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Activate Performing Arts > ANNUAL REPORT 2010 - 2011

> Message from the Chair 2010/11 was an extraordinary year for Activate… we were impacted by national funding cuts, we secured new funding thus ensuring planned activity could continue as per our plans, we undertook two major projects each with international profiles, said goodbye to some staff and hello to others, welcomed new members to the Board…and moved offices! The Board and staff have worked closely this year to maintain our careful financial management, to review and re-position the organisation and to publish our new business plan whilst securing funding for the next four years. It is a testament to the work and dedication of everyone involved that as the financial year came to a close we were delighted to hear we had been awarded £899,000 over 3 years from The Arts Council’s National Portfolio funding programme. This settlement draws together the funding the organisation has been receiving over the past five years through the Arts Council’s various funding streams and is a clear endorsement of our work and future plans. We are incredibly proud of our successes and the quality of the artists we have worked with. We have been able to capitalise on the many partnerships we have to enable us to maintain the high output and audience reach. In addition, the organisation has brokered and supported many other projects. Our membership and collective leadership within the Dorset Loves Arts partnership has led to a strengthening of the vision and plans for Dorset culturally.

We are a core delivery partner in the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad in the region and are involved in many of the projects programmed to celebrate the Cultural Olympiad in Dorset. In 2010 we delivered our third Inside Out Dorset Festival, known for its distinctive programme of extraordinary events in extraordinary locations. Recruitment of an Outdoor Celebrations Manager changed the management structure of the festival, and will lead to a stronger infrastructure for the organisation and the delivery of the festival in the future. Activate in partnership with Lighthouse were the first arts organisations in Dorset to secure Interreg funding for an Anglo-French project with the highly respected circus creation centre, La Breche in Cherbourg, France. The pilot project was an enormous success bringing cutting edge new circus to the region with an associated programme of workshops, professional development and artist/producer brokerage. All this has been achieved with the continued support of core funders, Arts Council South West, Dorset County Council, Borough of Poole, Bournemouth Borough Council; partner organisations and funding bodies who support projects, project managers, artists and volunteers. Particular thanks this year must go to the staff team under the leadership of Director Kate Wood who have worked tirelessly to ensure consistent delivery during a difficult and uncertain funding year. Finally we were delighted to welcome new members to the Board and feel confident we have a strong team in place for the future. Sara St. George, Chair

> Message from the Executive Director It was indeed an exatraordinary year as our Chair has summarised in her message. The new Outdoor Events and Celebrations Team started, marking the expansion in the organisation’s focus that now encompasses the development of work within the public realm. This follows the success we have seen with the Inside Out Dorset festival. Further recognition for this is the funding we have secured from Arts Council as we become one of their new National Portfolio Organisations. Inside Out Dorset is one of nine Inspire Marked projects we are working on for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad and as we continue the planning in 2011/2012 ready to deliver the programme in 2012, we have our eye on the legacy linked with this significant period in our county. We have made a commitment to producing, promoting and developing the performing arts with a number of partners locally, nationally and internationally.

Our dance and health work is going from strength to strength, our work with young people in dance and theatre is flourishing and also crucial in enabling access to the arts and in helping young people progress into the industry. Supporting the work of artists based in the county is a core part of what we do and we have seen an increase in the numbers of professional theatre companies and artists making work. Promoting high quality work in and around our venues for audiences has always been an important aspect of our work. As you read the following pages you will see the breadth of work we have undertaken during 2010/2011. Having moved into our new offices in The Little Keep with a number of other arts organisations we hope to see more collaboration to strengthen what we are all trying to do and that is to make the county vibrant and healthy for the arts – for artists and audiences. Kate Wood, Director

Top: The Rock Charmer performed at Winspit Caves, Inside Out Dorset. Photo: Roy Riley Opposite: Ex Nihilio, Inside Out Dorset. Photo: Roy Riley


Activate’s amazing year An estimated 36,500 audience members saw our performances Around 33,000 people attended our exhibitions 3972 people participated in events 355 workshop sessions took place 91 performances 9 artist residencies

Activate’s professional support of artists included 224 artists, producers and technicians were employed 2 mentoring programmes were established 13 bursaries offered to emerging talent in the South West 13 commissions of work

> Planning into the future: 2011 - 2017


Activate’s Objectives

To continue to play an integral role in the creation of a thriving performing arts and outdoor celebrations ecology in Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole.

