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How Minimalist UX Design Improves Website Interaction

You have probably heard of “less is more”. This simple yet true believes that by showing less, you are only focus on the things that matter. And everything else is an unnecessary distraction. The same theory can be applied to web design.

The best user experience (UX) from a website, comes from minimalist design. Any good graphic design course should tackle this as a part of its curriculum. I will explore some the reasons which will hopefully show you why minimalist UX design works best. 

1. Clearer direction When you minimise the number of words and busy designs on your website, you

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make it easier for your website visitors to achieve their goals. You see, when your visitors aren’t bombarded all the different features of your page competing for their attention, they will find it easier to get from point A to point B. By keeping the design uncluttered you can make your important content stand out and be the focal point.

2. Reduce website bounce rates  Clashing colours and a wild, haphazard design is likely to send your visitors bouncing from your pages to other websites that are more pleasing to the eye. By toning things down a bit and taking a minimalist approach, you can entice your visitors to linger for longer. Finding the design that will work best with your website visitors might involve several trial and iterations in your UX testing.

3. Grab visitor’s attention Filling your pages with lots of features might get some attention if your visitors want to take the time to search through the mass of content your website. But the reality is web users skim pages for content that will instantly grab them, and they’re short on time. To influence through your web design, you will need to prioritise your important content and hide the rest. A tried and trusted approach is to have a simple page layout with plain white or black background, an image relevant to your content, and the content written in an easy to read, elegant font, that complements your branding.

4. Better functionality, more exposure An easy to navigate website will improve user interaction. Not only will better navigation improve the functionality of your website so visitors can better access the information they need, but a better navigation design will enable visitors to better discover your important messages. If you design for easier discovery and sharing, you increase the likelihood of your messages being shared to people beyond your networks.

5. Show personality By practicing minimalistic UX design, you can show character to improve interaction between with your visitors. How? Well, the less you have to play with, the more creative you are forced to be because you cannot hide behind flashy, fancy features. How creative can you get when you strip down your design?

You can play with typography, images, photo effects, etc and use these to complement, rather than distract your products and services. When you lay things bare and add thoughtful finishing touches, you are more likely to leave a memorable impression on your visitors than by bombarding them with a busy

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6. Design with purpose Make sure each design feature on your website serves a purpose. A minimalist website design should benefit visitors by being user friendly and functional. If your website does this, it’s more likely to translate to good conversion rates, which is good news for your website and your visitors.

In conclusion   Websites should be user friendly and minimalist UX design helps us to achieve this by giving visitors clear direction, being attractive, and catching their interest with uncluttered content that complements your brand. Combine usability with aesthetically pleasing design and everybody is happy.

About the author Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, holds a Marketing Diploma, and is a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has a passion for cooking, especially vegan recipes.

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How minimlist ux design  

You have probably heard of “less is more”. This simple yet true believes that by showing less, you are only focus on the things that matter....

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