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Be#er Equipped.  Be#er  Prepared. Helps Agencies  Find  Addi5onal Revenue  Sources By  Ac5on  Target

The Global  Leader  in  Shoo0ng  Range  Development™

With the  downturn  in  the  economy  and  shrinking tax  dollars,  law  enforcement  agencies  are searching  for  new  sources  of  funding  for  needed equipment.  is  helping  law  enforcement agencies  find  addi5onal  revenue  through  the  trade of  department  firearms. Whether  it  be  duty  firearms,  confiscated  guns,  or restricted  Class  3  weapons,  is turning  obsolete  firearms  into  new  equipment.

The  trade  program  is  simple  and completely  free  for  law  enforcement  agencies. A  list  of  firearms  the  agency  is  looking  to  eliminate  is obtained  and  sent  to  the  bid network  of  Federal  Firearms  Licensed  dealers  (FFLs)  for pricing. By  using  mul5ple  vendors,  can obtain  the  highest  trade  value  for  the  firearms.

Once the  bid  is  accepted,  the  agency  ships  the  firearms directly  to  the  FFL  for  resale.  Payments  are  then  made to  the  agency  or  to  any  vendor  of  the  agency’s  choice like  Ac5on  Target. By  paying  a  vendor  directly,  ensures the  money  obtained  through  the  traded  firearms  is used  for  the  equipment  needed  by  the  agency.

For example,  your  police  department  could  be  in  need of  ouNiOng  its  outdoor  shoo5ng  range  with  addi5onal targets  or  equipment,  but  not  have  the  funds  to  do  it. Instead  of  trying  to  raise  the  money  or  figh5ng  with local  government  to  increase  funding,  you  can  turn obsolete  firearms  into  credit  with  Ac5on  Target  or  any other  vendor  you  choose.

Many agencies  are  burdened  with  large  inventories  of confiscated  and  surrendered  firearms. Evidence  rooms  fill  up  and  agencies  need  a  solu5on  to eliminate  this  excess  inventory. offers  several  solu5ons  to  deal  with  confiscated firearms.

Class 3  firearms  (select-­‐fire  and  short  barrel  rifles  and  shotguns) are  another  area  where  can  help  you  obtain revenue. Some  agencies  are  under  the  impression  that  these  guns  can only  be  transferred  to  another  agency. Through  their  Class  3  FFL  dealers,  can  purchase transferable  Class  3  firearms  for  resale  value  and  non-­‐ transferable  firearms  for  parts  value  and  destruc5on.  will  handle  all  of  the  ATF  Form  5  transfer paperwork. is  the  industry  leader  in  the firearms  trade  business  and  can  help  your  agency find  untapped  revenue  sources.

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