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Qualifying for a traditional rehabilitation center can be difficult for rebounding patients. The Road Home Therapy Center can provide the essential therapy and care needed for rehabilitation without the stringent qualifications required by traditional rehab centers.

14 Large Private Rooms Spacious Living Areas State of the Art Equipment


Only requirement is a three midnight hospital stay and the need for therapy.

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Colby Albarado, Publisher Andrew Ward, Editor in Chief FEATURED CONTRIBUTORS

Lizzie Ellis, NASM-CPT, CF-L1, Pn1 Malcolm Stubbs, M.D. Fawn V. Hernandez Brooke Kobetz, RDN, LDN Katie Frank, MS, LAT, ATC


One of the hotter topics in health and wellness is gut health, specifically the bacteria that live there. Living inside your gut right now are 300 to 500 different kinds of bacteria containing 2 million genes. Paired with other tiny organisms, they make up what’s known as the microbiome. And they are IMPORTANT. According to regular contributor, Brooke Kobetz, “A healthy gut is determined by balance in favor of good bacteria to bad and diversity of microbiota. Scientists have found that gut dysbiosis, bad bacteria skewed in favor of good, are found in a whole slew of diseases including anxiety, depression, obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, and IBS.”

Kasey Hill, M.D. Megan Eimers Nanette Cook Katie Carsky Molly Clayton


Eyebox Media

Ashey Ramsey, PA at TotalCare and wellness expert adds, “The gut is often referred to as the second brain because the microbiota that live here can control cravings, influence inflammation and even effect the neurotransmitters that your body produces that control your mood and focus! Keeping the proper balance through limiting processed foods, boosting organic fresh fruits and vegetables, and eliminating sugar can make all the difference in your gut and brain health.” On The


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Andrew Ward / Editor-In-Chief

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Decisions! Katie Frank , MS, LAT, ATC Cows have some strong competition in the dairy aisle these days. Milk choices go way beyond skim and 2%, and the alternatives are pretty innovative. From plant-based (almond, soy, rice, coconut, hemp… etc) to animal-based (goat, camel, sheep, buffalo… etc), it’s not hard to find a milk that suits your unique taste and health needs. Not to mention the perfect match for your cereal. Notoriously, allergies to dairy can wreck stomach comfort. Ever since the discovery that milk of other mammals can be added to our diet, people have suffered some type of “lactose intolerance.” Unsure what that’s like? Imagine symptoms like bloating, stomach cramps, and/or diarrhea, all ranging in severity. Not everyone with symptoms are clinically categorized, though, as some are able to make enough and properly use lactase (the enzyme necessary to digest regular milk sugar, lactose). Milk just makes them feel awful, so a self-diagnosis is what everyone else has called it for years. Up until recently, lactose was thought to be the culprit. It turns out, dairy-related digestive irritation can be an issue of protein (well, a by-product of it) and not just the fault of lactose. Casein makes up 80% of the protein in regular cow’s milk. Subcategories down the line, the variants beta caseins A1 and A2 are noted to have the greatest effect on our bodies. They do so very differently, though. Conventional bovine milk contains both A1 and A2; most cows were originally A2-only, and it’s said the A1 “mutation” came after the mass-production of beef. Either way by not utilizing the A1 component, people could enjoy milk without their usual unpleasant symptoms. Not only that, but A1 has been linked to illnesses by increasing general inflammation and diabetes risks, and it’s even proved to decrease brain function. 6

A milk company in New Zealand lead the commerce of finding and selling the milk of cows that organically tested positive for and produced only A2. More research is needed and some will question the efficacy of the studies, but the A2 claims are very impressive. They’ve hit it big in other countries. In fact, A2 is the most comparable to human breast milk (along with goat, sheep, and buffalo) than to your typical cow’s. And mom usually knows best. Some years ago, a letter about milk crossed my path. “The Milk Letter,” written by Dr. Kradjian was a great way to ruin everything I’d known about dairy. Still, it was a great eye-opener; The Letter introduced an idea that lactose-related intolerance in humans is because (ding, ding) we weren’t made to consume baby cow food. If you look at the rest of nature, it makes sense. The need for calcium in growing kids, along with a great taste that goes perfectly with cookies, made regular cow’s milk thrive both in-home and industrially. Not having any dairy allergies, cow’s milk has no competition with me and my cereal. I choose soy for shakes/ smoothies; but you can’t say Saturday morning cartoons could ever be the same without some 2% and Honey Nut Cheerios. Or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. If A2 milk can pass that taste challenge, I’m a fan.

FONTANA CENTER FIT TIP Time...can’t get enough and you can’t turn it back! This is why we should make the most of what we have available and set some of that precious time aside for ourselves. Making your health a priority is the only way to assure that you can be there for the children, grand-children, spouses and whomever else might need you. Now that summer is ending, it is a great opportunity for you to make new routines and set some appointments to work on a healthier you.