1. To promote the presentation of a wide range of high quality dance, theatre and outdoor celebrations at existing venues and in other locations, and to develop audiences for them.

Activate’s Aims Produce, promote and develop the performing arts in Dorset with the belief that artists affect positive change in our communities. Working in partnership locally, nationally and internationally Activate strive to reach new audiences, including reaching out to our own community and forming creative partnerships with various venues. We have strong involvement with the education sector and social services. Our reach also involves dynamic work with the environment sector and involvement in regional economic development as well as working successfully with many other partners who share our values and aspirations.

2. To establish Inside Out as a strategically significant event for the region using the event as the culmination/celebration and mechanism for delivering a year round programme of development activity. Inside Out will be a beacon of excellence nationally. 3. To produce and support the production of new work in the county, especially by artists based in the county and wider region. 4. To offer and provide information, advice, networking, publicity and advocacy services to the dance, theatre and celebratory arts sector, partners such as the local authorities and the general public. 5. To increase participation and engagement in theatre, dance and outdoor arts, especially for young people. Activate is committed to challenging perceptions that the arts are elitist and not for everyone. We seek to remove barriers to participation, particularly for under-represented groups and individuals. 6. To support dance, theatre and outdoor arts professionals and our own staff through training and continued professional development initiatives and enable them to reach their full potential. 7. To work collaboratively to define the short, medium and long term focus for development within the sector for the organisation. 8. To create a distinctive sense of place and build on the unique attributes of the geographic location in which Activate is based – a World Heritage Site in the Jurassic Coast, the sailing event location in Weymouth and Portland 2012 and the development of the performing arts at major venues in the conurbation of Bournemouth and Poole.

Above: ‘Parklife’ by NoFit State Circus, part of Inside Out Dorset 2011 Opposite: Gandini Jugglers - ‘Smashed’. Photo: Ryoko Uyama


> Celebrating our success

Inside Out Dorset 2010 Producing extraordinary events in extraordinary locations across Dorset continued apace. The performances in Bournemouth and Poole alone were seen by over 30,000 people. As usual, we were thrilled with the fantastic audience feedback.

contributed to. This included four residencies, a programme of talks with companies, master-classes and work experience for young producers. This area was a great success and enabled many participants to further their professional career as a direct result. Activate will grow and develop this area with every future Inside Out.

A new commission Kimmo Pohjonen a new-wave composer and cutting edge accordionist from Finland and Dorset based animators Paper Cinema were teamed up to produce ‘The Rock Charmer’ an amazing live performance spectacle performed on cliffs incorporating the atmospheric caves at Winspit, The event particularly marks this festival out amongst live art in the public realm in the UK.

Inside Out embraces many of our key partners; Dorset Theatre Promoters Consortium who put time and money into the festival: Artsreach, Bridport Arts Centre, Borough of Poole, Bournemouth Borough Council, Dorset County Council, Dorchester Arts, Dance South West/Pavilion Dance, DepARTure Lighthouse, Wave, Weymouth College.

Ex Nihilio from France performed ‘Trajets de Ville’ around Bournemouth’s town centre; spontaneous, intensely physical dance that stunned passers by and StopGap gave us the amazing ‘Tracking’ (this also involved KMA and was produced by SCAN) where digital light installations followed both dancers and members of the public and resulted in a fabulous interaction. Both pieces were programmed in conjunction with Dance South West/Pavilion Dance in Bournemouth as part of the launch of the Pavilion Dance centre. This international dance programme really took the town by surprise.

Supporters and funders include Arts Council England, National Lottery, Dorset County Council, Bournemouth Borough Council, Borough of Poole, Pavilion Dance/ Dance South West, West Dorset District Council, Dorchester Arts, Valentine Trust, SCAN, British Council via SCAN, Creative Dorset, Rockbund, Wave, DepARTure, Aimhigher, Jurassic Coast.

