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GO WITH THE FLOW October 2018

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A Better Tomorrow Starts Today

Qualifying for a traditional rehabilitation center can be difficult for rebounding patients. The Road Home Therapy Center can provide the essential therapy and care needed for rehabilitation without the stringent qualifications required by traditional rehab centers.

14 Large Private Rooms Spacious Living Areas State of the Art Equipment

Only requirement is a three midnight hospital stay and the need for therapy.

830 S Broadway St, Church Point, LA 70525 (337) 684-6318





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Still Going Strong!

After 4 years of publishing Active, still one of my favorite things is to meet and work with new and up-and-coming health and fitness businesses. We created Active to be a focused channel for all things related to better health and wellness, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon! Two of our newest “Active Family” members, Sync Fitness and Balanced Gravity Ashiatsu Massage, both have great stories to tell and terrific reasons about what makes them a success. Asked about why she started Sync Fitness and why it’s successful, owner Sarah Blanchard said “Sync Fitness was created with a vision to provide Hiit classes, like SYNC and SPIN, and also Specialty Classes, such as YOGA, PILATES, BARRE, and CROSS CORE with heart rate training and nutrition counseling… We offer several group classes that set us apart from other facilities. Heart rate training is a proven concept and therefore, we promote the use of our branded monitors in every group class. We educate our clients about the importance of heart rate training and how it can help them progress in their training in and outside of the gym.” Balanced Gravity has a very specific differentiation and value proposition; which owner Candice Gardiner explains. “Every year I travel to attend Ashiatsu training seminars. Therapists from different areas come together for “foot-on” training to discuss what we find works for our clients, new methods, and what needs adjusting within our practices. Because fitness options are constantly changing, there’s always new material to learn. These seminars give us the opportunity to learn from each other and share our unique spin on various techniques. Each time I bring back new “tricks”, which my clients always seem to notice right away! Although my method is geared toward athletic recovery rather than a relaxing spa massage – I do practice both. The natural control Ashiatsu provides through the use of overhead bars allows me to adapt to each client’s needs no matter what their fitness preference is.”


Colby Albarado, Publisher Andrew Ward, Editor in Chief FEATURED CONTRIBUTORS

Lizzie Ellis, NASM-CPT, CF-L1, Pn1 Malcolm Stubbs, M.D. Fawn V. Hernandez Brooke Kobetz, RDN, LDN Katie Frank, MS, LAT, ATC

CONTRIBUTORS Kasey Hill, M.D. Megan Eimers Nanette Cook Katie Carsky Molly Clayton


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Tell us a little about Balanced Gravity, why it is different and why you created it. A common complaint from clients after receiving a regular “hands-on” massage is that the therapist didn’t go deep enough. After hearing this from various clients, I decided to open Balanced Gravity to address their issues and to provide a solution that would meet each client’s needs. At Balanced Gravity, I specialize in Ashiatsu – a specific form of massage therapy where I massage the body using my feet. While holding onto bars overhead, I’m able to glide over the body letting gravity do all the work, hence the name Balanced Gravity. Because I can use all of my body weight to sink further into the muscle, the broad surface of my foot provides a deep tissue massage that won’t have you wincing in pain.

Health and fitness options are constantly changing and adapting. What are a few of your ideas for staying current? Continuing education. Every year I travel to attend Ashiatsu training seminars. Therapists from different areas come together for “foot-on” training to discuss what we find works for our clients, new methods, and what needs adjusting within our practices. Because fitness options are constantly changing, there’s always new material to learn. These seminars give us the opportunity to learn from each other and share our unique spin on various techniques. Each time I bring back new “tricks”, which my clients always seem to notice right away! Although my method is geared toward athletic recovery rather than a relaxing spa massage – I do practice both. The natural control Ashiatsu provides through the use of overhead bars allows me to adapt to each client’s needs no matter what their fitness preference is.

What drew you to Ashiatsu massage, and what keeps you motivated? While I was in school for massage therapy, one of my teachers had mentioned that most of her clientele were CrossFit athletes. At that time, I had been doing CrossFit almost a year and knew that most of my clients would also be active within the CrossFit community. That’s when she looked at me and said “Well you’ll have to stand on them.” I must have had the most confused look on my face because I had never heard of such a thing! That’s when she suggested I specialize in Ashiatsu. She had been performing Ashiatsu 6

on her clients for years and knew that because of my size, it would be the only way I could administer the amount of pressure needed to provide deep tissue relief. At that point I knew it was a natural fit for me. Being an active member in the CrossFit community helps me understand my clients and is what ultimately keeps me motivated at the end of the day. Not only do I have to stay fit to perform Ashiatsu, but I can also understand my client’s needs because I’m doing the same workouts right along side them.

What are some new things you’re excited to offer in the near future? I recently started carrying an all-natural skin care line available for purchase that is paraben, sulfate, and fragrance free. Not only do I use these products in my services, but they can also help my clients through their recovery process and improve day-to-day life by providing benefits that extend outside of my massage room. I’m also very excited about offering a new service, TMJ therapy. Through detailed neck work and internal massage, this treatment will be able to help alleviate headaches, neck pain and the general discomfort caused by TMJ dysfunction - something that many of my clients suffer from.