Find a exercise is a great way to get started or get back into the swing of things. Find a group or facility that offers activities that fit your needs and time constraints. Many places offer 30-minute workouts that give maximum benefits for less time. Hire a Personal Trainer...schedules will be set and accountability will be maintained. Sessions can be set for varying lengths of time and the trainer can work to meet the needs of your busy lifestyle. Schedule in Advance...even though you may not need that next appointment until next month, schedule it

now. This will make it easier to schedule at a time that is convenient for you. Otherwise, the month may go by and the appointment is delayed. Working on a healthier you might mean different things for different people, but most importantly, is to fit your health needs into your schedule.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” - Mother Teresa

MONICA GUIDRY, M.ED Monica is a practicing Exercise Physiologist and Fitness Director at CWR at the Fontana Center here in Lafayette and also an Adjunct Instructor in the School of Kinesiology at the University of Louisiana Lafayette. I have been working in the field of health and wellness for the past 20 years and love being able to help individuals meet their personal health goals and see day to day improvements in both physical and mental well-being. The University allows me to share my knowledge with up and coming leaders in the field of Exercise Science, Kinesiology and over-all health and wellness.

F ONTANA CENTER Full fitness center including an indoor heated pool Land and Water Aerobic Classes • Zumba Classes Yoga Classes • Massage Therapy • Swim Lessons

(337) 234-7018

709 Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette

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Brooke Kobetz, RDN, LDN The term gut microbiome, is all over social media right now, but what is it and how is it related to our health? Astoundingly, we have more bacterial cells than human cells in our bodies. Trillions of these microbes and thousands of different species live in our gut, collectively known as the gut microbiome. A healthy gut is determined by balance in favor of good bacteria to bad and diversity of microbiota. Scientists have found that gut dysbiosis, bad bacteria skewed in favor of good, are found in a whole slew of diseases including anxiety, depression, obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, and IBS. The science isn’t there yet, but as it evolves, gut microbiome tests may one day be as important to assessing health as blood tests. As stated a healthy gut depends on both balance and diversity. How can we optimize our microbiota for optimal health? Genetics and environment largely factor in to our microbial make up, but we may be able to improve our gut health through dietary and other changes. Research suggests eating foods with fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics. Foods high in soluble fiber, like those found in seeds, beans, bran, barley, and nuts may lower cholesterol and be preventative against heart disease. Soluble fiber increases bulk of the stool, and moves slowly through your gut impeding or delaying the absorption of glucose and cholesterol. If you have bacterial overgrowth, limiting your fiber intake may be more beneficial. However, you should discuss all of these options with your doctor. Prebiotics are substances, mostly indigestible fermentable fiber, that feed our beneficial gut bacteria. Prebiotics are found in garlic, onions, and bananas and may be added to yogurt or cereals and may be preventative against Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Gut bacteria that normally colonize the gut feed on fermentable fiber to produce vitamins, nutrients, and short chained fatty acids like butyrate. Butyrate, which can also be found in ghee butter, plant oils, and animal fats, may help fight inflammation, obesity, and improve immune function. Probiotics are live bacteria that are found foods like miso soup, kombucha, kefir, pickles, and yogurt, that may help 8

balance your gut microbiota. Bacteria like bifidobacteria and lactobaccili which are commonly found in prebiotics, can help prevent leaky gut syndrome and relieve IBS symptoms. Exercise may help balance your gut microbiome as well. A recent study found that increased microbial diversity and butyrate production is favorable in the microbiome of cardio-fit individuals. Obese individuals tend to have gut dysbiosis. Akkermansia, a bacterium found in the gut may help combat obesity. Supplementation is still being investigated as scientists are working to establish safe levels. Foods like bananas naturally contain oligofructose which is food for akkermansia. Get adequate sleep and forest bathe. “Forest Bathing” is a newly coined term for spending time in nature. Americans tend to spend a lot of time in clean environments and are not exposed to a wide array of bacteria, so spending time in nature may help diversify your gut microbiota as well decrease anxiety and depression. Additionally, some research shows that getting over or under eight hours of sleep negatively impacts your microbes. Lastly, don’t take antibiotics unless necessary. Antibiotics are prescribed like candy in this country and decimate bacteria in the gut. Many times, use can’t be avoided but it doesn’t hurt to talk to your doctor about other options. As science evolves, we may be able to pinpoint and supplement certain beneficial bacteria to improve health. Currently, most of the research regarding gut microbiomes involves mice which is why organizations such as the Human Microbiome Project are working hard to collect data from human subjects. This information may help us to confidently individualize diets based off our own biological make up and may be where the future of nutrition is ultimately headed. For those with diseases like Crohn’s, an uncurable chronic inflammatory disease that effects the entire digestive tract, trying to maintain a healthy gut is a daily struggle. This research is promising for millions of people struggling with chronic diseases, depression, anxiety, and gut issues.

