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ABOUT THE MINISTRY OF ACTIVE FOR JESUS MEDIA MISSION/WoomaNet Radio Founded in 1995 Active for Jesus Media Mission was closely involved with the development of Christian community radio in South Africa, but also the training and development for Swaziland Conference of Churches' Christian Media Centre in Manzini, Swaziland. Since 2003 the ministry focus shifted towards the development, production and supply of a variety of Christian radio programmes for broadcasters locally and abroad. This naturally developed towards the founding of WoomaNet Radio-on-demand in 2004, serving Afrikaans and English speaking Internet users in various countries across the globe via the HomeTown Radio playlist. On 01 June 2011 WoomaNet Radio partnered with Church of the Nazarene's World Mission Broadcast Africa–division, expanding its current language spectrum via the addition of the WMBA Radio playlist, to also include (in addition to Afrikaans & English) French, Portuguese, Amharic, Somali, Shangaan, Swahili, Malagasy and Zulu. As of 01 March 2014 a 3rd playlist for Nazarene Education & Clergy Development (NE&CD) was introduced, intended especially for oral learning students with the Nazarene Theological Institute. In 2012 the on-demand service of WoomaNet Radio was upgraded and expanded for easy connectivity via mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Currently radio programmes produced by Active for Jesus Media Mission and WMBA are freely available for broadcasting by radio stations in South Africa and across the African continent. To experience the life-changing ministry of WoomaNet Radio-on-demand visit

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Janine van Niekerk

STUURWIELSTORIES (Kinderprogram) Focus on the Family – Africa FOCUS ON THE FAMILY Book Reviews / Boek Oorsig BONUS BOOKS /BOEKRAK BONUS Rudie van Heerden VOETSTAPPE / FOOTSTEPS Frank Retief (St.James Church) SUNDAY SERMONS (Messages) Various/Verskeie EREDIENSBOODSKAPPE Derek Prince KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL LIVING Ds. Hennie Brits NUWE HOOP

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01. LAAT DIE KINDER NA MY TOE KOM – Annelie Bothma 02. PITKOS – Ds. Pieter van den Berg 03. DIE DEUGSAME VROU – Annelie Bothma 04. AMHARIC TEACHING – (Traditional) 05. CELEBRATING HOLINESS – Erica Mathye 06. RADICAL YOUTH – Radical Youth Group 07. FRENCH TEACHING – Prao Kouako 08. IZA ARY NO NAMAKO O! – Melodie Ravel 09. VEHIVAVY NY ANJARA TSARA – Past. Adeline Ramillarisoa 10. ANTSO HO AMIN’NY FAHAMASINANA – Past.Richard Ravelomanantsoa 11. TANORA VE IANAO – Past. Patrice & Team 12. PORTUGUESE TEACHING – (Angola) 13. SHANGAAN TEACHING – Rev. Ezeliel Mnisi 14. SOMALI TEACHING – (WMBA) 15. SWAHILI TEACHING – Rev. Job Odanga 16. ZULU: CHILDREN FOR JESUS – Gugu Khuzwayo NOTE: Multiple Episodes of each programme are uploaded for streaming monthly

Playlist THREE:

Nazarene Education & Clergy Development

Diploma of Theology Course ET302 (Christian Theology 2) – Nazarene Theological Institute

Lectures 01 to 11, with complete course manual (PDF) Active for Jesus Media Mission is an active member of the Association of Christian Media


Active for Jesus Media Mission / WoomaNet Radio is a founder member and partner of “Tower of Life”, a special centre and shelter for the homeless in Krugersdorp CBD.





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In my previous article (Part1) I’ve closed with the following statement: As believers we have a responsibility to ensure that there is a sustainable supply of “the Water of Life” in its purest form possible and available to everyone. Yes, the “bottle” has an important role to play in all of this, but the “bottle” never becomes the “water”. If this is true, then why are we spending so much time on the “bottle” and do we so often neglect the “water”?

A popular trend in the bottled water trade today is the addition of “sparkling“- and “flavored” water. The irony of this phenomenon is that these products are usually manufactured and distributed by the same companies that are in the “pure water” business. Why then will they do that? I believe the answer is pretty simple. They know that many people do not enjoy the taste of pure water, although they fully understand the necessity of taking in a sufficient amount of water daily. By compromising on the purity of the water and adding some flavorings, they capitalize on the loyal support of these “I do not like the taste of pure water”-clients, while leaving the impression with the client that what he/she is drinking is pure and healthy, while it is not! The apostle Paul must have picked up the same trend with those preachers that presented the “water of life” to a thirsty world when he wrote in 1Thessalonians 2:4 & 5: “But as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, even so we speak, not as pleasing men, but God who tests our hearts. For neither at any time did we use flattering words, as you know, nor a cloak for covetousness (to cover up greed) – God is witness. It seems as if Paul was in the “pure water” business and had no intention of deviating from it, even if it meant that what he presented was not so popular with those “I do not like the taste of pure water”hearers. Why? Simply because Paul was convinced and whole heartedly believed that God favored him capable of keeping the “water of life” pure. He was determined to trust God on this and not disappoint the Lord. The level or quality of this purity is defined by the word “entrusted” (…entrusted with the gospel).

