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n o i t c u d o intr The Breakthrough programme is an innovative and groundbreaking partnership between Premier Rugby, London Active Communities and the Active Communities Network that places rugby union and Premier Rugby at the forefront of sportsbased social inclusion, education and training in our most deprived communities. Rugby has a unique culture in the world of sport; combining physical attributes of speed, skill, strength and aggression, with principles of teamwork and collective responsibility. These traits can be harnessed to tackle a range of social issues that blight many young people and communities across the UK. Supported by the kudos and credibility of Premier Rugby, we have a perfect opportunity to encourage participation within these communities that no other organisation can match. The Breakthrough programme will capitalise on Premier Rugby’s track record of providing local participation schemes to create brand new initiatives. Breakthrough will also deliver a national programme of activity mapped against key policy and strategic outcome areas for working with young people (the Every Child Matters Agenda which is to Be Healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy and Achieve, Make a Positive Contribution and Achieve Economic Wellbeing). We will ensure our clubs can build effective local partnerships, access funding, develop staff and offer the highest quality of service to young people and their communities. In turn this will benefit our club community schemes by providing training and resources, and will broaden the reach of our brands and rugby in general to traditionally non-participating communities and ultimately to those most vulnerable. Our partnership with London Active Communities and the Active Communities Network has already started to bear fruit. Funding has secured a Programme Manager to oversee and develop the Breakthrough project and support clubs nationally in accessing resources and training; a successful pilot programme was rolled-out over the summer of 2008 in London; and funding support from the Equalities Commission and Metropolitan Police has enabled us to initiate a crime diversionary programme in North London. All of which have put the Breakthrough programme at the cutting edge of professional sports involvement in social development programmes.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce this launch document at the start of what will be an exciting development for Premier Rugby, our clubs and supporters in the coming months and years.

Wayne Morris Head of Community Premier Rubgy



London Active Communities and the Active Communities Network are delighted to have formalised our partnership with Premier Rugby with the launch of Breakthrough and appointment of a national manager to oversee the programme. Over the last two years we have worked with a number of individual clubs including Harlequins, London Irish, Saracens and Bristol on regional programmes and more recently with Premier Rugby. We have consistently been impressed with the levels of skill, energy and enthusiasm the professional rugby industry has brought to our work. The Breakthrough programme will allow us to establish rugby as a leading sport in the delivery of opportunities to young people in deprived neighbourhoods. The opportunity to build on our track record of delivery and partnership on a national scale will allow us to build strategic, funding and political partnerships that are second to none. I would like to thank Premier Rugby for their vision and commitment to this programme, the individuals and clubs currently involved for their support in new and potentially difficult circumstances, and the local and national partners who have supported our work so far with funding, training and staffing. I look forward to a very exciting, and busy, future with the Breakthrough programme in the coming months.

Gary Stannett MiBE Chief Executive London Active Communities

Community work is at the very heart of Premier Rugby and the twelve clubs of the Guinness Premiership. Commitments to community investment and local activities are embedded in the entry criteria to the Premiership, players are required to deliver community programmes as part of their contracts, and each club must have a community development programme involving local schools, colleges and clubs in order to compete. Indeed over the past year over 125,000 school-age children have participated in club run community events and programmes delivered at over 2,500 primary schools, 800 secondary schools and over 300 higher and further education colleges. By utilising their unique assets; brands, facilities, and of course professional players, clubs can tackle a broad range of social agendas such as crime, social exclusion and health issues with skill and determination. Schemes are not just about getting kids to play rugby. We would encourage charities, NGOs and others to view rugby and the ethos of the sport not just as a tool for promoting physical activity, but as tool for helping to address other types of social problems. I believe through working together on the Breakthrough programme we can achieve this goal.

Mark McCafferty Chief Executive Premier Rugby Limited

h g u o r h t iBreak e m m a r g Pro The Breakthrough programme aims to use the kudos of professional rugby, its clubs and branding as a way of engaging young people in the sport and breaking cycles of poverty, social exclusion and offending behaviour within their communities. By raising aspirations and expectations the aim is to ultimately move young people towards accredited training, educational support, work placement and employment opportunities. Breakthrough offers: o o o o o o o o

Neighbourhood based rugby opportunities and coaching Personal development support Accredited training courses Sports Coaching courses Youth work training Volunteering and Citizenship programmes Work placement support Entry routes to formal training and employment

The Breakthrough programme will act as the overall network for Premier Rugby and Active Communities social inclusion initiatives; supporting work with corporate partners and strategic agencies to develop uniquely branded projects that will encourage young people into the various programmes of activity. These initiatives will include: o o o o o o

Community rugby coaching in deprived neighbourhoods Ticketing and match-day activity Anti-racism initiatives Healthy living projects Crime diversion activities Drug and alcohol awareness programmes

In developing a wide range of issue-based activities we aim to engage participants and tackle social issues at a grass roots level, whilst offering positive pathways in keeping with the national Breakthrough programme.

Hitz Programme The Hitz programme is a new and progressive scheme delivered by the Guinness Premiership clubs based in the heart of inner city estates that will see activity delivered to 5000 young people, two or three nights a week. The programme targets young people at risk of exclusion and anti-social behaviour, introducing them to tag, touch and contact rugby as means to engage, empower and raise aspirations. As a team sport, rugby can successfully breakdown traditional class barriers and perceptions of the types of people that play, and allows interaction between individuals from different backgrounds and all generations to work together towards a common goal. Combining the unique ethos of rugby with the sport’s leading brands and players, the Hitz programme will provide young people in some of the UK’s most disadvantaged communities with personal, social and workforce development opportunities, educational support, vocational training and volunteering options. The Hitz programme is supported by match-funding and expertise from a number of partners including London Active Communities, Metropolitan Police Service, Rugby Football Union, The London Mayor’s Office, Equalities and Human Rights Commission and The Drinkaware Trust.