DEHYDRATION AND SPORTS Summer is in full swing and that means one thing to all of us; it’s hot!!!! Temperatures and humidity are soaring, making it difficult to participate in outdoor activities. And that includes sports, recreation, and fitness. So if you are going to be active outside, know what to look for and more importantly how to prevent this potentially serious condition.

Signs and symptoms ▷▷ Thirst ▷▷ Chills ▷▷ Weakness ▷▷ Dry mouth ▷▷ Headaches ▷▷ Dark urine ▷▷ Cramps

Prevention of Heat Related Illness

▷▷ Proper training for the heat ▷▷ Hydrate before, during, and after exertion ▷▷ Appropriate clothing – light color, loose fitting, breathable ▷▷ Decrease time and intensity during especially peak periods of heat ▷▷ Monitor yourself and others ▷▷ Take frequent breaks ▷▷ Encourage children to hydrate

Tips for Hydration in Athletes

▷▷ Begin hydration before exercise ▷▷ Drink 4-8 ounces of fluid for every 15-20 minutes of exertion ▷▷ Water is sufficient if activity is less than an hour or so, but prolonged activities require electrolyte replacement and carbohydrates which are in most sports drinks.

Severe dehydration can lead to heat illness or heat stroke which can be life-threatening! Prevention is the best treatment, so use common sense and be prepared. Treatment requires hydration, rapid cooling, and if necessary seek medical attention immediately. Summertime is fun, but the heat can be dangerous. Staying hydrated will prevent heat related illness and other injuries and will allow you to continue to pursue your fitness goals throughout the summer months.

DR. MALCOLM J STUBBS M.D. Dr. Stubbs is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, and fellowship trained in the field of Sports Medicine and Arthroscopic Surgery.


Serving Acadiana for Over 40 Years

Compassionate Experienced Patient Care

Louis C. Blanda, Jr., MD Daniel L. Hodges, MD David S. Muldowny, MD John B. Sledge, III, MD Malcolm J. Stubbs, MD

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Katie Carsky You have probably figured out by now that there are only 24 hours in a day. Unfortunately, this often means that it can be hard to find time for a run on busy days. Still, if you can find 30 minutes in your day between work, commute, and being with family and friends, there is still a chance for an effective running workout. It is important to be flexible with where you work out when time is limited. If there is a track nearby, great, do a track workout. If you have access to a gym at work or at home, hit the treadmill. Finally, one of your best resources as a runner is the ability to simply hit the road and go. Let’s start with a track workout. A standard track is 400 meters around, with each of the two straightaways and both of the curves coming in at 100 meters a piece. These distances are already marked out for you, so take advantage of them. The curves and straightaways can create a short interval workout for you. It is as simple as pushing yourself on the straightaways and jogging the curves for a brief rest between. Does that sound like it might get old? Probably! To mix it up the next time, try 300 or 400-meter intervals with a 200-meter jog between each. Remember to go slightly slower on these longer intervals because your 100-meter pace should not be sustainable further around the track. How about that treadmill run? Rather than a casual jog on the treadmill, try to push yourself with a ladder workout. To do a ladder workout, start with a 5-minute warmup. After that, do a minute at a 1% incline followed by a 1-minute jog without any incline. Next, run another minute at a 2% incline followed by another minute jog without an incline. 10

Continue increasing the incline at this pattern until you do a minute at a 4% incline. Go back down the ladder from 4% to 3% and so on. If you have time to climb the ladder again, repeat. If you want to push yourself even more the next time, continue up the ladder or start from a higher incline on the ladder. See how high you can get at a maximum to get the most out of your limited time. You can do a ladder with time rather than incline as well. Start with 1-minute hard, 1-minute jog, moving up to 2, 3, and 4 minutes hard with a 1-minute jog between each running interval of the ladder. Finally, a road workout is always easy to access. Start with a 3-minute warmup. Pick it up to your regular running pace at 5-7 minutes. Finish it off with 12-15 minutes pushing yourself to the point where you are just becoming uncomfortable, yet still able to hold the pace to the end. Walk for a minute before a 3-minute cool down jog. The bottom line is that you may have to be innovative, but you can find a good workout in a lot of different places. As long as you show up ready to go, you can save yourself time and still come out feeling strong.



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How To Cut Your

Fitness Time

Megan Eimers

We all want the benefits of regular exercise, but who has time to spend hours each day at the gym? Between work, family, and social outings, most of us are juggling a jampacked schedule as it is. The good news is that you don’t need to sacrifice your spare time for fitness—you can have both! By using these tips, you can cut your gym time in half and reach your fitness goals:

Combine Strength Training and Cardio Both strength training and cardio are essential to any well-rounded fitness regimen. Why not combine the two into one workout? By combining strength training and cardio into one workout, you can maximize your fat burning potential and drastically shorten your fitness time. With so many different exercise combinations to choose from, you can also switch it up to stave off boredom. For example, you could jump rope for 10 minutes total, stopping every two minutes to work your upper body with chin ups and bench press. Another day, you could run on the treadmill for 15 minutes total, jumping off every five minutes to perform heavy squats and lunges.