World renowned Company Les Quidam transfixed spectators at Poole’s historic Quayside as they performed their acclaimed piece ‘Reve d’Herbert’ where five ethereal figures emerge and explore their surroundings culminating in a magical finale accompanied by a glorious soundscape. And finally Nofit State Circus took up residency for one week in Maumbury Rings – a Neolithic earth henge – in Dorchester as they went about creating their site-specific piece ‘Parklife’ Various local groups from parkour gangs to belly dancers to fire jugglers spent time with the circus and were incorporated into the outstanding final show attended by well over 2,000. Local schools also visited the performers and took part in on-site circus workshops which the children raved about. Complementing the performances was a rich participatory and professional development programme that every company we programmed


NoFit State Circus workshop at Maumbury Rings - part of Inside Out 2011. Photo Roy Riley

> Continued

The Remix – our youth performance company (for disabled and nondisabled performers) have sampled new performance styles this year. In the Spring they worked with Freddie Opoku Addaie and then created a Flash mob style event in Bournemouth Town Square to much applause from hundreds of delighted shoppers. Summer term saw them working with Stopgap devising a new piece as part of the Inside Out programme and then with KMA, after which they performed within the Inside Out festival – during the one night of rain in September!

The autumn residency saw them join forces with Portrait youth dance company and worked with choreographer, Dave Toole on a larger integrated performance that was then shown at the Elevate U dance showcase in early January. Plans are now in motion for a large scale project for the Cultural Olympiad. Funding came from the Aiming High For Disabled Children Fund in Dorset and Bournemouth.

They performed as part of the opening of Pavilion Dance and went on to perform with DATco and Tops in a double bill in the ballroom at The Pavilion.

STOP GAP (feat. KMA & Scan) as part of Inside Out Dorset 2011. Photo: Roy Riley


> Circus and Processions

Carte Blanche - a brand new alliance with new French circus Activate partnered with Lighthouse Poole and Crying Out Loud (UK contemporary circus producers) and La Breche (a French circus performance and development space in Cherbourg) allowing the unfolding of a cross-channel collaboration and learning partnership that continues to flourish. The partnership was made possible by money from Interreg IV an arm of the E.U. that promotes AngloFrench collaborations and we titled it ‘Cross Channel Circus Arts Alliance’. The programme began in France with ‘Cross Spring’ where UK companies (see list below) stayed, developed and performed their work at La Breche. The UK programme ‘Carte Blanche’ then followed which was delivered by Activate and Lighthouse. We produced a successful programme of high quality performances, participatory workshops, artist residencies, a professional development programme, an exhibition and a specialist film programme, all derived from the partnerships and networks created at Cross Spring. Artists included: Cie XY from France - an outstanding large scale company of circus artists that astounded audiences. UK artists included The Gandinis, Okhams Razor, Niki McCretton, Mimbre, Circomedia students, Paper Cinema, David Gale, Geneva G-luck, Acrojou, Sophie Clist, Heidi Steller, Gorilla Circus (with students from AUCB), Matilda Temperly and producers from France and the UK.

Processions A new area for Activate first developed in 09/10, the first year began with a series of networking meetings, a workshop programme, bursaries and a brand new heritage procession working with the Jurassic Coast Team/Creative Coast programme. Excellent workshop leaders included John Fox and Sue Gill (Welfare State founders), Cleo Evans (Arts Development Officer, artist and Inside Out Producer), Tracy Campbell (independent Production Manager – Inside Out), Tim Hill (artist/outdoor events Somerset) and John Lee (Winchester University). We also organised a well attended family workshop run by Theresa Dickson (The Bridport Scrapstore). Bursaries were offered to four artists for work ranging from professional development time with Walk the Plank to practical workshops with Mandinga. The Light on Time pilot workshop programme began in schools across Poole and Bournemouth with artists Natasha Player, Helena Fox, Sarah Butterworth and Kathie Prince – all proved to be excellent community artists in the development of this heritage procession. The procession took place as part of a wider Borough of Poole ‘Festival Of Light’ and we had excellent feedback from the partnership schools and parents. We gave significant time to the Moving Tides procession planned for Weymouth that will be part of Spirit of the Sea in 11/12 and the Cultural Olympiad 2012 programme. Funding came from the Dorset Strategic Partnership, Arts Council, Jurassic Coast Arts Team, Bournemouth Borough Council, Borough of Poole and Cultural Hub.

Artists and producers attended a national bilingual seminar on new circus arts. An Aimhigher residency for hard to reach young people during the autumn half term completed the programme with a performance at Lighthouse. A second bid to Interegg IV was conceived as a result of this programme for a more ambitious project and a larger partnership across the UK and France. We were also asked to speak at Le Breche’s Spring Festival in 2011 – a conference focussed on rural touring in new circus, where we were accompanied by Artsreach.


