilities and staff and/or NGB coaches. With teachers and teaching assistants (TAs) supporting the children it will also allow the leisure centre staff and NGB coaches to get to know the children better in a secure environment and prepare them for out of school curriculum activities. Although transition age children will be the major focus links will also be established with day centres, deaf and blind associations and physiotherapy units. Years 2 and 3 will develop between 12 and 18 satellite clubs, mainly single sport. If clubs are already providing activities for disabilities they will have to demonstrate enhancement or addition to existing provision.

Inclusive Sport Programme Overview: Active Dorset’s aim is to coordinate the development of disability sport across the county, to achieve greater sporting equality by working with a range of partners including National Governing Bodies of sport, voluntary organisations, schools, local authorities and facility providers. We have a database for everyone to access but we welcome any club or group informing us of what opportunities they provide for disabled people to access sport and physical activity.

Roll out in Dorset: 4 leisure centres are recognised as multi-sport hubs offering a range of activities for disabled people. They are Dorchester Sports Centre, Ferndown Leisure Centre, Rossmore Leisure Centre in Poole and Littledown in Bournemouth. 2014 will see an increase in single sport disability clubs around the county.

How to get involved: On our website you can find out



Contact: Tony Jones-Pert – Policy Development & Improvement Officer Email: Tel: 01202 966732 Mob: 07776 165296




Case Study:

Ferndown Leisure Centre Ferndown Leisure Centre is typical of all the leisure centres involved in the Inclusive Sport programme as





management has ensured that staff members have attended suitable training and have the skills and knowledge to work with disabled people. Activities run by Ferndown Leisure Centre include: • Aerobics

• Trampoline • Swimming

• Gym

• Bikeability

They also have GP referral sessions such as Heart Club, after stroke and aqua-therapy. Working in partnership with National Governing Body of sport clubs is crucial and Ferndown has provided facilities for sports clubs to run outreach sessions or have a specific club based at the leisure centre. Sessions include: • Cricket

• Swimming

• Nordic Walking

• Football

• Canoeing

• Wheelchair Basketball

Many more sports clubs based at the centre have expressed an interest in catering for disabled people. Links with special needs schools have also been established and there are examples where familiarity with the facilities and staff during school curriculum time has enabled pupils to attend the leisure centre out of school curriculum with complete confidence.

Satellite Clubs Programme Overview: Satellite Clubs are extensions or outposts of community sports clubs which have been established in a new venue, usually a secondary school or college and specifically target the 11-25 age group. Their purpose is to grow the number of young people playing sport as well as reducing the number of young people dropping out. Satellite Clubs are a £48.5 million investment from Sport England so that every secondary school in England will be offered a satellite community sports club on its site.

Roll out in Dorset: Active Dorset have created community club links with 18 secondary schools and further education (FE) colleges awarding £54,000 to these Satellite Cubs over a 3 year period. Over 3 years, Active Dorset will be committing £156,000 of Sport England Satellite Club funding to 56 Secondary Schools and FE Colleges across Dorset. Additional funding has been sort to include special schools into the programme. Existing Satellite Clubs include a variety of traditional sports and exciting new opportunities such as archery, handball, snowsport and street golf.

How to get involved: On our website you can find out more information about Satellite Clubs and how you can apply to set up a Satellite Club:

Contact: Kath Rudd – Satellite Club & Schools Development Manager Email: Tel: 01202 963501

Case Study: Handball A handball Satellite Club has been established at Winton Arts and Media College run by Poole Handball Club for local young people aged 11-25 years of age. This provides those who would like to participate at a higher level in the sport an easier stepping stone to a community club. The funding used to set up the club has included equipment and coaching costs as well as engaging the older pupils at the school to become qualified leaders to make the club more sustainable as it grows. The club has strong links with Bournemouth University and some of their students come along to support the club on a weekly basis. The club has a relaxed feel where fun and enjoyment are top priorities for the participants. John Pearce, England Handball Development Officer and Poole Handball Club Head Coach was a part of Team GB for London 2012 and he is dedicated to driving up participation in handball. John is giving young people the opportunity to experience this exciting sport through the Satellite Clubs programme. With the help of Mike Burke (Winton Arts and Media College School Sport Co-ordinator) and the Winton PE department, the club is thriving due to full support from the community hub club, school and National Governing Body attracting new young people into the sport. Active Dorset has also been able to contribute Coach Bursary funding to support young leaders at these new clubs to support the workforce. If the new club members develop an interest in progressing their coaching skills as well as their playing skills, they are able to apply for a coaching bursary. This enables them to get nationally recognised qualifications so in the future they can lead the club.

For each Satellite Club, partner funding from the National Governing Body has been expected. England Handball has generously contributed a “Box That Rocks� package and a new set of goals to further sustain the Satellite Club beyond the 3 years of funding.

Sportivate Programme Overview: Sportivate is a £56 million National Lottery funded London 2012 legacy project that gives young people the chance to discover sport. Sportivate aims to give 11-25 year olds who do not regularly participate in sport the chance to take part in free or subsidised sport sessions. Sportivate funding can help towards costs such as coaching, equipment, facility hire, training and lots more, whilst increasing the awareness of local clubs and leisure facilities to young people.

Roll out in Dorset: Active Dorset has given out over £250,000 to local community projects in Dorset and an additional £198,290.60 of partner funding was given to Sportivate projects. Active Dorset has funded over 200 Sportivate projects of 40 different sports. Active Dorset’s Sportivate projects engaged 3,551 young people and 80% (3,120) reached the retain rate of attending either 5/6 sessions or 7/8 sessions.

How to get involved: On our website you can find out more information about Sportivate and how you can apply for funding -

Contact: Gary Head – Senior Sports Development Officer Email: Tel: 01202 966735

Case Study: Track Cycling A track cycling Sportivate project funded by Active Dorset was held at Poole Velodrome for students aged 14 -16 at Wey Valley School in Weymouth in 2012. The 2012 project used Sportivate funding towards the cost of taking a new group of participants to the outdoor velodrome in Poole and one of the students has since been chosen to represent Great Britain in the under 16 Great Britain Olympic Development Squad. Rebecca Raybould took part in the Sportivate sessions and track cycling was a sport she had never tried before, she said that, “If it wasn’t for the Sportivate sessions I would probably be doing nothing.” Since then she has been selected to represent the country in the under 16 Great Britain Olympic Development Squad for Track Cycling. Rebecca said , “Sport is a really big part of my life now, it’s a really good way of expressing who you are and who you want to be. I hope to be the best that I can be, and I would like to become an Olympic Champion.” Wey Valley School PE co-ordinator Mark Salmon applied for Sportivate funding to be able to extend the offer already made by an existing bike club at the school. Mark Salmon described that Sportivate funding was essential to him, “A lot of our students in this area are struggling to pay and a lot of them wanted something different from the usual team sports. Cycling was great for that and I was able to offer the sessions for free through the funding. It also meant we could travel to Poole and do the sessions. All the participants involved have since taken up cycling in some form, some students are now competing.”

Mark Salmon stated that the main benefit of Sportivate funding was that, “It helped us to find out about Jason Falconer who is the coach at the velodrome in Poole, he has been a massive help. He’s really supported Rebecca and other students to move from recreational cycling into the competitive and performance type of cycling. Without the Sportivate funding we would never have been able to give track cycling a go.”

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