Set a Timer It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we give ourselves a strict time limit. If your workouts are usually 60 minutes long, set a timer for 30 minutes and see how much you can get done in that time frame. The results may surprise you. When you’re working against the clock, you’re less likely to take your time between sets. Instead, you’ll push yourself harder to complete the exercises. This not only boosts the efficiency of your workout, but it also makes it feel more satisfying. Your muscles are working harder with fewer breaks in between, which also helps build muscle and stamina.

Ramp Up the Intensity Want to torch a bunch of calories without spending hours at the gym? Kick up the intensity of your workouts. Signing up for a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class, such as 12


Tabata, is key to blasting calories in a short amount of time. Tabata is a type of HIIT which features four-minute exercises consisting of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of working at your absolute maximum effort. For example, a Tabata could be jumping rope, burpees, mountain climbers, or squat jumps. You’ll push yourself to maximum effort level for 20 seconds, taking only a 10-second rest before doing it again seven more times to reach a total of four minutes. Because Tabata forces you to work at your maximum effort, it’s extremely effective at burning fat and building muscle quickly.

Switch Up Your Routine If you’ve been doing the same workout day-after-day, it probably feels easier now than when you first started. This is because your muscles have adapted to the workout and no longer find it challenging. To keep your workouts short and effective, you need to add variety to your fitness routine. Adding a mix of strength training, cardio, core, and stretching exercises will challenge different muscle groups and keep you from hitting plateaus. By keeping your body guessing, you can achieve better overall fitness without spending hours at the gym. Just remember to incorporate rest days and alternate between high, medium, and low-intensity workouts to give your muscles time to rest.

Fuel Up the Right Way A challenging workout demands proper fuel. If you are fueling your body with empty calories, your muscles won’t get the nutrients they need to push through a high-intensity workout. To feed your muscles and fuel your next workout properly, you need to consume the right balance of carbs, fats, and protein before and after each workout. Carbs and healthy fats provide energy for the body, while protein aids muscle recovery to help you come back faster and stronger. Before you hit the gym, eat a snack that containing a healthy mix of fats, carbs, and protein. For example, avocado and toast or a banana with almond butter. What works for one person may not work for you, so try experimenting with different foods to find the best fuel for your body.


Jeb Cormier, DC




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SWITCHING LANES IN Lizzie Ellis NASM-CPT, CF-L1, Pn1 As I type this, I’m still getting over the most bizarre, yet wonderful yoga classes I’ve ever taken. We did face yoga. Yep, face yoga. Not the whole class, but the first 30 minutes were all about our nose, eyes and tongue. It was weird and interesting and actually pretty cool. So you’re probably wondering why the heck I was doing face yoga instead of CrossFit today.


much slower bodybuilding style strength workout.

Why, you ask? Well, it’s complicated. The short answer- my body needed a break. I’ll spare you much of the gory details, but I do want to explain how I got to this point and why I decided it was time for a change. I plan to go back to it, but not until I help my body work some things out.

So, like a good patient, I rested. I went for some walks and after a week I did a few strength movements with a light kettlebell and felt fine after. Naturally, I started to ramp the intensity back up thinking I was healed. I ended up right back in his office. I rested some more and backed off the intensity even more. After another week of mostly walking I did some workouts in the park with a heavier kettlebell. Two short workouts that normally would have been a breeze for me had me feeling like complete garbage after. Later that week I woke up with a sore throat, fever of over 100 degrees, body aches and chills. I rested all day and luckily the next day I felt much better. But it got me seriously questioning what I was doing in the gym.

I’ve written before about overtraining and my experience with recognizing and recovering from overtraining. To be honest, every other time I overtrained I don’t think I actually gave myself space to truly recover. I was too stuck in the comparison trap. I was caught up in keeping up with my friends in the gym. I was worried about losing my momentum and muscle definition. This time is different. I no longer care about losing my physique or gains when my health is obviously not where it needs to be.

In the midst of all this, I was and continue dealing with the effects of coming off hormonal birth control. Ladies, if you are on “the pill” I highly suggest you do some research- beyond your doctor- into the impact it can have on your health. I’m happy to share resources that have helped me with anyone who’s interested. Anyway, I haven’t had a normal cycle since stopping the pill in January. This. Is. Not. Normal. The more research I did the more I realized the role intense exercise can play.

Well, it’s complicated. Truthfully, I haven’t done CrossFit for awhile and I don’t plan on doing it for awhile longer.

There are a lot of ways your body can sound the alarm and I’ve recently experienced a lot of alarms.

The writing was on the wall. Something had to change.