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iBristol rugiby

Gloucester rugiby

Kicking Bullying Into Touch

The Phoenix Project

On Side Project

This project is being delivered across the 12 Premiership clubs to address bullying, primarily among young boys. The programme educates on issues associated with bullying and recruits peer mentors in rugby clubs and classrooms. Via a partnership developed with the NSPCC, practical sessions, z-cards and videos featuring Premiership players are used to facilitate. Childline is also a partner and participants are encouraged to use the service to discuss their concerns in confidence.

This scheme addresses anti-social behaviour and youth offending in the Bristol Rugby catchment area. Bright Sparks, Inferno and Re-ignite use tag, touch and contact rugby skills as well as drills and games to address issues around self awareness, anger management and emotional resilience. The programme aims to develop positive future pathways for young people and targets those excluded from mainstream education and young offenders.

Launched in January 2009, the On Side initiative is an eight week course for 16 to 18 year olds. The programme aims to reduce anti-social behaviour, improve confidence, communication, physical fitness and self-worth in young people, assisting them into education, training or employment. The project was highly commended at the recent Parliamentary Citizenship Awards for Innovation. A national roll-out to Premiership clubs is anticipated.

Partners/Funders: DCSF, NSPCC/Childline

Partners/Funders: Avon Fire & Rescue

Partners/Funders: Prospect Training services, Wooden Spoon, TNT, Sportsmatch


Leicester tigers

London Irish

Try Learning Programme (PFS)

NCL Tiger Club

Try Rugby

The Playing for Success (PFS) initiative is a partnership between the Department for Children, Schools and Families, local education authorities and professional sports clubs. After-school and holiday study centres for 10 to14 year olds offer quality learning support to raise standards in literacy, numeracy and ICT. The project aims to improve student motivation and encourage positive attitudes, independent study and active, healthy lifestyles. Partners/Funders: DCSF, Playing for success, London Borough of Richmond, Wooden Spoon, E-teach Waitrose, RFU, Nuffield Health

This pilot scheme used sport to enthuse Year 7 and 8 pupils about education at a failing school. Tigers created a Club House and developed a rugby and sport-based curriculum. Player statistics, scores and league tables are used to improve numeracy and literacy skills. After only one year, the programme has expanded into primary feeder schools with a focus on healthy living.

Try Rugby is a six week after-school scheme aimed at secondary school boys in Years 7 and 8. The main objective is to encourage participation in the sport, especially among those from deprived neighbourhoods. Controlled aggression, fair play and discipline are tackled via the ethos of rugby. Once self-confidence and knowledge of the game has developed, participants are channelled into a local rugby club. Partners/Funders: London Irish Community Department, North East Hampshire School Sports Partnership, Aldershot and Fleet Rugby Club

Partners/Funders: Leicester Tigers, New College Leicester, Leicester City Council, PFS, Arsenal FC

London Wasps

Newcastle Falcons

Northampton saints

Coach the Coaches

Adult Exercise Programme

Supporter to Reporter

Wasp’s coaching programme provided continuous professional development opportunities for 495 coaches and 245 youth players from junior rugby clubs. The sessions were free to all coaches and aimed at Mini and Youth coaches working in the community game at Levels 1 and 2. The project improved the quality of delivery and capacity of junior clubs.

This adult exercise initiative presents a different approach to touch rugby and targets those without any previous experience of the sport. The programme promotes leading a healthy lifestyle in a totally inclusive environment regardless of gender, background and ethnicity. The scheme also encourages participants to take a referee course as a way to continue their involvement.

This project works with Year 7 students in care. As budding Sports Reporters, the young people develop media skills on an interactive 20 hour course. Participants attend the club’s pre and post match press conferences and then note their report on a blog, which they regularly update. As the young people complete the course they in turn become mentors and role models for new recruits.

Partners/Funders: Sponsor Su-Fix Pre-Cast Ltd, Sportsmatch

Partners/Funders: Newcastle Falcons Foundation

Partners/Funders: Northampton Saints, DCSF, Northamptonshire County Council

Sale Sharks


Worcester warriors

School of Hard Knocks


The inclusive TAG npower programme

It’s not just children who can be motivated using sport, adults can benefit too. In Liverpool, the ‘School of Hard Knocks’ used skills from the pitch to help a group of men become more employable. Through participation in rugby, each individual experienced great improvements to their levels of confidence, enthusiasm and drive. After an intensive 16 weeks, 67% of the participants had already found jobs. Partners/Funders: Matalan, Knowsley Council, Creative Training

In Hertfordshire, Saracens run a dance programme alongside the rugby provision. The project works with over 16,000 children and young people in 130 schools across the county, attracting both boys and girls. Two full-time members of staff oversee the project and are supported by a team of eight part-time Community Dance Coaches. In addition to the health benefits, participants have the opportunity to showcase their skills at match day performances and club events. Partners/Funders: Tesco, Hertfordshire Sport Partnership, Hertfordshire School Sports Partnerships, Extended School Coordinators

This award-winning project enriches the lives of thousands of young people who are not in mainstream education. The scheme gives disabled children the chance to participate in sport, something which was previously not open to them. The focus is on having fun whilst increasing spatial awareness and self-esteem. The programme culminates in an annual festival. Partners/Funders: npower, RFU, Sports Match, English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS)

contact Helen Clayton

Breakthrough Programme Manager Premier Rugby 7th Floor Regal House 70 London Road Twickenham Middlesex TW1 3QS tel mob email weib

020 8831 7905 07967 076 265

Richard Leahy Director

London Active Communities South Bank Techno Park 90 London Road London SE1 6LN tel 020 7717 1691 email weib

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