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T he Impact of Simple Design design/ This article takes a look at the simple design approach and why this approach is so successful. It does this by looking at examples of simply designed web and mobile apps and not so simply designed ones. The conclusion from this is that well designed web and mobile apps push their interface on the marketing front whereas others who do not place emphasis on design do not. At the end of the day simple design is so successful as it provides a clear path to the end goal for the user, whereas not so simply designed apps can cause confusion and very quickly lead to the user abandoning the process all together.

Brand Awareness Helps Establish the Identity of a Business awareness- helps- establish- the- identity- of- a- business0563712 This article focuses on brand awareness and how this is essential for a company’s success. An infographic is used listing the top five most influential brands of 2013 and gives an overview of the overall concept of their marketing efforts. These top five companies were Apple, Google, IBM, McDonalds and Coca Cola.

Mobile marketers must reach f or the stars mobile- marketers- must- reach- for- the- stars This article focuses on mobile marketing and a new approach that is being taken within this area. This new approach to advertising on mobile devices gives the user the choice over whether and how they view an advert. Whereas traditional mobile advertising is very intrusive to the user and the content they are viewing this new approach eliminates this and the resentment for the brand that will naturally occur through such an overpowering approach. The results for this approach are positive and research showed that 98% of users who viewed an advert in this way could recall the name of the brand advertised. Furthermore 23% were more likely to recall the brand message. The more marketers respect this desire to be in control of advert consumption the greater and more memorable the users experience of that brand will be.

5 New Trends in Web Design Layouts new- trends- in- web- design- layouts/

This article discusses 5 of the latest trends in web design layouts. This are as follow; minimalism, very detailed illustrations, typography, circles and photographs as backgrounds. Minimalism The impact of simple design is undeniable. Minimalistic sites do not date the way other sites do, they always look professional and the message of the website is the main focus without the viewer getting distracted by irrelevant material. Very det ailed illust rat ions Not particularly a new trend but it’s growing in significance. Many websites are turning to illustrations to create a mood that evokes nostalgia and a sense of well being. Often these illustrations are humorous with charming details. This makes the website feel friendly and accessible. This is trend that can clearly be seen in the new Activate Media website! Typography Again this is not something new and has been used for years to create a certain mood on a page. As the internet is still mostly a hub of text, giant text in a bold type will stand out, grabbing the attention of the user as something they should take notice of. In addition to this bold typography can have a big impact on the smallest of devices, something which is very important in today’s multichannel environment. Circles The use of circles is another trend that can be seen in web design today. Perhaps the reasoning for this is due to the rise in popularity of the accessing the web through mobile and tablet devices, the circle standing out as something the user can interact with i.e pressing it as a button. Put in even simpler terms circles stand out on a square laid out page with lines of text and rectangular images. Phot ographs as backgrounds Thanks to the speed at which images can be loaded on a web page these days, web designers are responding to this by making use of them as backgrounds. This creates an impact in several ways. When visiting a website a big image is attention grabbing and instantly gives the visitor an image to associate with the company. Selecting this image therefore is an important decision. The use of an image also creates a unique impression, which allows a company to establish itself almost immediately. Finally the use of a photograph as a background links the website to something real and tangible.

How Global Brands Fail On Facebook global- brands- fail- on- facebook Rather than looking at big brands who are successful in their social media strategies, this article looks at some of the flaws that could damage a brand and some of the big brands that have made these flaws. According to Econsultancy Sony is one of these brands that should not take pride in its Facebook presence. Despite having almost 4 million fans on Facebook, providing a great opportunity to engage with thousands of users, Sony is completely wasting its time. The issue here is with the tone of voice and language used by the brand, something which I’ve looked at when researching branding consistency in the past. Although content is posted on a daily basis the quality of this content is poor. The company relies almost entirely on self- promotion, closely focused on its own products and the messages are rather dull and anything but creative. It’s no surprise therefore that the engagement rates are significantly lower than other brands on the same level as Sony. One final issue with Sony’s presence on Facebook is that the images they post are poor quality, low resolution images, which for Sony who are supposedly selling high quality electronics is not an impression they should be giving.

Design and Navigation – Key to Better Websites and- navigation- key- to- better- websites/ This article discusses web and how websites should be easy to look at and browse through, therefore it’s essential to find a balance between the two elements of design and navigation. It begins by stating web design is like the

design of a t- shirt, it is made for the sole purpose of wearing but people who purchase it can be swayed by the design of it. One person may find a certain design attractive whilst another person may not. In terms of web design, a website needs to be designed in such a way that appeals to the certain segment of society you want it to. You should be yourself in the shoes of your visitor to know whether or not the design of your website is effective or not. Moving on to navigation, before you can manage your navigation you should first have a good idea of what the purpose of the website is. Your website and its navigation should reflect the main target your aiming for. Anything unnecessary or irrelevant to the purpose of your site should not be included, this will only ruin the navigational experience. By keeping things simple you’ll end up with a site that’s message is not lost or confused by irrelevant material. The article then goes on to say that you should remove anything that does not have a purpose on your page as much as possible. This is a trend which can be seen at the moment in web design in the form of authentic design.

Fat Fingers: A Look Into Responsive Navigation Trends navigation- trends This article focuses on responsive navigation which is a hugely important element in a multichannel environment. Without a responsive navigation system users often end up being taken to the wrong page due to the ‘clumsy fat fingered iPhone stabbing’ that a non- responsive navigation system causes. How this responsive navigation is designed depends on the siz e of the menu and the hierarchy of the different elements. The article then goes on to look at different ways responsive websites are presenting their menu structures. The first of these is the ‘condensed’ navigation. This approach is more suited for smaller and simpler menus, only showing a few menu links. The second responsive navigation site is the ‘drop down toggle’. This is something which I have noticed Activate Media use on the new website when accessing it from my iPhone. This again is a style used to display simple but also more complex menu structures. This responsive navigation system is ideal for presenting a multi- level menu of smaller screens. In addition to this it also saves valuable screen space when the menu is not in use.

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