First, I ended up in the chiropractor’s office twice in three weeks with a painful strain in the extensor muscles of my mid-back. I hadn’t done any weird movements or felt anything weird during my workout. It didn’t even happen during a fast CrossFit workout. It happened after an intense, but

I took my chiropractor’s advice and joined a yoga studio. I try to go 2-3 times per week. I’m still doing some strength training a couple days per week, but keeping it very light, slow and short. Guess what? I still have muscle definition,


can still do strict pull-ups, eat about the same amount of food and have even more energy throughout the day. I go for walks when I feel like it and rest when I feel like it. I don’t stress about missing a workout in favor of doing something fun with friends or family. It feels really good. Instead of stressing about getting a grueling workout in, I feel comfortable giving that attention to more important things like working, cooking or getting quality time in with my husband and dogs. It was really difficult to accept at first that my body simply wouldn’t allow me to do the type of training I wanted to do. It’s frustrating. It feels like you’re being betrayed by your body, though now I would argue I was the one doing the betraying by not listening to the signs it was giving me. Exercise, calorie restriction and lack of sleep are all stressors in addition to literal stress. If you’re experiencing a great deal of stress in your work or personal life, consider backing off intense exercise and instead focus on your nutrition, getting sleep and managing some of that stress. I understand the desire to remain competitive and work to achieve a certain physique, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your health. Plus, if you run yourself into the ground now, you’ll have a deeper hole to climb out of later. While intense forms of exercise can be fun and effective, it is not the be all end all of fitness or movement. We all go through different seasons of life and it makes sense our exercise preferences change along the way. I believe I’ll be doing some sort of weight lifting or strength training for the rest of my life and I plan for CrossFit to be part of it, but it might look a little different each year and that’s OK. Now, I realize my experience is my own, but I also know that many of you can probably relate even if you are reluctant to admit it. There is no shame is taking a break or switching it up, especially if your body is sounding the alarm. You should probably be listening.

NEW BALANCE 880 & 860 Responsive & Durable

Shoes Recovery Apparel Nutrition Located in the Oil Center

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Justin Binkley We’ve all seen or heard an ad for a magic pill. The pill to lose weight, tone up, feel more energetic, and reverse the effects of aging. Even some pills to treat our medical problems-high cholesterol and blood pressure, hypothyroidism, diabetes, depression and so on. Every time it’s the new revolutionary ingredient. Who remembers green coffee bean and raspberry ketones? Who’s currently on DHEA, metformin, or synthroid? All these supplements and medications contain ingredients to make us healthier, and a lot of them work, though some have unfortunate side effects.


If only there was a way to improve and optimize our health with 100 percent proven, 100 percent natural, and 100 percent side effect free ingredients. That would be truly magic. Here’s a list of ingredients that everyone can benefit from, no matter your background, no matter your current health, and no matter what your goals for the future are.

FRESH AIR AND SUNSHINE. MOVEMENT. ACCOUNTABILITY. EDUCATION. A PLAN. A CHALLENGE. With these ingredients in your life, no matter how they’re implemented or how they manifest themselves you will see improvements in your health, your happiness, and your personal growth. If you combine all of them, then you truly have a magic pill. Over the next few months we’ll examine each of these implements, how they relate to your health, how to use them in your life, and the easiest way to combine them all to create your magic pill.

It’s all about helping people

get fit and stay fit. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Find class and membership information at 336 Heather Dr. | Opelousas, LA | 70570 | 337-942-1326

800 METERS | 20 MILES | 5 KILOMETERS Participate in South Louisiana’s Most Prestigious Triathlon

Sunday, September 9, 2018 Lafayette Regional Airport









per year



THE C620 NUTRITION FOUNDATION THE PERFECT STACK ELITE TRAINING + RECOVERY SUPPLEMENTS You’re here for a reason, and we are here because above all else we love people – out of that love we strive to deliver world class service and world class products. We combine the passion one has for betterment of their physique with internal self-betterment through our processes. We believe in maximizing the potential for both the mind and body to cultivate a culture focused on achievement. C620 Nutrition has the spirit to innovate while leaving a positive long-lasting impact on those we are privileged to service. We understand that the process of reaching your desired goals whether it is to step on stage, or if you may have external motivations beyond that, will be challenging in many aspects of your life. We choose to do the work that is necessary to safely and effectively guide you along the way while supporting the factors which revolve around your unique experience. We encourage you to take the opportunity to become part of both our team and our dream!

C620 Nutrition supplements are designed from their inception to focus on holistically enhancing the complete training experience. Throughout the product formulation process, our goal was to include each ingredient that our professional training team recommends to the C620 family of elite athletes. As these athletes compete at the highest echelon of their given sport, we made the commitment to innovate, manufacture, and deliver the best supplements on the market. Today, we invite you to propel your training and recovery process by leveraging our C620 Nutrition enhanced supplement product line.