Candice Gardiner Candice is the owner and licensed massage therapist at Balanced Gravity where she specializes in Ashiatsu – a unique type of massage therapy that focuses on deep tissue rehabilitation. As an active member within the fitness community, Candice has committed herself to a holistic approach when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and strives to help her clients do the same through her work.

FONTANA CENTER FIT TIP Consistency in a workout is one of the single most important factors to reaching health and fitness goals you have set for yourself. In order to stay on a regular routine, workouts need to be scheduled and your body needs to stay healthy. We are seeing an increasing popularity in the CrossFit style of exercise programs, but unfortunately we are also seeing injuries increase as a result of some of these workouts. If you are choosing to participate in this format of exercise or other extreme forms of fitness, choose wisely! Seek out a location that accommodates beginners and that will focus on proper lifting form and technique. With this more intense type of exercise, it is crucial to lift and move properly in order to avoid injury. If you have been out of the exercise realm, you may want to start with a personal trainer prior to joining these more intense formats. A personal trainer can help to teach you proper lifting techniques, body mechanics and postures needed to perform on a higher level and ultimately avoid injury. Because, if you are injured, you cannot perform at any level and will not be working towards the fitness goals you have set.

The Fontana Center is proud to offer a professional staff of degreed and certified exercise physiologists and personal trainers to be of assistance. We can keep you healthy and on the road to becoming a better you.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

MONICA GUIDRY, M.ED Monica is a practicing Exercise Physiologist and Fitness Director at CWR at the Fontana Center here in Lafayette and also an Adjunct Instructor in the School of Kinesiology at the University of Louisiana Lafayette. I have been working in the field of health and wellness for the past 20 years and love being able to help individuals meet their personal health goals and see day to day improvements in both physical and mental well-being. The University allows me to share my knowledge with up and coming leaders in the field of Exercise Science, Kinesiology and over-all health and wellness.

F ONTANA CENTER Full fitness center including an indoor heated pool Land and Water Aerobic Classes • Zumba Classes Yoga Classes • Massage Therapy • Swim Lessons

(337) 234-7018

709 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette

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Sensory deprivation for relaxation

Brooke Kobetz, RDN, LDN Created in 1954 to research the effects of sensory deprivation, isolation chambers more commonly called float tanks, sound like something out of a bad horror movie. In fact, some of you may remember the 80’s B-movie, Altered States where a research subject enters a float tank, and de-evolves into a primitive monster. Today float tanks are becoming popular mainstays in spas across the world for therapeutic purposes. And there’s a reason for that! Research has shown floating in these soundproof lightproof tanks may help relieve anxiety, stress, aid in athletic recovery, and promote restful sleep. Athletes have sworn by Epsom salt for years to ease sore muscles, and with float therapy you are physically floating in about 800 pounds of it. It’s what keep you buoyant! Tom Brady of the New England Patriots believes in the therapy so much that he has his own float tank in his house. As a distance runner, I couldn’t shake my curiosity about the healing protentional of this technology. I read some mixed reviews online, which described floating on both ends of the spectrum ranging from a mind blowing, deeply relaxing, and spiritual experience to an anxiety induced neurotic nightmare. Naturally, after reading the reviews I was nervous, but when I saw Acadiana Pain and Rehab had added a Float tank to their facility, I immediately called to book a session. To get the most out of my experience, I snuck in a threemile run before my session to get rid of any pent-up energy. I have been practicing meditation off and on for the past year, so I knew the deeper I relaxed, the more enjoyable the experience would be. I entered the office anxiously where I was greeted by a friendly employee. She brought me to a private room where she went over the procedures and what to expect from the experience. I was shown the float tank and the shower room and ensured that I would have complete privacy during my session. I was offered the choice of music but reminded that to get the full benefits I should avoid playing music because music is sensory therefore counterproductive to the experience. However, because this was my 8

first time, I chose to play music for the first 10 minutes and the last 5 minutes only of my 45-minute float so that I could ease in and out of floating. To prepare I showered washing off any oils that might affect the Ph levels of the tank, then rang a bell when I was ready begin. Once I rang the bell, I was left alone to my own devices. I entered a dark room and stepped into a giant white pod. The water illuminated an eerie shade of green that was reminiscent of something alien from the X-Files. I de-robed, entered the tank, and closed the lid. The sounds of birds chirping, and raindrops gently played and set the tone. There were two buttons, one in case of an emergency, and another to shut off the neon lights. I turned the lights off and lay on my back completely nude floating in the pitch-black tank. The music gently faded allowing me to ease into the experience and become one with my environment. I cleared my mind, thought positive thoughts, and practiced visualization techniques I had learned from meditation. I pictured myself alone floating in a canoe under a starry sky, lit by a big blue moon. I stretched out, feeling my muscles and mind simultaneously relax. Before I knew it, the music faded back in and shortly after a recorded voice alerted the session end. So what’s the verdict? I didn’t have an epiphany, speak to God, or enter another dimension, but I didn’t have a nervous breakdown either. I left feeling deeply relaxed, with no soreness from the speedwork I did prior to my appointment. This overwhelming feeling of calm lasted for hours after my session ended. Given this, I would certainly recommend float therapy anyone willing to try something new. I even came across research that implied the more sessions you have, the greater the effect floating will have on reducing anxiety. Sign me up for another!

