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KPI’s for the onset of Alzheimer Part 2 The Indications That Things Are Progressive to Severe In a previous article, we discussed the moderate signs that present the early onset of Alzheimer Disease. They included behavioral and communication issues along with signs that the memory is slowly disseminating from what it once was. Stipulated also was, even though an individual with moderate to mild Alzheimer may have an ability to take care of themselves to a point. They would still need a caregiver to ensure that they are living a healthy lifestyle. This means that while they still hold a level of cognitive reasoning driving a vehicle is out of the question due to the memory loss of their whereabouts or even the overall operation of a car or truck. This way the caregiver can either run errands or drive the person to where they need to go and aid them in getting what they wish. In more cases than not, however, people with mild onsets still live at home while under a watchful eye.

Severe to Advanced Stage Indications In the advance stages of Alzheimer, we see definite signs through the breakdown of what a person is able to remember and how they communicate with the caregiver and others. How these present themselves is through the individual forgetting their wife, children, and or siblings names. This may include the caregiver's name additionally, specifically if this begins to occur on a weekly or daily basis. The caregiver will pick up on this almost immediately through observation and interaction with the family members and the individual suffering with this affliction. On a communication level, the noticeable indicator is they may not even understand when someone is speaking to them directly. We mentioned personal hygiene at an earlier time and as the disease moves into the severe stages this aspect of behavior may disappear from the person’s daily routine. A person will fail to perform general things such as relieving themselves without going to a restroom, forgetting to eat, and getting dressed improperly or not at all.

Severe Alzheimer can lead to Health Issues The person’s physical health becomes a risk in the advance stages because of weight loss, skin infections through cuts or scraps, and through a mild cold. These are when a caregiver should pay close attention to the eating habits and behavior of the individual. Dressing improperly for weather conditions, or sitting near drafty windows can give anyone a child, which may lead into a viral infection. That stated, the older we all get, the more susceptible we become to such illnesses. A person’s sleeping cycle may change by sleeping heavier during daylight and being restless after dark. In most cases when a family member has been diagnosed with early signs that

indicate the advanced stages of Alzheimer, family members have moved their loved one into a facility that can provide the needed care. Active Care living is one such facility, feel free to call us with any questions or concerns you may have about a loved one who is dealing with Alzheimer Disease we can help. Call 1-(619)-482-8000


key performance indicators in severe cases of Alzheimer Disease

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