Brian Melancon CEO and Owner of C620Nutrition LLC SHOP.C620NUTRITION.COM



Ethan Smoorenburg

For 13 years off Kaliste Saloom Rd. across from Fresh Pickens, Great Harvest Bread Co. has been serving Acadiana with fresh local ingredients to offer bread the way it ought to be. While we are always privileged to serve to our Lafayette Community, we also have a goal outside of our four walls. Quality food is our mission, and quality people put it into action. We adhere to a special guideline to “give graciously.” We are always seeking to link arms with like minds who dedicate efforts to nourish the less fortunate. In July we had the amazing opportunity to host a canned good drive with FoodNet food bank of Lafayette with additional help from our friends at Reve Coffee Roasters and Reve Coffee Lab. In our two-day “Christmas in July” anyone who donated 3 canned goods received a Free Loaf of our famous Honey Whole Wheat or Dakota Bread! We are so thankful for the support we received as this camaraderie allowed us to donate over 100 canned goods to FoodNet food bank! Also, our weekly surplus is always purposed for a specific cause. Every week we are honored to provide food for the St. Joseph’s Diner and the free daily meals they offer to people in need. If you have an opportunity to serve a generous cause, we are always willing to lend a hand. Come see us today, and enjoy free slices of made from scratch daily bread and sweets from our infamous bread board. See why we have become the Acadiana tradition over the past 13 years. Join us in our efforts to give back to our community! We look forward to Baking a difference with you!

Great Harvest of Acadiana 854 Kaliste Saloom Rd. Lafayette, LA 70508 (337) 236-8966 19

PUTTING A BETTER FOOT IN THE SHOE Last month we discussed that the science behind running shoes doesn’t live up to the marketing hype. Changing shoes can have effects on your running, but improving your body can make a much bigger difference. While shoe technology has evolved over 40 years, our feet have been evolving for millennia. With 28 bones, 33 joints, 4 arches, and over 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons, the foot is an impressive bit of engineering! I teach my patients “Toe Yoga” to improve foot coordination and strength.

▶▶ Take off your shoes, sit in a chair, and put your foot flat on the ground. Keep equal pressure on the inside and outside ball of the forefoot.

▶▶ Keeping your little toes down, lift just the big toe. Now keep the big toe down and lift up all of the little toes. Avoid curling the toes.

▶▶ Alternate back and forth for about 30 seconds. This is

important for waking up these muscles and improving coordination.

▶▶ Once you can wiggle the toes smoothly while sitting,

progress to standing, and finally try it on one leg. Work on it multiple times a day for faster results.

In order to control pronation with our built in “arch support,” we need the forefoot solidly screwed into the ground, as a strong forefoot helps control rearfoot motion.

▶▶ Focus on strengthening by lifting the little toes up and

driving the big toe strongly into the floor. You should feel a contraction in the arch and may notice it lift up.

▶▶ Squeeze the big toe down, hold a few seconds, relax… repeat until tired.

▶▶ Progress from sitting, to standing, to standing on one

leg. Also progress how long you hold the contraction.

This should eventually become second nature where you brace your arch with every exercise you do and will help with balance if you practice often. These exercises can be difficult to visualize so we will get some videos up on my social media pages and share them through Active Acadiana’s Facebook page.

KASEY HILL, M.D. Director: The Runner’s Clinic Author: The Textbook of Running Medicine Schedule with Dr. Hill at: 225-246-2076















Will you be the NEXT STEM CELL success story? “Before my procedure with Dr. Bond, I had severe lower back pain, and could only stand for 10 minutes at a time before I started to shake and sweat. Now, its been 3 months since the Regenexx procedure and I can go 6-7 hours with NO ISSUES! Feel excellent and highly recommend.”

Louis A.


BACK TO SCHOOL! It’s back to school time, which means the unofficial end of summer and the start of new schedules and new planning. That makes this time of year the perfect time to review your fitness schedule and maybe come up with a new plan for the fall. Here are some back to school fitness tips that work for just about anyone!

Stick to a Routine At this time of year, you’re probably getting used to all kinds of new routines and schedules. In order to make sure that you find the time to exercise, you’ll also want to create a schedule for working out. By doing this, you’ll be more likely to stick with it!

You Don’t Need Hours Some people think they need to spend hours in the gym in order to get an effective workout. Not true! Most guidelines recommend 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a day, five days a week. This means 150 minutes of exercise each week.

Involve the Whole Family Getting the whole family involved can make exercise more fun and help you stick to your schedule. Consider going for an after-dinner walk with your family each day or schedule an early morning workout with the kids. You will set a good example and help your family establish healthy habits for a lifetime.


Return to healthy eating If your family is like many, your household inventory of junk food skyrockets during the summer. The arrival of fall is a perfect time to teach your kids that family-focused healthy eating can be fun too. While your family may be used to having ice cream every night in the summer, start swapping out some nights for fruit Popsicles, frozen yogurt, or baked fruit sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar. Be prepared with healthy snacks and meals when things get hectic, such as in the morning before school, when kids come home from school, and before dinner.”