HAMSTRING INJURIES Hamstring injuries are some of the most common injuries in sports and can be some of the most nagging and difficult to treat. These muscle injuries most often occur in activities and sports that involve sprinting and sudden stops such as track, soccer, and tennis. Also athletes in sports that involve excessive leg stretching such as martial arts or gymnastics can sustain hamstring injuries.

Anatomy The hamstring muscles and tendons are those located on the back of the thigh. Beginning at the pelvis, they stretch down the posterior thigh across the hip and knee joint to attach on the upper tibia. The hamstring muscle group is comprised of the semitendinosus, semimembranosus, and biceps femoris. Because of the location and attachment points, they serve to extend the hip and bend the knee.

Symptoms Initial symptoms usually occur very suddenly during activity. These include pain and inability to continue running and sometimes are accompanied a snap or pop. Other symptoms which follow are swelling, bruising, and weakness.

Cause Muscle overload is the reason hamstring injuries occur. As the muscle or tendon is being rapidly stretched during contraction, the force can cause the tissue to fail and tear. These tears can range from mild to severe and are graded I, II, or III. Grade I strains, often called a “pull” are mild and heal easily. Grade II injuries are more serious and take longer to heal. Grade III injuries involve a complete tear and may take months to heal. The most severe Grade III injuries involve detachment from the pelvis, often with a small piece of bone, and are referred to as “avulsion injuries”.

Risk Factors

▷▷ Muscle tightness – lack of flexibility in the hamstrings is very common. Stretching is very helpful in eliminating this factor ▷▷ Poor conditioning – lack of physical activity causes generalized weakness leading to a strain during exercise activity ▷▷ Muscle fatigue – prolonged activity makes muscles less responsive and more prone to injury ▷▷ Dehydration – lack of water causes changes in muscle at the cellular level resulting in abnormal contractility and possible injury

Treatment Primary treatment is the same as most acute musculoskeletal injuries. Rest and avoidance of aggravating activity is first. Ice is applied initially to reduce pain and swelling. Compression aids in support, decreases pain, and will reduce swelling. Elevation will help as well. Anti-inflammatory medications may also reduce symptoms. Physical therapy can help recover motion and strength after the initial injury is settled down. It starts with gentle stretching, ice and heat, and then progresses to strengthening and ultimately, sports specific activity.

DR. MALCOLM J STUBBS M.D. Dr. Stubbs is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, and fellowship trained in the field of Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic Surgery.


Serving Acadiana for Over 40 Years

Compassionate Experienced Patient Care 1103 Kaliste Saloom Rd, Ste 100-102 Lafayette, La 70508 For Appointments Please Call 337-234-5234

Louis C. Blanda, Jr., MD Daniel L. Hodges, MD David S. Muldowny, MD John B. Sledge, III, MD Malcolm J. Stubbs, MD



Katie Carsky There is a lot that people do not know about the ultramarathon. For starters, Merriam-Webster defines ultramarathon as “a footrace longer than a marathon,” but most ultramarathons start at 50K (31.1 miles). Also, contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be on trails to run an ultra. Finally, what might be the most surprising is that any distance runner can take on an ultra. You already know how to train, which means you are also able to tackle the long run. Believe it or not, 50K training does not look much different from marathon training. Beyond that, 50-mile training takes it up a notch, but it is doable if you have a solid base of high mileage. Beyond 50K’s and 50 milers, 100K’s and 100 milers are another beast. Take it one step at a time. When you step it up to a 50K ultra, what is the same? Needless to say, the long run is still key. The peak long run for a marathon tends to be 20-23 miles when you are 3 weeks out. The long run for a 50K might be around a marathon distance, which is not a big jump. Now, what is different? Honestly, not much. The 50K race is run at a pace slower than marathon race pace, which keeps it from being physically overwhelming. As long as you mentally prepare yourself for an extra 6 miles, you have got it in the bag. Now, 50-mile training takes a little more thought and effort. You need to have a solid running base before you start a training plan, which is ideally around 16 weeks. The peak long run should be about 30 or 31 miles about 4 weeks out from the race. You might even consider registering for a 50K race as a training run one month out.