If you entrust your most valuable possession to a person, your expectation is that on your return you will find your possession in exactly the same state it was in when you left. Nothing less. Nothing more. Nothing

missing. Nothing added. Intact! According to Paul that is exactly how God is expecting us to go about with the gospel He entrusted to us. Nothing added. Nothing left out. Keep it pure!

Well, how do we go about it? According to Paul we are to speak (proclaim) it, not to please men, but God…. WHO TESTS OUR HEARTS. Is it about numbers…or is it about truth? Is it about being popular…or is it about saving souls? Is it about financial gain…or is it about sacrifice? Is it about me (us)…or is it about the Kingdom of God?

Being in Ministry can be a costly exercise. We need the financial support of our members and even sponsors. In return sponsors need maximum exposure to a substantial audience, but also do not want to be associated with a message that may be labeled as “radicle” or even “irrelevant for this time and age” (according to them though). A bigger audience means better support. Even our 21st century members are extremely sensitive about the content of the message being proclaimed and it is usually here that we tend to step right into the forbidden trap. How can we draw and keep those “I do not like the taste of pure water”-clients (members/sponosrs/listeners/readers/users)? What can we add to or remove from our message that will give it a “more pleasant flavor”? What should we talk about and what not, even though we clearly know that we will be sacrificing the purity of the “water” we supply? .....and if that is not enough there is always still the packaging…. but that is a story for another time, so be sure not to miss part 3!

VERKIESINGS-OOMBLIKKE – WAT CHRISTENE BEHOORT TE WEET! Nr.1 Slaan ag op die Woorde in Hosea hoofstuk 4 vanaf vers 1: “Hoor die woord van die Here, o kinders van Israel! Want die Here het 'n regsaak met die inwoners van die land, omdat daar geen trou en geen liefde en geen kennis van God in die land is nie. Hulle vervloek en lieg en moor en steel en pleeg owerspel; hulle breek in, sodat bloedbad aan bloedbad raak. Daarom treur die land, en alles wat daarop woon, kwyn weg.” Nr.2 Hosea hoofstuk 4 vers 6 stel dit onomwonde: “My volk gaan te gronde weens 'n gebrek aan kennis”. Baie Christene is nie bewus daarvan dat hul 'n Bybelse mandaat het om te stem, die regering van die dag tot verantwoording te roep en 'n rol te speel het om sosiale verandering in

ons land en samelewing te weeg te bring nie. Dit is gedeeltelik weens hierdie onkunde dat Christene oorweldig voel in hul rol om die regering verantwoordbaar te hou en toe te sien dat Bybelse waardes vasgele en uitgeleef word. Nr.3 Onthou jy nog die woorde van Jesus in Matt.19:26?: “Vir mense is dit onmoontlik, maar vir God is alles moontlik”. Luister dan na Sy woorde aan koning Salomo soos opgeteken in 2 Kronieke 7 vanaf vers 13: “As Ek die hemel toesluit, dat daar geen reen is nie, of as Ek die sprinkaan beveel om die land af te eet, of as Ek pes onder my volk stuur, en my volk, oor wie my Naam uitgeroep is, hulle verootmoedig en bid en my aangesig soek en hulle bekeer van hul verkeerde wee, dan sal Ek uit die hemel hoor en hulle sonde vergewe en hulle land genees”.