Find special time with your child Daily Set aside just 15 minutes per day, per child. Whether it involves reading a few extra books to your toddler, taking turns making up a story with your preschooler, or gazing at the stars with your oldest after the others have been put to bed, your children will savor your undivided attention. And both of you will benefit from putting yet another hectic day on hold. Good luck, I hope you all have smooth start to a wonderful new fit school year!

Nanette Cook City-Parish Council Member Nanette Cook is a physical education teacher at Cathedral-Carmel School with a BS and MS in Kinesiology, and 34 years of teaching. Nanette was also raised by a physical education teacher, and inspires her students through deliberate movement and a healthy lifestyle!

Take a picture holding this flyer and tag us on Social Media @SensibleMeals and we might pick you for a month of FREE meals!! (winners chosen at random)

Ingrid Rinck lost 100 lbs in 10 months!

Coy Stelly lost 85 lbs in 8 months!

Ashley Landry lost 80 lbs!



3 Start with feet hip width apart, shoulders back, and face looking forward.

2 Lunge forward, keeping your knee over your ankle at 90°, and curling up for a bicep curl. Keep wrist straight, trying not to bend the wrists. 24

Press into back heel, driving back up to starting position, ending with an overhead press.


Stay-at-home mom of two boys, creating affordable and adaptable workouts with household items around the house.


Yoga IS for Every Body! I constantly hear things like: “yoga isn’t for me; I’m not flexible enough; there’s no way I can do that; I have back problems; I have to lose some weight first…” – the list goes on. Here is the thing: yoga is for every body! You don’t have to be a specific age, body type, or gender. The practice isn’t about doing splits or handstand, and it isn’t about competition… well, maybe with yourself- but let’s leave that for another time. Yoga is just that - “a practice.” It’s about putting in the work on and off the mat; connecting your body and mind; learning self-compassion and patience; and allowing yourself to get a little messy along the way because this is where growth takes place. I am no expert, simply one human being to another I say this: when you let go of the stigmas and allow yourself to roll out a mat and give it a try, you will see for yourself what this practice of yoga is really about.


Studio Manager at Down Dog Yoga

Frances Perez was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and is of Cuban decent. Ms. Perez is a yoga teacher, mindfulness educator, and school/mental health counselor-in-training at UL Lafayette.


Will you be the NEXT STEM CELL success story? “Before my procedure with Dr. Bond, I had severe lower back pain, and could only stand for 10 minutes at a time before I started to shake and sweat. Now, its been 3 months since the Regenexx procedure and I can go 6-7 hours with NO ISSUES! Feel excellent and highly recommend.”

Louis A.


Cookbook Order Yours at:

Crock Pot Coconut Chicken Curry (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Paleo)

August is here, and the back to school hustle has sort of blindsided me. The Summer here on the farm is relaxed. I can work in our commercial kitchen during the day with my kids in and out. Dinner is always simple, as it’s just too hot to enjoy big meals (think boiled eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers). We have no schedule, and by the time I come in from work, the kids have usually found something to eat. Then, school starts. We are back to a schedule, bedtime is earlier, homework after school is torture (with 6 kids), and it happened. The first week of school, I was not prepared for REAL dinner. After the third evening of grits or oatmeal, I needed to get myself together. Even though I cook all day for a living, I often feel completely uninspired to come up with something fabulous for my family every single night. My good husband will even sometimes say- “I sure wish you would cook some of those things you make for clients, for us!” Well, this recipe is one of those meals he is talking about. However, It’s a crock pot version because well… Who has time?!


Heat oil in a medium fry pan. Add chicken and brown both sides. Place the carrots in the crock pot and place chicken on top. Combine the coconut milk and cream, honey, salt, curry and chicken broth in a bowl and stir. Add to crock pot, and cook on low for 6-8 hours. 30 minutes before serving, turn crock on high and add peas, green onion and parsley. For paleo, serve over cauliflower rice. For AIP (autoimmune paleo), substitute fresh grated ginger for the curry powder. Our family enjoys this gluten free meal with brown rice.

Ingredients: ▶▶1 TB olive oil ▶▶4 Boneless skinless chicken breasts ▶▶1 Pound carrots, or sweet potato (peeled and chopped) ▶▶½ Cup green onions, chopped ▶▶1 Can full fat coconut milk ▶▶1 Small can coconut cream ▶▶1 TB curry powder ▶▶1 Cup chicken broth ▶▶½ tsp sea salt ▶▶2 Cups frozen peas (or green beans or broccoli) ▶▶2 TB local raw honey ▶▶Fresh parsley for garnish