When training for 50 miles, your weekly mileage will also rev up over the course of your training. Most weeks will be over 50 miles, and the longest week could be upwards of 60-70 miles of running. At the same time, do not be afraid to walk when you need to. Try to also add a moderate distance run the day before or after your long run to simulate running on worn-out legs. Of course, don’t forget to take your rest days seriously. With all that said, step one is just picking out your race, so you better start looking! Here are some paved ultramarathons to check out: Hachie 50: Marathon, 50K, 50M relay, 50M in Waxahachie This race takes place in Waxahachie, TX on a paved park trail. It is an out and back in roughly 10-mile segments. Pistol Ultra: Relay, 50K, 50M, 100K, 100M This race takes place in Alcoa, TN on a paved greenway trail in comfortable March weather. Chicago Lakefront 50/50: 50K and 50M This ultra takes place in October in Chicago. It is run on a mostly-paved course that is out and back with a beautiful view of the city and the lake. And here are some trail ultramarathons to consider: Loup Garou Trail Run: 20M, 40M, 60M & 100M This race takes place in the scenic Chicot State Park in Louisiana. Bandera Endurance Trail Run: 25K, 50K & 100K A popular annual race that takes place in Bandera, Tx.

It’s all about helping people

get fit and stay fit.

NEW BALANCE 880 & 860 Responsive & Durable “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Find class and membership information at 336 Heather Dr. | Opelousas, LA | 70570 | 337-942-1326



Shoes Recovery Apparel Nutrition Located in the Oil Center

906 Harding St, Lafayette, LA 70503 (337) 706-8763


If you can't lose it LIGHT IT UP!

LOSE 2+ INCHES IN 25 MINUTES *space is limited*


FLEET FEET | FIT ID The metrics measured for each foot are:

▷▷ Foot size determined by the below information ▷▷ Heel to toe length in US shoe size reported in traditional format (i.e. size 6.5, 7.5, 12, etc.)

▷▷ Heel to toe length relative to the population (Short, Medium, Long)

Fawn V. Hernandez Photo Credit: Tomas Orihuela

▷▷ Ball width reported in traditional format (i.e. A, B, C, D, E)

▷▷ Arch height relative to the population (Low, medium, high)

Walking into a running store to purchase shoes often looks pretty similar around the country. A sales representative has you walk in a straight line as they crouch down to see your foot strike pattern followed by measuring the length and width of your foot on a Brannock Device. This device, developed in 1926 by Charles Brannock, has been the industry standard for over 90 years but Fleet Feet is starting to change that. Two women, Sally Edwards and Elizabeth Jansen, who were both teachers and runners in Sacramento, California, established Fleet Feet in 1976. The brand slowly expanded and now has 176 stores nationwide. Last year a local running store, Geaux Run, made the decision to become a Fleet Feet store in order to expand product lines offered, training and educational opportunities for staff and to tap into Fleet Feet’s multiple community wide programs to encourage healthy living (i.e. Medical outreach and workplace fitness). Alex Tallman, Retail Trainer for Fleet Feet’s Store Support Team, explains that Fleet Feet aims to provide the “best experience before, during, and after each run”. To this end, Fleet Feet piloted a new technology in stores called “fit id” starting in 2017. Earlier this year it expanded the technology to all of it’s stores. When you walk into Geaux Run by Fleet Feet your “fit id” experience will go something like this: A staff member cleans the fit id device before the customer steps onto it barefoot. The device takes multiple pictures and measurements. The employee then sits with the customer and reviews these metrics as well as a 3D rendering of the customers feet where the customer can actually see their feet the way someone else can. 12

▷▷ Instep height relative to the population (Low, medium, high)

▷▷ Heel width relative to the population (Narrow, medium, wide)

▷▷ Ball girth relative to population (Small, medium, Large) ▷▷ Instep girth relative to population (Small, Medium, Large)

▷▷ Ball width relative to the population (Narrow, Medium,

Wide) The list above may certainly seem overwhelming at first but with a knowledgeable employee working with you they will know which brand caters to someone with a wider ball width or someone with low arches. Thus, these metrics can allow the customer and employee to customize a product recommendation (socks, shoes, inserts, etc) based on the customer’s feet. When I had my feet scanned the data revealed that my arch height on my left foot is much lower than on my right foot. This didn’t surprise me as I often have issues with my left foot but it gave me data to make decisions to improve the difference between my two feet. Pretty cool! This service is surprisingly a free of charge. At the end of the session the employee will email the customer the report. What’s interesting is that you can go at a later date and get a new scan done to see if anything has changed with your results. This is particularly useful because our feet change over time so our shoe needs may need to change as well. Your scan stays in the store’s system so you can refer to it anytime you stop in for a new pair of shoes.


IM=X (Integrated Movement Xercize) is a powerful advancement of the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates. It incorporates elements of strength and cardiovascular training, along with more athletically oriented concepts of strength and flexibility training. The IM=X Pilates programs are designed to improve overall strength, body tone flexibility/ mobility, spinal length, and stabilization through specialized training routines. Our clients range from the New York Mets baseball players to seniors. As participants progress through the workouts, the sequences of moves become increasingly challenging, so IM=X is never boring.