Nr.4 Dis onregverdig van 'n samelewing om van 'n regering te verwag om volgens Bybelse waardes en riglyne te regeer, as hul nie vir 'n Godsvresende regering gestem het nie. Daarom is dit noodsaaklik dat alle Christene hul stem sal uitbring en dan wel vir Bybelse waardes. Die Bybel verklaar duidelik dat Godvresende Leiers gekies moet word, soos vervat in die woorde van Jetro aan Moses in Exodus 18:21: “Verder moet jy onder die volk bekwame manne uitsoek, dienaars van die Here, mense wat die waarheid liefhet en nie hul eie voordeel soek nie. Dan moet jy hulle oor die volk aanstel as Leiers...” Nr.5 Jesus spreek die volgende woorde in Matt.12:33: “As julle se 'n boom is goed, moet julle ook se sy vrugte is goed; en as julle se hy is sleg, moet julle ook se sy vrugte is sleg. 'n Boom word tog aan sy vrugte geken”. Stem jy dus vir 'n party of persoon wat, bv. Pro-aborsie is, is die woorde wat jy spreek ten gunste van aborsie. Soortgelyk is die geval as die regerende party bv. Pro-aborsie is en jy besluit om nie jou stemreg uit te oefen nie. Die woorde wat jy deur jou weerhouding om te stem spreek is dan ook pro-aborsie. In vers 36 van Matt.12 se Jesus: “Van elke ydele woord wat die mense praat, daarvan moet hulle rekenskap gee in die oordeelsdag”. Nr.6 In Psalm 128 staan geskrywe: “Dit gaan goed met elkeen wat die Here dien en Sy wil doen”. Die wyse Salomo is aan die woord in Psalm 127, en se hy: “As die Here die huis nie bou nie, swoeg die wat daaraan bou, tevergeefs. As die Here die stad nie beskerm nie, waak die wat dit beskerm, tevergeefs”. Psalm 33:12 sluit daarby aan met die woord: “Dit gaan goed met die nasie wie se God die Here is,...”.Stem dus so dat die Almagtige God erken sal word in die Grondwet van ons land.

Nr.7 Partybeleid m.b.t. Bybelgefundeerde sake soos: Erkenning van en aan God in die Grondwet, die Aborsie-kwessie, Opvoeding en Onderrig wat deur ouers bepaal word en waarbinne

godsdiensvryheid heers, 'n Vryemark stelsel, die Doodstraf, die reg op selfverdediging, Huwelike of sosiale verbintenisse tussen mense van dieselfde geslag, en rasgebaseerde diskriminasie, behoort op die agenda van elke Christen te wees t.o.v. sy/haar ondersteuning aan 'n Party. Besoek gerus die webwerwe: & vir meer inligting, sowel as toepaslike skrifgedeeltes wat betrekking het op genoemde sake.

ELECTIONS MOMENTS – WHAT CHRISTIANS NEED TO KNOW! No.1 Remember the Words as written in Hosea, Chapter 4, from verse 1: “Hear the word of the Lord, you Israelites, because the Lord has a charge to bring against you who live in the land: “There is no faithfulness, no love, no acknowledgement of God in the land. There is only cursing, lying and murder, stealing and adultery; they break all bounds, and bloodshed follows bloodshed.Because of this the land mourns, and all who live in it mourns.” No.2 Hosea, Chapter 4 and verse 6 states it clearly: “ My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”. Many Christians are not aware that they have a Biblical mandate to: Vote, hold their governments accountable and play a role in societal change. It is partly because of this ignorance that Christians have usurped their role in keeping government accountable and see to it that Biblical values are established and lived. No.3 Do you still remember Jesus' words in Matt.19:26?: “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Then, take note of His words to king Solomon in 2 Chronicles 7, from verse 13: “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

No.4 It will be unfair to expect government to run society along Biblical values, if we as Christians do not elect a Biblical or God fearing party. Therefore it is important that all Christians vote, and then according to Biblical values. God's Word clearly declares that we are to elect Godly leaders, as in the words of Jethro to Moses in Exodus 18:21: “ But select capable men from all the people – men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain – and appoint them as officials....”

No.5 Jesus is speaking the following words in Matt.12:33: “Make a tree good and its fruit will be good, or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognised by its fruit.” If you then vote for a pro-abortion party / person, the statement you make, thus the words that you speak by your vote, are pro-abortion. Similar is your statement where, for example, the ruling party is proabortion and you decide to abstain from voting, for an uncast vote is actually a vote for the ruling party. Jesus says in verse 36 of Matt.12: “But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgement for every careless word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.” No.6 In Psalm 128 it is written: “Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in His ways.” In Psalm 127 King Solomon speaks words of wisdom when he says: “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.” Psalm 33:12 supports this thought as it proclaims: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,...” So, vote for the acknowledgement of God Almighty in the Constitution.

No.7 Party Policy with regard to Biblical issues such as: Acknowledgement of God Almighty in the Constitution, Abortion, Parent Controlled Education with Freedom of Religion, a Free Market financial system, Capital Punishment against Murderers, the right to Self-Defence, Marriages or Civil Unions between people of the same gender, and Discrimination based on Race, should be on the agenda of each and every Christian in his/her decission as to which Party to support. For more information as well as relevant scripture verses visit the websites: & ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

P.O. Box 628 – Paardekraal – 1752 – RSA / /

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