Molly Clayton

Owner/Executive Chef Bon Vie Kitchen, LLC 337-275-0323 27


Race Name

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Miles Perret Cancer Services Triathlon

sprint triathlon




MPCS Triathlon CRRC Summer Series 1 Mile & Sneaux Cones Zoo Run Run CajunMan Triathlon St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer - Baton Rouge Lafayette Free to Breathe Lung Cancer 5K Healing Place College Jordan Gautreau 5K Superhero HOPE Run St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer - Lafayette Cajun Road Runners Big Pete's 8K Camp Bow Wow 5K-9 Children of the Cane Sugarman Triathlon Tour des Atakapas - Festivals Acadiens et Creoles Run Cane Field Classic Danimal 50K Ochsner Ironman 70.3 New Orleans Snap To A Cure 5K Jazz Half Marathon New Orleans Jungle Gardens 7K Trail, 5K Run

supersprint triathlon



1M run



5K run | kids run sprint triathlon

Baton Rouge Lafayette


5K run

Baton Rouge


5K run



5K, 1M run

Baton Rouge


5K, 1M run



5K run



8K run 5K, 1M run 100M, 100K, 50K run sprint triathlon

Lafayette Lafayette Port Allen Youngsville


7M, 5M, 3M run



4M, 2M, 1M run 50K, 25K, 7.8M trail run half triathlon 5K, 1M run 13.1M, 5K run 7K trail run | 5K, 1M run 5K run 10K, 1M run half triathlon 5K run 13.1M run | 10K, 5K trail run 5K run | kids run 26.2M, 13.1M run 10M run 26.2M, 13.1M, 10K run 26.2M, 13.1M, 10K, 5K run

Port Allen Lake Charles New Orleans Maurice New Orleans Avery Island


New Orleans Lafayette New Roads Lafayette Lafayette Baton Rouge Baton Rouge Lafayette New Orleans Jennings Lafayette Lafayette New Orleans New Orleans Ville Platte New Orleans New Orleans Arnaudville


8/22/2018 8/25/2018 9/9/2018 9/15/2018 9/15/2018 9/22/2018 9/22/2018 9/22/2018 9/29/2018 9/29/2018 10/6/2018 10/7/2018 10/13/2018 10/13/2018 10/20/2018 10/21/2018 10/27/2018 10/27/2018 11/3/2018 11/3/2018 11/10/2018 11/10/2018 11/21/2018 12/8/2018 1/19/2019 1/20/2019 1/26/2019 2/10/2019 2/19/2019 3/4/2019 3/10/2019 3/17/2019 3/23/2019 3/23/2019 3/24/2019 4/20/2019 4/27/2019


Crescent City Fall Classic 5K Cajun Cup 10K

River Roux Triathlon Camellia Crossing - Acadiana's Gleaux 5K Cajun Country Run Louisiana Marathon - 5K Run Louisiana Marathon Cajun Road Runners Al Comeaux 10M Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Gulf Coast Series - Day 4 Lundi Gras Bar-A-Thon Zydeco Marathon Shamrockin' Run - New Orleans Al Briede Gold Cup Race Chicot Challenge Best Damn Race New Orleans Crescent City Classic Etouffee 5K

8M, 6M, 3M novelty run 26.2M, 13.1M run 8K run 3M, 1M run 100M relay 13.1M, 5K run 10K run 5K run



Fatigue is a common and varied complaint, so we choose to look at the whole patient and evaluate potential causes.


A dedicated treatment plan is essential to solving fatigue, and can help reach your wellness goals.


Optimizing your health requires experience and training, and an understanding of your body’s speciic needs.


Balancing your hormones, nutrition, and exercise can have you feeling alert, with more vitality and drive. C ALL NOW



Conditions Treated Joint arthritis: knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, hand, etc. Regenerative Medicine Institute of Louisiana is the only clinic in Louisiana to offer the full suite of Regenexx procedures, for treatment of orthopedic injuries or conditions. Far and away the most experienced Regenerative Medicine physician in the state, Dr. Thomas Bond has performed tens of thousands of regenerative injections over the past decade.

Tendon and ligament tears: meniscus, ACL, LCL, PCL, rotator cuff, etc. Joint instability Cartilage damage Spine: degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, bulging disc, etc.

Why choose Dr. Bond and Regenexx?

Regenexx invented and patented the orthopedic stem cell treatments and procedures used at our clinic.

Triple Board Certified, Dr. Bond was the first physician in Louisiana to perform these regenerative stem cell therapy procedures.

Highly concentrated stem cell treatments can help patients avoid surgery and recover faster.

We use adult stem cells from a patients’ own bone marrow to treat orthopedic conditions and injuries, obtained using advanced ultrasound guidance.

Will you be the NEXT STEM CELL success story?

“Patient is feeling fantastic, procedure was a blast. Second time now doing Regenexx and the procedure and more importantly the results were fantastic. Thoroughly recommend the practice, staff, and their talents!” R.M.


Active Acadiana August 2018  

Acadiana's Only Health & Fitness Publication

Active Acadiana August 2018  

Acadiana's Only Health & Fitness Publication