Physiological Results of IM=X® Pilates: ▷▷ ▷▷ ▷▷ ▷▷ ▷▷ ▷▷ ▷▷ ▷▷ ▷▷ ▷▷

Enhanced sports performance Injury Prevention Trunk muscle endurance Improvements in Cardiovascular System Postural Strength Joint mobility Flexibility Spinal Elongation Spine Stabilization and alignment Correction of asymmetries

Angel Whitaker Owner - IM=X® Pilates



Angel is a certified IM=X instructor and has been studying IM=X Pilates for over 2 years. She has been involved in group fitness and the fitness industry for over 10 years, and is excited to combine her entrepreneurial spirit and healthcare business background with something that she is passionate about — helping others lead a healthy life. Join her and the team in creating a new and healthier you.



with the Flow

Lizzie Ellis NASM-CPT, CF-L1, Pn1

It’s Monday morning. I slept later than I intended because I couldn’t go to bed last night. I couldn’t go to bed because I couldn’t turn my brain off. I’m already feeling behind and the day has barely begun. Last week I worked out just twice, didn’t eat enough vegetables, ate out a lot and drank more adult beverages than I typically would. I realize this doesn’t sound like the typical health and fitness professional, at least what people would have you believe on social media, but I’m human too. I’ve come a long way in changing my lifestyle and habits, but those old tendencies and coping mechanisms don’t just magically vanish. While all this isn’t necessarily ideal or sustainable long term, it’s what I needed and wanted in the moment and sometimes we have to honor that even when it goes against the better habits we’ve adopted. I’ve written here before about the importance of progress over perfection, but I want to expand on this idea. First, perfect is all relative. What’s “perfect” for me probably isn’t the same for you. That’s OK. Your perfect is as unique as you are. Your perfect will also vary day to day, week to week and beyond. Sleeping in, going to brunch, skipping the gym and hanging out with your friends or partner might be the “perfect” scenario on a Sunday, but not so perfect or realistic on a Tuesday or maybe it is! Again, it’s all relative to your circumstances. Taking a mental health day might be “perfect” on a day when you don’t have a whole lot going on, but less so if it means cancelling a ton of work obligations. But then again, it all depends on how badly you need that day off. It’s important to establish your own version of perfect without comparing it or modeling it after someone else’s. That’s not to say you can’t draw inspiration from someone else, but know that it’s unrealistic to expect the same things that work for them to work for you. 14

Finding balance is another piece to this “perfection” puzzle that I think we can all get too wrapped up in sometimes. You hear all the time about the need to “find balance” in your healthy lifestyle. For some people that’s working out regularly to be able to eat whatever they want in moderation. For others, like myself, I choose to abstain from certain foods because I can’t moderate and therefore exercise for me is less about a transactional scale I need to balance and more about a separate outlet to keep my body strong and healthy. (Sidenote, viewing exercise and food as a transaction is something I generally warn against, but it works for some people I suppose.) Life in general is a constant give and take and living a lifestyle that sadly isn’t considered “typical” and is often looked at as weird or different comes with its own give and take. Most of us didn’t grow up eating vegetables for breakfast and probably ate lots of fast food for dinner and junk food in between. Sure, we probably played sports as kids, but as we got older life got in the way and we stopped prioritizing physical activity. We’re overstressed and undernourished. Unfortunately, we live in a society that doesn’t value a proactive approach to health and wellness, so it’s no wonder that it can be difficult to find your own way. It’s really hard to do all the things all the time. Sure, some weeks I’m really “on.” I’m fueling myself properly, listening to my body when it comes to exercise, sleeping well and generally feeling great and productive. Then the rigidity starts to wear on me. I get the itch to rebel a little. Yes, most of these things are habits for me at this point, but it still takes some work. It takes meal prepping instead of socializing on a Sunday and passing on a second glass of wine and sometimes turning down a lunch invite to make it to a workout. The thing is, I love all of these things. The healthy things and

the less healthy things. I enjoy eating to make myself feel as good as possible, but I also love to let loose and have some drinks and a delicious dinner out. Socializing and gathering over a meal is something I value for the connection. I’m constantly trying to balance the desire to feel physically great and therefore mentally great as often as possible, but also living life to the fullest and skipping the workout sometimes in favor of happy hour. These choices can be even more difficult if you don’t have a strong support system. If your partner or family or friends constantly give you a hard time about the “weird” food you’re eating or get upset when you choose the gym over drinks it can be so hard to stick to your guns. Having a supportive spouse who likes the food I cook, exercises regularly and likes to do active things with me is a huge advantage, but sometimes spending the day doing none of those things is totally worth it and exactly what we need. Sometimes it’s going to a concert and staying out late or indulging at a new fancy restaurant or snuggling with our dogs on the couch watching Netflix for hours. Sometimes it means living on one extreme or the other for a little while then slowing shifting back to center before probably going the other way. Keep in mind, it’s much easier to slide back into old habits than it is to trudge back toward the new ones, but give it time.


The truth is there is no single set balance point. There isn’t a single pinnacle of perfection. What’s perfect today might not be perfect tomorrow. It changes. It ebbs and flows based on what’s going on in your life. Instead of fighting it, try flowing with it. Jeb Cormier, DC




(337) 233-3201

1301 Camellia Blvd, Ste 102 | Lafayette, LA 70508 (337) 233-3201

ve i t c A {


gh i l t o Sp



Sarah Blanchard Owner, Sync Fitness

Tell us a little about Sync Fitness, why is it different and why you created it.

What drew you to health and fitness, and what keeps you motivated?