Moving Tides Procession, Weymouth. Photo: Andy Sherlock

This page, clockwise from top: ‘Parklife’ by NoFit State Circus, part of Inside Out Dorset 2011 Photo: Roy Riley Company XY at Poole Lighthouse, part of the Carte Blanche Season. Photo: Roy Riley Moving Tides Procession, Weymouth. Photo: Andy Sherlock

This page, clockwise from top left: A Dance A Day class; dance and wellbeing for the over 50’s. Photo: Rebecca Seymour Ex Nihilio perform in Bournemouth, Inside Out Dorset. Photo: Roy Riley Youth dancers at Elevate, Pavilion Dance. Photo: Roy Riley

Subathra Subramaniam. Photo: Rebecca Zalatan

This page, clockwise from top left: Remix Integrated Perforamnce Company perform at the UDance Platform, Bournemouth. Photo: Roy Riley Portrait Youth Dance perform a Flash Mob event in Debenhams, Weymouth. Photo: Aurore Parkin Local groups perform with Nofit State Circus, Parklife, Inside Out Dorset. Photo: Roy Riley

This page, clockwise from top: Les Quidams with Reve’dHerbert, Poole Quay, Inside Out Dorset. Photo: Roy Riley Ex Nihilio perform in Bournemouth, Inside Out Dorset. Photo: Roy Riley Children attend a circus skills workshop as part of Inside Out Dorset. Photo: Roy Riley

> Celebrating our success

B-Side Festival & outdoor events development – as part of our outdoor events and celebrations work we partnered with B-side, Weymouth’s Multi-Media Festival, employing a producer to strengthen the team tasked with festival development and preparing for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad. Strategic development work included encouraging the tourism sector to strengthen its cultural offer and to advocate the value of these festivals for the county with regard to their economic impact. Made Live for 2012 – we began our commissioning, producing and outreach programme for 2012 which includes a co-producing programme for Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Festival, A Dance A Day (which sits under the Dance Generations programme) – a dance and health project for older people – funding has been secured and delivery will happen in 11/12. The Made Live programme will offer CDP, talks, training and assistance to commission and produce new work for 11/12 and 12/13. We started the project at the end of the year with specific producer training for the team with Anna Ledgard.

TheatreNet Professional networking and development programme in theatre that included talks run as part of the Inside Out Dorset festival with Paper Cinema and Kimmo Pojhonen, Nofitstate and Les Quidams (translated by our dance producer). We have also chaired after show discussions with our venue partners such as Lighthouse and we chair the Dorset Theatre Promoters Consortium supporting our venues/promoters to experiment with new work and co-commission and support companies based in Dorset. We also took four artists to Fools Paradise to show them small scale street theatre/walkabout. DanceNet Professional networking and development programme in dance that included master classes for artists and teachers with Jasmine Vardimon and Candoco. A series of contemporary classes at Lighthouse complemented the master-classes. We chaired a number of after show talks at Lighthouse and other venues such as The Marine Theatre when they staged Desert Crossings, a State of Emergency production choreographed by Gregory Maquoma.

Top: Whitewash Young Male Dance Company perform at Elevate, Pavilion Dance. Photo: Roy Riley


> Celebrating our success

Greenhouse Commissions developments from 09/10 - This programme of commissioning, artists support and bursary awards continued as some of the artists plans came to fruition and some continued to develop for 11/12. Recipients included: • Sally Watkins – Director/Producer • Jonathan Petherbridge - Director/Wimborne Community Theatre • Natasha Player – Founder of Zubida Movements • Sarah Butterworth – Community Artist/Producer • Michelle O’Brien – Outdoor theatre performer • Amanda Fogg – Dance Artist • Niki Northover – Director and performer • Louise Turner – Dance artist • Dorset Corset was also a recipient of our bursary scheme for ‘Frankenstein’ that performed 22 shows across the region The Vault New Writing – this writers group in Bournemouth met regularly and performed a number of rehearsed readings creating a much needed space for writers locally. This also forms part of our support to new writing, including the South West New Writers Network and being asked to be on the panel to help with Dialogue in Wiltshire for TheatreWorks. Ammonite Activate is one of the partners on the Clore funded Ammonite programme led by West Mead Creative to support cultural leaders in Dorset. A programme of mentoring, action learning and leadership training days, the feedback has been excellent to date. This, along with our one to one sessions for artists made up the 2 mentoring programmes we supported in the year.

