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lons kept me focused during my journey. I had set a goal, to complete IronMan 70.3 Augusta, and I would do anything to achieve that. I rode my trainer and jogged when I could. My triathlon friends visited often. They kept my mind off of my situation and provided comic relief. They were THERE when I needed them. Mark Miller with Precision Bikes checked in daily and visited often. A good friend, Keith Reed, completed Augusta 70.3 in my honor. Much to my surprise, he gave me his finisher’s medal, saying he would not have finished if it weren’t for me. When I needed a little extra motivation to keep going, I would turn to IronMan videos. The days were long, as I could not work. Spending time at the bike shop helped to pass the time. As much as I wanted to beat cancer, I wanted to be an IronMan. Once I got the good news that my cancer was in remission, I went into maintenance treatment, which was much less intense than the initial drugs. The journey has made me

forever grateful to be alive, to have the ability to race, for my friends and family who were always there, and especially for my wife. She was my biggest cheerleader during cancer treatment, although she never let me take a day off. She is also my biggest cheerleader at the finish line of every race I do. Slowly but surely, with the help of my coach Mark, and surrounded by the triathlon community of Acadiana, I have started working to get back in shape. With every swim, every bike ride, every run, I look forward to the day when I can travel to Augusta, and finish the race that I started. On January 4, 2019, I am scheduled for my final chemotherapy treatment. And in fall of 2019, I will travel to Augusta, Georgia to complete some unfinished business. Then in November, I hope to achieve my ultimate goal and race IronMan Arizona and finally hear the words...”Daniel Allemond, you are IronMan”. My battle with cancer and beating Leukemia has made the IronMan slogan so real to me. My story is evidence that “anything is possible.”

Me with my wife, Maggie, and beloved dog, Dixie, after Sugarman of my first races back after treatment.

Getting a ride in on my trainer one morning before making a trip to New Orleans for chemotherapy.

Walking the halls during one of many hospital stays at Ochsner.

Relaying a duathlon with my wife...this race was hosted by the Acadiana triathlon community to raise funds for my cancer treatment.

My first time attempting a run after being diagnosed and beginning chemo. I made it 1.2 miles and took nearly 30 minutes. It was shocking to see the decline in my fitness that occurred in less than a month of treatment.

At the finish line for Zydeco half marathon 2017 which I relayed with my wife, Maggie during maintenance treatment.


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