Sync Fitness was created with a vision to provide Hiit classes, like SYNC and SPIN, and also Specialty Classes, such as YOGA, PILATES, BARRE, and CROSS CORE with heart rate training and nutrition counseling at an affordable price. We strive to create an exceptional experience for our clients each and every visit! In order to see results and get our clients excited about exercising, we’ve created various classes for constant change ups to avoid hitting that Plateau! Our instructors are all certified, enthusiastic, motivating, and dedicated to helping our clients receive the best workout possible. We offer several group classes that set us apart from other facilities. Heart rate training is a proven concept and therefore, we promote the use of our branded monitors in every group class. We educate our clients about the importance of heart rate training and how it can help them progress in their training in and outside of the gym. Our SYNC classes are taught by Certified Personal Trainers that are sticklers on proper FORM to help our clients achieve their goals and prevent any injuries. We also have a registered Dietitian on staff that offers consultations with our clients for individualized meal plans and educates clients on proper nutrition and how to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. We do not push popular/fad diets or quick fixes! Our goal is to encourage our clients to become Heart Healthy!

As a teenager I played some sports, but I really enjoyed the workouts even more. I would do workout videos on my own after school. I didn’t realize this was what I was later meant to do ….. teach! I started running after high school on my own and trying different workouts. I have a lot of intrinsic motivation, so doing it wasn’t a problem, but I’ve realized how much more I enjoy exercising with a group! After pursuing my Personal Trainer Certification, things took off from there and I became a certified Spin instructor and I also hold a Nutrition Specialty. I realized that this is where I needed to be and that I would be great at it. When you love what you do, it shows. I feel blessed to have a job that I’m truly passionate about day after day. With so many possibilities for fitness and health education, there’s no stopping here! There is so much more I want to learn and accomplish through education and certifications, so that I am able to give back to our members!

Health and Fitness options are constantly changing, and adapting. What are a few of your favorite things we can get out of classes? I think people really like all the change ups! Personally, I love to workout but I get tired of the same old thing day after day. This is why I decided to offer a wide variety of classes 7 days a week to keep your body from plateauing or getting BORED! 16

What are some new things you’re excited to offer in the near future? There are so many things that I plan to do in the near future. That’s the easy part. The hard part is deciding which one to do first! Here are a few things we are currently working on: In October, we will be the first location in our area to offer Green Heart meals in our facility! We will also be carrying athletic clothing and accessories soon! We plan on setting up fund raisers to support local charities and we would love to possibly host a 5k in the area at some point! New and different specialty classes will always be popping up to keep our clients happy and motivated! We will continue to further educate our instructors and provide quality classes that best fit our members.

CHANGING THE INDUSTRY BY INVESTING IN YOU. LOCALLY FORMULATED AND DESIGNED BY NATIONALLY ACCREDITED SPORTS NUTRITION SPECIALIST BRIAN MELANCON C620Nutrition supplements are designed from their inception to focus on holistically enhancing the complete training experience. Throughout the product formulation process, our goal was to include each ingredient that our professional training team recommends to the C620 family of training enthusiast and elite athletes. As these clients compete at the highest echelon of bodybuilding/ physique competitions, Crossfit, OCR, MMA, and various other high intensity activities. We made the commitment to innovate, manufacture, and deliver the best ingredient profile supplements on the market. Today, we invite you to propel your training and recovery process by leveraging our C620Nutrition enhanced supplement product line.


Brian Melancon

CEO and Owner of C620Nutrition LLC



Come see us at Great Harvest Bread Co. today! Wholesome, made from scratch breads, salads, and ‘good for the soul’ treats! We look forward to serving you and THANK YOU for shopping locally! Gre at Ha rvest of Aca dia na 854 Kaliste Saloom Rd. Suite A Lafayette, LA 70508 Across the street from Fresh Pickins

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STRENGTH FOR RUNNERS I try to stay away from the extremes of exercise, but unfortunately many runners still think I sound extreme when recommending they add in strength training. While running is the most important thing to improve your running, a large body of research shows that strength training is probably second best. From a medical standpoint, muscle weaknesses have been linked to injuries and strengthening can treat those injuries. A few examples of problems and prescriptions:

▷▷ Gluteus medius weakness is linked to knee injuries. ▷▷ Progression such as clamshells > 7 way hips > hip hikes can help.

▷▷ Gluteus maximus weakness is linked to hamstring injuries.

▷▷ Progressions from bridging > bridge marching > swiss ball bridges are a good start.

Beyond injury treatment, strength training can help performance as well. The best runners tend to be some of the most powerful, putting more force into the ground with each step. Unless you can join one of our Running Strong classes, then I would strongly suggest you find a good personal trainer to teach you proper technique. Some keys to strength training for performance:

▷▷ Keep volume low and intensity relatively high: 3 – 5 sets ▷▷ ▷▷

of 4 – 8 reps with a weight that makes the last few reps difficult. Improve vertical force: Back Squats, Front Squats, Cleans, Box Jumps, A-skips Improve horizontal force: Deadlifts, Romanian Deadlifts, Hip Thrusts, C-slides, Bounding

No need to go crazy, just one or two workouts a week can make a significant difference. Enjoy your stronger running!