Activate Online We launched our new website, an interactive site that is a resource for artists and audiences across the area. It links to similar sites across the south west region as part of Theatre South West developed by Albow: Networks and strategic development We continue to focus on the strategic development of dance and theatre in the sub-region and have recently taken on the development of outdoor events and celebrations. We lead on the Dorset Theatre Promoters Consortium, Youth Theatre and Dance Forums, Processions advisory group (Battle for the Winds) and are members of the following partnerships: Dance South West, Theatre South West, Creative Dorset, Culture Frame work group for 2012, Outdoor Celebratory Arts Network, Dorset Strategic Partnership Culture Theme Group, Arts and Health Network, Bournemouth Arts and Culture Group, Cultural Hub. Dorset Loves Arts – we continue to be a partner in the Dorset-wide collaborative work to strengthen the arts sector and raise the profile of our work for audiences. We lead on many strategically focused groups such as stronger organisations, children and young people, environment, access and participation.

> Celebrating our success Community Youth Dance and Youth Dance England Programmes worked with some of the best choreographers and community dance artists including Bawren Tavaziva and Gregory Maquoma as part of a summer in which we ran four summer schools in Christchurch, Bournemouth (with Pavilion Dance/DSW, ‘Dance Experiments’, Poole and Purbeck.

Funders for this programme (including Elevate) are Active Dorset, Arts Council England Lottery Funds, Youth Dance England and Sport Unlimited.

Top: Whitewash Boys Dance. Photo: Roy Riley Below: Choreographer Barwen Tavaziva. Photo: Tavaziva Dance

Feedback from teachers in KS2 and KS3 was exceptional for Lyn Paine’s professional development day as part of our Dance Unlimited programme funded by Active Dorset accompanied by an excellent resource pack. Our on the ground work as part of the YDE programme auditing dance in schools across the county helped us target teachers for the programme. Whitewash boys dance group who were based at Lighthouse continued to make work with Artistic Director Jane White and they performed curtain raisers at professional venues during the year. The group successfully relocated to Bournemouth and Poole College and continue to go from strength to strength. 14

> Celebrating our success

Elevate A youth dance platform hosted at Pavilion Dance – led to a U Dance event that saw another development in the work made by locally based youth dance companies from the previous two Elevate annual platforms. Feedback was excellent and the breadth of work was diverse – ranging from tap, to contemporary, ballet to hip hop. Regional artist Junior Jones delivered classes in contemporary/street and Laurel Swift in Morris dancing offering an interesting contrast – both to very high standards. This work was supported by our partnership with the County Sports Partnership and Youth Dance England /Dance South West. Portrait Our county youth dance company continued to strengthen and develop and has worked with a number of excellent choreographers, from Jasmine Vardimon Company to Stacked Wonky (with B-side) and they were asked to perform many times (too many for their schedule!) - Dorchester Festival, Tacchi Morris, Elevate, Pavilion Dance, B-side ‘Encounters’ in Debenhams. Portrait was supported by funding from Arts Council England National Lottery and west Dorset District Council.

Performing Pathways Activate delivered the final stage in the Aimhigher project Performing Pathways – progression routes for young people – with artists Peter Courtney, Richard Conlon and Tiago Gambogi sharing their skills along with visits to Laban and Rose Bruford where the teams delivered a high quality arts experience for the young people. We continued to receive excellent feedback from students and teachers as part of the Aimhigher programme. Unlocked An excellent youth project which we are supporting as a partner. The National Trust is now the lead partner; Antony Waller and Sandy Wilderspin are producing the project and an alternative guide to Brownsea Island aimed at young people has been commissioned. The outcomes promise to be of an excellent standard as the level of quality engagement with young people is high and excellent artists have been contracted including Marc Yeats, Pencil, Helen Sharpe, Stephanie Jalland, with more artists due to be contracted as the project develops. It culminates with a large scale outdoor performance in May 2012 and is supported by us, Wave and DepARTure and Dorset Youth Association and funded by Arts Council, Heritage Lottery Young Roots Funds, Creative Partnerships and RIO.