Director of The Sports Medicine Clinic and NEUROLOGICAL DIA developer of the Running Strong class. STROKE Schedule with Dr. Hill at: 225-246-2076 BRAIN INJURY MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS PARKINSONS DISEASE ALS
















Take a picture holding this flyer and tag us on Social Media @SensibleMeals and we might pick you for a month of FREE meals!! (winners chosen at random)

Ingrid Rinck lost 100 lbs in 10 months!

Coy Stelly lost 85 lbs in 8 months!

Ashley Landry lost 80 lbs!

ARE CROSSFIT AND SIMILAR PROGRAMS KID-FRIENDLY? CrossFit is the high-intensity training method that often pushes adult bodies and minds to their limits. But is a kid-friendly version of this challenging strength and conditioning program a good idea? Childhood is an ideal window of opportunity to influence proper motor and movement skills. However, age should not be a determinant of when kids try any exercise program because different kids mature at different rates. Instead of going strictly by age, parents should base their decisions as to whether their kids could do CrossFit or any other organized exercise program on whether their child

can listen to instructions and pay proper attention to those instructions. According to experts, encouraging children to become involved in an exercise program, whether it’s called CrossFit or something else, can be a way of getting kids active and encouraging them to master movement skills during their growing years. But if children don’t receive good instructions, especially when it comes to strength or resistance training, they may develop muscle soreness or get hurt. This may cause kids to shy away from doing future resistance training, which can be a valuable fitness tool across a person’s lifetime. The majority of weight-lifting injuries in children ages 8 to 13 result from accidents, such as dropping a weight or using equipment improperly. Many of these injuries can be prevented with better supervision and stricter safety guidelines, the research showed. Lack of physical activity is a huge problem in this country and throughout the world, and kids are spending more time in front of computer and television screens. If CrossFit or any other organized exercise program is an avenue that gets them moving, let’s encourage children to do it. Ultimately, the goal is to get kids active. The brand name that may help them move more is irrelevant.

Nanette Cook City-Parish Council Member Nanette Cook is a physical education teacher at Cathedral-Carmel School with a BS and MS in Kinesiology, and 34 years of teaching. Nanette was also raised by a physical education teacher, and inspires her students through deliberate movement and a healthy lifestyle!


TRX HIGH ROW TRX Suspension Straps are used to strengthen the stabilizer muscles of the 3 anchors: Shoulder girdle, trunk, and hip girdle while also targeting the inside and outside muscles in a 50:50 Ratio

Movement of the Month:

TRX HIGH ROW 1 - Grab Handles of Straps Palms facing down while maintaining a plank position with the body 2 - Pull the straps towards the outside of shoulders while keeping the elbows high and parallel with the Shoulder Joint 3 - Pause for 1 second during the contraction (squeeze the shoulder blades together) to make sure you are staying in control. 4 - Slowly return to the start position COMMON MISTAKES:

Not engaging the core by leaving the hips behind during the contraction.


Imagine a surfboard is attached to the spine. Avoid breaking or bending the board


Rhomboids, Serratus Anterior, Multifidus, Rectus Abdominis, Gluteus Medius

Movement of the Month provided by Head Coach: Sara Milam Coach featured in demo: Jaymie Jordan



Perfect! Let’s tackle both!



3 Lock the bungee cord around both ends of the basket. Take one foot and step right in the middle of the cord. Start with feet hip width apart and arms holding basket at 90°.

2 Step back into a lunge, keep the arms at a 90° angle and your knee over your ankle.

Slowly push the basket out, not locking arms and keeping the shoulders down. Try to hold out for 3 seconds, then slowly bring your arms back to 90° and stand up for another rep.


Stay-at-home mom of two boys, creating affordable and adaptable workouts with household items around the house.




337-359-5410 | LETSGO@EYEBOXMEDIA.COM like this magazine? it’s our work!


Will you be the NEXT STEM CELL success story? “Before my procedure with Dr. Bond, I had severe lower back pain, and could only stand for 10 minutes at a time before I started to shake and sweat. Now, its been 3 months since the Regenexx procedure and I can go 6-7 hours with NO ISSUES! Feel excellent and highly recommend.”

Louis A.



Order Yours at:

Turkey Meatballs in Chunky Tomato Sauce Spaghetti and meatballs is one of my kids’ all time favorite meals. This summer, they had a hand in growing our herbs on the farm, and enjoyed being able to cut them fresh and use them in that evenings’ supper. It took a time or two for my 7 year old to get the combinations right (yes, I did eat the lemon mint in the meatloaf ), but with a little guidance, we came up with this jewel of a recipe. For this recipe, we used local pasture raised turkey from one of our trusted farmers. Why are pastured meats important to us? The way the animal was raised, and the diet they are fed is related to the nutrient density of the meat. For example, Omega-3 fatty acids are formed in the chloroplasts of green leaves. As the turkey is able to graze on green grass for life, under the sun, they are storing those “good fats” in their muscle meat, along with vitamins A, D E and K. With a bowl full of goodness like this, your family will be sure to gobble this up! Badum bum ching!

Ingredients: Meatballs ▶▶2 lbs Ground turkey ▶▶1/2 tsp sea salt ▶▶2 tsp garlic powder


▶▶1 can organic diced tomatoes (14.5oz) ▶▶2 cans (14.5oz) organic tomato sauce Combine sauce ingredients in a medium/large sauce pan, and let simmer forever (just kidding… like 40 minutes). While the sauce is simmering, Combine the ▶▶2 TB olive oil turkey, sea salt and garlic in a bowl and mix thoroughly. We use a 1.5oz scooper ▶▶6 fresh basil leaves, chopped (yes, I have that hanging around), to scoop the turkey into meatballs. If you prefer meat boulders, then eye ball that! I drop the meatballs directly into the sauce while ▶▶1/2 tsp fresh oregano leaves, simmering, then cover and simmer 30 minutes. Our family enjoys this over brown chopped rice pasta. Going against the grain? It’s delicious on spaghetti squash, and cauliflower rice too! ▶▶1 clove fresh garlic, minced ▶▶1/4 tsp sea salt


Molly Clayton is Owner/ Chef/ Farmer at Local Homegrown Market, Bon Vie Kitchen and Bon Cochon Farm.

Find us in Acadiana @ or, delivery 5 days a week in Lafayette on Waitr App. Phone: 337-514-0563. Email:

Molly Clayton

Owner/Executive Chef Local Homegrown Market 27


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Cane Field Classic 4M, 2M, 1M run Danimal 50K 50K, 25K, 7.8M trail run Komen Race for the Cure - New Orleans 5K, 1M run | kids run Northshore Half Marathon 13.1M, 10M run Ochsner Ironman 70.3 New Orleans half triathlon Snap To A Cure 5K 5K, 1M run Jazz Half Marathon New Orleans 13.1M, 5K run Heroes Run 13.1M, 5K run | kids run Jungle Gardens 7K Trail, 5K Run 7K trail run | 5K, 1M run Crescent City Fall Classic 5K 5K run Cajun Cup 10K 10K, 1M run River Roux Triathlon half triathlon Cotton Land Marathon 26.2M, 13.1M, 5K run Big Easy Running Festival 13.1M, 5K run Camellia Crossing - Acadiana's Gleaux 5K 5K run Turkey Day Race 5M run Back Brusly Santa Scramble 5K run Santa's Hot Chocolate Dash 5K, 1M run Cajun Country Run 13.1M run | 10K, 5K trail run Celebration in the Oaks Run 2M run Jingle Bell Run - New Orleans 5K run Loup Garou Trail Run 100M, 60M, 40M, 20M Louisiana Marathon - 5K Run 5K run | kids run Louisiana Marathon 26.2M, 13.1M run Cajun Road Runners Al Comeaux 10M 10M run Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans 26.2M, 13.1M, 10K run Gulf Coast Series - Day 4 26.2M, 13.1M, 10K, 5K run Lundi Gras Bar-A-Thon 8M, 6M, 3M novelty run Zydeco Marathon 26.2M, 13.1M run Shamrockin' Run - New Orleans Al Briede Gold Cup Race Chicot Challenge Best Damn Race New Orleans Inglewood Classic 5K Sarcoidosis 5K Crescent City Classic Etouffee 5K

8K run 3M, 1M run 100M relay 13.1M, 5K run 5K, 1M run 5K run 10K run 5K run



Fatigue is a common and varied complaint, so we choose to look at the whole patient and evaluate potential causes.


A dedicated treatment plan is essential to solving fatigue, and can help reach your wellness goals.


Optimizing your health requires experience and training, and an understanding of your body’s speciic needs.


Balancing your hormones, nutrition, and exercise can have you feeling alert, with more vitality and drive. C ALL NOW



Conditions Treated Joint arthritis: knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, hand, etc. Regenerative Medicine Institute of Louisiana is the only clinic in Louisiana to offer the full suite of Regenexx procedures, for treatment of orthopedic injuries or conditions. Far and away the most experienced Regenerative Medicine physician in the state, Dr. Thomas Bond has performed tens of thousands of regenerative injections over the past decade.

Tendon and ligament tears: meniscus, ACL, LCL, PCL, rotator cuff, etc. Joint instability Cartilage damage Spine: degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, bulging disc, etc.

Why choose Dr. Bond and Regenexx?

Regenexx invented and patented the orthopedic stem cell treatments and procedures used at our clinic.

Triple Board Certified, Dr. Bond was the first physician in Louisiana to perform these regenerative stem cell therapy procedures.

Highly concentrated stem cell treatments can help patients avoid surgery and recover faster.

We use adult stem cells from a patients’ own bone marrow to treat orthopedic conditions and injuries, obtained using advanced ultrasound guidance.

Will you be the NEXT STEM CELL success story?

“Patient is feeling fantastic, procedure was a blast. Second time now doing Regenexx and the procedure and more importantly the results were fantastic. Thoroughly recommend the practice, staff, and their talents!” R.M.


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