Portrait Youth Dance Company perform in Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens as part of the UDance platform. Photo: Roy Riley


> Looking forward

Highlights from Activate’s programme for 2012 and The Maritime Mix - London 2012 Cultural Olympiad by the Sea projects. Dance

• A Dance A Day – community dance project aimed at the over 50’s

• Big Dance – biennial festival featuring dance in unusual spaces throughout the UK

• ICCI 360 dome dance programme – Plymouth

University’s unique 360°arena comes to Weymouth • Portland community dance project –‘Battle for the Winds’ part of the Cultural Olympiad • Whitewash Boys Dance and Portrait Youth Dance – supporting, developing, showcasing

Outdoor Celebrations

• Inside Out Dorset – Extraordinary events in

extraordinary places and part of London 2012 festival • Elixir - A site specific dance project by Sadhana Dance at North Dorset’s Springhead Trust • The Remix with Breathe – perform as part of the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Weymouth • The Olympic Torch Relay – Special performance events along the torch routes • South Deep to Blood Alley – A unique outdoor show, unlocking the treasures of Brownsea Island • Small Wonders – commissioning brand new outdoor work for young audiences Processions


• Light on Time – Over 300 children celebrate the

• Supporting Dorset companies - Angel Exit,

• Moving Tides – the arrival of the Olympic

Shanty, Paper Cinema, Stuff and Nonsense...

• Compass Festival – exciting performance

opening of Poole’s Twin Sails bridge

Torch, featuring young people from Weymouth & Portland

programme over the Olympic period

• PASS – AngloFrench project to bring new circus to Dorset, part of Inside Out and The Remix • Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Festival – returns in 2012 with input from Activate

Top: Moving Tides Procession, Weymouth. Photo: Andy Sherlock

All this and more can be found on the following websites: • • •

> Finances Income and Expenditure for year to 31/03/11 Income £457,856 Expenditure £454,075 Net incoming resources


Balance brought forward


Balance carried forward


Balance Sheet at 31/3/11 Fixed assets Tangible assets £2,222 Current assets Debtor £102,031 Cash at bank and in hand


£181,320 Amount falling due within one year


Net current assets £152,102 Total assets less current liabilities


Represented by Restricted funds (projects)


Designated £71,640 Other unrestricted funds


£154,324 Full Activate Director’s and Trustee’s report and Financial Statements are available at the office.

Reserves Policy A reserves policy of three months running costs, established last year, was met this year and increased to allow for the recruitment of a new team represented by the Designated funds above. This reserve is held to cover possible emergencies. Our policies include: Equal Opportunities Policy and Racial Equality Action plan, Child Protection Policy, Special Needs Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Training and Development Policy, Environmental Policy and the Reserves Policy. 17

> Board of Directors The directors shown below have held office during the whole of the period from 1 April 2010 to the date of this report were: Miss S K L St George (Chair), Mr I Metcalfe (Vice Chair), Mrs C L Suri, Mr T Horitz, Mr C Huxley, Ms J Rigler was appointed to the Board on 26 May 2011.

> Permanent Team Executive Director:

Kate Wood

Senior Administrator:

Antonia Beck

Dance Producer:

Rosalind Conlon / Aurore Parkin (formerly Le QuĂŠrĂŠ)

Theatre Producer:

Lorna Rees / Wendy Petitdemange

> Outdoor Events and Celebrations Team Outdoor Events and Celebrations Manager:

Catherine Devenish

Inside Out Producer:

Cleo Evans

Processions Coordinator:

Amy Eastwood followed by Wendy Petitdemange (Theatre Producer) taking the brief

B-Side Festival Producer:

Sandy Wilderspin

Inside Out Assistant Producer:

Tiffany Wheaton-Green

Inside Out Assistant Producer:

Joseph Bewley

Administration Assistant:

Lori Knight

(The above assistant jobs were supported by the Future Jobs Fund)

> Freelance Team Community Youth Dance Project Coordinator, Youth Dance (YDE) lead and The Remix Project Co-ordinator:

Alice Chutter

Youth Dance England (YDE) Coordinator Assistant:

Aimee Smith

The Remix Artistic Director:

Claire Hodgson

Inside Out Programme Directors:

Bill Gee / Simon Chatterton

Carte Blanche Project Co-ordinator:

Jo Hammett

Portrait Rehearsal Director:

Carly Reader 18

> Core Funders:

> Project funders and supporters:

The Valentine Trust

Dorset History Centre

> Contact Activate: Activate Performing Arts 7-9 The Little Keep, The Barracks, Bridport Road, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1SQ T: 01305 260954 / F: 01305 268752 / Search for ‘Activate Performing Arts’ on Facebook

If you would like this annual report in another format please contact the office. Activate Performing Arts is a company limited by guarantee no. 3439777 and a registered charity no. 1069622 Front Cover: ‘Parklife’ by NoFit State Circus, the finale of Inside Out Dorset 2011. Photo by Roy Riley. Design:

Activate Annual Report 2010-11  

Activate Annual Report 2010-11

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